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Full text of "Names of Members, with Their Places of Residence. 1848"

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A figure appended to the name of a Subscriber, denotes tbe number of shaves taken 
by him, each share having been represented by a ballot in the wheel. 

Caldwell, J. Decatur. 

Perine, Edward M. 


Blackmon, Benjamin F. 
Block, Henry F. 
Caldwell, John D. 
Capell, W. N. 
Clarke, John P. 
Cochran, S. G. 
Ervin, Robert H. 
Jackson, John A. 
Jenkins, Joseph D. 
Johnson, James T. 
McDonald, D. L. 
Matheson, A. C 
Savage, Henry J. 
Seaver, Thomas H. (2.) 
Tait, Robert A. 


Black, John. 

Bulloch, E. C 

Cato, L. L. 

Cochran, John. 

Joyce, M. H. 

Sayre, P. T. 

Shorter, E. S. 

Shorter, I. G. 

Snow, C. W. 

Wiley, Gen. I. McCaleb 

Alexander, Dr. A. F. 



Coffee, Major A. S. 
McAlester, John W. 
Walker, Richard W. 

Whitsitt, John C. 

Greensboro 1 . 
Robinson, Franklin. 

Adams, Thomas. 
Adams, Mrs. H. C. 
Allen, Isaac S. 
Allen, S. W. 
Anderson, L. H. 
Armstrong, I. 
Arnold, George A. 
Ballantine, W. 
Bell, I. Jr. 
Bidgood, Thomas S. 
Blackler, W. H. 
Boardman, B. F. 
Bragg, I. 

Breaker, Rev. C. M. 
Brewer, H. O. 
Brown, Robert T. 
Bryant, William F. 
Butt, C. W. 
Calef, J. B. 
Callum, George W. 
Campbell, Mrs. Ann. 
Canfield, I. C 
Ciiidsey, Edward. 
Clarke, F. B. (2) 
Clement, Joseph. 
Conning, James. 

Cooper, T. H. 
Cotchett, John. 
Crawford, Dr. Wm. B. 
Crothers, William. 
Dawson, J. C. 
Dearborn, Lt. A. H., u.s.A 
Degrushe, W. S. 
Dennis, W. C. 
Dickinson, C. B. 
Dubose, Isaac C. 
Eustice, O. 
Farron, Henry. 
Foote, Moses S. 
Fry, George H. 
Furniss, Orlando. 
Gage, Aaron. 
Gary, Daniel. 
George, W. A. 
Gorden, Theo. 
Goree, John R. 
Gowdy, Samuel M. 
Green, Rufus. (2) 
Gwinn, J. C. 
Hamilton, Peter. 
Hammond, William F. 
Harper, M. B. (2) 
Hartley, James B. 
Hearne, R. A. (2) 
Hodges, J. C. 
Hodges, Maij^y Eliza. 
Hodges, Virginia A. 
Holt, George W. 
Hubbard, Dudley. 
Hubbell, L. C. 
Huntington, A. S. 
I. E. U. R. 


Jayne, Henry L. 
Johnson John. 
Kelley, G. P. 



Kemble, F. G. 
Kendall, T. R. 
Ketchem, Charles T. 
Ketchum, Dr. G. A. 
King, Thomas S. 
Kruft, George L. 
L'Barron, Charles. (2) 
Leslie, A. J. 
Levy, S. Y. 
Lindsley, Rev. S. 
Loudon, James F. 
Lynes, T. B. 
McCoy, F. W. 
McCoy, Washington J. 
McCoy, Anna Poe. 
McKinstry, Mary. 
McRae, Miss E. M. 
Marshall, John. 
Marshall, J. H. 
Martin, William. 
Merchants' Fire Co. 

No. 4. (2) 
Merrell, D. F. 
Meslier, Gaston. 
Miller, T. P. 
Mordica, Dr. S. 
More, A. G. 
Morrell, A. B. 
Mott, John N. 
Mulden, James M. 
Ogden, Mrs. Emily W. 
Parmely, L. 
Patrick, James. 
Peabody, II. C. 
Pomeroy, P. B. 
Pope, W. B. 
Redwood, R. H. 
Redwood, William H. 
Reid, John. 
Reynolds, Charles L. 
Reynolds, H. L. 
Rix, William. 
Robbins, F. A. 
Ross, Mrs. F. A. 
Roulston, J. S. 
Rowe, W. S. 
Rust, Edwin. 
Ryan, I. C. 

Sanders, William C. 
Schroeder, H. A. 
Seawell, W. B. 
Sibley, Origin. 

Smith, G. B. 
Smith, Sidney. 
Smith, T. A. 
Smith, William A. 
Stanley, W. C. (2) 
Stanton, William. 
Stewart, Roger. 
Strang, Thomas. 
Todd, John B. 
Toulmin, Capt. H., U.S.A. 
Toulmin, Harry. 
Trone, William H. 
Tucker, Joseph. 
Tuthill, George. 
Uhlhorn, J. E. 
Van Antwerpt, H. 
Walsh, Charles. 
Ward, M. A. 
Weeks, John L. 
Whitaker, B. A. (2) 
Whiting, James. 
Wier, Thomas H. 
Woodhull, John F. 
Woodruff, L. T. 
Woodward, George. (3) 

Blue, M. P. 
Coxe, R. E. 


Davidson, Miss Sarah L. 
Elmore, Rush. 
Garrett, William. 
Geraerdt, Mary Jane A. 
Hamilton, Rev. J. 
Hansford, L. B. 
Hutciiings, Stephen. 
Jackson, Absalom. 
Jackson, Crawford M. 
Jackson, Jefferson F. 
Long, James O. 
Melburn, Rev. Henry. 
Mitchell, William T. 
Owen, Lewis. 
Pfister, Amand P. (2) 
Pfister, M. A. 
Pfister, Mary Ann. 
Sayre, E. Sanford. 
Smith, W. H. 
Snodgrass, John A. 
Thorington, Jack. 
Yancey, William L. 

Mount Meigs. 

Lucas, Mrs. Mary E. 

Chalmers, James. 

Prairie Bluff. 
McMillan, N. A. 

Allen, William C. 
Brock, S. T. 
Cox, Col. J. J. 
Krout, C 
Mims, T. A. 
Ormsby, William O. 
Ormsby, Mrs.William O. 
Pratt, Daniel. 
Smith, Amos. 
Smith, Dr. S. P. 
Ticknor, S. F. 
Woodnutt, Edward. 

Hendree, Dr. J. (2) 


Rice, J. W. 
Rice, Mrs. N. C 


Barnard, F. A. P. 
Collier, II. W. 
Harris, R. N. 
Martin, J. L. 
Martin, Mrs. M. E. 
Maxwell, Thomas. 
Nicolson, Mrs. Cornelia. 
Ormond, Master W. B. 
Peck, E. W. 
Wallace, J. B. 
Whitfield, Newton. 
Woodruff, David. 

Christian, John T. 

Ready, Aaron. 

Brittin, B. L. 




Rotston. Gen. G. D. 




Gridley, H. 
Smith, Noah. 

Atwood, Charles. 
Cheesman, George W. 
Howe, Miss Jane M. 
Judson, David L. 
Kellogg, Mrs. Jane E. 
Wallace, Thomas. 
Whitney, Thomas. 

Baldwin, Samuel W. 
Barlow, Edwin. 
Barlow, Mrs. Jane E. 
Barndm, P. T. (9) 
Beers, Jonathan. 
Birdsey, Charles G. 
Brooks, John, Jr. 
Bunnell, Thomas F. 
Burrall, William P. 
Calhoun, Mrs. C. S. 
Cooly, David. 
De Forest, Mrs. M. L. 
De Forest, Miss Lizzie 
Dyer, George. 
Elliott, Henry. 
Fitch, James. 
Foote, Charles. 
Hamilton, Alexander. 
Hawley, David N. 
Hawley, John M. 
Hopkins, Alfred. 
Hopkins, L. M. 


Hyde, Richard H. 
Lacy, William H. 
Lewis, Joseph. 
Lewis, Oscar P. 
Lord, Thomas. 
Merritt, Charles. 
Nichols, Horace. 
Noble, William H. 
Oviatt, John W. 
Peck, William A. 
Sperry, P. H. 
Sterling, John W. 
Tomlinson, Russell. 
Tomlinson, Stephen. 
Ward, Miss L. R. 
Wilson, John M. 


Newberry, Edwin. 
Welch, Jonathan A. 


Sherman, Henry. 

Watson, George. 

Leadbetter, Mrs. 

Bull, Mrs. Eliza. 
Elliot, Ely A. 


Dow, James R. 
Swiet, S. E. 

Cornwall Bridge. 
Andrews, William G. 


Alexander, Mrs. Eliz'h. 
Bennett, Ezra P. 
Caswell, A. 
Granville, Mrs. Kate. 
Hoyt, E. T. 
Ives, Geo. W. 
Nichols, David P. 
Pearce, Mrs. Caroline. 
Phillips, Miss Annie. 
Phillips, Miss Mary E. 
Shepard, Augustus C 
Stevens, William P. 
Tweedy, Edgar S. 
White, N. L. 

Meeker, Frederick W. 

Blakeman, George. 
Hull, Miss Augusta. 
Wheeler, Miss Lucy. 


Champlin, H. L. 
Hayden, A. 
Pratt, E. W. 

Ogden, S. E. 

Fair Haven. 
Hart, Rev. Burdett. 
Thomson, Charles S. 

Carrington, Dr. 
Cowles, Horatio. 
Hart, Edward L. 
Hart, Simeon. 
Wadsworth, Adrian R. 
Ward, Augustus. 

Fisher, J. Ellis. 

Cornell, Samuel G. 


Lyman, Miss A. 

Mead, Drake. 
Palmer, James L. 
Smith, William. 

Baldwin, C. V. S. (2) 
Baldwin, W. W. 
Bartlett.Caroline H.(2) 
Fowler, O. B. 
Hall, Rev. E. E. (2) 
Tallcot, Alvan, M.D. 


Churchill, Joel N. 
Churchill, Levi. 


Alden, Horatio. 
Allen, Gilbert, O. 
Andrus, George R. 
Baldwin, Charles L. 
Batterson, James G. 
Belden, Seth. 
Boswell, Charles. 
Boswell, John L. 
Brace, Thomas K. 
Bragaw, I. A. 
Brinley, F. E. 
Brinley, George, Jr. 
Brown, J. S. 
Buck, Daniel. 
Buck, Daniel, Jr. 
Bull, Lorenzo. 
Burleigh, William H. 
Clark, David. 
Clark, D. W. 
Clark, Ezra, Jr. 
Clark, George H. 
Clark, Seth H. 



Colt, Samuel. 
Conner, William, Jr. 
Dickinson, John C. 
Draper, Miss Eliza. 
Earle, Morris D. 
Ellswortii, Mrs. E. W. 
Ellswortii, Mrs. J. S. 
Ellsworth, Miss Eliz'h. 
Puller, Anson B. 
Geer. Eliiiu. 
Goodman, A. C. 
Goodrich, Mrs. Eliza C. 
Goodwin, John H. 
Hillyer, D. 
Hooker, W. T. 
Hudson, R. 
Hudson, William. 
Hudson, Woodbridge. 
Hurlbut, Edmund. 
Isham, William. 
Kimberly, Mrs. Electa. 
Martin, Thomas. 
Morgan, J. S. 
North, O. S. 

Northam, Miss Louisa M. 
Palmer, Miss J. J. 
Parsons, H. S. 
Perkins, Henry. 
Porter, S. Q. 
Robbins, P. F. 
Roberts, Mrs. O. R. 
Root, George W. 
Russ, Miss Harriett. 
Saunders, R. 
Seeley, Rev. R. H. 
Seymour, John W. 
Seymour, Romanta. 
Seymour, Thomas H. 
Seymour, William. 
Sheldon, Lewis. 
Sill, Theodore. 
Smith, Morris W. 
Smith, Miss Amelia W. 
Spencer, Ambrose. 
Spencer, William A. 
Stanley-, T. W. 
Stewart, Isaac W. 
Strong, Miss Frances A. 
Talcott, R. G. 
Terry, Frank H. 
Thomson, W. S. 
Trumbull k Beach. 
Tuttle, M. A. 
Ward, William A. 
Winslow, Horace. 
Wolcott, Rev. Samuel. 

Beardsley, A. S. 

Hopson, J. 

Bacon, Francis. 
Buel, E. C. 
Bulkley, David C. 
Davis, G. F. 
Seymour, George, M. D. 
Webster, Edwin B. 
Woodruff, R. M. 

Long Meadow. 


Bartlett, Dr. S. F. 
Griswold, Charles C. 




Bliss, Alfred. 
Brush, Fenner. 
Butler, J. A. 
Clark, P. J. 
Conklin, George B. 
Dickinson, O. 
Doud, R. S. 
Elwell, Henry H. 
Linsley, R. 
Linsley, Solomon. 
Parker, Emery. 
Parmelee, Luther, M. D 
Perkins, Rev. Geo. W. 
Pratt, Aaron. 
Robbins, Wilson F. 
Webb, L. E. 

Alsop, Miss Frances M. 
Belden, Seabury. 
Bradley, E. 
Brewer, Frederick. 
Brewer, George. 
Camp, John N. 
Camp, William A. 
Camp, W. S. 
Casey, Dr. William B. 
Clark, William R. 
Colby, Charles G. 
Colder, James. 
Gleason, F. L. 
Gleason, Joseph. 
Hall, Charles E. 
Holdich, Mrs. Lydia. 
Hubbard, Edward C. 
Hulbert, Miss Mary E. 

Latimer, Miss Mary A. 
Lockwood, D. B. 
" N. H. F." 
Parsons, Samuel H. 
Payne, Miss Maria. 
Russell, E. A., Jr. 
Russell, John A. 
Russell, Samuel. 
Russell, Samuel AV. 
Sage, Dennis. 
Smith, James O. 
Starr, Mrs. H. W. B. 
Sumner, John A. 
Utley, Origen. 
Ward, L. B. 
Whittelsey, Charles. 


Durand, Mrs. D. H. 

Mystic Bridge. 
Mallory, Charles. 

Mitchell, A. W. 

New Britain. 
Landers, G. M. 
North, F. H. 

New Hartford. 
Jewett, Albert. 
Kellogg, Miss F. Eliza. 

New Haven. 
Atwater, John S. 
Barnes, A. F. 
Beach, J. S. 
Beecher, W. Wallace. 
Beers, Dr. T. P. 
Bennett, Thomas. 
Bishop, Dr. E. H. 


Blake, Charles T. 
C. H. B., Miss. 
Cleveland, Rev. E. L. 
Cooper, Samuel, 
cowles, luman. 
Daggett, Frederick. 
Davis, C. S. A. 
Dean, James E. P. 
De Forest, John W. 
Devereaux, Mrs 
Dewey, John S. 
Durand, Charles. 
Durrie, John. 
DwiGnT, Timothy. 
Ensign, Wooster A. 
Everest, Rev. C. W 



Finch, Lucius R. 
Fitch, Miss L. M. 
Foster, Edward W. 
Foster, Pierpont B. 
Gaston, Nelson H. 
Gleason, Wilbur F. 
Goodrich, Rev. C. 
Graves, John S. 
Gripping, J. S. 
Hall, Nathan F. 
Hamlen, B. L. 
Hayes, Samuel. 
Holles, Wm, Welles. 
Hooker, Samuel. 
Hosmer George. 
Hotchkiss, Edward. 
Hotchkiss, Dr. J. F. T. 
Hotchkiss, Russell. 
Hurlbutt, Lewis R. 
Ingersoll, Charles A. 
Ives, Dr. N. B. 
Jewett, Dr. P. A. 
Johnson, William. 
Kimberly, Hon. Dennis. 
Lepfingwell, A. H. 
Lewis, Henry G. 
Lewis, William, Jr. 
Lines, Charles B. 
Linontan Society, Yale 

Lovis, George. 
Mansfield, I. W. 
Mitchell, E. A. 
Mitchell, Miss Anna G. 
Mix, James T. 
Nicholson, J. 
Nicholson, Mrs. J. 
Nicoll, Charles 
Nix, Elisha L. 
Norton, Professor I. T. 
Oaks, Charles H. 
Oviatt, H. N. 
Pardee, Stephen D. 
Pardee, William B. 
Peck, Henry E. 
Peck, Nathan, Jr. 
Peck, Samuel. 
Peck, Wyllis. 
Peterson, Charles. 
Punuerson, Lemuel S. 
Redfield, H. W. 
Rowland, Samuel. 
Russell, Mrs. Mart. 
Sayre, D. L. 
Scranton, H. L. 
Shepherd/Charles U. 
Skinner, Aaron N. 
Smith, Nathan. 
Stillman, Geo. Pitcairn. 

Street, Augustus R. 
Terry, Alfred. 
Townsend, James M. 
Treadway, Lyman. 
Trowbridge, Ezekiel H. 
Trowbridge, Henry, Jr. 
Trowbridge, Thomas. 
Van, Samuel. 
Vanderwerken, Albert. 
Wadsworth, Samuel W. 
Webster, William G. 
White, Henry. 
Whitney, Henry. 
Wilcox, Augustus C 
Willcox, Norris. 
Willey, George P. 
Woolsey, Pres. T. D. 
Wylie, John E. 

New London. 
Barns, William H. 
Billings, William W. 
Bulkley, Leonard H. 
Clark, Mrs. Margaret. 
Dickinson, John. 
Edwards, Rev. Tryon. 
Hallam, Mrs. Mary. 
Irish, Mrs. Sarah P. 
Lewis, George R. 
Marvin, Mrs. Julia A. 
Mather, John P. C. 
Moxley, Samuel, Jr. 
Perkins, Elias. 
Perkins, N. S., J. 
Prince, C. 

Rainey, Miss Cath. E. 
Ramsdell, Albert N. 
Robinson, William F. 
Scofield, James M. 
Stoddard, Enoch V. 
Tibbetts, John W. 
Williams, Thomas W. 2d 

New Milford. 
Dumont, Hamlet. 
Noble, Mrs. John G. 
Sanford, Mrs. David C 

Baldwin, David V. B. 
Beers, Henry. 
Blakslee, James B. 
Curtiss, Daniel. 
Glover, Henry Beers. 
Johnson, David H. 

Beard, William O. 
Bissell, Edward C. 
Bissell, George A. 

Ferry, Orris S. 

Lockwood, Wm. B. E. 
Lynes, Samuel. 
Mead, J. M. 
Sammis, W. C. 
Scrivner, William H. 
Weed, John A. 

Almy, A. H 
Bentley, George. 
"Best Friend." 
Bond, F. S. 
Bond, William. 
Brown, Mrs. W. Rhodes. 
Buckingham, I. M. 
Buckingham, Mrs. L. A. 
Converse, William M. 
Cruttenden, H. B. 
Devotion, J. L. 
Doane, Joseph H. 
Eells, E. W. 
Ely, I. S. 


Green, William P. 
Hubbard, R. 
Huntington, C. P. 
Huntington, Jedediaii 
Kingsley, W. W. 
Lathrop, R. S. 
Lee, S. H. P., Jr. 
Lee, Mrs. Charles. 
Miner, E. P. 
Norton, H. B. 
Norton, T. P. 
Norton, W. T. 
Osgood, Henry. 
Pierce, Harriet G. 
Potter, William. 
Ray, Albert. 
Siiepard, Joshua W. 
Spaulding, Charles. 
Stedman/F. C. 
Stedman, T. L. 
Stedman, Miss Annie. 
Stowell, Miss C. R. 
Tracy, Charles. 
Tracy, John. 
Tracy, Miss Cornelia M 
Trumbull, D. L. 
Wait, John T. 
Young, A. A. 
Young, David. 

Mathewson, George B 
Searles, Edwin C. 
Wilkinson, Edmund. 



Brainard, E., Jr. 
Gillum, George, Jr. 
Hall, Frederick. 
Russell, Daniel. 
Sparks, E. B. 

Meech, Notes B. 

Denslow, Charles W. 

Abbott, T. M. 

Smith, Miss Sarah Jane 

Coffing, George. 
Plumb, Ovid.. 

Hart, Henry. 
Witter, Miss Maria C. 

King, William T. 

Seward, B. F. 

Godfrey, Jonathan. 
Marquand, Frederick. 
Perry, Rev. J. H. 

Stafford Springs. 
Ives, George M. 
Parrish, Jeremiah S. 

Hawley, Charles. 
Hawley, Miss Jane D. F. 
Satterlee, S. K. 
Todd, Dr. A.S. 
Waring, George E. 

Hyde, William, Jr. 
Williams, A. P. 

Sterling, John W. 

Norton, Miss Mary. 

Davis, Simon. 
Gay, Joseph B. 
Graves, Thomas E. 
Hovey, Mrs. Julia A. 
Mason, William H. 
Mason, Alice. 

Flynt, Jonathan R. 

Curtis, Roderick. 


Starr, Miss Evelyn. 

Brinsmade, Daniel D. 

Benedict, Aaron. 
Benedict, Charles. 
Benedict, George W. 
Brown, Augustus. 
Buckingham, S. M. 
Buell, Norton I. 
Burton, Charles U. C. 
Clark, Edward S. 
Coe, Lyman W. 
De Forest, Benjamin, Jr 
Hall, Samuel W. 
Hayden, Hiram W. 
Hitchcock, Rufus E. 
Johnson, John E. 
Johnson, John Edward. 
Kendrick, G. 

Kendrick, Miss Kath'ne. 
Maltby, Douglas F. 
Merriman, Charles B. 
Mitchell, John S-, Jr. 
Platt, Dr. G. L. 
Rice, A. E. 

Scoville, William H. 
Steele, Austin, 
Turner, Elisha. 
Warren, Shelden L. 
Webster, J. W. 


Cutler, Leman W. 
Dayton, Frederick. 

West Cornwall. 
Marsh, Isaac. 

West Killingly. 
Backus, Hon. Thomas. 

West Meriden. 

Collins, Edward J. 
Hinman, F. E. 


Brewster, Rev. Joseph. 


Alford, E. S. 
Alford, N. R. 
Loomis, S. O. 


Coe, L. C 
Dudley, George. 
Hinsdale, Mary P. 
Parsons, Phelps. 
Patterson, D. Williams. 
Phillips, Wm. S. 
Weed, Charles B. 
Wetmore, W. S. 
Williams, Jesse. 
Woodford, E. S. 


Biddle, Samuel. 
Bird, John D. 
Black, Dr. Charles H. 
Couper, W. 


Janvier, William. 
Platt, Samuel. 
Rogers, Daniel. 
Rogers, Robert Clay. 
Terry, Howell I. 
Wiiiteman, William R. 


Asken, Dr. Henry F. 
Bayard, James A. 
Betts, Benjamin. 
Betts, Edward. (2) 



Bringhurst, Edward. 
Bush. George. 
Busii, L. P. 
Bush, William. 
Day, Joseph W. 
Duncan, John A. 

Heald, J. T. 
Huxley, Elisha. 
Porter, John B. 
Porter, Dr. R. R. 
Price, John H. 
Riddle, George Read. 

Rogers, William H. 
Seal, Joshua. 
Stotsenburg, Evan C. 
Trimble, I. K. 
Whiteley, William G. 
Wightman, Jonathan. 



Abbott, William R. 
Bowen, Philander. 
Boyce, William M. 
Boyce, W. M. 
Carter, Colonel John. 
Chapman, Edward. 


Dodge, Alexander H. 
Dodge, Francis, Jr. 
Dodge, Robert P. 
Eckel, Charles E. 
English, Henry F. 
English, Lydia S. 
Harrison, S. 
Howell, S. H. 
Jewell, Thomas. 
Jones, Levin. 
Lyons, Evan. 
Moore, Joseph P. 
Pickrell, A. H. 
Shiras, Rev. Alexander. 
Ten Broeck, Rev. A. 


Abert, Charles. 
Arnold, John H. 
Bacon, Samuel. 
Barclay, John M. 
Barney, S. C, u.s.n. 
Bartle, George. 
Benton, James G. 
Bestor, C 
Bestor, Whitman C. 
Blagden, Thomas. 
Blagden, Mrs. Thomas. 
Borden, E. R. 
Boyle, Dr. Cornelius. 
Bryan, Judge Joseph. 
Buchanan, Col., u.s.a. 
Buck, Daniel. 
Burke, Hon. Edmund. 

Burr, Henry A. 
Cabell, Patrick H. 
Cathcart, Thomas J. 
Cheever, B. H. 
Childs, E. L. 
Chubb, C. St. J. 
Chubb, I. M. 
Clark, Captain M. M. 
Clarke, John G. 
Clements, Alexander H 

Cox, Mrs. M. A. 
Coyle, Fitziiugh. 
Coyle, John. 
Coyle, Mrs. Randolph. 
Cranch, Hon. W. 
Crancii, William G. 
Crutchett, J. (2) 
Cunningham, J. Scott. 
Dayton, A. O. 
Deselding, Charles. 
Dodson, James B. 
Dougal, William I-I. 
Dovilliers, Leopold. 
Dow, Jesse E. 
Drury, John H. 
Fletcher, Mrs. A. W. 
Flye, William. 
Force, Colonel P. 
Foreman, John F. 
Frazer, J. Perry. 
French, Major B. B. 
Fuller, F. W. 
Gale, Mrs. Professor. 
Gideon, George S. 
Gillet, Ranson I-I. 
Gold, Daniel. 
Goolrick, Captain J. C 
Greenougii, I. I. 
Hall, Dr. James C. (2) 
Hanson, George C. 
Harper, A. H. 
Harper, Walter. 
Haswell, Charles H. 

Heiss, John P. 
Hill, George. 
Hilliard, Hon. Henry W. 
Hunter, Colonel Wm. 
Hyde, Charles Keith. 
Jenison, Hartwell. 
Johnson, Hon. James H. 
King, Hon. Daniel P. 
Levett, Geo. S. 
Longfellow, Alex. W. 
Loud, I. W. C 
Lovett, Thomas R. (2) 
Luce, William. 
McClery, E. J. 
McClery, M. J. 
McDonnell, Thomas. 
McGuire, J. C 
McLain, Rev. W. 
McLaughlin, I. A. (2) 
Markoe, Francis, (2) 
Maury, Charles B. 
Maury, John W. 
Maury, Jourdan W. 
Maynard, Edward. (3) 
May, Dr. J. F. 
Montgomery, John B. 


Mullen, J. 
Pairo, Charles W. 
Pearce, Hon. James A. 
Raynolds, William F. 
Ridgeley, William G. 
Riggs, Elisha, Jr. 
Riggs, George W. 
Riggs, Mrs. George W. 
Robertson, John. 
Saunders, John H. 
Scaright, J. D. 


Schneeman, Miss M. L. 
Semmes, B.I., Jr. 
Smith, E. G. 

Smith, Com. Joseph, u.s.n. 
Southall, A. G. 



Stansbury, C. F. 
Stubbs, William E. 
Sylvester, H. H. 
Taylor. Mrs. F. 
Thom, George. 
Thomas, Hon. James H. 

Thompson, Joseph R. 
Thompson, Hon. R. W. 


Towle, Mrs. Eunice M. 
Townsend, Capt. E. D. 
Warrington, Com. L. u.s.n 

Webb, William B. 
Wilkes, John, u. s. n. 
Willard, E. D. 


Wood, George. 
Woodhull, Mrs. E. F. 

Abell, H. F. 
Allen, James C. 
Ballou, E. B. 
Brooks, II. W. 
Brooks, I. C. 
Brooks, S. E. 
Cassin, Samuel. 
Cheever, W. W. 
Ciift, Waterman. 
Curtis, Sidney. 
Day, Daniel I. 
Day, Jeremiah. 
Deblois, N. I. 
Demund, James H. 
Doane, William H. 
Downer, Avery. 
Ellison, B. 
Foster, William. 
Gordon, Josiah. 
Gorrie, John. 
Griffin, James I. 
Hanserd, Joseph. 
Hawley, Benjamin S. 
Hobart, Peter. 
Hone, William. 
Hutchinson, I. S. 
Jones, Evan, Jr. 
Kimbrough, A. S. 
Lucas, Benjamin. 
McKinzie, William A. 
Maclay, John C. 
May, Joseph S. 
May, Robert. 


Pratt, Charles. 
Robbins, N. C. 
Rogers, Eugene W. 
Semmes, A. G. 
Shackelford, James M. 
Spencer, Samuel W. 
Tainter, Thomas P. 
Taylor, Henry R. 
Valleau, William. 
Wright, Isaac M. 
Wylie, Alva. 

Holmes, T. O. 

Key West. 
Benner, Hiram. 
Brown, Joseph P. 
Campbell, Robert P. 
Dutton, Capt. Geo., u.s.a 
Folker, Edwin A. 
Fountane, Mrs. P. J. 
Harrison, Lieut., u.s.a. 
Howe, Charles. 
Howe, Edward C. 
Mallory, Stephen R. 
Ogden, James V. 
Patterson, A. 
Wall, William H. 
Wall, Mrs. William H. 
Whiteiiurst, Dr. D. W. 




Brown, George L. 

St. Augustine. 
Bronson, Hon. I. H. 
Carr, B. E. 
Center, George. 
Cole, A. H. 

Fairbanks, George R. 
Nunes, A. A. 

St. Marks. 
Brodie, William H. 
Pettes,--William R. 

Bogart, William S. 
Bogart, Margaret N. 
Branch, L. O. B. 
Branch, Mrs. Joseph. 
Brown, Tiieophilus. 
Chaires, Ann Maria. 
Clark, Asa B. 
Cotton, F. R. 
Flagg, F. H. 
Gamble James B. 
Higgs, John F. 
Hopkins, Arvah. 
Penniman, William. 
Rutgers, Henry L. 
Shine, R. A. 
Towle, Simon. 
Whitner, B. F., Jr. 


Billups, Col. John. 
Brantly, W. T. 


Burke, Thomas A. 
Franklin, Col.Leonidas. 
Goodman, Robert H. 
Harris, Young L. G. 


Adams, John M. 
Barnes, William E. 



Battle, O. L. 
Beall, William A. 
Belcher, W. W. 
Beery, Benjamin. 
Bignon, Mrs. Celeste. 
Bones, John. 
Bridges, John. 
Bustin, Edwin. 
Butt, Joseph H. 
Carmiciiael, I. C. 
Carmiciiael, Robert D. 
Carmiciiael, William P. 
Carter, John, M. D. 
Catlin, Charles. 
Collins, W. a. L. 
Conley, Benjamin. 
Cooper, William II. 
Cox, Matthew I. 
Craig, John. 
Danforth,I. M. 
Danforth, Jacob. 
Davies, I. W. 
Deming, Leander C. 
Dickson, M. 
Doubet, Albert. 
Doubet, Alexander. 
Doughty, E.W. 
Dugas, L. A. 
Evans, William E. 
Eve, Joseph A. 
Fanning, Joseph A. 
Fargo, H. W. ('2i 
Ferry, E. L. 
Ferry, George W. 
Gardner, James, Jr. 
Gardner, Mrs. James, Jr. 
Goodrich, Mrs. Susan C. 
Gould, Artemas. 
Hall, Benjamin F. 
Hall, Mrs. Margaret C. 
Hammond, M. C. M. 
Harris, Robert Y. 
Hatch, Albert. 
Hatch, Milo. 
Hanzo, I. B. 
Hickman, H. H. 
Hope, James. 
Hulbert, James. 
Jones, James W. 
Lamar, George W. 
Lamback, Frederick. 
La Taste, Lucian. 
Lynah,E. T. 
McGran. Philip. 
Martin, Angus. 
Merrell, Henry. 
Metcalf, Thomas S. 
Midlam, F. 
Milledge, John. 

Miller, A. I. 
Montgomery, Mrs.W. W 
Moore, John. 
Moore, Mrs. N. B. 
Morris, Mrs. L. S. 
Nelson, John. 
Nelson, W. H. 
Newton, G. M. 
Newkirk, Henry D. 
Norrell, W. O. 
Oates, George A. 
Pemberton, William F. 
Platt, C.A. 
Plumb, Daniel B. 
Poe, Robert F. 
Purse, Isaiah. 
Reid, Robert A. 
Risley, H. W. 
Roberts, T. II. 
Robertson, George. 
Roff, Aaron. 
Rowland, William M.* 
Scheleg, William, Jr. 
Schneider, E. R. 
Setze, J. P. 
Simmons, Greenville. 
Smith, Peter B. 
Spear, I. W. 
Starns, Ebenezer. 
Stoval, Massillon P. 
Stoval, Pleasant. 
Walker, I. B. 
Walker, Mrs. E. L. 
Walker, Miss Mary A. 
Warren, L. C. 
Wightman, I. W. 
Wilde, John W. 
Wilkinson, Maurice. 
Williams, Mrs. Mary. 
Willis, Anthony G. 
Willis, Francis T. 
Woodstock, W. G. 

Potter, John M. 


Abbott, Francis I. 
Alexander, Hon. Rob. B 
Anderson, Peter L. 
Ayer, Alpha K. 
Bailey, Mrs. Frances L. 
Boykin, Miss Emily C. 
Carter, John D. 
Carter, Robert. 
Coleman, Benjamin F. 
Conner'y, Charles H. 
Cook, Mrs. MaryL. 

Cooper, Mrs. Eliza C. 
Cowdery, Lester L. 
Downing, Lemuel T. 
Fogle, Jacob. 
Henricks, I. P. 
Hill, Barnard. 
Holt, Hines. 
Heydenfeldt, Solomon, 
hungerford, george. 
Jones, John A. 
Kivlin, Alpiioso C. 
Lee, TnoMAsG. 
Leitner, Mrs. John C. 
Maier, John. 
Merry, Joseph H. 
Milward, Mrs. Maria G. 
Mitchell, William H. 
Morris, Mrs. Sarah E. 
Morton, A. C. 
Munroe, Richard B. W. 
Patten, Richard. 
Powers, Edward E. 
Smith, I. S. & Co. 
Smith, H. S. 
Stanford, Francis A. 
Tallman, Thomas W. 
AVarren, James W. 
Williams, Mrs. Mary A. 
Williford, James D. 
Winter, John G. 

Cunningham, C. T. 
Hamilton, John. 

Collins, S. Z. 
Couper, I. H. 
Dix, G. 

Eckor, William B. 
Forman, T. M. 
Grant, H. F. 
Hoffman, S. 
Palmer, Samuel. 
Pease, T. P. 
Prindle, James. 
Sullivan, I. S. 

Darnall, Thomas M. 

Poullain, Philip. 

Platt, George F. 

Chamberlin, H. S. 



De Launey, G. 
Randall, John S. 
Rawson, E. E. 
Rawson, William A. 
Rockwell, John R. 
Root, Sidney. 
Williams, Jo-hn S. 

Allen, William H., Ashur. 
Boardman, Joseph M. 
Carhart, James D. 
Day, Sidney B. 
Dibble, William. 
Dyer, John R. 
Fish, George W. 
Gilbert, Julius C. 
Green, Mrs. H. K. 
Green, Mrs. S. V. 
Hart, Miss Jane P. 
Hill, Joshua. 
Jones, Mrs. Julia P. 
Johnson, William B. 
Mims, Robert L. 
Munro, Nathan C. 
Myers, Be v. E. H. 
Nisbet, James A. 
Obear, James II. 
Payne, George. 
Plant, I. C. 
Plant, Mrs. Sarah M. 
Richards, J. J. 
Rockwell, William S. 
Ross, Benjamin F. 
Russell, Henry E. 
Saulsbury, Edwin. 
Smith, Chandler. 
Solomon, Miss Louise. 
Strohecker, Edward L. 
Weed, Edwin B. 
Wells, E. W. 
Whittle, L. N. 
Wilcoxson, L. D. 
Williford, William S. 
Wood, William. 


Frisbie, Miss L.N. 

Lane, C. W. 

Kimball, George W. 
Sterret, Ruth. 

Broddus, Edward A. 

Adams, George W. 
Alexander, A. L. 
Anderson, George W. 
Anderson, John W. 
Arnold, Charles S. 
Bell, Samuel P. 
Burroughs, Benj. M. B. 
Charlton, R. M. 
ConEN, Octavius. 
Cooper, John M. 
Crane, H. A. 
Cunningham, John, Jr. 
Cuyler, R. R. 
Duncan, William. 
Eastman, Moses. 
Fay, Joseph S. 
Felt, O. F. 
Ferrell, I. C. 
Foote, William G. 
Fosdick, B. W. 
Green, Charles. 
Greenleaf, F. W. 
Griffin, Geo. M. 
Hamilton, Charles F. 
Hamilton, John F. 
Hardie, N. A. 
Harding, George S. 
Holcombe, Thomas. 
Holland, Wm. Francis. 
Hunter, John C. 
Hunter, William I. 
Hutchison, Robert. 
Johnson, John R. 
Jones, George. 
Kollock, George I. 
Lamar, C. A. L. 
La Roche, Isaac D. 
Lathrop, Henry. 
Lincoln, W. W. 

Low, Alexander, Jr. 
McAllister, I-I. M. 
McCleskey, George A. 
Marsh, Mulford. 
Mercer, H. W. 
Miller, Alvin N. 
Miller, McPiierson B. (2) 
Miller, Mrs. S. A. G. 
Mitchell, Joseph T. 
Nevitt, Joseph W. 
Norris, John S. 
Olmsted, Jonathan. 
Owens, John W. 
Palmer, Samuel B. 
Pond, Mrs. H. L. 
Preston, Charles F. 
Preston, Henry K. 
Rabun, Mrs. E. E. 
Reed, Elias. 
Reynolds, L. O. 
Richardson, C. P. 
Rogers, John S. 
Russell, Wixfield S. 
Shaffer, George W. 
Smetts, A. A. 
Solomons, S. 
Sorrell, Francis. 
Stebbins, Joseph B. 
Stoddard, John. 
Symons, W. R. 
Tarver, John V. 
Teft, I. K. 
Thomas, John T. 
Thomas, P. G. 
Tufts, Martin. 
Tufts, Miss Susan. 
Turner, William Henri. 
Veader, David. 
Washburn, JosEpn. 
Weed, H. D. 
Wray, James R. 

Burnet, James H. 
Chase, Dr. D. S. 
Mackie, James D. 
Pardee, Samuel A. 
Sayre, N. C. 

Metcalfe, E. R. 


Adams, O. M. 
Bailehache, John. 


Barry, A. S. 
Blackburn, A. M. 
Brown, George T. (2) 
Buckmaster, S.A. 

Clawson, L. J. 
Ferguson, John L. 
Harper, E. J. 
Holton, W. A. 



Holton, Mns. H. E. 
Metcalfe & Ryrie. 


Phinney, Charles. 
Sargent, B. F. 
Wolford, A. G. 

DrasiEE, Henry E. 
Kippenburg, Richard F. 
McClure, James. 
McChjre, John. 
McDonald, John. 
McGee, J. W. 
Nolte, George I-I. 
Overall, Isaac W. 
Saunders, Edward R. 
Saunders, Lewis F. 
Saunders, Thomas R. 
Taylor, JohnB. 
Turpin, Virginius A. (2) 
Wood, Levi L. 

Woodson, David M. 

Arnold, Isaac N. 
Blakesley, H. A. 
Boyce, L. M. 
Brown, A. I. 
Burcii, I. H. 
Burley, Augustus H. 
Carter, Mrs. T. B. 
Cowles Alfred. 
Davis, George. 
Geer, Nathan C. 
Hilliard, L. P. 
Hoyne, Thomas. 
Hubbard, G. S. 
Judd, N. B. 
Larned & Bentley. 
McCagg, E. B. 
McCormick, C. H. 
Neef, M. A. 
Newberry, W. L. 

Ogden, M. D. 
Ogden, W. B. 
Peck, Ebenezer. 
Richardson, E. S. L. (2) 
Rumsey, Mrs. George F. 
Ryerson, Joseph T. 
Scammon, I. Y. 
Skinner, Mark. 
Sperry, Anson. 
Swift, R. K. 
Thomas, Jesse B. 
Tinkham, E. J. 
Underwood, I. M. 
Van Nortwick, John. 
Wadsvvorth, E. S. 
White, Alexander. 


Wilson, James L. 
Wilson, John M. 
Winslow, H. J. 
Yoe, P. L. 

Hollowbush, I. W. 
Pond, Dr. George O. 

Beebe, Thomas H. 
Brooks, Joshua. 
Corwith, Henry. 
Cruikshank, A. 
Griffith, I. G. 
Howse, P. M. 
Jones, I. R. 
Newhall, Dr. H. 

Berdan, James. 
Cassell, JosEPn J. 
Cassell, Martin H. 
Heslep, Joseph. 
Holmes, James T. 
Lambert, Edward. 
Long, Owen M. (2) 
McConnell, John L. 
Markoe, Samuel. 

Officer, Thomas. 
Sigler, John T. 
Swett, William C. 

Bourland, Benj. L. T. 
Cockle, "Washington, 
curtenius, alfred g. 
McDougal, John. 
Rankin, John H. 
Underhill, Isaac. 

Fuller, H. L. 

Prairie clu Chien. 
Dousman, H. L. 

Blatciiford, Mrs. F. W. 
Bull, C. H. 
Bull, Lorenzo, Jr. 
Busiinell, Nehemiah. 
Demaree, Cornelius L. 
Demaree, John S. 
Flagg, Newton. 
Gilman, Charles. 
Gilman, Mrs. Annette M. 
Moore, Ebenezer. 
Morton, Charles. 
Rogers, Samuel W. 
Savage, Charles A. 
Sherman, Setii C. 
Tillson, John, Jr. 
Wood, John. 
Woodruff, Isaac O. 

Chatterton, George W. 
Diller, Capt. Isaac R. 
Klein, Joseph. 
Leffingwell, F. O. 
Oswald, Henry. 
Pease, E.B. 
Wiley, Elliot. 
Wiley, S. Ruckle. 


Bement, Mrs. A. B. 
Griffith, O. B. 

Chandler, Rev. Geo. C. 


La Fayette. 

Benbridge, Thomas T. 
Bronson, Hiram B. 
Ciiapin, A. F. 
Curtis, John. 
Eldridge, Richard H. 

Ford, Backus. 
Halliday, Dr. Merrill. 
Hart, D. L. 
Hawthorn, William. 
Lawrence, Henry C. 
Potter, William A. 
Reynolds, E. H. 



Reynolds, Henry Clay. 
Reynolds, Mrs. J. L. 
Rose, George. 
"Tom." (2) 
Weaver, Mrs. E. M. 
Webb, Nathan. 
Wood, A. D. 
Yeakel, Dr. David T. 


Bowes, William R. 
Carter, Henry C. 
Hathaway, Gilbert. 

Biddle, Horace P. 
Culbertson, Joseph. 
De Wolf, Henry I-I. 
Dunn, David M. 
Green, Henry C. 
McCarty, Joseph P. 

Mix, Jay. 

Patterson, John S. 
Patterson, Emily A. 
Shields, John. 
Smead, H. A. 
Warren, James M. 

Sanxay, Henry C. 

New Albany. 
Anderson, John B. ' 
Butler, Richard L. 
Duvall, Horatio N. 
Gould, Samuel H. 
IIise, J. F. 
Jennings, Robert. 
Kimball, Nathan, M.D. 
Lent, William B. 
Mann, Walter. 

Morrison, George W. 
Pepin, Victor A. 
Ruter, R. R. 

Sanderson, Capt. Wm. L. 
Scribner, William A. 
Smith, Benjamin. 
South, Mrs. Tabitha. 
Warren, Miles D. 
Willard, A. P. 
Young, Capt. William. 

New Harmony. 
Owen, Robert Dale. 

Dart, Mrs. Sallie H. 
Smith, Mrs. S. C. I. 

Terre Haute. 
Dodge, Stephen G. 
Runnion, David. 

Butler, Jacob. 

Foote, Mrs. Eliza J. 
Hall, J. C. 

Hickok, Mrs. Augusta. 
Lamnan, George C. 


Rorer, Daniel. (2) 
Starr, Henry W. 
Starr, Mrs. Henry W. 


Anderson, Alexander D. 
Brown, Alfred L. 
Floyd, John G. 

Henion, J. B., M. D. (2) 
Holbrook, Rev. John. 
Magoun, Rev. George F. 
Reid, James A. 
Roberts, F. 
Smith, Eustace H. 
Smith, Francis Charles. 
Spaulding, R. 


Bowling Green. 
Donaldson, C. B. 
Younglove, J. I. 

Gautier, Mrs. Ann T. 

Bartlett, Prof. Elisiia. 
Berkley, Edward F. 
Clay, Cassius M. 
Duncan, Henry T. 
Duvees, Farmer. 
Harrison, Carter. 
Hunt, A. D. 
Hunt, Robert P. 

Peter, Dr. Robert. 
Wilson, John S. 

Adams, B. I. 
Anderson, W. George. 
Bacon, John. 
Bacon, Miss Elizab'h H, 
Baker, B. F. 
Belknap, W. B. 
Breckenridge, Rev.W.L. 
Breckenridge, Miss E. 
Bullen, S. Harr. 
Butler, I. R. 
Butler, Noble. 
Butler, W. H. G. 

Caldwell, Dr. T. L. 
Carpenter, John S. 
Carter, John M. (2) 
Carvill, George W. 
Casseday, Samuel. 
Clarke, G.Wallingford. 
Clinsty, Howard. 
Cobb, Daniel. 
Cobb, Dr. I. 
Duvall, Claudius. 
Fitzhugh, W. M. 
Flynt, Dr. J. B. 
Ford, Mrs. I. C. 
Frankenstein, G. N. 
Frankenstein, Mrs. C. 
Garland, E. 



Guentz, Dr. Aemelius. 
gunter, e. w. 
Hartwell, S. A. 
Heywood, Rev. I. H. 
Hilton, John C. 
Hite, Abraham. 
Hopkins, R. B. 
Hughes, Samuel B. 
Huie, I. B. 
Julian, H. S. 
Lincoln, I. M. 
Long, Col. S. H. 
McKixley, Andrew. 
Mason, Johnson. 
Maury, L. P. 
Mercer, Mrs. C. L. Orvis. 
Miller, James. 
Miller, John A. 
Newcomb, H. D. 
Page, Charles A. 
Patten, Bryce M. 
Pope, Curran. 
Pope, Hamilton. 
Preston, Col. William. 
Rettinger, W. S. 
Richardson, Lawrence. 
Richardson, T. G. 
Richardson, W. A. 
Robinson, John M. 
Robinson, R. A. 
Russell, William. 
Rutherford, John M. 
Samuels, W. 
Semple, John B. 

Seymour, Paul. 
Smith, Hamilton. 
Starbird, A. P. 
TnuM, Dr. Mandeville. 
Todd, James. 
Tucker, Charles L. 
Walker, W. H. 
Ward, R. I. 
Ward, R. J. 
Weir, James. 
Whitney, A.N. 
Woolfolk, R. I-I. 


Yaxdell, Dr. D. W. 


Allen, William S. 
Ballinger, 1. S. 
Bassett, Hiram. 
Cleneay, F. W. 
Collins, R. II. 
Crosby, A. R. 


Dewees, J. C. 


Dimmitt, N. S. 


Donovan, S. S. 
Duke, John M. 
Grundy, Rev.R. C. (3) 
January, A. M. (3) 
Johnson, James A. 
Kendall, George F. 

Kirk, Benedict. 
Lamar, W. W. 
McIlvaine, H. L. 
Matthews, T. A. 
Owens, Samuel W. 
Payne, Thomas Y. 
Piiister, E. C. 
Phister, J. O. 
Reeder, H. R. 
Ringold Lodge, No. 27, 
Shultz, C. [i.o.o.f. 

Stanton, R. H. 
Stanton, Mrs. R. H. 
Tolle, W. B. 
Wood, George. 
Wood, W. R. 


Amsden, John. 
Blackburn, H. C. 
Kinkead, Joseph B. 
Terner, W. 
Twyman, B. W. 
Wallace, C. O. 


Forman, John S. 
Forman, Joseph. 
McCurdy, R. 

Poston, Henry G. 


Pugh, William W. 

Marsh, John C. 

Baton Rouge. 

Pike, George A. 

Nicholls, R. Welman. 

Lake Providence. 

Dashiell, Maj. J. Y., U.S. A 
Long, Mrs. M. E. 
Quays, Col. P. D. 

Neto Orleans. 

Adams, Thomas. 
Amelung, J. A. 
Amelung, Mrs. J. A. 
Anthon, George C. 
Atwood, W. P. 
Babcock, G. W. 
Baker, Wheaton A. 
Bean, Horace. 
Bein, L. G. (2) 
Bell, Samuel. 
Bell, Samuel C. 
Bier, Henry. 
Blackman, G. 
Blish, Edwin J. 
Bogart, R. M. 

Boucher, H. C. 
Brasier, E. F. 
Brower, George C. 
Buckner, Mrs. H. S. 
Bulkley, F. S. 
Burns, Henry. 
Cammack, H. C. 
Chambers, W. 
Chittenden, Mrs. L. 
Clifford, George. 
Conrey, Peter, Jr. 
Conway, Robert. 
Clark, T. A. 
Cook, William H. 
Cooke, George. 
Crafts, W. H. 
Crear, D. R. 



Ceoos, Major O., c. s. a. 


Day, James I. (2) 
Day, Mrs. S. E. (2) 
De Camp, Mrs. M. A. 
Dix, Mrs. M. B. 
Dunham, James E. 
Durell, E. H. 
Dyson, Dunbar S. 
Ebgerton, I. 
Etter, Joseph. 
Evans, F. 
Faulkner, R. C. 
Finley, L. A. 
Folger, L. 
Folger, N. C. 
Forrest, George J. 
Fosdick, W. R. 
Foster, George. 
Fowler, John P. 
Gaines, John G. 
Gardnier, Charles. 
Goodrich, W. M. 
Gould, John M. 
Grant, Jo. 
Green, Abram A. 
Gregory, Elliott W. 
Hall, Robert. 
Hampson, John. 
Harris, I. C. 
Hart, E. J. 
HATcn, F. H. 
Hawes, Samuel. 
Heartt, H. G. 
Heartt, Miss Rosetta. 
Hewett, James. 
Holbrook, A. M. 


Hollinsworth, S. 
Hooke, Miss Harriet E. 
Howell, Stoddart. 
Hynson, G. W. 

Jacobs, E. 
Jones, D. H. 
Kelsey, W. P. 
Kelsey, Mrs. I. A. 
Kendall, R. B. 
Kennedy, S. H. 
Labouisse, J. P. 
Lamb, G. W. 
Landis, I. 

Lawrason, George C. 
Lyon, I. H. 
McCutchon, P. B. 
McCutchon, Samuel. 
Magee, James. (2) 
Marks, I. N. 
Martin, Theodore Jas. 
Mills, William. 
Mitchel, Henry. 
Montgomery, R. W. 
Montgomery, Mrs. V. C. 
Montros, N. 
Morgan, Henry R. 
Morton, E. C. 
Mott, Robert. 
Nelson, I. P. 
Nixon, I. O. 
Norton, M. O. H. (2) 
Ogden, Edward. 
Palfrey, R. I. 
Parmele Edward. 
Partee, W. B. 
Patterson, W. I. 
Payne, George E. 
Pease, C. B. 
Perkins, W. M. 
Perkins, Mrs. W. M. 
Pitkin, Robert. 
Poole, I. M. 
Pooley, I. C. 


Ralf, S. Z. 

Ricarby, R. I. 
Richardson, H. D. 
Rhoades, Dr. 
Sherman, HenryS. (2) 
Slark, Robert. (5) 
Smith, Eneas. 
Smith, Dr. Howard. 
Smith, N. B. 
Steele, J. B. 
Stetson, H. G. 
Stevens, H. W. 
Stewart, I. D. 
Summer, R. B. (2) 
Sunderland, Dr. W. P. 
Swain, Miss E. C. 
Sweet, George O. 
Thacker, John S. 
Todd, W. S. 
Tutuill, James W. (3) 
Tyler, E. A. 
Tyler, Miss J. C. 
Von La Hache, The 
Wakeman, A. C. 
Walton, N. N. 
Walton, W. D. 
Walton, Miss Annie. 
Watterman, Charles. 
Watterman, T. 
Webster, L. J. 
Wickham, Oswald. 
Wilkinson, N. N. 
Williams, C. C 
Wills, A. J. 
Yale, C, Jr. 

Harris, Jonathan. 

Port Gibson. 
Maury, Miss Caroline. 



Bates, Dr. James. 
Bridge, James. 
Burgess, Rev. Alex. 
Caldwell, Wm., Jr. 
Darby, Geo. 
Dorr, John. 
Fuller, Benj. A. G. 
Fuller, Miss Lucretia G. 

Homan, Joseph A. 
Johnson, Wm. T. 
Kendall, L. N. 
Lithgow, Lewellyn W. 
Manly, John. 
Morrill, Lot M. 
Morse, Benj. F. 
Mulliken, Geo. S. 
Norris, James B. 
North, James W. 

NoRTn, Miss Hannah E. 
Ormsby, D. V. B. 
Pierce, Joshua D. 
Redington, Alfred. 
Redington, Hon. Asa. 
Snell, Issachar. 
Stratton, Wm. M. 
Swan, Moses M. 
Titcomb, Samuel, Jr. 
Weston, William K. 



Williams, George. 
Woart, William. 
W. & F. (2) 

Bradford, Lemuel. 
Bradley, D. W. 
Bowman, Hollis. 
Brown, B. P. 
Brown, George W. 
Coe, E. S. 
Crosby, James. 
Cutter, William. 
Dale, Samuel H. 
Davis, Amos. 
Dennet, W. S. 
Dodd, T. S. 
Dodd, Mrs. C W. 
Dwinell, Rufus. 
Emerson, Albert. 
Farrar, Samuel. 
Farrar, Mrs. Isaac. 
Fullerton, Henry. 
Gilligan, M. 
Gilman, Henry. 
Gilman, Samuel A. (2) 
Gleason, John T. (2) 
Godfrey, Eugene W. 
Hamlen, Augustus C. 
Hardy, I. P. 
Hersey, S. F. 
Hobbs, Frederick. 
Jewett, G. K. 
Kendrick, John O. 
Leavitt, D. F. 
McCrillis, William H 
McLaughlin, Mrs. A. 
March, Leonard. 
Merill, Elias. 
Merill, George W. 
Nourse, B. F. 
Noyes, Albert. 
Patten, John. 
Paulk, Ephraim. (4) 
Pickering, G. W. 
Plummer, Benjamin, Jr. 
Sanford, Thomas B. 
Snell, Henry L. 
Stetson, Isaiah. 
Taylor, Thomas A. 
Thatcher, George A. 
Vinton, W. H. 
Wheelwright, Joseph S 
Wiggin, Mrs. B. 
Wilkins, John. 

Arnold, Augustus. 

Hyde, Z. 
Kimball, Otis. 
Ledyard, William. 
Patten, Mrs. John. (2) 
Stinson, David T. 

Alden, Hiram O. 
Crosby, William Geo. 

Adams, Miss Frances. 
Athencean Society. 
Dunning, George F. 
Dunning, Miss Mary O.B 
Greene, George S. 
Hamlin, Henry C 
Jackson, William F. 
O'Brien, Miss Fanny V. 
Packard, A. S. 
Peucinian Society. 
Woods, L., Jr. D.D. 

Walker, J. B. R. 

Hanscom, S. R. 
Pike, Frederick A. 

Merrill, Adams H. 

Vose, Peter E. 

Moore, S. G. (2) 

East Machias. 
Talbot, George F. 

Beckford, John. 
Billings, William B. 
Bradbury, Mrs. Bion. 
Brooks, Isaac H. 
Bucknam, William P. 
Burgin, Edward II. 
Bussell, David. 
Granger, Daniel T. 
Hayden, Aaron. 
Hume, Seward B. 
Kilby, William Henry. 
Mack, William H. 
Odell, Daniel I. 
Rice, Rev. George M. 
Robbins, George H. 
Spear, Captain Charles 

Tinkham, Smith. (2) 
Wheeler, James P. 

Holbrook, S. A. 

Batchelder, George W. 
Damon, Mason. 
Evans, Hon. George. 
Glazier, Franklin. 
Grant, William S. 
Hammond, Henry B. 
Hoskins, Henry. B. 
Kimbal, Nathaniel, 
llttlefield, richard. 
Nutting, Mrs. Lucy. 
Palmer, Dr. Gideon S. 
Patterson, James F. 
Perkins, Alvan T. 
Pratt, Phineas. 
Shaw, Benjamin, Jr. 
Stevens, Hiram. 
Stuart, Amos C. 
Theobald, Dr. F. P. 
Whitmore, Nathan'l M. 

Brooks, Thomas B. 

Bemis, Luke. 
Blair, William H. 
Boody, Alvin. 
Foster, James O. L. 
French, George M. 
Frye, Mrs. John M. 
Little, Francis B. 
Little, JosiAn, Jr. 
Pickard, Samuel. 

Horton, Samuel. 



Pierson, E., Jr. 
Pilsbury, Albert. (3) 
Porter, Charles W. 
Sargeant, Ignatius. 

North Berwick. 
Herrick, H. G. 
Hobbs, Thomas J. 

Washburn, Israel, Jr. 
Wilson, Nathaniel. 



Chadwick, Samuel. 
Churchill, Edwin. 
Clapp,A. L. E. 
Clapp, A.W. H. 
Davis, Charles. 
Deblois, Thomas Amory. 
Deering, James. 
Evans, Daniel. 
Farmer, James L. 
Gilman, John T. 
Hanson, Samuel. 
Kent, Reuben. 
McCobb, Henry B. 
McCobb, James T. 
Motley, Edward. 
Palmer, Joshua S. 
Shepley, George F. 
Thaxter, Rufus W. 
Tolford, John G. 
"Warren, Nathaniel. 

Hoyt, Elizabeth T. 

Brewer. John N. M. 


Adams, JohnQuincy. 
Bacon, Alvin. 
Batchelder. John M. 
Boyd, Amos H. 
Boyd, Oliver D. 
Boynton, John F. 
Bradley, Samuel. 
Burleigh, Charles G. 
Chapman, Richard M. 
Chase, Amos. 
Curtis, Jeremiah H. 
Cushman, Isaac S. 
Cutter, Barnabas E. 
Cutts, Charles F. 
Cutts, Miss Mary A. 
Cutts, Miss Mary E. 
Deering, James M. 
Fairfield, Seth S. 
Flinn, Samuel. 
Garland, James G. 
Goodale, Stephen L. 
Goodwin, George. 
Haines, William P. 
Hamilton, Alonzo. 
Hanson, William. 
Hayes Erastus. 
Holden, Peter S. 
Holmes, Otis. 

Lane, Miss Mary C. 
Leland, Joseph W. 
Lombard, James L. 
Miller, Nathaniel J. 
Nichols, George W. 
Nichols, Rufus. 
Nott, Eliphalet. 
Plummer, Jeremiah. 
Quinby, Thomas. 
Scamman, Tristram. 
Smith, James. 
Smith, John W. 
Tucker, Gideon. 
Williams, Jarvis. 

Boyd, William B. 


Paine, John T. 


Appleton, Edward. 
Moor, Mrs. Daniel, Jr. 
Noyes. Edwin. 
Philbrich, Mrs. John W. 

Stone, Daniel. 


Chase, Mrs. Anne. 
Randal, Alexander. 


Abbett, S. R. 
Amnen, Mr. 
Austen, Charles C. 
Baltimore Club. 
Bartlett, D. L. 
Bond, James B. 
Brune,F. W. 
Brune, I. C. 
Bryson, Gilbert H. 
Buckler, Dr. John. 
Buckler, Dr. Thomas H. 
Campbell, Col. B. U. 
Carroll, John H. 
Chappell, William H. 
Clarke, Ashur. 
Coale, George B. 
Cole, L. M. 
Corbin, Samuel M. 


Cox, James G. 
Cox, Shelby. 
Cushing, Joseph, Jr. 
Danskin, W. A. 
Donaldson, John I. 
Dorsey, I. F. B. 
Douglas, Miss Alice. 
Dukehart, John. 
Dunham, T. 
Eaton, Charles J. M. 
Eaton, George N. 
Eaton, H. C. 
E. D., Miss. 

Edmondson, Dr. Thomas. 
Faunestock, MissL. 
Foley, D. I. 
Gallery of Art. (2) 
Gardner, B. F. 
George, S. K. 
Gould, James. 
Graham, William H. 
Gray, Samuel C. 
Greenway, E. M., Jr. 
Guest, George. 

Hall, James. 
Hand, S.G. 
Haskell, I. H. 
Hayden, E. P. 
Herr, Michael. 
Hollins, Robert S. 
Hopkins, Thomas. 
Hough, J. E. S. 
Irvine, H. C. 
Jenkins, Austin. 
Johnson, Wilmot. 
Keener, Dr. William H. 
Keller, Mary T. 
Kelley, A. D.,Jr. 
Kennedy, Hon. John P. 
King, Henry S. 
King, William. 
Kirland, R. R. 
Latimer, George. 
Law, George. 
Lemmon, R. 
Lewis, Martin. 
Lippincott, I. B. 
Lockwood, Robert M. 



Loney, F. B. 
Lonet, William A. 
Long, R. Caky. 
McConkey, James. 
McConkey, William. 
McDonald, Samuel. 
McHenry, James H. 
McKim, Robert. 
Marshall, Henry. 
Marshall, William L. 
Mayhew, William E. 
Meredith, I. 
Merrill, R. D. 
Miles, A. 
Millar, A. H. 
Minifie, William. 
Morris, John B. 
Mudge, A. B. 
Murdoch, A. Fridge. 
Murphy, John. 
Nichols, O. 
Ogston, G. W. 
Parr, Israel M. 
Pendexter, Henry. 
Philips, E. C. 
Pitts, Charles H. 
Pollard, 1. 1. 
Randolph, James L. 
Reed, Francis L. 
Reynolds, Joseph. 
Ridgeley, Miss E. 
Ring, Hamilton. 
Robbins, H. W. 
Roberts, Edward. 
Rogers, G. H. 
Ruckle, Thomas C. 
Sawyer, Mrs. Mary E. 
Scott, James W. 
Scott, T. Parkin. 
Shaw, William C. 
Shope, William B. 
Slingluff, Upton. 
Slothower, George. 
Smith, Joseph, Jr. 
Smith, S.W. 

Cutler, Robert. 
Fitch, Newton. 
Fowler. W. C. 
Hill, E. L. 
Kellogg, Dwight H. 
Snell, Professor E. S. 

Bell, William. 
Brown, John J. 

Stearns, E. I. 
Stickney, I. H. 
Sullivan, P. H. 
Sullivan, Mrs. Frank. 
Taylor, Charles R. 
Thomas, William G. 
Tiernan, Charles. 
Tinges, George W. 
Travers, Mrs. Wm. R. 
Turner, Samuel E. 
Vonkapff, F. 
Walters, W. T. 
Ward, B. C. 
Ward, G. W. 
Ward, Henry V. 
Waters, Andrew F. G. 
Waters, F. G. 
Waters, James S. 
Waters, Emma. 
Waters, Mary W. 
Waters, Matilda. 
Way, Andrew I. H. 
Webb, Albert L. 
Werdebaugh, Henry I. 
Wethered, C. E. 
Wilkins, Miss S. L. 
Wilson, David S. 
Wilson, James H. 
Wilson, Wil liam C. (2) 
Wilson, Dr. William T. 
Wilson, Mrs. James H. 
Wilson, Miss E. M. 
Wood, James H. 
Woodside, I. T. 
Wyman, John H. 
Yeakel, M. M. 

Bayley, Mrs. Ann H. 



Clarke, George A. D. 
Davige, John B. F. 
Derecmar, Thomas. 
Evans, M. Topiiam. 

Carlton, B.F. (2) 
Clark, Miss Martha A. 
Cogswell, Francis. 
Darling, J. C. 
Davis, George L. 
Fisher, George E. 
Foster, Moses, Jr. 
Foster, Thomas E. 
Frye, Nathan. 
Hodges, George. (2) 
Marland, Miss Eliza. 

Graff, George U. 
Harrison, George. 
Neunam, W. K. 
Obermeyer, Rev. L. 
Resley, Horace. 
Smith, William H. 
Tucker, Joseph H. 

Ellicott's Mills. 
Carroll, Col. Charles. 

Frederick City. 
Fischer, George J. 

Artz, Cornelius. 
Fenn, Dr. Hughes. 
Harvey, H.H. 
Heard, I. W. 
Kerfoot, Rev. John B. 
Lawrence, R. H. (2) 
Marshall, William M. 
Nesbit, Isaac. 
Reynolds, Mrs. M. 

Havre de Grace. 
Collier, Ezra. 
Davis, A. W. 
Gale. Henry L. 
Hitchcock, C. B. 
Weller, Samuel. 

Mount Savage. 
Graham, Beeckman. 
Jackson, Joseph H. 

Tilghman, T. 

Port Deposit. 
Heckart, J. J. 
Wilmer, Edwin. (2) 

Wheeler, Miss C. O. 

Franklin, I. R. 
Snow, Walter P. 

Means. J. O. 
Punchard, S. E. 
Sanborn, Eastman. 
Taylor, Edward. 
Wardwell, W. H. 
Waterman, Rev. H. 

Miller, S. R. 
Richards, E. Ira. 
Richards, James I. 



Richards, J. D. 
Robinson, Francis. 

Ballard Vale, 
Hill, I. S. 


Atwood, George. 
Fish, Reuben, Jr. 
Marston, George. 
Marston, Nymphas. 

Bar re. 

Brimblecom, Charles. 
Bryant, N. F. 
Bryant, "Walter A. 

Woods, Edwin. 
Woods, Harding. 

Cushman, Henry W. 

Tuck, Joseph Dane. 

Alden, H. B. 
Allen, Calvin. 
Allen, E. C. 

Amory, Thomas C, Jr. {2) 
Amdem, William. 
Appleton, Nathan. 
Appleton, Robert. 
Appleton, S. 
Austin, Edward. (2) 
Aylwin, Mrs. G. F. 
Babcock, I. B. 
Bacon, Clark. 
Bacon, Mrs. S. J. 
Bailey, George H. 
Baker, Eliphalet. 
Baker, Francis. 
Balch, B. W. 
Balch, William Y. 
Balch, Mrs. William Y. 
Baldwin, Miss E. 
Barnard, G. M. 
Barnard, W. P. 
Barnard, Mrs. S. L. 
Bartlett, C. L. 
Barton, Setii W. 
Bates, Charles S. 
Bates, Martin J. 
Bates, Miss A. M. 
Battles, A. S. 
Battles, J. P. 
Beard, I. W. 
Beebe, William. 
Belknap, A. E. 

Bell, Theodore H. 
Bennet, S. Parker. 
Blackstock, Mrs. G. W. 
Blake, George T. 
Blake, I. H. 
Blake, William. (2) 
Blanchard, Edward. 
Blanchard, J. A. 
Blanchard, Mrs. J. A. 
Bodfish, R. C. 
Borland, M. W. 
Bosson, George C. 
Botume, John, Jr. 
Bouve, T. T. 
Bradley, Benjamin. 
Bradshaw, Andrew. 
Bradshaw, Miss L. H. 
Bramhall, Cornelius. 
Brewer, John R. 
Bridge, Nathan W. 
Brockway, J. B. 
Brown, Capt. Albert H. 
Brown, Frederick A. 
Brown, S. N., Jr. 
Burgess, Mrs. Josiah J. 
Burke, William A. 
Burnett, Henry H. 
Burnett, Joseph. 
Burnham, Mrs. Susan B 
Burt, James. 
Burt, Mrs. Simeon. 
Bush, Mrs. Frances. 
Butler, Peter, Jr. 
Callender, W. B., Jr. 
Canterbury, Charles. 
Carlton, William T. 
Carter, I. B. 
Chadwick, C. C 
Chamberlain, Ambrose. 
Chamberlain, T. D. 
Channing, W. F. 
Chapin, Miss Harny T. 
Chapman, Dummer R. 
Chase, I. G. 
Child, A., Jr. 
Child, David N. 
Cleaveland, S. H. 
Coburn, H. R. 
Coffin, Eben S. 
Coffin, N. W. 
Coffin, William B. 
Colby, Charles H. 
Converse, E. W. 
Crane, Edward. 
Currier, Charles H. 
Curtis, George. 
Cushing, Thomas P. 
Cutter, Charles S. 
Cutter, I. A. B. 

Dabney, Miss Clara. 
Dale, Ebenezer. 
Dale, Lieutenant J. B. 
Dana, F. L. 
Dana, George E. 
Dana, Thomas. 
Daniels, A. H. 
Darling, C. B. 
Darracot, Franklin. 
Darrah, H. H. 
Davis, Christy. 
Davis, David P. 
Davis, George N. 
Davis, H. E. 
Davis, James, Jr. 
Davison, Mrs. E. G. 
Degraud, P. P. F. 
Dennet, William H. 
Denny, Daniel, 2d. 
Derby, Dr. George. 
De Wolf, Elisha. 
Dexter, Thomas A. 
Dorr, Alfred. 
Dow. John R. 
Dowe, Charles J. 
Dowley, L. A. 
Dresser, J. A. 
Dunbar, J. P. 

Dupee, J. A. 

Eastman, A. F. 
Eastman, Charles. 
Edmands, I. Wiley. 
Ellicott, Joseph P. 
Ellis, John T. 
Ellis, Mary Ann. 
Elwell, Mrs. D. 
Ely, Alfred B. 
Emery, Henry. 
Estabrook, Mrs. J. A. 
Eustis, Charles M. 
Everett, E. G. 
Farr, George I. 
Faxon, George N. 
Fay, Richard S. 
Fessenden, Charles B. 
Fields, James T. 
Fiske, A. H. 
Fiske, R. F. 
Fiske, W. P. 
Fitzgerald, Charles J. 
Fletcher, R. F. 
Flint, Cyrus. 
Forbes, R. B. 
Forbush, Jonathan. 
Foster, Ebenezer B. 
Foster, John H. 
Foster, Thomas R. 
Foster, William H. 
Fowle, William B., Jr. 



Francis, David. 
Francis, Joseph H. 
Freeman, Francis A. 
French, Amos B. 
French, George H. 
French, Jona. 
Frothingham, R., Jr. 
Frothingham, Mrs. V. 
Fuller, Franklin. 
Fuller, H. Weld. 
Galloupe, C. W. 
Gardner, Henry J. 
Gardner, John. 
Gassett, Henry, Jk. 
Gay, Dr. Martin. 
Gay, W. B. S. 
Gerry, S. L. 
Gerry, William. 
Gibbons, George B. 

Gilbert, A., Jr. 

Gilbert, Benjamin R. 

Gilbert, Samuel, Jr. 

Gillis, Miss Mary. 

Goldsbury, J. 

Gore, John P. 

Gorham, James L. 

Gove, Mrs. C.F. 

Greaves, S. W. 

Groom, Thomas. 

Groupner, Stephen H. 

Groupner, Miss H. H. 

Guild, George F. (2) 

Haley, Harrison. 

Hall, Andrew T. 

Hall, Junius. 

Hall, Samuel. 

Hallett, Andrews, Jr 

Hanson, John A. 

Harding, S. L. 

Harris, William L. 

Haskell, E. 

Hayden, J., Jr. 

Hayden, Otis. 

Heard, Mrs. John. 

Heath, Charles. 

Hennessy, Edward. 

Herring, J. M. 

Herring, T. J. (2) 

Hickling, Charles. 

Higginson, C. J. 

Hill, Charles H. (4) 

Hinckley, T. H. 

Hoit, A. G. 


Holden, T. F. 
hollingswortu, amor. 
Hollingsworth, George 
hollingsworth, lyman, 
hollingsworth, mrs. m. 

Holman, George C. 
Hooper, Samuel. 
Howard, Edward. 
Howard, Mrs. E. 
Howe, Joseph N. 
Howe, Mrs.'Elizabeth. 
Hubbard, Charles T. 
Hunt, E. S. 
Ives, L. M. 
Jackson, Dr. James. 
Jacobs, Elisha. 
Jacobs, Frederick. 
James, Miss H. Maria. 
Jarves, Deming. 
Jarves, George D. 
Jarves, James I. 
Jarvis, William P. 
Johnston, Daniel. 
Jones, Peter C. 
Kendall, Charles S. 
Kendall, H. R. 
Kennard, M. P. 
Kidder, J. G. 
Kilham, Mrs. William. 
Kilham, Miss Julia M. 
Kimball, John F. 
Kimball, John R. 
Kingman, Abner. 
Kinsley, Henry. 
Kupfer, John M. 
Ladd, Z. C. 
Latham, Mrs. W. 
Lawrence, S. A. 
Lee, Mrs. George G. 
Lefavour, J. W. 
Leversidge, T. 
Lewis, Charles P. 
Lewis, F. H. 
Lewis, John A. 
Lewis, William G. 
Lincoln, Henry W. 
Lincoln, Miss E. S. 
Lloyd, James. 
Lombard, S. 
Lord, George A. 
Loring, Miss C. W. 
Lunt, James H. 
Lyon, Dr. Henry. 
McDermott, Francis. 
Magoun, T. 
Magoun, T., Jr. 
Mandell, M. J. 
Marvin, T. R. 
Mausur, Stephen. 
May, John James. (2) 
May, John Joseph. 
May, Miss Mary D. 
Messinger, George W. 
Millard, S. H. 

Minot, C. H. 

Morton, Mrs. Marcus, Je. 
Morton, Miss S. 
Munroe, Miss S. E. D. 
Musgrave, Thomas B. 
Nazro, John G. 
Nichols, Edward T. 
Nichols, Mrs. E. R. 
Nickerson, Thomas W. 
Oliphant, Henry D. 
Page, Samuel. 
Parker, William H. 
Parker, W. L. 
Parker, Mary H. 
Peabody, J. B. 
Pearce, S. H. 
Peirce, Charles H. 
Perkins, Francis. 
Pickering, Arthur. 
Pierce, J. W. 
Plummer, Avery. 
Poor, Eben. 
Poor, E. S. 
Powers, Peter. 
Pratt, T. Willis. 
Prince, Henry. 
Putnam, John Phelps. 
Putnam, J. P. 
Rand, Edward S., Jr. 
Rand, James H. 
Reed, Samuel. 
Richards, George H. 
Richards, Henry. 
Richardson, Charles. 
Richardson, D. S. 
Richardson, George F. 
Richardson, William A. 
Richardson, William H. 
Richardson, Mary A. 
Ripley, Robert. 
Robertson, John C 
Robie, John A. 
Robinson, T. Lewis. 
Rogers, Henry, Jr. (2) 
Rose, Alvan. 
Rotch, Francis M. 
Russell, George R. 
Sandford, V. S. 
Sargent, H. J. 
Savary, Charles. 
Scott, J. W. A. 
Searle, Addison. 
Seavey, Stephen S. 
Shackford, E. G. 
Shattuck, George W. 
Shattuck, Henry L. 
Shattuck, James Henry. 
Shimmin, Charles F. 
Simpson, M. H. 



Simpson, P. C. 
Slade, George P. 
Slade, Mks. Jarves. 
Smith, Henry Wells. 
Smith, J. B. 
Smith, Melancthon. 
Southland, Silas E. 
Sprague, S. E. 
Stacey, L. P. 
Stacy, Eli T. 
Stacy, J. R. 
Stacy, Samuel A. 
Staniells, E. L. 
Stanwood, J. 
Staxwood, Capt. R. G. 
Stetson, Dr. A. 
Stimpson, George, Jr. 
Stodder. H. F. 
Stone, H. L. 
Stone, I. M. 
Strong, Wm. C. 
Sumner, Austin. 
Swan, Samuel. 
Symonds, George D. 
Taft, H. C. 
Talbot, Thomas'. 
Tallant, William C. 
Tappan, Lewis W. 
Thayer, Frederick W. 
Thompson, Mrs. Charles. 
Thorndike, Augustus. 
TnwiNG, S. C. 
Tileston, E. P. 
Tileston, Mrs. E. P. 
Todd, Reuben J. (2) 
Talman, Elliot. 
Tompkins, Abel. 
Train, A. S. (2) 
Tucker, William W. 
Tucker, Mrs. William W. 


Tuckerman, W. S. 
Turell, Garland. 
Turner, Seth. 
Tyler. Edward. 
Upham, George P. 
Upham, Henry. 
Upham, Mrs. Francis W 
Van Arnaur, D. C. 
Van Voorhes, J. C. 
Viall, John. 
Vinton, Dr. A. I-I. 
Vinton, Mrs. Mary. 
Vose, George H. 
Wade, Reuben S. 
Walker, Wildes P. 
Warner, William W. 
Warren, Alfred B. 
Warren, Asa C. 

Warren, Henry S. 
Waterbury, Mrs. E. S. 
Weatherbee, William. 
Weeks, James Hubbard. 
Welch, John P. 
Welles, Mrs. A. F. 
Wells, Royal S. 
Wheelock, I. B. 
Wheelock. M. G. 
Whipple, John L. 
Whipple, M. J. 
White, B. C. 
White, Benjamin C. 
White, Ferdinand E. 
White, Frederick E. 
White, Mrs.William S. 
Whiting, C. A. 

WniTMORE. C. O. 

Whitney, N. D. 


Wilder, D., Jr. 
Willard, Simon. 
Willard, William. 
Williams, Elijah. 
Williams, G. F. 
Wilson, John, Jr. 
Wilson, J. D. 
Wilson, John L. 
Winchester, William P 
Winslow, George. 
Wise, Miss Annie P. 
Woodbury, F. K. 
Woodman, George. 
Woodward, Henry M. 
Wright, Hapgood. 

Stetson, Nahum. 

Warren, James L. L. F. 

Foster, J. W. 

Knapp, Rev. F. N. 

Austin, David. 
Carey, Hugh. 
Cushing, Levi L. 
Feame, Robert, Jr. 
Foster, Mrs. Mary. 
Gregory, John. 
Howe, George W. 
King, John. 
Lea, J. M. 
Longfellow, Prof. H.W. 

Lynes, Edward G. 
Mason, William F. 
Morrison, J. H. 
Munroe, James. 
Perrine, A. W. 
Robertson, Charles A. 
Sewall, William. 
Thayer, Alexander W. 
Thorndike, Augustus. 
Tower, F. Marion. 
Tower, Reuben. 
Ware, George F. 
Webster, John W. 

Ellis, Matthias. 

Anderson, Luther W. 
Bradlee, W. C. 
Frothingham, T. H. 
Latham, Charles B. 
Pennell, C. S. 

Carpenter, E. W. 
Clark, William G. 
Edwards, Oscar. 


Ames, James T. 
Burroughs, Geo. H. (2) 
Ladd, Lucius E. 

Clapp, Samuel L. 
Firth, Abram. 
Firth, John. 
Firth, Samuel. 
Hayes, M. B. 
Merriam, Rufus N. 
Platt, Benjamin.' 

Chapin, Mrs. E. C. 

Curtis, Andrew. 
Field, Mrs. T.P. 
Poole, Fitch. 
Putnam, Miss Martha P 
Wheeler, Benjamin S. 

Gardner, Mrs. 



Porter, Thomas C. 
Taylor, A. W. 

East Douglass. 

Rice, Rev. C. D. 

East Hampton. 

Knight, H. G. 
Show, I. P. 
Warner, Seth. 

East Wareham. 
Gibbs, William. (2) 
Harlow, Ivory H. 
Howard, Noble. 
Kinney, John M. 
Kinney, Mrs. J. M. 
Laveny, John. 
Weston, Charles F. A. 
Wilbur, Joseph. 

Fall River. 

Adams, John. 
Adams, Robert. 
Almy, Charles. 
Anthony, F. W. 
Baker, George S. 
Bentley, Mrs. O. 
Brayton, D. A. 
Brigham, D. S. 
Brown, Josiah. 
Brown, Robert C 
Buffington, Edward. 
Bitrch, Thomas. 
Cataract Fire Co., No. 3. 
Chace, Isaac B. 
Cobb, Miss H. D. 
Coggeshall, William. 
Crary, W. H. A. 
Darracott, George, Jr. 
Davenport, William. 
Dean, Charles H. 
Dean, James A. 
Douglas, William A. 
Dudley, Joseph. 
Dunning, Joseph. 
Dunning, William S. 
Dureee, Nathan. 
Durfee, William B. 
Durfee, Mrs. F. B. 
Durfee, Mrs. Mary. 
Fish, H. H. 

Fowler, Chandler B. 
Fowler, Rev. O. 
Gifford, E. W. 
Gipford, Perry. 
Gronard, John. 
Haskell, John. 
Hathaway, Dr. B. W. 

Hathaway, Joseph R. 
Hodges, Mrs. John R. 
Hooper, Foster. 
Leander, Borden. 
Ledoyt, Beal. 
Lindsey, AVilliam. 
Loring, David. 
McCallum, John. 
Mason, William H. 
Morville, George. 
Niagara Fire Co., No. 4 
Paine, Walter, 3d. 
Ramsbottom, Thomas. 
Russell, John. 
Sanford, Samuel W. 
Shaw, Adoniram L. 
Slade, Jona. 
Spaulding, Eli. 
Stevens, George W. 
Stickney, Charles P. 
Still well, Daniel, Jr. 
Stone, George B. 
Stone, Rev. Richard C. 
Westall, John. 
White, Benjamin F. 


Carpenter, E. P. 
Kerr, R. W. 

Forbush, c. W. 

Great Barrington. 

Barlow, Miss Lydia B. 
Crittenden, Miss M. J. 
Emerson, Charles N. 
Fairchild, Miss Emily F. 
Kellogg, Sarah. 
Miller, L. B. 
Russell, A. C. 
Sedgwick, James. 
Sumner, Increase. 
Sumner, Mrs. C. A. W. 
Turner, Mrs. A. W. ' 
Woodworth, Edward P. 


Beals, Joseph. 
Clapp, Henry B. 
Duncan, Charles M. 
Field, David G. 
Hassard, Thos. 
Howland, R. 
Keith, William. 
Mark, Geo. W. 
Sawin, John. (2) 
Stone, Charles P. 

Lancaster, T. Sewall. 
Stevens, Caroline S. 

Mister, William. 

Graves, Miss Fanny. 
Peck, Dr. A. S. (2) 

Currier, N. B. 

Hayden, Joel. 
Hayden, Josiah. 
Hyde, Miss M. Isabella. 
Wells, S. S. 

Damon, David S. 

Ireland Depot. 
Ranlet, Charles W. 

Popb, Augustus R. 

Thurston, G. L. 
Thurston, Mrs. H. Lee. 

Akeman, Daniel D. 
Allen, Joseph W. 
Atkinson, Theodore. 
Blanchard, Andrew D. 
Cabot, George D. 
Clark, Joseph F. 
Curtis, Jonathan S. 
Frye, Theodore C 
Harrington, Henry F. 
Lamb, Edward. 
Lamb, William D. 
Marvel, Caleb M. 
Ross, M. D. 
Saunders, Daniel, Jr. 
Souther, Charles N. 
Webber, Samuel. 
White, Nathaniel. 

Bartlett, William J. 
Church, Leonard. 
Hyde, Alexander. 
Lynn, George W. 
Mary, E. 
Mills, L. L. 



Plainer, George W. 
Porter, William. 
Rogers, S. S. 
Smith, Elizur. 
Taylor, William. 

Denny, R. S. 

Long Meadow. 
Cordis, Edward. 

Abbott, Mrs. Caroline. 
Adams, Benjamin. 
Barstow, Addison 
Gardner, George 
Melcher, John. 
Metcalf, Isaac N. 
Nesmith, John. 
Richardson, George F. 
Richardson, William A, 
Richardson. Mary A. 
Robinson, Mrs. Alex'r H, 
Spaulding, Augustus E. 
Thayer, Nathan R. 
Udall, Charles E. 
Washburn, Emory. 
Whittier, Robert R. 
Worthen, W. E. 

Baker, D. C. 
Baker, E. 
Butters, J. A. C. 
Gardner, George. 
Kimball, J. F. 
Newhall, Henry. 
Oliver, Benjamin F. 
Trask, John. 
Wheeler, William H. 

Mason, Orion A. 

Middleboro' 1 . 
Eddy, Mrs. William C. 
Ellis, J. F. 
Peirce, William R. 
Pitts, Abner, Jr. 
Pitts, J. S. 
Sampson, Joseph, Jr. 
Shaw, John, Jr. 
Thatcher, Levi P. 

Pierce, Thomas S. 

Hale, Charles E. 

Hall, Edward S. (2) 

Churchill, Sarah. 
Whitney, Mrs. Mary. 

Lyon, Horatio. 

New Bedford. 

Allen, Edmund. 
Allen, Gideon. 
Anthony, Mrs. J. R. 
Ashmead, L. P. 
Barney, Eliza. 
Brigham, Lincoln F. 
Brownell, Joseph. 
Burgess, Paul C. 
Cadwell, W. P. S. 
Carr, George W., Jr. 
Chandler, Charles. 
Chase, Alexander J. 
Church, Henry A. 
Clifford, Charles W. 
Clifford, John H. 
Covell, Benjamin B. 
Crocker, George O. 
Cushing, John K. 
Delano, Joseph C 
Eliot, Thomas D. 
Greene, Edward W. 
Greene, Robert B. 
Grinnell, Lawrence. 
Hammond, D. D. (2) 
Hathaway, Mrs. Julia A. 
Howland, James, 2d. 
Howland, James Henry. 
Howland, Sylvia Ann. 
Hunter, Mary S. 
Jenney, Benjamin F. F. 
Kempton, Francis A. 
Lawton, James M. 
Leonard, Horatio. 
Lockwood, Samuel. 
Lothrop, Miss Sarah W. 
Mackie, Adam. 
Meigs, Loring. 
Merrill, Edward. 
Nye, Reuben. 
Nye, Sylvanus T. 
Nye, Thomas, Jr. 
Parker, Abby C. 
Parker, Julia M. 
Penneman, Betuhel, Jr 
Perkins, I. R. 
Perry, Jireh. 
I Randall, Charles S. 

Ricketson, Joseph, 2d. 
Robinson, Abby S. 
Rodman, Samuel W. 
Rotch, Caroline S. 
Russell, Benjamin. 
Russell, George C. 
Seabury, A. H. 
Shiverick, Joseph R. 
Slocum, Edward F. 
Stowell, William H. 
Swain, William W. (4) 
Taber, Thomas R. 
Tappan, George. 
Thornton, John R. 
Vassault, Ferdinand. 
Ward, Dr. Ezekiel G. 
White, Thomas B. (2) 
Whiting, Comfort, Jr. 
Whittemore, Zenas. 
Wilcox, A. P. 
Wood, Charles L. 


Adams, Washington. 
Baktlett, Henry. 
Boardman, Isaac H. 
Bradbury, John M. 
Brown, William H. 
Caldwell, Wm. W., Jr. 
Chaffin, Mrs. M. A. 
Coffin, F. J. 
Dimmick, Rev. L. F. 
Frothingham, Henry. 
Gerrish, Thomas G. 
Hills, Philip K. 
Mosely, Edward S. 
Nason, Elias. 
Noyes, Miss Mary. 
Pike, Mrs. Joseph S. 
Porter, John. 
Rand, Edward S. 
Randall, John C 
Shaw, Miss Mary Ann. 
Stone, Eben F. 
Titcomb, B. B. 
Titcomb, Miss P. 
Wheelwright, Mrs.Wm. 
Williams, F. R. 
Williams, Joseph B. 

Clap, George M. 

North Adams. 
Brayton, S. W. 
Dawes, H. L. 

Arnold, Willard A. 



Bullen, Amos H. 
Butler, J. Hunt. 
Cheney, R. 
Childs, Henry. 
Clark, Frederick A. 
Clarke, John. 
Damon, Isaac, Jr. 
Dickinson, Charles H. 
Graves, Charles P. 
Green, Thomas. 
Hawks, Charles K. 
Hawley, William A. 
Hiebin, James. 


Hopkins, Erastus. 
Hunt, Josiah. 
Huntington, Charles P 
Joy, David. (2) 
Kimball, Abel C. 
Lathrop, Joseph. 
Lathrop, J. Stebbins. 
Lincoln, L. B. 
Lyman, James. 
Munyan, Austin B. 
Musgrave, John G. 
Musgrave, Thomas. 
Pratt, Charles S. 
Sergeant, George. 
Smith, Charles. 
Smith, Silas M. 
Strong, Mrs. Maria C. 
Swift, Rev. E. Y. 
Thompson, Dr. James. 
Walker, Dr. Charles. 
Wells, George. 
Wells, Jonathan L. 
Whitney, William D. 
Wilson, John W. 
"Woodward, Dr. Sam'l. B. 
Wright, George F. 
Wright, Lewis. 

Johnson, Joshua J. 

North Bridgewater. 
Southwick, Edward, Jr. 

North Brook-field. 
Adam, Charles, Jr. 
Batcheller, Alfred II. 

North Chelmsford. 
Adams, Thomas J. 

North East on. 
Peckham, John A. 
Everett, Rev. O. C 


Chapin, Mrs. Maria K. 
Sawyer, Miss M. C. 
Wheaton, L. M. 
Wueaton, Mrs. E. B. 


Bowman, Charles D. 
Clark, Peter. 
Hodges, George, Jr. (2) 

Horton, Robert. 
Pratt, Francis. 
Starkweather, James C 

Jewett, S. Augustus. 

Baldwin, Moses H. 
Brown, Miss Helen M. 
Bulkley, Charles. 
Campbell, David. (4) 
Campbell, Edward W. 
Campbell, George. 
Campbell, George W. 
Campbell, Robert. 
Dodge, N. S. 
Dunham, Ebenezer. 
Heath, George A. H. 
Hoadley, John C. 
Hulbut, Milan. 
McIlwain, George. 
Messer, Nathaniel. 
Noble, James M. 
Pomeroy, Robert. 
Rice, Addison. 
Root, O. S. 
Spear, Charles V. 
Todd, John. 
Tyler, Wellington H. 


Beal, Joseph S. 
Briggs, George W. 
Danforth, James A. 
Davis, William. 
Gordon, Dr. Timothy. 
Hoyt, Saxford W. 
Russell, Andrew L. 
Russell, Nathaniel. 
Sampson, Schuyler. 
Thomas, William. 


White, N. H. 

Dean, Theo. 
Robinson, Mrs. Ann M. 


Bartlett, Charles. 
Brown, George. 
Campbell, Benjamin F. 
Clarke, JonN J. 
Copeland, Charles. 
Cordwell. George B. 
Dana, Amos W. 
Faunce, Stephen. 
Guild, James. 
Hawes, W. 
IIovey, John G. 
Hunneman, Samuel H. 
Lewis, Abiel S. 
Murdoch, Joseph. 
Putnam, Allen. 
Thwing, Mrs. A. H. 
Williams, Horace. 
Wixdship, Dr. Chas. M. 

Andrews, Joseph. 
Archer, Miss Anna S. 
Bertram, John. 
Brookhouse, Robert, Jr. 
Brooks, Timothy. 
Cembrano, Francisco. 
Chamberlain, James. 
Chapman, George R. 
Cook, Nathan. 
Cox, Francis. 
Cummings, Mrs. Jas. M. 
Di.x, Asa C. 
Emerson, Miss II. A. 
Fabens, Benjamin, Jr. 
Felt, JonN G. 
French, Charles. 
Hunt, Joseph. 
Hunt, William. 
Kimball, Elbridge G. 
Kimball. James. 
Lang, Benjamin. (2) 
Leavitt, Joseph H. 
Lot, Nathaniel. 
Moore, David. 
Newhall, Gilbert G 
Nichols, Isaiah. 
Oakes, Thomas. 
Peirce, Nathan. 
Perkins, Daniel, Jr. 
Putnam, Francis. 
Rea, Miss Caroline. 
Ropes, Charles A. 
Ropes, Reuben W. 



Ropes, Ripley. 
Safford, Samuel A. 
Shepard, S. Prescott. 
Smith, Daniel T. 
Smith, Edward A. 
Sprague, Joseph \V. 
Upton, Henry P. 
Upton, James. 
Upton, Luther. 
Verry, Samuel. 
Ward, Miss Eliza W. 
Waters, William R. 
Webb, John F. 
West, Benjamin A. 
Whipple, Henry. 
Whipple, Willis B. 
Whitney, Miss Anne R. 
Whittmore, Stephen, Jr. 

Belden, E. D. 

Fessenden, C. B. H. 
Waterman, Chas. C. P. 

Barnard, R. F. 
Bradford, James, Jr. 
JDoton, Bartlett. 
Ensign, Edward F. 
Hamlin, Mrs. Ann P. 
Saxton, William B. 

Allen, Lucius S. 

Blankinship, Peleg. 
Delano, Ward P. 
Ellis, W. N. (4) 
Leonard, Theodore W. 
Luce, Stephen C. 
Miles, Thomas R. 

South Deerfield. 

Cowing, Rowland S. 
Park, H. II. 

South WiUiamstoivn. 
Hand, F. A. 
Mills, B. F. 

Livermore, George H. 

Adams, Sylvanus. 
Avery. Alexander II. 
Bailey, Samuel. 

Bangs, John. 
Barnes, James. 
Barnes, S. H. 


Bemis, Robert E. 
Bliss, Benjamin K. 
Bliss, George. 
Bond, E. W. 
Branscomb, C. H. 
Brewer, Henry, Jr. 
Brewer, James, 2d. 
Brewer, James D. 
Briggs, Albert D. 
Burt, Francis. (2) 
Callender, W. H. D. 
Campbell, Miss Mary. 
Carew, F. M. 
Chapman, Reuben A. 
Chase, Stewart. 
Child, James K. 
Childs, J. R. 
Clark, Joseph. 
Day, Benjamin. 
Dewey, Edward. (2) 
Dwigiit, Frederick. 
Dwight, George. 
Elwell, William S. 
Field, Edward X. 
Foot, Adonijah. 
Foot, Homer. (2) 
Foster, Lewis, Jr. 
Fuller, Henry, Jr. 
Gouch, L. A. 
Gray, Henry. 
Gray, James H. 
Griggs, I. M. 
Gunn, ELrsnA, Jr. 
Harris, D. L. 
Hooker, John, 2d. 
Hopkins, Stephen W. 
Ingraham, Joseph. 
King, John L. 
Kirkham, James. 
Lee, Horace C. 
Leonard, E. C. 
Lunt, James R. 
Merrick, S. 
Mills, John. 
Newell, George B. 
Orne, W. W. 
Phelps, Ansel, Jr. 
Raynolds, Samuel. 
Rumrill, J. B. 
Russell, James E. 
Simons, Cicero. 
Southworth, Wells. 
Stearns, Charles. 
Stebbins, John B. 
Sykes, Henry A. 

Taylor, Horace S. 
Taylor, Varnum N. 
TnoMPSON, J. M. 
Trask, Edward. 
Trask, W. E. 
Truman, Edmund. 
Tyler, P. B. 
Warner, B. F. 
Warren, Henry E. 
Warriner, Lyman. 
Wilcox, O. W. 
Wilcox, P. F. 
Willard, Justice. 
Wilson, E. C 



Alger, Mrs. C. C 
Alger, Master Charles. 
Canning, E. W. B. 
Dwight, Mrs. Frances F. 
Field, Rev. Justin. 
Hoysradt, J. W. 


Albro, Charles. 
Atwood, Charles R. 
Atwood, George B. 
Bassett, A. 
Bassett, C. I. H. (3) 
Bennett, E. H. 
Brigham, Rev. Chas. H. 
Burt, Silas S. 
Chesbrough, L. R. 
Church, H.W. 
Cobb, George T. 
Crocker, George A. 
Crocker, William A. 
Davenport, William R. 
Dean, Francis B. 
Dean, Gaius. 
Dean, Joseph. 
Dunbar, Samuel O. 
Field, James B. 
Foster, Charles. 
Gilbert, Horatio. 
Gilmore, William H. 
Gordon, Timothy. 
Hack, Chris. A. 
Hewins, George G. 
Hill, Philip E. 
Lathrop, Cyrus, 2d. 
Lawton, Charles. 
Loveeing, Willard. 
Mason, William. 
Mason, Mrs. ; William. 
Mason, Master Fred^e. 
Monro, Francis S. 



Morse, Lovett. 
Olney, C. R. 
Rounds, I. S. 
Sproat, James. 
Staples, S. N. 
Swaset, A. E. 
Swasey & Davenport. 
Vickery, C. R. 
Washburn, B. D. 
Washburn, Benjamin D. 
West, Samuel C. 
Williams, James M. 
Wilson, E. T. (2) 

Lee, Col. Artemas. 

Taft, George S. 
Taft, Mrs. Hannah. 
Taft, Margaret L. 

Brainard, E. L. 
Clark, Avert. 
Clark, John. 
Clark, Ellen C 
Dale, Samuel J. 
Devens, A. L. 
Gilbert, George H. 
Hartwell, Joseph W. 
Hyde, William. 
Laflin, Addison H. 
Lane, Otis. 
Pearl, Joshua. 
Pepper, S. F. 
Phelps, Samuel H. 
Rice, Joel. 
Sage, Orin. 
Sanford, Addison. 
Stevens, Charles A. 
Stevens, Mrs. Chas. A. 
Whitney, S. A. 

Cumming, Joseph. 
Doane, Calvin. 
Lincoln, Isaac S. 
Murdock, Jason F. 
Shaw, Dr. Samuel. 

Smith, Rev. Charles. 

Bigelow, Tyler. 
White, Miss M. G. 

Reed, H. A. 

Child, W. M. 

West Cambridge. 
Fessenden, Mrs. N. M. 

Bingham, Charles K. 
Dow, Samuel. 
Jessup, Alexander C. 
Rowe, David S. 
Whitman, William W. 

Allen, Mrs.LucretiaW 

West Springfield. 
Perry, N. D. 


West Stockbridge. 
Benson, John. 
Kellogg, M. R. 
Taft, Henry W. 

West Townsend. 
Warren, Miss C.Aurora. 

Temple, Rev. I. H. 

Taylor, John. 

Bartlette, Col. Liberty 
Dewey, D. N. 
Griffin, Prof. Nath'l. 
Hopkins, Rev. Mark, d.d 
Lazelle, Prof. Edward 
Sabin, Dr. Henry L. 
Sanderson, JoelS. 
Tatlock, Prof. John. 
Whitman, Mrs. Lucy. 

Edwards, Jonathan. 

Bowen, George. 
Boyden, Joseph. 
Brown, A. I. 
Bulloch, A. H. 
Burnside, Miss E. D. 
Burnside, Miss H. P. F. 
Chamberlin, H. H. 
Chapin, Charles P. 
Chase, Anthony. 
Cross, William. 
Davis, Isaac. 
Davis, Samuel. 
Dewey, F. H. 

Dickinson, Mrs. Wm. 
Dixie, Edward F. 
Ellis, Charles S. 
Foster, A. D. 
Foster, Calvin. 
Freeland, C. W. 
Goodrich, Jesse W. 
Green, James. 
Green, Martin. 
Green, M. B. 
Green, William N. 
Hamilton, Charles A. 
Hardon, B. L. 
Harrington, A. L. 
Harris, Clarendon. 
Harris, William H. 
Hartshorn, C W. 
Hey wood, Benjamin, m.d. 
Heywood, B. F. 
Heywood &. Maynard. 
Hill, J. Henry. 
Jencks, Miss L. A. 
Kinnicutt, Francis H. 
Livermore, Edward. 
Mason, John C. 
Mason, Joseph. 
Maynard, George C. 
Merrifield, W. T. 
Messinger, D. S. 
Miller, Henry W. 
Miller, Mrs. Henry W. 
Newton, Rejoice. / 

Oliver, Francis P. 
Onian, H. W. 
Payne, F. W. 
Rice, George T. 
Ripley, John C. 
Ruggles, Draper. 
Sargent, Joseph, m.d. 
Smalley, Rev. Elam. 
Thompson, Olney F. 
Thurber, Charles. 
Thurber, Mrs. Charles. 
Tucker, Augustus. 
Tucker, Erastus N. 
Upton, Isaac H. 
Wheeler, William A. 
Willson, Joseph. 
Willson, W. C. 
Workman, Dr. William. 
Wyman, John C. 

Burr, Ames. 

Wren tliam. 
Mann, Mrs. Susan. 

Knowles Sc Swift. 



Smith, W. Huntington 
Stebbins, F. R. 
Underwood, D. K. 

Frost, E. B. 


Goodrich, H. C. 
Hannahs, George. (2) 
Keen, Luther. 
McMechan, James. 
Monroe, James. 
Philleo, F. F. 


Ann Arbor. 
Agnew, Miss C. T. 
Bach, Philip. 
Ball, Mrs. E. A. S. 
Chapin, Mrs. V. 
Olark, Miss Mary H. 
Felch, Alpheus. 
Finley, William. 
Gott, James B. 
Gould, Mrs. N. J. 
Maynard, William S. 
Millen, Mrs. Mary J. 
Sedgwick, George. 
Simmons, Lorin B. 
Webb, Dwight. 
Welles, Edward. 
Wells, Ebenezer. 
West, John. 
White, Edgar. 

Cook, A. P. 

Abbott, Thomas F. 
Adams, Charles S. 
Allmendinger, J. 
Anderson, E. 
Armstrong, T. H. 
Bagg, A. S. 
Baldwin, H. P. 
Beecher, L. 
Benedict, D. V. 
Bissell, George. 
Bond, William. 
Bradford, James B. 
Bradford, Robert C. 
Brooks, J. W. 
Beotherson. P. C. H. 


Bulh, F. 
Butler, A. G. 
Cargill, O. F. 
Cass, Lewis. 
Clancy, Miss C. 
Cole, Dr. W. C. 
Collins, Charles. 
Conkling, J. S. 
Cutter, William H. 
Dibble, O. B. 
Doty, George. 
Doty, William P. 
Driggs, William S. 
Dudgeon, Anthony. 
Eaton, Thomas H. 
Edwards, W. R. 
Farnsworth, Mrs. M. L 
Farnsworth, Miss C. E. 
Follett, B. 
Foote, George. 
Hale, William. 
Hall, Lewis. 
Hall, R. H. 
Harman, J. H. 
Hastings, Henry D. 
Hastings, Mrs. E. P. 
Haviland, J. 
Hewitt, Mrs. E. G. 
Hicks, James A. 
Hill, George. 
Hill, J. G. 
Hinchman, G. H. 
Hodges, Mrs. M. A. 
Howard, Charles. 
Howard, William A. 
Hubbard, Bela. 
Hudson, E. W. 
Hunt, J. T. 
Huntington, G., Jr. 
Hurd, Charles H. 
Hyde, Mrs. O. M. 
Jacobs, N. P. 
Jones, J. H. (2) 
Jones, J. W. 
Kearsley, E. Roberts. 
Kellogg, A. S. 
Ketchum, George W. 
Kitton, John E. 
Knapp, La Fayette. 
Lansing, E. A. 
Larned, Mrs. S. 
Ledyard, Henry. 
Lee, E. Smith. 
Lister, William M. 
Litchfield, E. C. 
Loomis, Charles A. 
Loomis, C. T. 

McNair, C. D. 
Macy, George F. 
Martin, James T. 
Merchant, Anderson. (2) 
Monson, H. N. 
Newbould, A. H. 
Noble, J. C. 
Palmer, F. 
Parker, F. F. 
Parker, Willard. 
Patterson, Mrs. F. A. 
Pilcher, Dr. Z. 
Pittman, James E. 
Raymond, William A. 
Rice, George Samuel. 
Rice, R. N. 
Richmond, Charles. 
Richmond, William A. 
Risdon, John N. 
Roiiy, Henry M. 
Samson, Erastus. 
Sibley, E. S. 
Spafford, Charles. 
Strong, John W. 
Tillman, James W. 
Truesdail, Wesley. 
Truesdail, Miss E.Hunt. 
Van Dyke, James A. (2) 
Vorce, H. G. 
Walker, H. N. 
Wattson, J. V. 
Webster, M. Howard. 
Wesson, William B. 
Whiting, Miss E. H. 
Wight, H. A. 
Wilcox, Eben N. 
Williams, A. S. 
Williams, Joseph R. 
Williams, M. M. 
Wood, W. R. 
Young, W. T. 

Grand Rapids. 
Ball, Mrs. S. B. 
Foster, Wilder D. 
Kendall, John. 
Welles, William J. 


Thornton, Elisha. 

Foote, Guy. 
Hulin, I. W. 
Janes, Alvin. 
Kassick, L. 
Kennedy, John R. 



Mitchell, Miss C. A. 
Rice, E. H. 

Shoemaker, Michael. 
Sumner, John. 
Whitwell, S. W. 

Sheldon, Alexander J. 


Adam, John J. 
Frink, John B. 
Hess, Moses B. 
Peck, George W. 
Thompson, J. P. 


Allcott, SidneyS. 
Andrews, Robert. 
Clark, Darius. 
Davison, John. 
Dibble, Charles P. 
Easterly, Mrs. John. 
Eggleston, E. Seymour. 
Fitch, A. M. 
Gibbs, George C. 
Gordon, I. Wright. 
Gorham, Chas, T. 
Hall, Rev. Sam. H. 
Higgins, James. 
Huston, Robert. 
Ingersoll, George. 
Lawrence, Edward H. 

Lawrence, Horatio I. 
Parmelee. Mrs. A. C 
Powell, William J. 
Shepard, Shelton B. 
Soule, Milo. 
Tillotson, Alonzo. 
Tillotson, Henry A. 
Turner, Alvin. 
Tyler. S. Alexander. 
Vernor, John T., Jr. 
Way, James A. (2) 
Wilder, Isaac W. 


Armitage, James. 
Arnold, Silas R. 
Clark, Edwin L, 
Cole, Joseph C 
Haskill, Norman It. 
Johnson, Charles G. 
Man, Harry V. 
Morton, Edward Y. 
Morton, Julius D. 
Morrow. Milton. 
Noble, D. A. 
Norman, John. 
Oliver, John M. 
Rabineau, Allen A. 
Smith, Winfield. 
Stewart, Delos. 
Stoddard, Oscar. 
Studdiford, William V. 
Taylor, Charles. 

Walbridge, Henry D. 
Wells, William H. 

Woodruff, Miss Ann E. 


Beach, Mrs. E. C. 
Bowman, J. R. 
Carey, S. E. 
Drake, M. L. 
Goodsell, James C. 
Hdsmer, R. 
Howard, Charles A. 
Howard, Mrs. H. N. 
Matthews, Mrs. A. B. 
Mathews, Master Geo. 
Owen, Robert. (2) 
Seymour, John B. 
Thomson, Wm. M. 
Treadway, Alfred. 
Williams, Alfred. 
Wisner, Moses. 


Spafford, Charles. 

White Pigeon. 

Javier, William. 
White, Elijah. 


Lane, C W. 

Heard, I. M. 
Heard, Mrs. A. E. 
Kruft, George L. 

Munn, John. 
Shackelford, Thomas. 

Barry, William T. S. 
Harris, William L. 
Harrison, James T. 
Sherman, J. J. 
Topp, J. S. 

Grand Gulf. 
Shreve, Charles. 


Duncan, John. 
Payne, A. M. 

Holly Springs. 

Goodman, Walter. 
Williams, Mrs. E. M. 

Sloane, E. W. F. 
Sloane, Mrs. E. W. F. 


Ayres, R. M. 
Bard, Mrs. Mary. 
Brown, Louis H. 
Cory, L. H. 
Duncan, H. P. 

Duncan, Dr. S. 
Gaines, R. M. 
Inge, Richard A. 
Railey, C R. 
Turner, George W. 
Withers, D. D. 

Rootes, Edmund W. 


Batchelor, James M. 
Broughton, James E. 
Dupuy, Miss E. A. 
Featiierston'h, R. N. 
Harwood, Frederick V. 
Hunt, Mrs. Abijah. 
McGinley, John. 



Murray, Edward B. 
Nutt, Miss Margaret. 
Williams, Wm. G., m.d. 



Anderson, Fulton. 
Barnett, J. M. 
Brown, Samuel W. 
Brown, Shephard. 
Bryson, N. G. 
Burwell, A. 
Coleman, Nicholas D. 
Coleman, Mary Frances. 

Cook, Henry F. 
Cosby, Gabriel P. 
Coulson, James A. 
Craeb, Henry A. 
Crump, Dr. George P. 
Field, Azubah M. 
Field, S. C. 

Hamilton, William A. 
Hardaway, Benjamin. 
Howe, R. D. 
Johnson, Ben. 
Johnston, Joseph H. 
Kirtland, Jared T. 
McDowell, James R. 

McLean, Hector B. 
Marshall, T. A. 
Marshall, Elizabeth. 
Marshall, Letitia. 
Mercein, D. S. 
Nutt, Dr. C. R. 
Randolph, R. R. 
Ranney, E. H. 
Ranney. Horace. 
Smedes, William C. 
Smith, S. D. 
Swiney, William P. 
Thompson, Henry B. 
Yerger, George S. 


Hickman, David M. 
Lathrop, John H. 
Rollins, James S. 

Woodson, S. H. 

Jefferson City. 
Miner, James L. 
Walker, M. R. (2) 

Cliiefof tlie Wyandots. 

Aull, Robert. 

Pitts, John E. 

Desloge, Firmin. 

St. Josephs. 
Hull, Joseph C. 

St. Louis. 

Albright, Henry A. 
Alexander, J. H. 
Allen, G. B. 
Allen, Simon H. 
Allen, Thomas. 
Allen, Mrs. A. P. 
Bacon, H. D. 
Ball, S. W. 
Barber, Samuel W. 

Barlow, Joseph C. 
Belcher, Charles. 
Bennett, Oliver. 
Birge, Henry. 
Blair, W. W. (-2) 
Blair, Walter W. 
Blow, Henry T. 
Blow, Taylor. 
Bredel, JonN C. 
Bridge, Hudson E. 
Camden, P. G. 
Carson, I. B. 
Charless, Joseph. 
Chase, Edward. 
Cheever, Joshua. 
Child, O. W. 
Childs. Nathan, Jr. 
Clapp, Benjamin. 
Clark, L. C. 
Cobb, Henrt. 
Collier, George. 
Collins, A. M. 
Copp, Samuel, Jr. 
Crittenden, Hiram. 
Crow, Wayman. 
Crowell, A. B. 
Dickson, Charles K. 
Doan, William A. 
Dodge, Charles F. 
Douglas, Henry. 
Eaton, N. I. 
Enders, W. F. 
Farr, Asa, Jr. 
Fine, Elisiia. 
Ford, Oliver. 
Freman, Mary. 
Goodrich, Rev. H. P. 

Grimsley, John T. 
Grist, Franklin I. 
Hall, Verro V. 
Hanson, John W. 
Harrison, E. H. 
Hirschberg, L. C. 
Holmes, Dr. R. S. 
Horrell, Thomas J. 
Jackson, Thomas R. 
Joy, Rupert L. 
Kellogg, S.N. 
Kennett, L. M. 
Kinkead, I. H. 
Koester, Earnest. 
Lacy, Lewis F. 
Lightner, Joel F. ' 
Livingston, George H. 
Long, Enoch. 
Ludlow, N. M. 
MacDonald, James W. 


McPherson, William M. 
Manny, John T. (2) 
Morrison, William M. 
Moss, Mrs. S. A. 
Nisbit, Robert N. 
Osborn, William H. 
Peterson, Alex'r, Jr. 
Polk, Trusten. 
Pope, Charles A., m. d. 
Pratt, Elon G. 
Ranlett, S. A. 
Rannells, Charles S. 
Reed, Henry S. 
Reinheimer, Ernest. 
Renick, Robert M. 



Reynolds, J. C. 
Ridgeway, Joseph. 
Rhodes, Christopher. 
Rutherford, Thomas S. 
Shannon, Alfred. 
Shaw, John. 
Shepley, John R. 

Sickles, I. B. 
Simons, E. G. 
Simpson, John H. 
Smith, William A. 
Stevenson, Wellington. 
Stone, Abner. 
Swon, Mrs. I. C. 

Thompson, William H. 
Whitney, R. S. 
Whittelsey, Charles C. 
Williams, Willis L. 
Woodruff, James E. (2) 
Woodruff, Marcus P. (2) 
Yeatman, James E. (2) 

Clough, George. 
Fletcher, Arthur. 
French, Theo. 
George, Henry. 
Lombaert, Herman, Jr. 
Low, Charles F. 
Noyes, Daniel J. 

Durell, John S. H. 
Lambert, Rev. T. R. u.s.n. 
Lambert, Mrs. A. 
Little, Mrs. Elizabeth. 

Gerrish, Joseph. 

Gilchrist, David. 

Peirce, Joshua W. 

Chase, Prof. Stephen. 
Duncan, William H. 
Emerson, Mrs. Anne P. 
Haddock, Charles B. 
Haddock, Mrs. Caroline 
Harvey, Charles W. 
Peabody, Mrs. M. B. (2) 


Thompson, Charles E. 



Newell, Mrs. Zebina. 
Perry, Horatio J. 
Prentice, George A. 
Tilden, George Henry. 
Tilton, Lucian. (2) 


Batchelder, Nath'l S. 

Adams, Phineas. 
Aeriance, John P. 
Adriance, Walter. 
Bell, S. D. 
Clarke, William C. 
Dexter, Rev. Henry M. 
Hill, David. 
Means, William G. 
Reed, Robert. 

Beard, Albin. 
Gage, John H. 
Hale, Noah E. 
Noyes, Col. Leonard W. 
Nutt, Charles H. 
Whitney, Col. Chas. K. 

Graves, Dr. Josiah G. 
Mitchell, Abraham. 

New Market. 
Webster, John. 

Barnes, Lewis. 
Barton, James. 
Cheever, Chas. A., m. d. 
Davis, Jones S. 
Emery, James W. 
Foster, John W. 
Foster, Joseph H. 
Jaffrey, George. 
Ladd, Alexander. 
Ladd, Mrs. Henry. 
Lyman, John P. 
Peabody, A. P. 
Penhallow, Augustus C 
Ryder, Edward S. 
Simes, Stephen H. 
Whipple, Lieut. A. W. 

Hale, S. 

Lane, Dr. Robert. 

Bellows, Abel. 

Newell, Hon. Wm. A. 

Morrell, Richard. 


Boutelle, Edward C 
Kirkpatrick, Hugh. 

Bird, Jonathan. 

Haskell, L. S. 
Merrick, Thomas B. 
Rhodes, Miss C. 
Swords, R. S. 
Ward, Samuel L., Jr. 



Bergen Neck. 
Currie, James. 

Bergen Point. 
Bogle,Miss Elizabeth A. 

Blazing Star. 
Tappen, David. 

Peters, Mrs. M. M. 
Sanford, Amzi A. 

Lathrop, W. G. 

Van be Carr, H. S. 

Elmer, Dr. William. 
Nichols, Robert C. 

Doane, George Hobart. 
Engstrom, A. B. 
Humphrey, Dr. Gideon. 

Baldwin, Aaron G. 

Holmes, Mrs. Mary F. 

Beemer, Jansen H. 
Lynn, John. 

Hinchmak, Miss Z. S. 
McFarlan, Henry. 
Stoll, Mrs. Catharine. 


Albro, James, Jr. 
Beasley, Miss Maria. 
Berry, John A. 
Chetwood, Dr. Geo. R. 
Chetwood, John J. 
Comdle, Theodore S. 
Crane, Henry M. 
Crane, William W. 
Day, William F. 
Eaton, Mrs. Janet. 
Gilderslieve, Miss E. 
Gracie, Mrs. Archibald. 
Haines, B. 
Haines, C. S. 


Harrison, D. 
Kean, John. 
Kellogg, Augustus C. 
Kellogg, A. W. 
Kiggins, Henry. 
King, W. G. 
Kingsley, Dr. A. W. 
Meade, Miss Betsey. 
Meeker, Mrs. W. B. 
Nuttman, James G. 
Ogden, Miss Josephine. 
Pierce, W. W. 
Pierce, Miss M. Louisa. 
Pierson, Mrs. C. P. 
Price, Periam. 
Spaulding, Miss C. 
Stearns, John O. 
Thompson, A. Q. 
Townsend, John. 
Williamson, Isaac H. 
Williamson, Mrs. B. 
Woodruff, A. S. 

Newell, Wm. Dunham. 

English Neighborhood 
Christie, John J. 

Bennett, Charles A. 
Chadbourne, P. A. 
Combs, Gilbert. 
Cowart, Enoch L. 
Davis, William D. 
Patterson, I. 
Polhemus, Henry D. 
Randolph,Bennington F 
Rijal, Daniel B. 
Throckmorton, A. R. 
Throckmorton, B. & CD 

Warrick, W. 

Barclay, C. B. 
Barclay, Mrs. M. L. 
Holsman, Catharine. 

Banta, J. T. H. 
Cassedy, Mrs. John. 
Demarest, Garrett. 
Earle, John L. 
Zabriskie, A. O. 


Fuller, Francis. 

Clark, Thomas P. 
D'homergue, John. 
Demare st, David M. 
Sandford, Hoyt. 
Williams, Mrs. H. S. 

Rutherford, John. 

Jersey City. 

"Annette." (3) 
Armstrong, William S. 
Austin, M. O. 
Bache, Andrew. 
Betts, Frederick B. 
Bramhall, Mrs. E. A. 
Brantigam, J. Castor. 
Bridge, E. T. 
Bunker, F. E. 
Cheddick, M. S. 
Christie, Dr. P., u. s. n. 
Clerk, William F. 
Cunningham, Joseph. 
Demarest, Henry. 
Dickinson, Henry C. 
Doremus, T. S. 
Doremus, Mrs. T. S. 
Dummer, P. C. 


Fairchild, H. J. 
Fitch, C. W. 
Garretson, Miss R. A. (3) 
Gopsil, James. (3) 
Hall, Andrew. 
Harrison, S. D. 
Hawley, David. 
Hyde, C. L. 
Jewell, Abraham S. 
Kirby, Isaac F. 
Kirby, Mrs. Mary. 
Law, Alexander. 
Lienau, M. 
L. P. S. 

Morgan, James K. 
Morgan, M. C. 
Morgan, Miss Julia A. 
Palmer, Mrs. Catharine 
Quackenbush, Mrs. D. 
Randall, E. 
Rockwell, D. F. 


Smith. Timothy L. 
Smith, Mrs. Richard. 
Steele, Mrs. C M. 
Taylor, Mrs. H. J. 
VanVolkenburgh,Mrs. P 
Varick, Dr. T. R. 



Wakeman, E. B. 
Wallis, Alexander H. 
Wescott, Samuel. 
Williamson, N. 
Wood, Joseph H. 

Dennis, Robert F. 


Chapman, Nathan F. 

Chattle, Thomas. 
Robinson, Samuel M. 

Craig, Miss Caroline S 

Little Falls. 
Miller, Mrs. Emily A. 

Morehous, David B. 

Rennie, Robert. 
Rennie, Mrs. Robert. 

Long Branch. 
Stockton, P. A. 
Wooj,ey, Joseph. 

^Gibbons, Wm. Heyward. 
Gibbons, Miss C. G. 

Buckland, William. 
Mundy, Misses Isabella 
G. and Rebecca C. 

McClees, Peter. 
Morpord, Henry. 

Middletown Point. 
Little, Henry S. 

North American Pha- 
lanx Association. 
Huntington, Horatio. 

Hall, Charles. 

Bedell, ^Chester. 
DeCamp, Lieut. John. 
Dunn, Hugh. 
Halsey, Samuel B. 
King, William. 
Mills, George S. 
Poinier, J. W. 
Samson, Miss Anna M. 
Vail, Mrs. George. 
Wood, T. T. 

Mount Holly. 


Mount Hope. 
Horton, David H. 

Alling, Albert. 
Alling, Charles. 
Alling, Horace. 
Baldwin, Charles W. 
Baldwin, Thomas S. 
Ball, Alexander M. W. 
Bange, Mrs. H. 
Bardin, C. 
Berry, David C. 
Birbeck, James. 
Bockee, Mrs. I. S. D. 
Bragaw, Mrs. John. 
Campbell, Charles G. 
Canfield, Albert W. 
Cauldwell, Miss MaryA 
Chadwick, John. 
Chandler, John J. 
Chetwood, John. 
Cleveland, Wm. Henry. 
Condict, Rev. J. B., D.D. 
Condit, Miss S. B. 
Cook, Robert L. 
Crane, James. 
Crane, John C. 
Darcy, Henry G. 
Davies, Mrs. Alice S. 
Dawes, George M. 
Day, Matthias W. 
Dennis, Martin R., m. d. 
Dodd, David C, Jr. 
Dougherty, Edward C. 
Dougherty, Horace F. 
Duryee, Miss H. A 
Fitch, Mrs. A. I. 
Ford, Silas. 
Fowler, J. F. 
Fox, John S. 
Frame, Rev. David A. 
Frame, William. 

Garthwaite, J. C. 

Glaze, Charles A. 

Goble, L. Spencer. 

Gough, Mrs. Maria B. 

Groshong, J. C. 

Guerin, George B. 

Hall, Rev. Charles. 

Hall, Charles P. 

Hall, Joseph D. 

Halsted, Oliver S., Jr. 

Hayden, C. 

Hayes, David A. 

Hayes, O. J. 

Hedden, Mrs. Alvan. 

Hornblower, Hon. J. C. 

Hunt, Edward T. 

Hutchinson, Hiram. 

Jackson, Mrs. John P. 

Jackson, Mrs. Samuel. 

Jacobus, Peter. 

Kearney, Bernard. 

Keen, George A. 

Keene, James. 

Kirkpatrick, J. H. 

Lee, Miss Anna C. 

Lindsley, Joseph V. 

Littell, William M. 

Luse, S. W. 

Martin, George W. 

Meeker, Alfred M. 

Meeker, Christopher. 

Meeker, Oba. 

Meeker, Samuel. 

Meeker, S. H. 

Miller, Benjamin C. 

Miller, Hon. James. 

Miller, Mrs. James. 
Morton, John. 

Mott, Mrs. Wm. H. 
Myer, W. A. 
Nichols, James. 
Nichols, Whitfield, m. d. 
Norris, W. H. 
Nuttman, John C. 
Oakes, David. 
P. A. Q., Mrs. 
Parker, Cortlandt. 
Parker, William E. 
Pennington, A. C M. 
Peshine, Mrs. Mary C 
Pine, Theo. 
Pinneo, James B. 
Porter, P. H. 
Powlis, Henry. 
Quinby, Jonas S. 
Ripley, David. 
Robinson, Miss M. I. 
Rogers, David L., m. d. 
Ross, George G. 



Ross, William L. 
Ross, Miss C. 
Rutherford, Miss L. M. 
Searing, John J. 
Sharp, William. 
Shugard, William. 
Silvey, James. 
Smith, Frederick H. 
Smith, Maria A. 
Spear, Charles H. 
Speer, Edwin. 
Spencer, George M. 
Stephens, John H. 
Stephens, Thomas H. 
Sturgis, Stephen G. 
Taylor, William W. 
Taylor, Mrs. Charlotte. 
Teese, C. 

Thruston, Mrs. Thos. L 
Thippe, Robert H. 
Van Antwerp, Edwin. 
Wallace, Joseph C. 
Ward, Jerome B. 
Ward, Marcus L. 
Ward, Matthias. 
Ward, Richmond. 
Weeks, George H. 
Weeks, John R. 
Whitehead, John. 
Whitehead, Mrs. Asa. 
Whitehead, Miss JaneA. 
Whitman, Daniel C. 
Wilson, D. M. 
Wright, Hon. William. 
Wright, Mrs. William. 
Wright, Miss Cath'e M. 

New Brunswick. 

Acken, John. 
Ackerman, Benjamin V. 
Applegate, Lewis. 
Arthur, John, Jr. 
Birch, Mrs. S. A. 
Bishop, David. 
Cook, S. C, Sec'ty. 
Cory, A. K. 
Curtis, T. B. 
Davidson, Robert, d. d. 
Deshler, C. D. 
Dunham, Nelson. 
English, D. C. 
English, William F. 
Evans, Thomas. 
Ford, John R. 
Ford, William M. 
Ford, Mrs. Elizabeth. 
Hardenbergh, John P. 
Hasbrouck, A. B., LL. D. 
Hutchings, I. H. 

Jackerman, Theo. 
Janeway, Dr. G. J. 
Janeway, Henry L. 
Letson, Johnson. 
Leupp, W. H. 
McClelland, Miss Mary 
Miller", John A. 
Miller, Peter V. 
Neilson, Abram S. 
Neilson, James. 
Neilson, Theodore G. 
Neilson, William H. 
Newell. A. D. 
Newell, John W. 
Onderdonk, Peter C. 
Runk, William T. 
Scott, Charles S. 
Stelle, B.D. 
Stout, John W., Sr. 
Stout, John W., Jr. 
Stryker, A. C 
Taylor, William H. 
Townsend, David. 
Vail, Edward S. 
Van Lieu, Mrs. Ann H. 
Van Nuise, James, Jr. 
VonRomondt, Charles R. 
Vroom, George A. 
Webb, Moses F. 

New Providence. 
Lockwood, Abraham. 

Ryerson, Dr. TnoMAs. 


Babbitt, William M. 
Bailey, J. C. 
Baldwin, Samuel W. 
Bennett, Frederick N. 
Bodwell, William. 
Day, Charles R. 
Everett, I. J. 
Halsted, Mrs. M. R. 
Halsted, Miss Emily G. 
Halsted, Miss Phebe A. 
Halsted, Master Wm. O 
Kilburn, D. J. 
Kingsley, P. 
Lighthipe, Charles A. 
Lighthipe, Lewis C. 
Lighthipe, Oscar. 
Munsell, H. H. 
Starr, William H. 
Ward, Richard A. 
Williams, Abraham. 
Williams, Miss M. 


White, E. T. 


Archdeacon, William. 
Beggs, William W. 
Bradley, Mrs. Mary C. 
Colt, C, Jr. 
Colt, R. L. 
Colt, R. L., Jr. 
Drew, John. 
Fayerweather, J. S. 
Gledhill, William. 
Inglis, C, Jr. 
Meldrum, J. B. 


Simmons, H. A. 
Smylie, James M. 
Taggart, James. 
Warren, T. 
Weller, Mrs. Eliz'th A. 

Perth Amboy. 
Nichols, J. A. 
Watson, Mrs. Cath'e. 


Boice, Cornelius. 
Williamson, Wm. P. 

Beam, Isaiah. 
Ryerson, Peter M. 



Alexander, Prop. Step. 
Blauton, W. C. 
Davies, T. I. 
Duffield, John T. 
Emerson, Edwin. 
Forsyth, Rev. John, d.d. 

Giger, G. M. 

Gulic, Alexander. 
Ingham, W. A. 
McLean, Rev. John, d.d. 
Musgrave, Rev.G.W., d.d. 
Patterson, A. B. 
Potter, James. 
Potter, Dr. Thos. F. (10) 
Smith, Louis P. 
Stockton, Richard. 
Thompson, George. (2) 
Thompson, John R. 

Bowne, Hugh H. 
Clark, Mrs. Ann, 



Clark, Mrs. Mary L. 
Decker, Matthe w. 
Edgar, George P. 
Edgar, Thomas. 
Gray, E. F. W. 
Hartshorne, Mrs. S. R. 
Jackson, John. 
Jackson, Mrs. Jane. 
Laing,P. C. 
Laing, Mrs. James B. , 
Lee, Miss Anna J. 
Marsh, Ralph. 
Ogden, F. J. 
Pearson, Mrs. E. C. 
Shotwell, Jacob R. 
Thorp, Albert G., Jr. 
Woodruff, Mrs. J. R. 

Carkhuff, John G. 
Frelinghuysen, Fred. J. 
L. S. W. 

Red Bank. 
Tyson, James A. 


Chandler, L. A. 

Kidney, Rev. John S. 

Corlies, Francis. 


Camman, Albert. 
Duyckinck, Richard B. 
Fretz, Lewis, 
goltra, eben b. 
Hartwell, S. S. 
Hopkins, Mrs. Amelia M. 
Lawton, Joseph C. 
Lindsley, Mrs. Isaac P. 
Loomis, Edward F. 
Miller, Saml. W. 
Mundy, Henry. 
Prevost, Miss Frances. 
Steele, William G. 
Squier, Jonathan. 
Van Der Veer, Dr. H. H. 
Vredenburgh, L. R. 
Vredenburgh, Mrs. L. R. 
Young, Nelson. 
Young & Phillips. 

South Brunswick. 
See, Isaac. 

Woodruff, Samuel. 


Snowhill, George H. 

Morris, R. R. 

Cogill, J. Harris. 
Davis, Miss M. A. 
Fisk, Jonathan. 
Higbee, Miss Ann. 
Lanning, Isaac W. 
Randolph, Joseph H. 
Sulger, Abraham. 
Vroom, P. D. 

Cornell, Isaac R. 
Cornell, John. 

Mattison, Capt., u.s.n. 



Bond, Samuel N. 
Davis, Jonathan. 


Doxtaler, William H. 


Mann, John M. 
Salisbury, Hiram. 
Strong, Alban. 
Whipple, Henry B. 
Whipple, John. 
Whipple, J. H. 

Smith, William R. 

Abell, D. H. 
Adams, Samuel W. 
Allen, Henry A. 
Allen, Mrs. M. L. <2) 

Armsby, Gideon Hawley. 
Armsby, Dr. James H. (4) 
Austin, Walter. 
Averill, Horace. 
Babcock, Mrs. H. H. 
Badgley, Joseph D. (2) 
Bagley, George A. 
Barbour, Charles. 
Barker, George R. 
Barker, Miss C E. 
Barker, Helen M. 
Barnard, Daniel D. 
Barnard, S. W. 
Barnes, William. 
Bartlett, B. L. 
Barton, Horace W. (2) 
Batchelder, Mrs. J. F. 
Beach, Nelson J. 
Beardsley, R. G. (2) 
Beck, Lewis C 
Beck, T. R. 
Beck, Miss Helen. 

Beebe, Thomas. (2) 
Benedict, E. A. 
Benedict, Henry M. 
Benedict, Lewis, Jr. 
Benjamin, G. W. 
Berry, Mrs. T. S. 
Blair, David S. 
Blaisdell, Dr. W. 
Blakeman, B. 
Blanchard, Anthony. 
Bleeker, Harmanus. 
Boardman, William. 


Bolton, J. 
Bostwick, I. W. 
Bowen, T. S. 
Boyd, David I. 
Boyd, John S. 
Boyd, Robert H. 
Bradford, Mrs. 
Bramhall, Mrs. C. H. 
Briare, Benjamin. 



Bridge, M. H. 

Brinckerhoff, Edward. 
Brinckerhoff, Mrs. A. S. 
Bronson, Oliver. 
Bronson, Miss Sarah L. 
Brown, A. Heyer. 
Brown, Mrs. T. A. 
Brown, Miss M. A. 
Buckley, I. VV. 
Buell, Jesse. 
Bullions, William G. 
Burr, Miss E. J. 
C. (2) 

Cady, Mrs. John W. 
Campbell, H. J. 
Campbell, Samuel B. 
Campbell, William H. 
Carmichael, C. B. 
Carson, Robert H. 
Carter, S. P. 
Chapin, Ogden N. 
Chapman, Mrs. Mary B. 
Charles, Mrs. Mary. 
Cheney, Albert, N. (2) 
Chestney, James A. 
Chipman, James H. 
Clapp, W. S. 
Clark, Frederick. 
Clark, G. B. 
Clark, Michael. 
Clark. N. G. 
Clarke, W. W. 
Clarke, Joseph W, 
Coates, Charles. 
Colborne, Mary. 
Collier, John A. 
Colt, Joseph S. 
Comstock, Mrs. John M. 
Conkling, John P. 
Cooper, Gen. J. Taylor. 
Cooper, William. 
Copeman, George W, 
Corbiere, W. A. 
Corey, D. P. 
Corning, Erastus. 
Corning, Erastus, Jr. 
Corning, Mrs. Erastus. 
Courtney, Robert. 
Craft, B. F. 
Crain, W. C. 
Crapo, John M. 
Crocker, Mrs. J. C. 
Crofts, Mrs. Mary. 
Crosby, Clarkson F. 
Crosby, J. G. 
Croswell, Edwin. (2) 
Crummey, John. 
Crummie, H. R. 
Danforth, Thomas P. 

Davidson, Gilbert C. 
Davidson, J. M. B. 
Davis, William. 
Davis, Mrs. D. 
Dean, Amos. 
De Lancey, E. F. 
De Witt, Rev. J. 
De Witt, W. H. 
De Witt, Mrs. W. H. 
Dey Ermand, W. G. 
Dodd, Edward. 
Douglas, George. 
Douw, J. D. P. 
Douw, Volkert P. 
Dox, Peter G. 
Duane, F. A. 
Dudley, James M. 
Duxlop, Mrs. A. A. 
Durrie, Mrs. D. S. 
Dwight, H. W. 
Eaton, D. G. 
Eddy, Samuel G. 
Edwards, Isaac. 
Edwards, James. 
Eldridge, O. H. 
Emmons, E., Jr. 
Emmons, Prof. 
Evans, G. Randall. 
Fairchild, Frederick S. 
Falconer, A. 
Fassett, Mrs. W. N. 
Finn, George R. 
Fondey, Mrs. William H. 
Ford, J. W. 
Forsyth, W. W. 
Forsyth, Mrs. W. W. 
Foster, Mrs. C. 
Foster, Mrs. Ezra. (2) 
Fowler, Gilbert C 
Freeman, Dr. S. H. (3) 
French, Abel. 
French, James M. (2) 
French, Mrs. James M. 
Fryer, Mrs. W. J. 
Fuller, Miss Lizzie. 
Fuller, Miss Sarah E. 
Furguson, H. (5) 
Gaffoy, Olive E. 
Gage, Henry. 
Gallup, Mrs. 
Gallup, Miss Priscilla. 
Garfield, Mrs. C. L. 
Garrett, R. 
Gay, George E. 
godard, c. w. 
Gott, John, Jr. 
Gould, James S. 
Gray, George F. 
Green, William. 

Gregory, Mrs. S. B. 
Gregory, Mrs. Wm. M. 
Griswold, C. 
Groesbeck, Mrs. S. 
Hall, Greene. 
Hall, James, 
Hallett, Mrs. Samuel R. 
Hamilton, D. B. 
Hamilton, Mrs. E. P. 
Hancock, John. 
Hand, Mrs. J. P. 
Harris, Hamilton. (2) 
Harris, Ira. 
Harrison, Mrs. A. L. 
Hartness, Mrs. John. 
Harvey, Francis. 
Haskell, Mrs. Henry C. 
Hastings, Mrs. H. J. 
Hathaway, Miss Eliz'h. 
Hawley, Henry Q. 
Hendee, R. S. 
Henry, James. 
Henry, Mrs. James. 
Herrick, E. R. 
Herrick, W. H. 
Hickox, H. H. 
Hill, Edward B. (2) 
Hill, Willard L. (2) 
Hills, Mrs. W. R. 
Hilton, Robert J. 
Hilton, Mrs. R. J. 
Hoffman, Mrs. H. R. 
Hopkins, J. G. 
Humphrey, David. 
Humphrey, Robert. 
Hunt, Lewis. 
Hunter, Miss Mary F. 
Hurst, William. 
Jackson, D. C. 
Jackson, John. 
Jagger, Ira. 
James, Edward. (2) 
James, John B. (5) 
James, Thomas D. 
Jenkins, S. P. 
Jenkins, Mrs. C. M. 
" John." 

Johnson, James I. 
Johnstone, J. A. 
Joice, R. L. 
Jones, Dr. E. D. 
Jones, George. 
Joslin, A. C. 
Judson, W. A. 
Kane, John I. 
Kane, Mrs. John I. 
Kennedy, James C. 
Kibbee, Austin S. 
Kidd, James.. ' 



Ktp, Leonard. 
Kip, William Henry. 
Kip, Master Lawrence 
Kirtland, Mrs. 
Kline, Mrs. George P. 
Knower, John. (2) 
Knower, Miss Jane. 
Knower, Miss S. 
« L.» (2) 
La Grange, G. 
Lansing, Charles B. 
Lansing, H. Q. 
Lansing, Mrs. H. S. 
Lansing, Mrs. M. D. 
Lansing, Miss Amanda. 
Lansingh, K. V. R. 
Latimer, Miss Jane. 
Lawton, George H. 
Lay, Robert S. 
Leake, I. S. 
Learned, W. L. 
Lee, Thomas E. 
Lewis, Thomas J. (2) 
Little, Daniel. 
Little, D. H. 
Little, Edwin C. 
Little, W. C. (2) 
Little, Mrs. W. C. 
Little, Miss E. L. 
Little, Lizzie. 
Lloyd, Mrs. L. J. 
Lovett,.Mrs. Joseph M. 
Low, Francis S. 
McClure, Mrs. A. 
McCullocii, Mrs. W. A. 
McElroy, Andrew. 
McElroy, William. 
McGregor, John. 
McHarg, Mrs. John. 
McIntire, Mrs. J. M. D. 
McMahon, Mrs. C. 
McMichael, R. 
Mallory, Edwin L. 
Malsan, H. M. 
" Marschalk." 
Marsh, Benjamin. 
Martin, Mrs. H. H. 
Marvin, Alexander. 
Mascord, George. 
Mather, J. H. 
Mead, Orlin. 
Meade, Henry W. 
Meads, Mrs. Orlando. 
Merrifield, George O. 
Merrifield, R. 
" M. F. C." 
Miller, William C. 
Miller, .Mrs. Wm. C. (2) 
"Minna." ! 

Mitchell, Mrs. J. L. 
Monell, Mrs. C. L. 
Monteath, Peter. 
Morgan, Christopher. 
Morse, Alpheds. 
Munsell, Mrs. Joel. 
Nelson, Alexander. 
Nelson, Mrs. Robert. 
Norton, Edward. (2) 
Norton, James A. 
Nott, Joel B. 
Noyes, Mrs. C. W. 
Olcott, John J. 
Olcott, Thomas W. (2) 
Olmsted, Charles A. (2) 
Ott, Siberia. 
Paddock, William S. 
Paine, Mrs. Henry D. 
Palmer, A. H. 
Palmer, L. M. (2) 
Parker, Amasa J. 
Parmelee, William. 
Payn, Benjamin. 
Pearson, Francis. 
Pearson, J. B. 
Pease, E. H. (2) 
Peck, Miss Lydia E. 
Peckham, Rufus W. 
Phelps, Oliver. 
Phelps, Philip. 
Phelps, William F. (2) 
Pitcher, M. S. 
Plumb, J. B. 
Plumb, Anna E. 
Plumb, Mary L. 
Pooley, Mrs. George. 
Prentice, James H. 
Prentice, Miss L. C. 
Pruyn, Augustus. 
Pruyn, Edward L. 
Pruyn, I. V. L. 
Pruyn, Robert C. 
Pruyn, Robert H. 
Pruyn, Robert H., Jr. 
Pruyn, Mrs. Robert H. 
Pumpelly, H. 
Radcliff, David V. N. 
Radcliff, Mrs. D. V. N. 
Ransom, Albion. 
Ransom, S. H. 
Rathbone, Joel. 
Rathbone, John F. 
Rathbone, Lewis. 
Rawles, Mrs. Henry. 
Read, M. H. 
Redfield, James. 
Relyea, T. 

Relyea, Miss Augusta. 
Relyea, MissL. 

Remond, Mrs. N. 

Rexford, B. F. 

Reynolds, Marcus T. 

Rice, B. F. 

Rice, D. W. C. (2) 

Rice, William A. 

Rider, Stephen J. 

Robinson, Albert D. 

Rogers, Mrs. Maria E. 

Root, Arthur H. 


Ruggles, F. H. 

Rutherford, Anna M. (2) 

Sanders, John B. 

Sanders, Mrs. J. B. 

Sanford, A. 

Sanford, Lieut. J. P. 

Sanford, Lyman. 

Savage, Edmund. 

Savage, Luther. 

Sayles, John. 

scattergood, h. v. 

Schoolcraft, J. L. (2) 

Schultz, John F. 

Scovill, Oliver. 

Sedam, Charles. 

Selkirk, Rev. Edward. 

Settle, Jacob M. (2) 

Shattuck, G. H. 

Sheldon, Alexander G. 

Shepard, George. 

Sherman, Watts. 

Sloan, Mrs. M. E. 

Smith, E. Willard. 

Smith, I. D. 

Smith, Rev. J. Hyatt. 
Smith, John M. 
Smith, Le Grand. 
Smith, S. Sidney. 
Smith, T. P. 
Smith, Mrs. James S. 
Smyth, Mrs. Charles T. 
JSoulden, Miss A. M. 
Spencer, John C 
Spencer, Mrs. John C. 
Spinner, Marion Y. 
Stafford, J. 
Stanton, George W., Jr. 
Steele, H. S. 
Steele, John F. 
Steele, Mrs. Roswell.(2) 
Sternburgh, Jacob. 
Sternburgh, Mrs. Jacob. 
Stevens, Samuel. 
Stevens, Mrs. Samuel. 
Stevenson, James. 
Stevenson, Mrs. James. 
Street, Mrs. A. B. 
Strong, T. J. 



Strong, Mrs. A.M. 
Strong, Mrs. W. N. 
Sweet, Stephen. 
Talcott, Mrs. S. V. 
Taylor, James. 
Taylor, Mrs. J. F. 
Temple, Robert E. 
Ten Eyck, Philip. 
Ten Eyck, Visscher. 
Ten Eyck, Mrs. V. 
Ten Eyck, Anna. 
Terry, O. G. 
Terry, Mrs. F. K. 
Thorp, John D. 
Throop, O. Bingham. 
Todd, C. A. (2) 
Towner, J. O. 
Townsend, Franklin. 
Townsend, Frederick. 
Townsend, John F. 
Townsend, Robert. 
Townsend, Theodore. 
Tremaine, John M. (2) 
Turner, Horace. 
Tweddle, -Miss Eliz'th. 
Twitchell, A. W. 
Tyce, J. Lewis. 
Tyler, John J. 
Van Antwerp, John H. 
Van Antwerp, Mrs. J. H. 
Van Bergen, Maria. 
Van Buren, Mrs. S. T. 
Van Cortlandt, Mrs. 
Vandenbergh, A. P. 
Vanderpoel, Isaac. 
Van Dyck, Mrs. H. H. 
Van Gaasbeek, A. B. 
Van Gaasbeek, Mrs. Jno. 
Van Ingen. James L. 
Van Rensselaer, Rich'd. 
Van Rensselaer, Gen. S. 
Van Santford, Alfred. 
Van Santvoord, A. (2) 
Van Sciiaack, E. 
Van Vechten, Mrs. T. 
Van Vorst, Mrs. H. C. 
Vebbard, Chauncey. 
Vernam, John R. 
Vernam, William. 
Viele, Augustus. 
Viele, M. E. 
Vosburg, Isaac W. 
"W." (2} 
Wait, Calvin. 
Wait, George. 
Wait, J. C. 
Wakeman, Z. B. 
Walsh, John S. 

Walton, William B. 
Washburne, E. 
Washburne, G. 
Washburne, J. 
Washburne, N. S. 
Washburne, Mrs. N. S. 
Wasson, C. C. 
Waterbury, R. P. 
Waterman, R. H. 
Watson, Chauncey. 
Weed, Thurlow. 
Weed, Mrs. William G. 
Wendell, B. R. (3) 
Wendell, Herman. (2) 
Wendell, Mrs. William. 
Wesley, E. B. (6) 
Wesley, Mrs. E. B. 
Westerlo, E. 
Wharton, W. A 
Wharton, Mrs. W. A. 
Whetton, William. 
Whitcomb, Mrs. J. C. 
White, George. 
White, William D. 
Whiting, Jonas. 
Wickes, Chauncey B. 
Wickes, E., Jr. 
Wickes, Mrs. Anna S. 
Wilkins, Samuel G. 
Williams, C P. 
Wilson, Mrs. L. G. 
Wing, D. L. 
Wing, Joel A. 
W^G, J. K. 
Winne, J. J. 
W. J. N. 
W. Mrs. J. N. 
Wood, Bradford R. 
Wood, Mrs. David. 
Wood, Mrs. E. 
Woodburn, Lewis. 
Woodman, Edward. 
Woollett, W. L. 
Young, William A. 
Young, Mrs. John. 

Paine, Miss Julia P. 


Gridley, Noah. 
Reed, Columbus. 
Webb, Henry A. 


Belding, Samuel, Jr. 
Campbell, Thomas A. 
Cavert, M. P. 

Duel, J. C. 
Groat, Jane. 
Heath, S. P. 
Milmine, John A. 
Potter, Thomas I. 
Sanford, Stephen. 
Stewart, James. 
Stewart, John. 
Sturtevant, J. W. 
Wells, Nathan P. 

CnuRCH, Walter S. 
Hull, Mrs. A. B. 


Pattison, John A. 

Arnold, B. C. 

Blackwell, Mrs. Wm. R. 
Gray, Dr. C. F. 
Townsend, William J. 
Trafford, C. R. 

Nichols, S. H, 

Bartlett, John S. 
Beardsley, Alonzo G. 
Bostwick, H. H. 
Burr, Nathan. 
Casey, Mrs. George. 
Chedell, J. H. 
Clary, John S. 
Darling, Thomas. 
Derby, James C 
Dill, JohnB. 
Fitch, Abuah. 
Fitch, Nelson. 
Graves, Hiram P. 
Hills, William. 
Holmes, E. G. 
Howe, Thomas Y., Jr. 
Hyde, Miss Chloe. 
Mixee, H. M. 
Nicholson, Charles. 
Oakes, Frederick, Jr. 
Pinckney, William H. 
Pollard, Thomas C. 
Pomeroy, Henry B. 
Senter & Sherwood. 
Shaw, Washington. 
Starin, J. A. 
Stearens, Joseph S. 
Suydam, Charles S. 



Underwood, George. 
Underwood, Mrs. Geo. 
Waszer, R. M. 
Wanzer, Mrs. Electa A. 
Ward, Joshua. 
Willard, Dr. Sylvanus. 
YVillard, Mrs. Dr. S. 
Willard, Miss Caroline. 
Willard, Miss G. 
Winfield, Rev. A. B. 
Wood, Charles P. 
Wynkoop, R. G. 

Barton, Samuel M. 
Bogart, Miss Anna L. 
Eagles, William D. 
Grinell, William R. 
howland, w. p. 
Leffingwell, Elisha. 
Morgan, Charles H. 
Morgan, Edwin B. 
Morgan, George P. 
Morgan, Henry. (2) 
Morgan, Mrs. Mary P. 
Morgan, Miss Kate. 
Thompson, Alexander. 
Underwood, George. 
Wallis, David P. 


Cooper, James B. 
Hone, Henry. 
Jayne, Charles. 
Placide, Henry. 
Seamen, Alanson. 

Benjamin, A. Jeannie. 

Sharp, Joseph S. 

Ballston Spa. 

Booth, Mrs. Lucretia. 
Cook, James M. 
Cook, Samuel H. 
Lee, E. W 
Lee, John E. 
Lee, John I. 
Leech, James O. 
Meeker, Abel. 
Odell, Miss Mary Jane. 
Palmer, Elias G. 
Scott, George G. 
Thompson, John W. 
Westcot, John H. 
Williams, Lamet. 

Carr, r. r. 


Tillotson, Charles. (2) 
Tillotson, Howard. 
Tyler, George C. (2) 

Ballard, O. 

Bolles, Rev. Jas. A., d.d. 
Castle, Reuben S. 
Follett, Frederick. 
Gansan, Corneal R. (2) 
Martindale, John H. 
Redfield, Heman J. 
Smith, Junius A. 
Smith, Lucius A. 

Ballard, Jefferson. 
Campbell, Mrs. Robert 
Cook, H. H. 
Davenport, Ira. 
Edwards, George. 
McCall, A. J. 
McMaster, D. 
Proctor, John C, Jr. 
Rumsey, Hon. D., Jr. 
Underbill, R. L. 

Hills, Henry H. 
Huested, Miss Caroline 
Kelly, Robert E. 
Mulford, Mrs. A. B. 
Oddie, W. M. 

Creighton, Rev. Dr. W. 
Creighton, Miss Cath.S 


Abbott, Lewis S. 
Adams, Julius W. 
Babcock, Bruce. 
Bartlett, J. L. 
Brayton, Thomas R. 
Brodt, J. T. 
Butler, Lewis A. 
" Calumet." 
Cary, Sol. F. 
Collier, James H. 
Congdon, John G. 
Cooke, B. F. 
Corbett, Robert H. 
Cotten, C. B. 
Dickinson, Hon. D. S. 

Dickinson, John R. 
Doubleday, W. Ammi. 
Drake, P. H. 
Eldredge, John. 
Eldridge, Christopher. 
Ely, Richard. 
Ford, Rodney A. 
Fountain Fire Co. 
Gonder, B. B. 
Gregory, George W. 
Hall, A. C. 
Hart, C. G. 

Hotchkiss, Mrs. G. W. 
Johnson, Thomas. 
Johnson & Co., Thomas. 


Lewis, Hazard. 
Lewis, Morgan S. (6) 
Lewis, Miss Jane E. 
Martin, A. N. 
Merrill, Alfred. 
Minier, Theodore S. , 
Morgan, J. P. 
Morgan, T. R. (4) 
Morris, Jacob. 
Olmsted, L. B. 
Perkins, John A. 
Pope, William P. 
Raynsford, Edward. 
Rexford, L. M. 
Robinson, Charles L. 
Robinson, E. D. 
Rogers, Charles. (2) 
Sickles, I. M. 
Smith, William S. 
Squires, James. 
Stow, Samuel, Jr. 
Stowns, U. M. 
Strong, Cyrus, Jr. (3) 
Swift, James M. 
Tompkins, F. W. 
Tompkins, Mrs. Mary E. 
Weed, James A. 
White, Jeremiah. 

Black Rock. 
Bird, William A. 



Peters, Rev. T. M. 
Williams, Dr. A. V. 


Munson, Edgar. 
Munson,Mrs. Harriet E. 

Brainard's Bridge. 
Kellogg, Edward. 



Rowley, C. J. 

Palmer, Miss Julia. 
Whitney, Eliphalet. 

Adams, Mrs. Ellen D. 
Adams, Miss Eleanor S. 
Alexander, Henry, Jr. 
Alford, Miss Helen. 
Allen, Gardiner S. 
Allen, William H. 
Allen, Mrs. Mary B. 
Anderson, David. 
Anthony, William R. 
Arnold, Daniel S. 
Ashfield, James. 
Atkinson, Mrs. C. A. 
Austin, Miss H. L. 
Avery, Charles A. 
Ayres, Dr. Daniel. 
Baber, Alfred. 
Backus, Mrs.Dorlisca K. 
Backus, Miss Harriet. 
Bacon, J. B. 
Bailey, Mrs. James. 
Bainbridge, Henry. 
Barbour, Mrs. William. 
Barkeloo, Mrs. L. 
Barlow, William K. 
Barnard, Mrs. Chas. T. 
Barnes, Henry W. 
Bartling, C. C. 
Bassett, I. H. 
Beach, Edward P. 
Beale, Dr. Joseph, u.s.n. 
Beale, Mrs. J. Cushing. 
Becar, N. J. 
Beebe, Mrs. Elizabeth. 
Bell, George. 
Bellingham, James. 
Bellingham, Dr. John. 
Benedict, R. D. 
Bennett, G. L. 
Berdell, R. H. 
Bergen, A. J. 
Bickford, A. G. 
Blagrove, Miss R. N. 
Blake, Hamlin. 
Blake, Mrs. Elizab'h. D. 
Blanke, George. 
Blauvelt, Erastus. 
Bleeker, George W. 
Bliss, Elisha, Jr. 
Bliss, Mrs. John. 
Blydenburgh, Benj. B. 

Boerum, B. 
Bogle, Mrs. M. W. 
Bokee, David A. 
Bond, Mrs. A. L. 
Booth, Barnabas H. 
Bowen, Mrs. Lucy M. 
Bragg, Alexis. 
Brett, Miss Cornelia G. 
Brett, Miss Phila. 
Brewer, Mrs. Harriet. 
Bridges, M. K. 
Brittan, Mrs. Mary A. 
Brooks, Frederick. 
Brooks, T. 
Brown, Elijah T. 
Brown, Mrs. Catharine. 
BRusn, J. B. 
Buckingham, John. 
Bulloch, N. W. J. 
Burdett, Mrs. D. H. 
Burnap, Mrs. J. S. 
Burnham, Lyman S. 
Burr, Frederick A. 
Burrell, F., Jr. 
Burt, Mrs. Charles. 
Burtis, O. D. 
Busn nell, E. L. 
Butler, Henry. 
Butler, James G. 
Byers, Gerard S. 
Carpenter, Jacob. 
Carrington, John W. 
Carter, Henry. 
Carter, Mrs. C. H. A 
Carter, Mrs. R. 
Carter, Ella Brooks. 
Cartwright, D. G. 
Catlin, N. W. Stuyves't. 
Chapin, Mrs. Luther. 
Chapman, Henry P. 
Chesterton, Joseph. 
Chichester, F. H. 
Chittenden, S. B. (2) 
Chittenden, Mrs. S. B. 
Churchill, William H. 
Churchill, Mrs. Mary F. 
Claflin, A. 
Clap, W. 
Clapp, John B. 
Clark, Joseph. 
Clark, Mrs. L. E. 
Clark, Mrs. R. B. 
Clarke, Henry L. 
Clarke, John F. 
Cleaveland, John. 
Clem, William N. (2) 
Clem, Mrs. William N. 
Cobb, Sanford, Jr. 
Cobb, William A. 

Cole, John "W 
Colton, Clinton. 
Congdon, Samuel. 
Conklin, Mrs. H. N. 
Connolly, Miss Ellen. 
Conover, George S. 
Cooke, Albert R. 
Copeland, Charles W. 
Copland, John M. 
Copland, Miss Jane A. 
Cornell, John H. 
Cornell, Peter C. 
Cornell, Juliet Ann. 
Cowing, James A. 
Crauford, I. P. 
Craven, A. W. 
Cread, Miss Anna M. 
Crittenden, Mrs. A. 
Crosby, Charles. 
Chossman, Mrs. Henry. 
Cushing, George W. B. 
Dana, W. P. 
Dana, Mrs. E. A. 
Dana, Miss Sarah. 
Daniel, R. 
Davies, Robert J. 
Davis, Miss Sarah W. 
Day, Thomas. 
Dayton, Miss Mary. 
Decoppett, L. 
De Graw, Aaron A. 
De Graw, James L. 

Dodge, Edward. 
Donaldson, James A. 
Donaldson, Mrs. R. A. 


Dow, Mrs. Horace H. 
Dunbar, William. 
Dunham, Edward W. 
Dunham, W. S. 
Durant, T. C. 


Duyckinck, Mrs. R. B. 
Dwight, Benjamin W. 
E. H. G., Mrs. 
Elliott, T. 

Elliott, Mrs. Sarah I. 
Ellison, F. B. 
Ely, Leicester K. 
Ely, Mrs. Hannah M. R. 
Emanuel, Mrs. M. 
Embury, Daniel. 
Evans, Francis B. 
Evans, Mrs. Henry G. 
Farley, Rev. F. A. 
Ferris, George. 
Field, J. Russell. 
Field, R. R. 



Fletcher, Horace R. 
Foot, Andrew. 
Foote, Mrs. E. Y. 

Forsyth, Mrs. Mary C. 
Fowle, Miss Paulina A. 
Fowler, John. 
Franklin, C. S. 
Fraser, J. L. 
Freeman, Mrs. S. L. 
Fbotkikgham, James H. 
Fulton, Miss Mary E. 
Gager, Isaac B. 
Gibbs, John. 
Gihon, Thomas. 
Gilbert, George S. 
Gilbert, Mrs. Joseph G. 
Giraud, Master Fred'k. 
Godfrey, Mrs. Mary. 
Graham, Augustus. 

Grant, Duncan A. 

Granville, Alex. A. 

Gray, Alonzo. 

Green, W. W. 

Green, Mrs. W. 

Greene, J. L. 

Greene, Randall H. 

Greene, S. M. 

Greenwood, James M. 

Greenwood, Miss L. 

Grimsteed, Thomas H. 

Guion, Rev. Thos. T. 

Hale, Thomas. 

Hall, Mrs. N. W. 

Halsey, Edward C. 

Halsey, John C. 

Halsted, John F. 

Harding, Miss Florence. 

Harley, James H. 

Harris, M. A. 

Harris, "William M. 

Harris, Miss Henrietta, 

Harrison, F. H. 

Hart, Mrs, Esther. 

Hastings, Warren. 

Hawkshurst, L. B. 

Hayes, Miss Elizabeth. 

Hazlet, James. 

IIeaton, Mrs. William C. 

Herriman, W. S. 

Hicks, Edwin. 

Hicks, John M. 

Hill, J. L. 

HlNMAN, R. B. 

Hinman, William. 
Holbrook, L. 
Hollister, E. II. 
Horton, B. Dewitt. 


Horton, T. K. 
Howard, Edward S. 
Howard, L. M. 
Howard, Mrs. R. L. 
Howe, B. W. 
Howe, Calvin F. 
Howe, Fisher. 
Howell, Samuel S. 
IIowland, Geo. S. 
Huestis, I. N. 
Hull, A. Cooke, m.d. 
Hull, Francis. 
Hull, William. 
Humphrey, Mrs. James. 
Hunt, William G. 
Hunt, Mrs. Freeman. 
Hunter, John W. 
Hunter, William, Jr. 
Hurd, Miss Hannah. 
Hurlbut, Edwin H. 
Hurlbut, Miss Mary M. 
Husson, Joseph. 
Hyde, Lucius, m.d. 
Hyde, Mrs. J. S. 
Ives, George R. 
Jackson, Charles. 
Jacobus, Mrs. Sarah II. 
James, N. E. 
Jewell, James R. 
Jewett, Charles H. 
Johnsox, D. V. M. 
Johnson, M. L. 
Johnson, Samuel E. 
Johnson, Teunis J. 
Jones, William, Jr. 
Jones, Mrs. L. L. 
Jones, Mrs. R. E. 
Journeay, H. P. 
Jutting, T. C. 
Karthaus, Miss F. 
Kellogg, John Q. 
Kellogg, S. W. 
Kellogg, Warren C. 
Kelly, Samuel R. 
Kent, William. 
Kidder, Stephen. 
Kimball, Ira A. 
Kimberly. Henry R. 
King, John B. 
King, Mrs. M. T. 
Kirk, Hiram. 
Knight, Robert. 
Knight, Mrs. Maria A. 
Knower, G. 

Knowlton, Mrs. Mary A 
Lambert, E. A. 
Lathrop, H., Jr. 
Law, William. 
Lawrence, John B. 

Learn, William R. 
Ledgerwood, Thomas. 
Leeds, Mrs. Maria E. 
Leland, Jenison A. 
Leonori, Mrs. R. G. L. 
Leslie, J. W. 
Lester, C. Edwards. 
Lewis, Anson. 
Lewis, Mrs. Caroline L. 
Litchfield, E. B. 
Litchfield, E. Darwin. 
Little, Charles II. 
Livingston, Chas. M. (3) 
Lord, Mrs. George P. 
Lovett, Olney. 
Low, A. A. 
Low, Josiah O. 
L. S. M. G. R. 


Lyman, Joseph E. 
Lynde, Charles R. 
Lynde, William P. 
Lynde, Mrs. Charles W. 
Mabee, Mrs. M. T. 
Mack, Lewis F. 
McAlpine, William J. 
McCorkle, Henry M. 
McDonnell, Mrs. Jame6. 
McKenzie, John D. 
McLaren, S. T. 
McLean, Mrs. C. 
McManus, Edward. 
Manley, John W. 
Manning, Mrs. R. H. 
Manning, Miss M. R. 
Marquand, Henry G. 
Marvin, C.R. 
Marvin, Dr. George. 
Marvin, Mrs. Mary E. 
«• Mary. ,; 

Mason, Nehemiah. 
Mason, Mrs. Nehemiah. 
Mason, Miss Mary A. 
Massury, John W. 
Mather, Mrs. Mary L. 
Maur, S. T. 
Meeker, David T. 
Meldrum. A. A. 
Mellen, W. H. 
Melville, D; 
Miller, Col. S. 
Miller, Samuel B. 
Miller, Mrs. Ann Maria. 
Miller, Mrs. C D. 
Minor, J. M. 
Moffat, Dr. R. C. 
Moon, John. 
Moore, Mrs. John W. 
Moore, Miss Mary. 



Morgan, George Hale. 
Morgan, Henry P. 
Morris, Mrs. Lewis S. 
Morse, I. O. 
Morse, Mrs. G. W. 
Mottram, Mrs. Matt'w 
Muller, Charles C. - 
Murray, Mrs. M C. 
Murphy, Henry C. 
Myers, M. A. 
Neukerck, Miss G. L. 
Newman, Lewis F. 
Newman, T. A. 
Newman, Mrs. Maria. 
Nexen, John A. 
Nickersox, Joshua, Jr. 
Niles, George W. 
Nitchie, John E. 
Osborn. Samuel I. 
Ostram, A. P. 
Otis, Charles. 
Otis, Mrs. A. W. 
Otis, Miss Cecelia M. 
Otterson, Dr. Andrew. 
Page, E. H. 
Page, Lucy Ann G. 
Paige, Jason, 
Palmer, Dr. Richard H. 
Pares, Francis. 
Parker, Lieut. John P. 
Parmelee, Charles H. 
Parmelee, Mrs, A. O. 
Parsons, Virginia W. 
Payne, J. 
Peck, Richard S. 
Peet, Frederick T. 
Penniman, Mrs. S. A. 
Perry, J. A. 
Perry, Mrs. George S. 
Pierce, John. 
Pierrepont, Henry E. 
Pierrepont, Miss M. M. 
Plass, Nicholas. 
Plass, Miss Sarah W. 
Pollitz, Otto W. 
Post, Daniel W. 
Powell, E. S. 
Powers, Robert A. 
Preston, Edward. 
Prince, Charles C. 
Putnam, Samuel W. 
Queen, Montgomery. 
Ransom, Barzilla. 
Rathbone, Mrs. Eliza. 
Redding, Thomas H. 
Reed, Issachar G. 
Reeve, Henry G. 
Reynolds, L. 
Reynolds, Morris. 

Rhodes, James C. 
Richards, P., Jr. 
Richards, T. P. 
Richards. Miss Eliz'h M. 
Robbins, Amos. 
Robbins, Eli. 
Robinson, James. 
Robinson, Jeremiah P. 
Robinson, Master J. P. 
Rogers, Theo. 
Rogers, Mrs. Harriett. 
Roome, Philip I. 
Roorbach, Miss M. S. 
Rossiter, Charles D. 
Roundey, John W. 
Rushmore, Thomas L. 
Sage, Miss Agnes M. 
St. Felix, I. R. 
Sanderson, Miss H. T. 
Sanford, Rollin. 
Sanford, Mrs. Rollin. 
Sanger, C. P. 
Savage, Mrs. William. 
Sewell, Henry F. 
Sheffield, Thomas T. 
Sheldon, Mrs. Eliz'h. 
Sheldon, Miss Jenny. 
Sherman, Byron. 
Sherwood, Mrs. Eliz'h. 
Silliman, Benjamin D. 
Simmons, Joseph. 
Slade, Mrs. John. 
Sloane, Samuel. 
Smith, Augustus. 
Smith, Edgar M. 
Smith, Gerrit. 
Smith, Henry W. 
Smith, R. Harmer. 
Smith, Thomas L. 
Smith, Mrs. Andrew A. 
Smith, Mrs. Electa P. B. 
Smith, Mrs. Esther R. 
Smith, Mrs. I. C. 
Smith, Miss C. P. 
Smith, Miss Sarah W. 
Sneden, Jotin. 
Sneden, S. W. 
Solomon, John F. 
Soutiiwick, N. 
Speck, William. 
Speir, John. 
Spence, Miss Mary E. 
Spencer, John M. 
Spooner, Rev. John A. 
Stagg, Ferdinand. 
Stanahan, J. S. T. 
Stanford, D. R. 
Stanton, Charles. 
Starr, Mrs. Sarah A. 

Stearns, J. K. 
Stearns, Thomas G. 
Stebbins, David M. 
Stedman, Charles J. 
Stewart, Samuel B. 
Stilwell, B. M. 
Storrs, Mrs. M. E. 
Story. Mrs. Sarah. 
Stout, Thomas. 
Such, G. 

Such, Mrs. Georgiana. 
Sutton, George T. 
Sweetser, J. A. 
Swift, Mrs. Samuel. 
Taggart, George W. 
Talmage, Mrs. Sarah J. 
Talman, Mrs. James T. 
Tappan, Mrs. John S. 
Tapscott, James T. 
Tapscott, Miss A. 
Taylor, D. A. 
Taylor, Rev. E. E. L. 
Thayer, Rev. T.B. 
Thomae, George F. 
Thompson, Miss Mary. 
Thorne, George A. 
Thorne, Dr. I. S. 
Thorne, R. V. 
Tilley, William L. 
Tombs, A. W. 
Tredway, Miss C. A. 
Trippe, A. M. 
Trowbridge, A. B. 
Truman, Daniel H. 
Trumbull, A. C 
Udall, C Virginia. 
Underbill, Clarkson. 
Underhill, G. 
Underhill, J. E. 
Upham, Joseph. 
Upjohn, Richard M. 
Vale, Edward. 
Van Anden, I. 
Van Antwerp, Lewis, J». 
Van Beuren, C 
Van Brunt, N. 
Vanderhoef, William I. 
Vandeveer, E. W. C. 
Van Nostrand, H. D. 
Vibbard, L.N. 
Vinton, Rev. Dr. F. 
Voorhies, H. Matthew. 
Walch, Louis. 
Walch, Thomas. 
Wallin, Samuel. 
Ward, Miss T. 
" Wardroom Mess," 

U. S. Ship North Caroliua. 

Wardwell, Benjamin F. 



Warford, William K. 
Waring, Nathaniel F. 
Warner, George E. 


Watson, A. A. 
Watson, James L. 
Weaver, James. 
Weaver, Mrs. James. 
Webb, E. R. 
Weeks, James H. 
Wells, Mrs. C. J. 
Wells, Miss Piiebe R. 
Wesson, Andrew. 
West, Miss Zenobia. 
Wheeler, Miss Mary E 
White, Edward D. 
White, George W. 
White, S., Jr. 
Whitman, Miss Frances. 
Whitney, Samuel. 
Whitney, Mrs. A. 
Whitney, Mrs. Abigail S. 
Whittelsey, Elisha. 
Wight, George W. 
Wightman, Mrs.Thomas 
Wilber, B. S. 

Wilgus, James H. 

Wilkins, N. D. 

Wilkinson, Byron. 

Williams, Charles F. 

Williams, J. Delamater. 

Williams, William H. 

Williams, Mrs. Mary E 

Wilson, Andrew. 

Wilson, Charles T. 

Wilson, Edwin. 

Wood, John Jay. 

Wood, Ransom E. 

Wood, Mrs. Mary S. 

Wood, Miss Lydia. 

Woodward, J. M. 

Wright, Joseph W. 

Wyckoff, Miss E. B. 

Wyckoff, Miss P. 

Wyckoff, Henry S. 

Yale, Edwin R. 

Andrews, F. W. 
Bell, James A. 
Belton, Col. F. S., u.s a. 
Belton, Mrs. Col. F. S. 


Kirby, Col. E., u.s.a. 
Kirby, Mrs. E. 
Knapp, T. L. 
Knapp, Mrs. T L. 
Lawton, Joseph R. 
Lawton, Mrs. J. R. 

Littlefield, Hamilton. 
Lord, William. 
Russell, Mrs. Dr. I. P. 
Smith, Ma j.Larkin, u.s.a 
Vinton, Maj. D. H., u.s.a 
Webster, Mrs.Li.CoI.L.B 

Alliger, J. B. 


Alberger, F. A. 
Adams, Thomas. 
Austin, Mrs. S. G. 
Ayres, Thomas A. 
Barnard, A. 
Bassett, Thomas. 
Beals, George, 
Bennett, Mrs. H. A. 
Bidwell, D. D. 
Blackwell, E. R. 
Bowen, Mrs. Dennis. 
Bristol, C C. 
Bristol, Henry. 
Bruce, E. K. 
Bryant, Warren. 
Bull, George W. 
Butler, James L. 
Callender, S. N. 
Child, P. A. 

Cole, George. 

Darrow, Edward S. 

Dart, Joseph, Junr. 

Dix, E. L. 

Dole, Thomas D. 

Dorsiieimer, Mrs. S. 

Dudley, S. 

Eaton, P. B. 

Eckley, William H. E. 

Evans, James C. 

Fargo, William G. 

Folger, Thomas P. 

Fox, Watson A. 

Frusman, E. L. 

Haddock, C. C. 

Haddock, L. K. 

Hallister, John J. 

Hamlin, Emmons.- 

Harrison, Jonas C. 

Hawley, Seth C. 

Hayes, Henry O. 

Hazard, Miss C. M. 

Hecox, William H. 

Hely, P. W. 

Heywood, R. H. 

Hill, Joseph F. 

Hollister, Robert. 

Hotchkiss, F. A. 

Hudson, Mrs. John T. 

Hutchinson, J. M. 
Janes, Mrs. T. M. 
Johnson, Hiram. 
Joy, Lewis B. 
Joy, Walter. 
Kinne, H. N. 
Lacy, John T. 
Lamb, E. G. 
Laturop, S. H. 
Lee, John R. 
Livingston, William A. 
McKnight, James. 
McKnight, T. W. 
Marble, Daniel. 
Marcy, D. G. 
Martin, Henry. 
Marvin, Mrs. George L. 
Merritt, James P. 
Miller, William F. 
Milliken, Mrs. C. A. 
Morse, Mrs. D. R. 
Newman, George L. 
Newman, James M., m.d. 
Noye, Mrs. John T. 
Park, Harrison. 
Patterson, G. W. 
Penfield, William. 
Plumb, E. L. 
Powers, John. 
Pratt, Samuel F. 
Radcliff, Jerry. 
Rochester, William B. 
Rockwell, Frederick S. 

Rumsey, Bronson' C. 

Saltar, Joseph. 

Sears, Mrs. Tuaddeus P. 

Shepard, Sidney. 

Siiepard, Mrs. John D. 

Sherwood, Mrs. H. 

Sibley, Oscar E. 

Smead, Charles. 

Smead, Mrs. Charles. 

Sprague, E. Carlton. 

Steele, O. G. 

Stephenson, Miss H. C. 

Stevens, F. P. 

Stevens, P. S. 

Stevenson, George P. 

Stillman, Horace. 

Stow, Horatio J. 

Teller, Mrs. Susan L. 

Thompson, Rev. M. L.R.P. 

Tomlinson, D. W. 

Tows, Mrs. F. H. 

Tracy, Albert H. 

Trowbridge, Capt. B. 

Wadiiams, M. 

Walbridge, L. R. 

Walbridge, W. D. 



Webster, George C. 
Weed, DeWitt C. 
Welch, Samuel M. 
Wilcox, Charles H. 
Wilkins, R. P. (3) 
Williams, Franklin. 
Williams, William. 
Williamson, Ely. 
Wilson, Mrs. G. R. 
Wing, Horace. 
Wood, Asa D. 

Curtis, Mrs. Lyman, 
Hodges, George F. 
Kirk, Rev. R. Richard. 
McCune, Mrs. William. 
Miner, Hiram J. 
Pattison, M. A. 
Smith, Rev. A. P. 
Storm, William B. 
Torbert, George. 
Trowbridge, Mrs. A. 

Curtis, David. 

Barrett, James S. 

White, Mrs. Sarah K. 


Anderson, James, Jr. 
Ballantine, William. 
Bemis, G. W. 
Bennett. William H. 
Blossom, Col. William. 
Carr, Edson. 
Chapin, Ralph. 
Chesebro', H. O. 
Clark, Lester M. 
Clark, Myron H. 
Clark, Noah T. 
Corson, Jacob. 
Daggett, Rev. Oliver E 
Drury, L. M. 
Garlinghouse, L. B. 
Gorham, Nathaniel. 
Granger, Gideon. 
Granger, I. A. 
Greig, Hon. John. 
Howell, Alexander H. 
Howell, T. M. 
Hubbell, H. P. 
Jeffrey, William. 
McKechnie, James. 

Mallory, S. V. R. 
Marshall, E. G. 
Menteith, T. L. S. 
Parrish, Stephen. 
Pierson, Charles. 
Pierson, E. 
Sanger, Henry K. 


Sibley, I. C. 
White, S. C. 
Willson, George. 
Willson, Jared. 


Wyvill, William M. 

Erwin, D. W. 
Kittle, George W. 
Mitchell, George A. 
Smith, Benjamin. 
Speaker, David. 
Wilcox, Lester. 
Winne, Peter R. 

Crouse, Daniel. 
Crouse, John. 
Mason, V. W. 
Roberts, De Witt C. 

Child, Oliver. 
Miner, Ebenezer. 

Cape Vincent. 
Buckley, John. 

Carman, Richard F. 
Stevens, John. 

Abell, Charles C 
Bachelors' Club. 
Bailey, Alexander H. 
Bailey, Edward. 
Bartow, Miss Harriet. 
Beach, Charles L. 
Beach, Zenas L. 
Breasted, Peter. 
Breasted, Mrs. Cath'ne. 
Cole, Mrs. Thomas. 
Cooke, John A. 
Cooke, Miss Maria. 
Donnelly, Mrs. I. N. 
Dorlon, Robert. 
Foote, Alfred. 
Green, Mrs. J. R. 
Haight, Samuel. 

Hill, Frederick. 
Hill, Henry B. 
Lusk, Gilbert. 
Mann, John T. 
Marcy, Mrs. R. B. 
Noble, Rev. Lewis L. 
Parker, James. 
Pinckney, Charles B. 
Porter, Mrs. David. 
Russell, Mrs. N. B. 
Salisbury, Mrs. Abra'm. 


Sayre, Francis. 
Seaman, Miss Ellen B. 
Smith, Silleck D. 
Spicer, Edgar M. 
Story, Adam T. 
Van Orden, Jacob. 
Van Orden, Philip V. 
Van Vechten, Peter. 
Watson, Malbone. 
Whittelsey, Peter. 
Willard, Charles S. 
Wilson, Francis N. 

Allen, George W. 
Biddlecom, Miss Ada. 
Burton, James. 
Clarke, S. D. 
Curtiss, Henry P. 
Dwinell, William H. 
Guiteau, K. N. 
Hill, M. C. 
Hobbie, John. 
Hough, W. J. 
Jackson, George. 
Mills, Crandall & Mas- 
Nichols, H. A. 
Paddock, H. G. 
Savage, Mrs. H. 
Ten Eyck, Henry. 
Ten Eyck, Miss Eliz'th. 
Wendell, B. R. 
Williams, John. 

Cliateaugay . 
Roberts, John, 4th. 

Chatham Four Corners. 
Van Alstyne,William L. 

Cherry Valley. 
Livingston, Jacob. 
Olcott, Mrs. Harriet M. 
Phelon, Joseph. 
Rose, Mrs. Maria. 
Roseboom, Henry. 



Chesnut Ridge. 
Tabor, Samuel T. 

Moffat, Daniel C. 

Ckouse, James. 
Downer, G. E. 
Harrington, Perez D. 

Kingsley, Lewis. 



Ludlow, Miss Frances. 

Merick, E. G. 
Merick, Miss G 
Merick, Miss Maria. 

Ludlow, E. H. 

Clifton Park. 

Garnsev, Pliny. 

Noxon, A. 

Noxon,' J. 

Owen, Mrs. Deborah. 

Owen, Mrs. Mary. 

Peele, J. T. 

Smith, Joseph. 

Bacon, Josiah. 
Dwight, T. W. 
Gridley, A. D. 
Gridley, A. G. 
Gridley, C. E. 
Hastings, I. C. 
Hastings,?. M. 
Mandeville, D. K. 
North, E. 
Parker, George. 
Upson, A. J. 
Warren, Joseph L. 
Williams, O. S. 


Chapman, F. 
Clark, S. 
De Zeng, C. S. 
Elliott, Charles E. 
Ely, William C. 
Ford, N. 

Frisbee, A. R. 
Griswold, Aaron. 
Jones, Edward. 
Ketchum, L. S. 
Mason, Daniel D. 
Miller, Isaac. 
Redfield, Luther, Jr. 
Reese, James R. 
Smith, Seth. 
Stokes, Capt. James H. 
Welling, Joseph. 
Wood, Henry W. 

Blaisdell, Mrs. F. 

Alden, Sidney. 
Carter, Dr. W. F. 
Childe, Robert B. 
Egberts, Egert. 
Frink, John W. 
Silliman, Horace B. 
Slocum, G. J. 
Soutuworth, G. T. 
Van Santvoord, John. 

Johnson, B. K. 

Cold Spring. 

fulnam County. 

Holdame, Mrs. Matilda. 
Johnston, Wm. M., m.d. 
Rumpf, Frederick. 
Tolmie, Colin. 
Young, John, m.d. 

Cold Spring. 

Queens County 

Conklin, Richard M. 

College Point. 
Bradish, George." 
Chisolm, William E. 

Stores, II. E. 

Constant ia. 
King, William H. 
Perkins, C. A. 

Coopers Plains. 
Balcom, Uri. 
Cooper, Dr. John. 

Averell, William H. 
Coffin, Edwin S. 

Comstock, William A. 
Cory, William E. 
Ernst, George W. 
Jarvis, George. 
Keese, Theo. 
McIIarg, Charles K. 
Smith, C. W. 
Stillman & Wood. 
Wight, Russell B. 

Cornelison Point. 
Cornelison, Mrs. R. 

Comstock, Daniel D. 
Comstock, Dwight. 
Converse, Charles. 
Kcllogg, Cyrus. 
Kellogg, Mrs. Cyrus, 
scoville, thaddeus s. 
Whiting, William B. 

Cornwall . 
Gillis, Mrs. Mary. 
Townsend, Isaiah. 

Shankland, Mrs. W. H. 

Cruger, Miss E. 

Cortland Village. 

Brown, H. S. 
Crandall, Hiram. 
Dickson, Andrew. 
Freer, J. D. P. 
Goodrich, H. P. 
Haight, Mrs. S. 
Hawks, D. 
Leach, James S. . 
Leal, Mrs. E. M. 
Randall, William P. 
Randall, William R. 
Randall, Mrs. W. 
Saxton, Daniel, 
schermerhorn, james a. 
Shipman, A. B. 

Webb, Edward D. 

Pratt, J. R. 

Adams, Charles H. 
Baker, Ambrose. 
Batterson, A. B. 



Bedell,. Jacob G. 
Bessack, William J. 
Botsford, A. W. 
Bronk, J. B. 
Bronk, Leonard. 
Cornwall, Augustus. 
Ely, John. 
Gay, Barnett. 
Gifford, Alfred. 
Heeemance, Miss E. C. 
Keith, George M. 
Leete, "William E. 
Lynde, J. H. 
Martin, William H. 
Mayo, William. 
Myer, P. W. 
Palmer, Alfred B. 
Person, Edward. 
Raymond, George. 
Reed, Roswell. 
Reed, Mrs. Roswell. 
Reed, Miss Cornelia. 
Silvester, Peter H. 
Van Bergen, AnthonyM. 
Van Dyck, Mrs. J. C. 
Van Slyke, Martin G. 
Wright, Justus A. 

Cox, David. 

Farrington, Harvey P. 
Frost, Cyrus. 
Southard, Thomas D. 

Croton Falls. 

Finch, George C. 
Lee, Thomas R. 
Owen, James. 

Croton Lake. 
Bostwick, Lawrence P. 

Croton Point. 
Underhill, Dr. R. T. 

Crown Point. 
Hammond, Mrs. J. C. 

Betts, William M. 

Barrett, Mrs. S. L. 
Bradner, Amariah H. ', 
Brayton, Wales. 
Britton, John W. 
Brockway, Carleton S. 
Brown, John W. 
Bryant, W. C 

Chafin, B. S. 
Davis, Martin L. 
Endress. Isaac L. 
Farley, H. H. 
Grant, Luther. 
Grant, T. B. 
Halsted, Mrs. Nancy. 
Hubbard, Salamon. 
Losey, Miss Harriet. 
Myers, Mrs. Theresa B. 
Palms, Edward S. 
Shepard, Charles. 
Sprague, Miss Alida F. 
Sweet, Sidney. 
Thompson, Alexander. 
Vanderlip, John A. 
Williams, John C. 
Wood, George G. 
Woodruff, Curran C. 

Skinner, Dolphus. 


Bowse, Norwood. 
Edgerton, Hon. G. H. 
Gould, Herman D. 
Gould, Sherwood D. 
Hathaway, Charles. 
Hughston, Jonas A. 
Merwin, John I. 
Paine, A. M. 
Pardee, D. H. 
Perry, Mrs. Charles E. 
Shaw, Giles M. 
Steele, Ebenezer. 
Titus, Richard. 
Wheeler, Truman H. 
Wright, Peter P. 

Wheeler, Addison J. 

DoWs Ferry. 
Paulding, F. W. 

De Forest, J. N. 
Mabbett, Jonathan. 

Adams, Platt. 
Marks, A. 
Tremaine, Lyman. 

Dutch Kills. 
Jackson, Mrs. J. L. 

East Avon. 

Chafpell, Norman. 

Curtis, Rev. W. B. 
St. John, Charles R. 
St. John, Miss Emma. 
Walsworth, Rev. E. B. 
Whitbeck, V. P. 
Young, Henry L. 

East Bloornfield. 

Bradley, William. 
Shepard, L. 


Hulett, A. I. 


Munroe, James. 

Barrett, Amos. 
Gould, William Ross. 
Hale, Robert S. 
Judd, William S. 
Pond, Byron, 


Heroy, Edward F. 



Arnot, Miss Marianna T. 
Ayres, S. 
Ely, Anson C 
Foote, Miss Margaret. 
Hall, Sylvester W. 
Hamlin, S. S. 
Hathaway, S. G., Jr. 
Hill, J. & H. 
Husted, J. H. 
Locke, S. E. 
Sampson, J. C. 
Shepard, Joseph. 
Skinner, E. L. 
Walker, Miss Harriet. 
Wentz, C. W. 
Wisner, Hon. W. H. 


Bowden, Rev. James I. 

Ross, James B. 
Ross, Susannah. 

Houtz, D. K. 

Factor yville. 
Barker, John. 



Shepard, Isaac, Jr. 
Whickham, W. H. 

Smith, W. L. 


Hasbrook, Z. V. 
Meter, Thomas. 
Sweet. E. D. 
Van Wyck, Miss C. 
Van Wyck, Miss Sarah. 

Fishkill Landing. 
Crosby, Epenetus. 
Denning, W. H. 
Dutchess Division, 

No. 280, S. of T. 
Fellowship Lodge, 

No. 341, i. o. o. f. 
Freeland, James. 
Rankin, James M. 
Rankin, Mrs. James M. 
Rankin, Miss Ann. 
Rankin, Miss C. A. 
Robertson, John A. 
Van Vleet, William H. 
Verplanck, William S. 
Wygant, Asa. 

Bergen, Teunis J. 
Hasbrook, Mrs. C. 
Johnson, David. 
Lott, Englebert. 
Lott, Mrs. Anna Maria. 
Robinson, William R. 
Schoonmaker, Rich'd I/. 
Vanderbilt, Hon. John. 
Vanderbilt, Mrs. John. 
Van Vleek, Richard D. 
Wiggins, Henry. 
Willcox, A. O. 

Kimball, Mrs. S.W. 

Dill, William. 
Sweet, Samuel S. 

Bates, John H. 
Bloodgood, Dr.Abraham 
Clement, Henry. 
Hamm, Isaac W. 
Jagger, William. 
Kneeland, Henry'. 
Macdonald, Dr. James. 

Mitchell, Edward E. 
Parsons, Miss Eliz'h F. 


Smart, W. 
Smart, Miss L. A. 
Vanderveer, A., M.D. 


Morris, Fordham. 
Morris, Francis. 

Fort Edward. 
Wing, Daniel W. 

Fort Hamilton. 

Bennett, Capt. J. S-, u.s.a 
Lowd, E. K., u.s.a. 
Seymour, T. 
White, Chandler. 

Fort Plain. 

Adams, Henry C. (3) 
A. H. A. 

Averell, Lewis. 
Babcock, Isaiah C. 
Becker, Barney. 
Bennett, William H. 
Clark, John A. 
Dale, William. 
Fox, Leander. 
Gilchrist, Andrew. 
Haslet, Peter. 
Johnson, J. B. 
Levinger, Simeon. 
Moyer, John H. 


Noxon, William C. 
Nukeuck, Charles C. 
Rivers, Charles. 
Rue, Stephen D. 
Stilwell, Elias. 
Walrath, Alfred. 
Washburn, J. T. 
Yost, George. 
Young, Daniel F. 


Bostwick, Homer. 
Waters, William. 

Burton, Seth. 
Evans, C. E. 
Fitch, C. P. 
Kenyon. G. P. 
Scott, A. C. 
Seume, F. 


Mears, William A. 
Peck, L. V. 
Peck, Antoinette. 
Starin, D. D. 


Angel, Benjamin F. 
Ayrault, Hon. Allen. 
Bond, William M., Jr. 
Buell, Mrs. Mortimer. 
Colt, Charles, Jr. 
Cone, Ephraim. 
Cone, Joseph. 
Cusiiing, William. (2) 
Finley, John P. 
Hall, Jacob B. 
Hammatt, Edward R. 
Hammatt, Mrs. Edw'd R. 
Kershner, Joseph. 
Lauderdale, Dr. W. E. 
Lord, Hon. Scott. 
Metcalf, Chauncey. 
Metcalf, Dr. Elias P. 
Shepard, David. 
Turner, Lyman. 
Vance, Charles R. 
Wadsworth, James S. 
Wadsworth, Miss E. 
Walker, Wallace R. 
Walker, William. 
Weller, Josepu. 

Barkley, H. & G. P. 
Beattie, I. 
Bennett, Mrs. I. L. 
Burrall, E. I. 
Burtis, Sylvanus. 
Chapin, Hebe. 
Cobleigh, A. M. 
Cone, H. B. 
Crane, D. O. 


Dakin, George. 
De Kat, Charles. 
De Lancey, Miss E. C. 
De Lancey, Miss M. 
Fargo, John. 
Field, Perez H. 
Foote, Samuel A. 
Foster, H. T. E. 
Franklin, H. L. (2) 
Godfrey, W. H. 
Holley, A. A. 
Horton, George. 
Irving, Theodore. 



Johnston, I. R. 
Kidder, N. B. 
Lawrence, R. H. 
Lay, Robert W. 
Lee, D.W. 
Lee, Mrs. I. 
Lewis, J. S. 
McComb, John, Jr. 
Miller, N. C. 
Mitchell, Paul. 
Prouty, I. S. 
Prouty, P., Junr. 
Sibsbee, C. E. 
Smith, John W. 
Spencer, Dr. T. R. 
Stoddard, Luther. 
Suydam, II. 
Tamblingso'n, N. 
Tillman, I. H. 
Van Auken, E. B. 
Verplanck, W. G. 
Williams, A. V. 
Williams, E. 
Wood, A. B. 

Glen Cove. 
Hegeman, Samuel J. 
Titus, Samuel. 

Glenn's Falls. 
Arms, Lewis L. 
Harris, Miss A. E. 
Hurley, Timothy. 
Wing, Halsey R. 
Wing, Mrs. Harriet N. 

Burton, E. L. 
Cheadell, A. 
Churchill, Allen C. 
Churchill, Henry. 

Amory, S. B. 
Moxell, Mrs. John D. 
Russell, W. T. 
Wisner, Mrs. A. T. & M. 

Governor's Island. 

Bloomfield, W. L., U.S.A. 
Doubleday, Abxer. 
Russell, J. P. 

Wilbor, John B. 

Lawrence, Chauncey M. 

Bishop, Mrs. Arch. 
Co wen, Solomon S. 
Graves, H. Newcomb. (2) 
Lee, George P. 
Lee, Mrs. Martin. 
Perry, Samuel W. (2) 
Young, George, Jr. 

Stryker, C. S. 

Great Neclc. 

Hewlett, Joseph L., Jr. 

Constant, Edward W. 
Constant, Mrs. J. A. 

Pratt, Mrs. Lucy Ann. 

Birdsall, M., Jr. 
Dederer, N. A. 
Juliand, Joseph. 
Juliand, Lewis. 
Juliand, Mrs. F. 
Juliand, Mrs. George. 
Nichols, S. S. 
Squires, Selah. 
Whittenhall, Miss S. J. 
Willard, A. 

Green Point. 
Navarro, David P. 

Green Port. 
Cook, John C. 
Griffin, Seth. (2) 

Bentley, A. N. 

Stone, Mrs. Henry R. 

Half moon. 
Smith, Mrs. L. E. 

"Adelphian Society," 

01' Madison University. 

"Aeonian Society/' 

Of Madison University. 

Crocker, Mrs. Sarah A. 
Dickerson, James S. 
Fay, James L. 
Griggs, S. C. 
Maginnis, John S. 

Manchester, William T. 
Ozgood, Edward N. 
Pierce, J. Ozgood. 

Morse, A. P. 


Siiattuck, Mrs. Mary J. 

Wright, Mrs. Mary Ann. 

Adams, Levi. 
Brady, John. 
Brady, Warren. 
Campbell, Moses W. 
Doren, John. 
Eells, Marcellus. 
Engine Company, No. 49. 
Fleury, James A. 
Fleury, Mrs. James A. 
Foster, Capt. R. W. 
Kenyon, John S. 
Ketchum, Edgar. 
McGown, Henry P. 
McGown, Mrs. Henry P. 
quackenbush, abraham. 
Seaman, Wright. 
Seaman, Miss Margaret. 
Tully, Andrew R. 
Warwick, Mrs. John. 
Wood, John. 
Wood, W. G., m.d. 
Wood, Christina. 
Wright, James H. 

Harris, George. 

Hart's Village. 
Comstock, Miss P. A. 

Prall, Horace. 

Griffin, Sidney L. 
Inman, Mrs. 

Clark, John. 

Monson, Hon. Levinus. 

Holland Patent. 
D'Angelis, William W. 
Thomas, John T. 




Barber, George J. J. (2) 
Barber, Watts. 
Barber, Miss Mary L. 
Bradford, George \V. 
Burr, Henry B. 
Carpender, Francis B. 
Chamberlain, GeorgeW. 
Dalrymple, William. 
Fessenden, Rev. Thos. K. 
Hicok, William T. 
Hoyt, Charles J. 
Lund, Olando. 
Sherman, William L. 
Thomas, E. F. 
Williams. F. J. 


AD6IT, M. 

Abell, Mrs. Julia L. 
Bame, James R. 
Baringer. Henry I. 
Bishop. P. W. 
Blanchard, F. A. 
Brockway, William E. 
Burger, P. S. 
Carrique, P. D. 
Chrysler, M. H. 
Clark, James. 
Clark, R. F. 
Clark, William H. 
Coffin, Peter G. 
Collier, Mrs. C. P. 
Crofts, R. T. S. 
Delamater, Mrs. I. E. 
Dimmick, T. 
Dubois, H. A. 
Dunspaugii, William H. 
Esselstyne, Robert. 
Etans, R. W. 
Fairchild, J. W. 
Farrell, James A. 
Fellows, Henrt. 
Gage, Hiram. 
Gifford, E. H. 
Gifford, F. A. 
Gossman, Rev. J. 
Gridley, L. N. 
Hannah, William I-I. 
Haviland, I. T. 
Hedges, D. 
Hoffman, P. 
Hogeboom, Henry. 
Holmes, A. R. 
Lapiiam, William. 
Livingston, George D. 

McArthur, Arthur. 
McArthur, A. H. 
McArthur, Charles. 
McClelland, Hugh. 


McKinstry, Major I. 
Mitchell, A. C. 
Mitchell, M. 
Moore, John E. 
Mosier, D. M. 
Murdock, C. 
Nash, C. B. 
Peake, William I. 
Pechtel, Martin. 
Peck. Benjamin. 
Perkins, J. T. 
Punderson, James M. 
Purcell & Peake, Misses 
Rathbone, F. H. 
Reed, Rufus. 
Rogers, Ichabod. 
Rossman, A. 
Rowley, Alexander S. 
Scott, A. B. 
Seymour, George E. 
Simpson, E. 
Simpson, I. T. 
Sprague, Silas. 
Steel, William R. 
Stott, C. H. 
Tobey, S. W. 


Van Deusen, J., Jr. 
Van Deusen, Peter. 
Van Renssalaer, J. 
Waldron, Charles P. 
White, Dr. G. H. 
Wilbor, Samuel. 
Wilkinson, George. 


Brewer, Miss Mary U. 
Hawley, George. 
Kelsey. George. 
Stout, Mrs. D. H. 
Sturges. Charles. 

Hyde Park. 
Allen, Mrs. Catharine. 
Cowman, Augustus T. 
Devoe, Charles C. 
Fuller, D. B. 
Mosher,L. T. 
Parker, John A. 
Parker, Thomas E. 
Stoutenburg, John A. 

Grinnell, AVilliam R. 


Bradhurst, Mrs. Samuel. 

Allen, Oliver E. 
Avery, Daniel E. 
Boardman, D. 
Burritt, Abel. 
Clark, Asa B. 
Cornell, Ezra. 
Corwin, Joseph C. 
Cushing, S. B. 
Douglas, W. B. 
Dowe, Harvey A. 
Drake, Miss Mary. 
Eldred, I. P. 
Ferris, B. G. 
Grant, C. L. 
Grant, Henry J. 
Grant, William G- 
Gregory, O. II. 
Halsey, Robert. 
Hibbard, II. F. 
Hopkins, William T. 
Johnson, Arthur A. 
Kellogg, Lovel. 
King, F. C. 
Leonard, W. H. 
Schuyler, George W. 
Stoddard, Edward. 
Thompson, T. C. 
Vanderwarken, B. 
Williams, N. T. 
Williams, Mrs. N. T. 
Wisner, Mrs. William. 

Blain, Miss Mary. 
Codwise, George N. 
Donnelly, Miss. 
Hogan, Mrs. Michael. 
Nostrand, Timothy. 
Robinson, Beverly, Jr. 
Wynns, Thomas. 
Wynns, Mrs. Charlotte. 
Wynns, Miss Charl'e A. 

Jamestown . 

Hall, Mrs. A. Augusta. 
Newland, R. 

Watkins, Mrs. 

Carll, A. G. 

Carll,Miss Cornelia A.J- 
Carll, Miss Kate Anna. 
Ellison, Jacob. 



Edward, Daniel. 
Holland, George M. 
Johnson, William H. 
Kibbee, Thompson P. 
Livingston, Daniel C. 
McLaren, John, Jr. 
Miller, T. W. 
Sammons, William T. 
Snyder, Henry R. 
Stewart, Daniel. 
Thompson, Abraham. 
Wells, Edward. 
Wells, James. 
Wells, John. 
Wells, Mrs. Edward. ' 
Yost, Peter T. 

Harding, Edwin. 
Keese, Oliver, Jr. 
Kingsland, J. D. 
Kingsland, W. W. 
Kingsland, Mrs. W. W. 
Macomber, J. N. 
Mattocks, John. 
Peabody, O. D. 
Richardson, T. A. 
Tomlinson, Thomas A. 

Bain, John. 
Laino, James B. 
Rathbone, William P. 
Silvester, Miss Marg't. 
Van Alen, Miss Helen. 
Van Allen, Mrs. A. A. 
Van Schaack, David. 
Van Schaack, Peter. 
Van Schaack, Miss C. 
Van Vleck, Peter H. 
Whiting, Charles. 
Wild, Alfred. 
Wild, John. 
Wild, Nathan. 
Wynkoop, Augustus. 

Bailey, Nathaniel P. 

Adams, Mrs. George. 
"A Lady." 
Baldwin, R. N. 
Bange, William B. 
Bevier, Dr. L. D. 
Brown, Solomon. 
Bruyn, A. H. 

Bruyn, Cornelius. 
Bruyn, Johannes. 
Bruyn, Severyn. 


Burhans, Jacob. 
Clay, C. S. 
Cocks, Isaac. 
Collyer, James T. 
Cooper, James M. 
Currey, John. 
Depuy, Rev. E. 
Fitch, Mrs. Ezra. 
Forsyth, J. C. 
Gough. John B. 
Halsey, Oliver.. 
Hasbrouck, James L. 
Hasbrouck, Jansen. 
Hasbrouck, J. H. 
Hasbrouck, Severyn. 
Ingraham, Duncan. 
Kerr, I. W. 
Langworthy, J. S. 
Macauly, R. F. 
McElroy, William H. 
Masten, William. 
More, W. C. 

MYER, J., M. D. 

Ostrander, Miss C._- 
Perkins, Orrin A. 
Reynolds, William. 
Romer, William F. 
Roosa, Hiram. 
Rushmore, H. 


Sciienck, M. L. 
Schoonmaker, M. 
Scott, Thomas. 
Shaw, Prosper P. 
Skeel, Dennis W. 
Smith, Joseph S. 
Southwick, George. 
Strong, Rev. T. C. 
Tappen, II. Jansen. 
Thompson, W. W. 
Vallett, B. F. 
Van Gaasbeek, C. H. 
Weeks, Whiting. 
Wells, Henry. 
Westbrook, C. R. 
Wilson, William. 

See, Mrs. Sarah M. 

Mills, B. H. 

La Grange. 
Vanderbilt, Ayres I. 

Bliss, Peletiah. 
Chipman, John B. 
Haskell, Stephen E. 
Hitchcock, Charles. 
Holme, John. 
Hull, A. D., m. d. 
Lansing, John V. 
Leonard, Fred'k B., m. d. 
Powers, Albert E. 
Smith, Sidney D. 
Storer, William D. 
Twing, Rev. Alva T. 
Walbridge, Mrs. H. T. 
Walsh, Alexander, Jr. 
Warren, Alpheus. 
Whipple, Jonathan E. 

Steere, Miss Abigail G. 

Ingersoll, Francis D. 
Ingersoll, Elizabeth C 
Matteson, Miss Sarah M. 


Jones, Charles. 

Le Roy. 

Bacon, D. R. 
Bacon, L. S. 
Sampson, R. L. 
Sampson, Lucretia. 
Sherman, I. W. 
Stanley, H. N. 
Stanton, Mrs. Emily E. 


Pipirs, S. B. 

Van Cleve, Mrs. I. 

Atwell, S. C. 
Peck, J. Franklin. 

French, S. H. 

Little Falls. 

Ashley, George. 
Bellinger, Peter F. 
Birch, Horace M. 
Bradley, Amos A. 
Chapin, Mrs. E. G. 
French, Joseph. 
Girvan, Charles A. 
Green, Powers L. 



Helmer, Joseph W. 
Johnson, Horatio N. 
Lake, Mrs. Delos. 
Priest, Miss Ardelia A. 
Reed, Philo. 
Story, Albert G. 
Taylor, William. 

Little Neck. 

Cutter, Bloodgood H. 

Pearce, Tiieophilus. 


Bacon, James C. 
Colton, Isaac C. 
Curtis, J. H. 
Evans, Charles. 
Harwood, B. W. 
Hoag, Chester. 
Hoag, Claudius L. 
Keep, William. 
Simmons, Edward. 
Trowbridge, Joseph L. 
Wisner, S. P. 


Wickoff, Joshua. 

Doig, John. 
Leonard, C P. 
Leonard, James L. 
Martin, V. R. 
Stephens, W. II. 

Bennett, G. L. 
Bradish, P. P. 
Budlong, John. 
Cromwell, F. E. 
Demmon, Charles. 
Foster, Samuel. 
Galusha, I. II. 
Halladay, George. 
Mooney, George. 
Parmer, Mrs. L. 
Polhamus, A. D. 
Remsen, A. 
Sisson, W. H. 
Smith, Mrs. J. C 
Taft, H. N. 
Wardell, R. C 

Hawkins, William P. 

Bogardus, Hobart. 


Kellogg, Nathan. 

Wiiittelsey, Charles C. 

Smith, Mrs. Silas G 

Kissam, Daniel T. 

Breath, James S. 
Tiemann, N. S. 

Randall, Miss Julia M. 
Richardson, C. C. 

Hovey, Charles. 
Moses, B. F. 
Sanford, Tiieo. (2) 

Duff, James C. 

Townsend, Isaac. 
Gwinn, William R. 

Law, S. D. 
Law, Mrs, J. A. 
Law, Mrs. S. A. 

Kenyon, Mrs. V. S. 

Hallock, Mrs. Sarah. 

Jenkins, Benjamin R. 

Borland, Charles, Jr. 
Bull, Miss Helen T. 
Conger, Andrew, 
Conger, John S. 
Decker, Frederick. 
Eager, George J. 
Luquer, Abraham. 

St. John, D. B. 

Morris, Governeur. 
Morris, Miss Anna. 

Chapman, R. B. 

Mott, Jordan L. 

Mount Hope. 
Downer, Edwin. 
Downer, Rev. Edwin. 

Mount Morris. 
Coy, Lorin. 
Levings, C. W. 
McLean, A. 
Murray, John R., Jr. 
Williams, G. N. 

Mount Orange. 
Thompson, A. P. 

Jackson, L. W. 
Middleton, Mrs. M. S. 
Williams, S. K. 

New Baltimore. 
Geer, Nathan D. 
Houghtaling, Mrs. C. 
Houghtaling, MissCath. 
Sherman, E. E. 
Sherman, JosEPn. 
Southwick, W. H. 

New Berlin. 
Knap, Tracy S. 
White, John T. 

New Brighton. 
Pendleton, W. S. 
Russell, W. W. 
Vreedenburgh, MissM.E. 
Ward, George R. 

Armstrong, Rev. Robt.G. 
Armstrong, R. Lewis. 
Armstrong, Mrs. Edw. 
Armstrong, Mrs. S. A. L. 
Armstrong, Miss L. M. 
Barcley, D. II. 
Belknap, A. A. 
Belknap, James. 
Betts, F. J. 
Beveridge, John. 
Bigler, James. 
Booth, Thomas H. 
Boyce, D. B. 
Brundage, Joseph A. 
Butterworth, Charles. 



Carpenter, Isaac R. 
Carter, Enoch. 
Carter, Miss C. 
Case, A. Ludlow. 
Chapman. Joseph II. H. 
Christie, Thomas JYI. 
Clark & Odell. 
Comstock, E. T. 
Cooper, Alfred. 
Corwin, Eli. 
Crawford, David. 
Crawford, Francis. 
Be Lancey, T.J. 
Doyle, Michael. 
Ellison, Thomas. 
Esterly, Dr. 
Falls, Hiram. 
Farrington, Daniel, Jr 
Felter, Mrs. Theron. 
Forsyth, Robert A. 
Fowler, Isaac S. 
Fowler, James W. 
Fullerton, William. 
Gardiner, Dr. I. M. 
Gardiner, L. W. 
Girard, Franklin. 
Gordon, John. 
Grant, Dr. C W. 
Gregory, L. B. 
Gridley, D. "VV. 
Haigiit, N. 
Hall, Dr. A. G. 
Halstead, Charles, Jr. 
Hasbrouck, Charles H. 
Hasbrouck, Eli. 
Hasbrouck, William C 
Hoyt, Nathaniel B. 
Hoyt, Stephen. 
Hull, Dr. A. G. 
Hunter, Joel D. 
Hunter, R. J. 
Jamison, I. B. 
Jansen, William L. 
Jennings, Lewis. 
Jessup, James L. 
Johnston, Charles. 
Kemp, R. D. 
Kerr, George W. 
Kimball, Thomas. 
Lawson, James T. 
Lockwood, Isaac D. 
Lowe, James. 
Mace, B. H. 
McCartney, Samuel. 
McCoun, Henry T. 
McCutcheon, Hugh. 
McCutcheon, William. 
McDowell, Mrs. David. 
McDowell, Miss Anna C 

Merritt, Hiram. 
Merritt, Sylvander. 
Montgomery, James, Jr. 
Moore, D. 

Ostrander, Simon A. 
Parmalee, John. 
Passmore, Philip A. 
Pitts, Elias. 
Post, Alfred. 
Powell, Thomas. 
Proudfit, Robert, Jr. 
Reeves, Charles. 
Ring, Thomas C. 
Robertson, William H. 
Roe, William J. 
Sanxey, John H. H. 
Saul, A. 
Saul, Mrs. A. 
Scott, Francis. 
Sherman, A. M. 
Smith, Charles. 
Southwick, R. A. 
Stansborougii, Lewis H- 
Van Steenbergh, J. E. (2) 
Walsh, J. De Witt. 
Wardrop, Robert. 
Warren, W. L. F. 
Weed, J. N. 
Whited, James J. 
Wiltsie, John R. 
Wood, Isaac, Jr. 

New Concord. 
Brown, Rev. Theo. S. 
New Hackensack. 
Marvin, Charles M. 

New Hamburgh. 
Boardman, Mrs. F. W. 

New Hartford. 

Eggleston, M. T. 
Foster, James S., Jr. 
Foster, S. M. 

New Paltz. 
Hasbrouck, Levi. 

New Paltz Landing. 

Elting, L. 
Waring, T. S. 

Benchley, L. B. 
Benchley, Mrs. H. K. 
Brown, Orin. 
Burlingame, H. G. (2) 
Johnson, Charles. 
Perry, Stuart. 

Perry, Mrs. Stuart. 
Philleo, Boneparte. 
Plantz, P. B. 
Smith, Mrs. Cephas. 
Swezey, William W. 
Thornton, Elisha. 
Wilcox, Daniel. 
Willard, George N. 
Wilson, Wilford L. 
Yale, Linus. 

New Rochelle. 
Bissell, Mrs. Catharine. 
Clonney, J. G. 
Coit, Charles. 
Eells, Mrs. Amanda. 
Guion, Miss E. 
James, Albert T. 
King, John S. 
Underhill, P. R. 

Bush, Richard. 
Gorsline, Peter. 
Moore, James. 

New Windsor. 
Clark, B. F. 
Miller, C. B. 

New York. 
Abbatt, William D. 
Abbatt, Mrs. Caroline A- 
Abbe, Mrs. G. W. 
Abberly, John. 
Abbott, John S. C. 
Abeel, Miss J. 
Abel, Charles A. 
Abell, J.^ 
Abernethy, Mrs. C. 
Ackerman, George B. 
Ackerman, James. 
Ackerman, Mrs. B. M. 
Adams, Henry. 
Adams, H. C. 
Adams, James L. 
Adams, Dr. John G. 
Adams, John K, 
Adams, John T. 
Adams, Joseph H. 
Adams, Lewis. 
Adams, Thatcher M. N. 
Adams, Thomas. 
Adams, Union. 
Adams, Sarah C. 
Addoms, Charles. 
Adee, George T. 
Adriance, J. B. 
Agnew, A. M. 



Agnew, John T. 

Aikman, Samuel M. 

Akerly, Samuel M. 

Akin, Isaac D. 

"A Lady." 

Albko, A. T. 

Albuktis, E. K. 

Alcock, Mrs. R. E. 

Alden, Capt. B. R., U.S.A. 

Alden, Henry W. 

Alden, Mrs. Paul. 

Aldrich, J. H. 

Aldrich, Lewis P. 

Aldrich, Wesley. 

Alexander, Henry M. 

Alexander, James A. 

Alexander, T. 

Alford, Mrs. Ann. 

Allandorph, Andrew. 

Allen, E. A., Jr. 

Allen, Gilbert. 

Allen, Henry, Jr. 

Allen, H. P. 

Allen, James. 
Allen, John K. 
Allen, Stephen. 
Allen, William M. 
Allen, William S. 
Allen, Mrs. Grace D. 
Allen, Mrs. Lucy W. 
Allen, Mrs. Lydia K. 
Allin, Robert C. 
Alsop, JosEPn W. 
Alston, Mrs. Sarah A. 
Alstyne, JonN. 
Alvord, A. A. 
Alvord, C. A. 
Ambler, Dr. J. G. 
Ambler, Mrs. M. G. 
Ameeman, John W. 
Amerman, Rev. O. V. 
Ames, William H. 
Amidon, John. 
Amman, William C. 
Amos, Mary E. 
Anderson, James B. 
Anderson, Henry J. 
Anderson, M., m.d. 
Anderson, William, Jn 
Anderson, W. C. 
Anderson, William J. 
Anderson, Mrs. Charles. 
Anderson, Mrs. John A, 
Andrews, Benjamin. 
Andrews, C. B. 
Andrews, George II. 
Andrews, James W. 
Andrews, John. 
Andrews, It. W. 

Andrews, Thomas. 
Andrews, Thomas M. 
Angell, Albert C. 
Angevine, John P. 
Angevine, Onderdonk. 
Anstice, Henry. 
Anthon, Charles. 
Anthony, Edward. 
Anthony, Jacob. 
Anthony, Nicholas K. 
Anthony, William. 
Anthony, Mrs. T. 
Anthony, Miss A. M. 
Appleby, Charles E. 
Applegate, Miss Marg 
Appleton, John A. 
Appleton, Sidney. 
Appleton, Miss Kate. 
Archer, Edward. 
Archer, Isaac H. 
Archer, O. H. P. 
Archer, William. 
Arcularius, Mrs. E. L. 
Arden, John B., m.d. 
Armour, James A. 
Armour, Mrs. Mary L. 
Arndt, J. King. 
Arnold, Benjamin G. 
Arnold, William, m.d. 
Arrowsmith, G. 
Arthur, Edward H. 
Ascoly, Henry. 
Ash, Joseph II. 
Ashfield, W. M. 
Ashton, George. 
Asten, T. L. 
Atiieeton, II. L. 
Atkinson, Samuel. 
Atwater, John G. 
Atwater, Miss. 
Atwood, Charles, Jr. 
Atwood, J. M. 
Auchincloss, Hugh, Jr. 
Auchincloss, John. 
Auchmuty, R. T. 
Aurdacii, Mrs. E. 
Austen, David. (!)) 
Austen, George W. (3) 
Austen, James. 
Austen, John II. (2) 
Austin, Charles E. 
Austin, F. B. 
Austin, William. 
Austin, Mrs. L. C 
Auten, James W. 
Averell, W. J. 
Averill. Augustine. 
Avery, Frederick. (2) 
Avery, F. G. 

Avery, John W. 

Avery, R. II. 

Avery, Robert J. 

Avis, Joseph W. 

Axtell, R. Ambrose. 

Aycrigg, Charles. 

Aymar, Benjamin. 

Aymar, Mrs. William. 

Aymar, Miss II. 

Ayres, Albert. 

Ayres, Eleazer. 

Ayres, George P. 

Ayres, Henry P. 

Ayres, Miss Mary. 

Babcock, Charles Boss. 

Babcock, Charles H. P. 

Babcock, D. M. 

Babcock, E. C 

Babcock, F. H. 

Babcock, Samuel D. 

Babcock, S. G. 

Babcock, W. F. 

Babcock, Mrs. P. P. 

Babcock, Mrs.WilliamR. 

Baciiman, J. H. 

Backus, Miss Anna. 

Bacon, Daniel P. 

BacoW, John E. 

Bacon, Miss Elizabeth. 

Badger, Jacob. 

BXdger, James W. 

Badger, Rev. Milton. 

Bagley, A. G. 

Bagley, Mrs. John S. 
Bailey, Charles D. 
Bailey, D. W. 
Bailey, Elbert. 
Bailey, Latimer. 
Bailey, Theo. A. 
Bailey, W. D. 
Bailey, Mrs. II. W. 
Bailey, Mrs. Julia A. 
Bailey, Mrs. M. E. 
Baker, Charles. 
Baker, D. Sumner. 
Baker, George A. 
Baker, G. A. 
Baker, H. M. 
Baker, Joseph. 
Baker, J. S. 
Baker, P. H. 
Baker, Stephen. 
Baker, Mrs. A. B. 
Baker, Mrs. Charles. 
Baker, Mrs. John. 
Baker, Mrs. L. A. 
Balchen, George. 
Baldwin, George B. 
Baldwin, G. C 



Baldwin, J. P. 
Baldwin, W. H. 
Baldwin, Mrs. M. G. 
Baldwin, Mrs. R. L. 
Ball, Miss Jane W. 
Ballard, Frank W. 
Ballard, Mrs. Rebecca. 
Ballou, Leonard S. 
Ballow, William B. 
Bame, Miss C. A. 
Bancroft, B. F. 
Bangs, Lemuel. 
Bangs, Nathan, Jr. 
Banham, William. 
Banker, J. 
Banks, David, Jr. 
Banks, Henry C. 
Banks, Henry W. 
Banta, William. 
Banvard, John. 
Banyer, Mrs. Maria. 
Barber, James. 
Barber, Robert. 
Barber, Samuel. 
Barguet, L. W. 
Barili, A. 
Barker, Charles. 
Barker, James, Jr. 
Barker, J. W. 
Barker, Mrs. Abigail. 
Barker, Mrs. Harriet. 
Barlow, Joel H. 
Barlow, John K. 
Barnard, William S. 
Barnes, Alfred S. 
Barnes, B. 
Barnes, James. 
Barnet, Mrs. Louisa. 
Barney, G. F. 
Barney Sc Hunting. 
Barnum, J. G. 
Barnum, Mrs. S. T. 
Barrell, George. 
Barrett, William C. 
Barritt, Charles G. 
Barritt, Charles L. 
Barron, Thomas. 
Barron, Thomas. 
Barrows, John R. 
Barry, B. F. 
Barry, G. R., u. s. n. 
Bartlett, Abner. 
Bartlett, Prof. D. E. 
Bartlett, Edwin. 
Bartlett, Elmer. 
Bartlett, G. 
Bartol, Samuel F. 
Bartow, Theodosius. 
Batcheller, W. A. 

Batcheller, Miss A. A. 
Bates, Martin, Jr. 
Bates, Stephen. 
Bates, Theophilus. 
Batterman, C. C. 
Bausch, John A. 
Bausher, Mrs. Eliz'th. 
Bawden, William T. 
Bayard, Miss Ruth H. 
Bayles, Gilbert C. 
Baylis, Henry. 
Beach, H. C. 
Beach, Henry N. 
Beach, James. 
Beach, John C. 
Beach, S. D. 
Beach, Theo. 
Beadel, Henry. 
Beadle, Mrs. Dr. 
Beadleston, E. 
Beals, H. 

Beames, Mrs. Clare W. 
Bean, Franklin J. 
Beardsley, L. B. 
Beardsley, S. F. 
Beaumont, E. B. 
Beck, F. J. 
Beckley, Samuel M. 
Bedell, C. A. 
Beebe, G. W. 
Beebe, Philo V. 
Beebe, Welcome R. 
Beebe, Mrs. Charles E. 
Beebe, Mrs. Marie L. 
Beekman, Samuel A. 
Beekman, William F. 
Beekman, Miss Cath'ne. 
Beer, C. 

Beers, William H. 
Belcher, E. R., m. d. 
Belknap, Augustus. 
Belknap, David P. 
Belknap, Edward. 
Belknap, James G. 
Belknap, Miss Ann E. 
Bell, George. 
Bell, John. 
Belloni, Robert. 
Bellows, Theo. 
Bellows, Mrs. Eliza N. 
Bement, Edward. 
Benedict, Abner. 
Benedict, Abner. 
Benedict, Charles L. 
Benedict, Erastus C. 
Benedict, J. M. 
Benedict, Jesse W. 
Benedict, Martin. 
Benedict, Mrs. E. C. 

Benjamin, Edward M. 
Benjamin, J. E. 
Benjamin, W., Jr. 
Benjamin, Miss Mary. 
Benkard, James. 
Benner, Robert. 
Bennett, Orlando. 
Bennett, William M. 
Bensel, James B. 
Bensel, William F. A. 
Benson, Charles S. 
Benson, John. 
Bent, B., Jr. 
Benton, John E. 
Benton, Y. E. 
Berdan, James. 
Bergen, Leffert T. 
Bernard, A. 
Berrian, C A. 
Berrian, Cornelius P. 
Berrian, John M. 
Berrian, T. B. C. 
Berrien, Richard P., Jr. 
Berrien, William E. 
Berrien, Mrs. Cath'ne M, 
Berry, M. 
Berry, Samuel I. 
Bertody, Miss Matilda. 
Betts, G. W. 
Betts, W. M. 
Beyea, Benjamin. 
Bicker, Master Henry. 
Bigelow, J. R. 
Bill, Edward. 
Billings, Amos. 
Billings, N. 
Bingham, Gideon. 
Bingham, James W. 
Biolley, F. A. 
Birbeck, George, Jr. 
Bird, Clinton G. 
Bird, Matthew. 
Bird, William J. 
Bird, Miss Susan. 
Birmingham, John. 
Bishop, James. 
Bishop, Joseph. 
Bissell, John. 
Black, William. 
Blackburne, O. P. 
Blackmer, J. 
Blackstone, George W. 
Blackwell, Mrs. J. M. 
Blaisdell, John H. 
Blake, E. W. 
Blake, George M. 
Blake, Marshall B. 
Blake, Dr. Thomas. 
Blake, Mrs. Delia O. 



Blake, Mrs. O. A. 
Blanchard, E. 
Blashfield, Mrs. Wm. H. 
Bleidorn, H. 
Buss, Elijah, Jr. 
Bliss, F. C. 
Bliss, Theo. E. 
Bliven, J. P., m. D. 
Blondel, Joseph T. 
Blood, Samuel. 
Bloodgood, J. Thomas. 
Bloodgood, Matthias. 
Bloodgood, Thomas T. 
Bloodgood, Mrs. S. P. 
Bloodgood,Miss Eugenia. 
Bloomfield, W. 
Blossom, H. E. 
Blossom,Miss Maria Ann 
Blue, Mrs. Robert. 
Blunt, George W. 
Blunt, Orison. 
Blunt, Mrs. George W. 
Bluxome, Isaac. 
Boardman, Mrs. John. 
Boddy, George. 

Bodine, John. 

<{ Bodkins." 

" Bogardus." 
Bogardus, S. 

Bogart, Peter L. 

Bogart, Stephen. 

Bogert, Albert, Jr. 

Bogert, Albert G. 

Bogert, Mrs. Emalinda. 

Boggs, Robert. 

Boggs, Samuel. 

Bogle, James. 

Bokee, A. W. 

Bokee, A. W. (2) 

Boker, John. 

Bolles, E. L. 

Bolton, C. 

Bolton, Dr. J. 

Bond, E.N. 

Bond, Mrs. E. M. 

Bond, Miss Annie W. 

Bonnel, Stephen. 

Bonnel, Mrs. Mart A. 

Bonnett, Daniel. 

Bonnett, Jacob. 

Bonnett, P. R. 

Bonnett, William H. 

Bonnett, William W. 

Bonnet, B. W. 

Booth, D. E. 

Booth, Miss Mart. 

Borden, William. 

Bostwick, H. M. 

Bostwick, O. N. 

Bouton, Edwin. 
Bowden, John VV. 
Bowen, Alfred S. 
Bowen, Henry J. 
Bowen, Miss Frances R. 
Bowers, Mrs. Henry, Jr. 
Bowman, Mrs. S. 
Bowne. Gilbert W. 
Bowne, Samuel. 
Bowron, Dr. John S. 
Boyce, Gerard S. 
Boyce, Gerardus. 
Boyce, Miss Sarah E. 
Boyd, James T. 
Boyd, John S. 
Boyd, Robert H. 
Boyd, Thomas I. 
Boyd, William L. 
Boyd, Mrs. William, 
boynton, j. h. 
Botnton, Mrs. Rat. 
Bradbury, E. G. 
Bradford, George P. 
Bradley, G. T. 
Bradley, J. N. 
Bradley, M. M. 
Bradshaw, George. 
Bradsuaw, John A. 
Brady, A. C. 
Brady, Cuauncet. 
Bradt, George. 
Bradt, James T. 
Bradt, Thomas. 
Brady, William V. 
Bragg, George F. 
Brainerd, Mrs. Geo. W. 
Braman, William H. 
Bramhall, G. W. 
Branch, T. W. 
Brand, William. 
Brandegee, Mrs. Jacob. 
Brandegee, Mrs. M. 
Breasted, John. 
Breck, Charles E. 
Breese, Samuel. 
Breese, S. L. 
Brennan, T. 
Brent, H. J. 
Brett, Augustus. (2) 
Brett, Mrs. Martin W. 
Brewer, John, Jr. 
Brewster, Henry. 
Brewster, Mason S. 
Bridge, Edward. 
Bridge, John. 
Bridge, Mrs. L. K. (2) 
Bridge, Miss Josephine 
Bridges, J. F. 
Bridgwood, T. H. 

Briggs, J. R. 
Brigham, D. 
Brigham, L. H. 
Brigham, William H. 
Brinckerhoff, James B. 
Brinckerhoff, James W. 
Brinckerhoff, M. V. B. 
Brinckerhoff, Walter. 
Brinckerhoff, W. R. 
Brinckerhoff, Cath'e. 
Brinckerhoff, Miss J. 
Brintnall, E. M. 
Brintnall, H. W. 
Britton, W. A. 
Brock, Jonathan. 
Brodie, Mrs. A. O. 
Brokaw, Joseph. 
Bronson, F. 
Brookes, Joshua. 
Brooks, D. H. 
Brooks, Edward S. 
Brooks, E. S. 
Brooks, Elisha. 
Brooks, George. 
Brooks, H. J. 
Brooks, Samuel. 
Brooks, Sidney. 
Brooks, S. R. 
Brooks, Mrs. Alfred. 
Brooks, Mrs. D. H. 
Brooks, Mrs. Elisha. 
Brooks, Mrs. Resteer. 
Brooks, Mrs. Horace. 
Brouner, Joseph P. 
Brower, Isaac V. 
Brower, Mrs. Anthony. 
Brown, Andrew. 
Brown, A. B. 
Brown, A. L. 
Brown, A. N. 
Brown, Arthur R. 
Brown, Bartholomew. 
Brown, C 
Brown, Charles. 
Brown, Char.les P. 
Brown, Charles W. 
Brown, Chauncey W. 
Brown, Ebenezer H. (2) 
Brown, Elias G. 
Brown, E. S. 
Brown, Francis G. 
Brown, Rev. Gardiner S. 
Brown, George J. 
Brown, George W. 
Brown, Henry J. 
Brown, H. S. 
Brown, Isaac H. 
Brown, James. 
Brown, John H. 



Brown, J. Mason. 
Brown, John T. 
Brown, John W. 
Brown, Joshua. 
Brown, Josiah T. 
Brown, Morris S. 
Brown, N. 
Brown, Nathan G. 
Brown, Nathan G. 
Brown, Orville C. 
Brown, Robert I. 
Brown, Robert I., Jr. 
Brown, Sanford C. 
Brown, Seelt. 
Brown, Stewart. 
Brown, T. S. 
Brown, William. 
Brown, William E. 
Brown, William H. 
Brown, William H. 
Brown, Mrs. A. 
Brown, Mrs. Emma M. 
Brown, Mrs. Robert I. 
Brown, Mrs. R. M. 
Brown, Mrs. S. G. 
Brown, Miss Mary D. 
Browne, George. 
Brownell, Thomas. 
Browning, William. 
Brownson, William M. 
Bruce, Adam T. 
Bruce, George. 
Bruce, James. 
Bruce, James W. 
Bruce, W. W. 
Bruce, Miss M. J. 
Bruen, John S. 
Bruen, William D. 
Brundage, Nicholas L. 
Brush, John B. 
Brush, J. E. 
Brush, J. T. 
Brush, Stephen. 
Brush, Sylvester. 
Bryan, Daniel, Jr. 
Bryan, Oliver. 
Bryans, James H. 
Bryant, William C. 
Bryce, Archibald. 
Bryson, Miss Sabella. 
Buchanan, R. M. 
Buck, C. D. 
Buck, W. J. 
Buck, Miss Cordelia. 
Buckingham, II. L. 
Buckley, John, Jr. 
Buckley, Thomas C. T. 
Buckley, Thomas T. 
Buckley, William F. 

Bucknor, Mrs. Emily A. 
Buckston, Vanderbilt L. 
Buffum, Mrs. Maria. 
Bulkeley, Lucius E. 
bulkley, a. 
Bulkley, Oliver. 
Bulkley, William F. 
Bull, John B. 
Bull, William G. 
Bullard, John, Jr. 
Buloid, Mrs. Eliz'h D. 
Bunker, John. 
Bunker, William E. 
Bunting, John A. 
Bunting, Capt. R. L. 
Bunting, Mrs. R. L. 
Burdett, Horace B. 
Burdett, Miss Hestiier. 
Burdick, Perrin. 
Burdsall, J. Richard. (3) 
Burgess, D. 
Burhans, Samuel, Jr. 
Burke, Patrick. 
Burke, Dr. William C. 
Burke, Mrs. Sarah. 
Burke, Miss Elizabeth, 
burkhalter, charles. 
Burlew, Richard. 
Burling, W. J. 
Burnet, B. W. 
Burnet, James R. 
Burnham, Gordon W. 
Burns, Thomas I., Jr. 
Burns, Mrs. Eliza Ann. 
Burr, Charles H. 
Burr, Edwin. 
Burr, J. A. 
Burras, Dr. T. H. 
burrell, ii. 
Burrell, John, 
burrell, malvin c. 
Burrell, S. 
Burrell, William. 
Burrill, J. E., Jr. 
Burritt, Miss Augusta. 
Burt. James M. 
Burtis, N. W. 
Busch, Julius. 
Bushee, John L. 
Bushnell. O. 
Bussing, A. 
Bussing, R. S. 
Busteed, Richard. 
Butler, Charles. 
Butler, Charles F. 
Butler, Cyrus. 
Butler, James R. 
Butler, William A. 
Butler, William Allen. 

Butler, Mrs. Mary S. 
Butman, Mrs. Asa. 
butterfield, a. b. 
Butterworth, H. H. 
butterworth, s. f. 
Buttles, Levi. 
buttre, j. c. 
Butts, Charles. 
Buzby, John. 
Byxbe, George E. 
Cady, Howard C. 
Cahoone, Rev. Wm., Jr. 
Caldwell, C. B. 
Calhoun, John C. 
Calhoun, William H. 
Calhoun, Mrs. Mary J. 
Cambreung, S. 
Cameron, A. M. 
Cammann, Dr. G. P. 
Cammann, Oswald. 
Cammann, Oswald J. 
Cammann, Miss Kate. 
Cammet, Mrs. Eliz'th G. 
Camp, Henry. 
Camp, Miss Frances S. 
Campbell, A. 
Campbell, A. Dwight. 
Campbell, A. E. 
Campbell, Archibald H. 
Campbell, Charles. 
Campbell, Charles B. 
Campbell, Donald. 
Campbell, John D. 
Campbell, Matthew. 
Campbell, Robert. 
Campbell, R. B. 
Campbell, Robert G. 
Campbell, W. Wallace. 
Campbell, Mrs. Eliz'h A. 
Campbell, Mrs. Freeman 
Campbell, Mrs. James C 
Campbell, Master H. J. 
Campfield, A. B. 
Candee, Lyman. 
Canfield, David W. 
Cannegie, George. 
Canning, J. C 
Cantine, George. 
Cantrel, Samuel. 
Capen, H. T. 
Capen, Thomas R. 
Capron, G. E. 
Carhart, G. B. 
* Carhart, Miss M. E. 
Carle, John, Jr. 
Carlin, John. 
Carlton, Henry, Jr. 
Carlton, Jacob F. 



Carman, William H. 
Carmkr, C. W. 
Carnes, N. G. 
Carolin, Miss Jane. 
Carpender, J. S. 
Carpenter, Benjamin F. 
Carpenter, Charles L. 
Carpenter, Dr. D. II. 
Carpenter, George. 
Carpenter, Miles B. 
Carpenter, Powell H. 
Carpenter, Robert. 
Carpenter, William S. 
Carpenter, W. W. 
Carpenter, Master E. P 
Carrington, R. R. 
Carrington, Z. E. 
Carrington, Mrs. E. M. 
Carroll, J..B. 
Carson, Sarah M. 
Carter, C H. A. 

Carter, James C. 
Carter, L. C. 
Carter, Rev. T. Jarvis. 
Cartwright, Alfred. 
Carville, Mrs. Charles 

Cary, William F. 

Case, Calvin. 

Casilear, J. W. 

Cassabeer, Henry A. 

Cassidy, Mrs. Letitia. 

Cassio, George D. 

Caswell, John. 

Caswell, Nathan. 

Caswell, S. T. 

Caswell, Mrs. N. 

Caswell, Miss Ada. 

Catlett. Mrs. Fairfax. 

Catlin, T. B. 

Catlin, Mrs. D. W. 

Catlin, Mrs. Pope. 

Catterfield, W. F. 

Cauldwell, William A. 


Cepwell, Albert B. 

Cuadwick, D. 

Chalmers, Thomas. 

Chalmers, Mrs. Thos. II 

Chamberlain, Charles. 

Cham berla in, Willi amL 

Chamberlain, Mrs. E. 

Chamberlain, Mrs. M. 

Chambers, James. 

Chambers, J. D. W. 

Chambers, John H. 

Chambers, P. D. W. 

Champion, B. F. 

Champlin. C. 

Champlin, I. W. 

Champlin, Thurston. 
Chandler, L. B. 
Chanler, Rev. John W. 
Chapin, Rev. E. H. 
Chapin, L. W. 
Chapin, Mrs. N. A. 
Chapman, James H. 
Chapman, James M. 
Chapman, John. 
Chapman, J. II. 
Chapman, L. 
Chapman, Robert. 
Chapman, Rev. Mrs. Wm.R 
Chardavoyne, Abra'm B. 
Chardavoyne, George M. 
Chardavoyne, Miss S. M. 
Charles, E. C. 
Charriaud, John. 
Charters, Thomas. 
Chase, William D. 
Chase, Mrs. H. A. 
Chatfield, Mrs. E.F. 
Chauncey, Henry. 
Cheesman, Miss A. L. 
Ciieever, Mrs.Eliz'th H 
Cheney, William. 
Cherrier, P. 
Chester, J. N. 
Chester, William H. 
Chichester, Mrs. J. II. 
Child, Calvin G. 
Childs. Caspar C. (2) 
Chilton, Dr. James R. 
Chilton, Washington. 
Chilton, Mrs. James R. 
Chipp, Charles J. 
Christie, Daniel P. 
Christie, E. P. 
Christie, John J. 
Christie, Peter D. 
Christmas, Mrs. 
Chrystie, O. W. 
Church, C. P. 
Church, Frederick E. 
Church, Mrs. L. I-I. 
Church, Mrs. Susanna. 
Churchill, J. E. 
Churchill, Timothy G 
Churchill, William E. 
Cilley, J. L, 
Cipreaut, Alfred J. 
Cisco, John J. 
Civill, Acton. 
Claflin, II. B. 
Clapp, Everett. 
Cl.vpp, J. F. 
Clapp, Otis W. 

Clapp, Mrs. Sarah Ann* 
Clapp, Mrs. S. R. 
Clark, Albe C. 
Clark, Alfred II. 
Clark, Benjamin. 
Clark, B. S. 
Clark, D. Parkhurst. 
Clark, Rev. D. W. 
Clark, Edward P. 
Clark, Edward V. 
Clark, George. 
Clark, George A. 
Clark, George A. (2) 
Clark, Henry E. 
Clark, Horace F. 
Clark, Hull. 
Clark, Isaac A. 
Clark, James. 
Clark, John Q. 
Clark, Moses P. 
Clark, Peter W. 
Clark, Robert. 
Clark, Spencer M. 
Clark, William. 
Clark, Mrs. J. A. 
Clark, Mrs. Maria J. 
Clark, Mrs. Maria L. 
Clarke, Samuel. 
Clarke, "William F. 
Clarke, Mrs. S. M. 
Clarke, Miss Alice. 
Clarke, Miss Eliz'h S. 
Clarke, Miss Isabel. 
Clarkson, David, Jr. 
Clarkson, F. 
Clasback, George. 
Clason, W. O. 
Classen, James M. 
Clay, E. P. 
Clay, George. 
Clayton, A. T. 
Clayton, Mrs. C. H. 
Clayton, Miss Rebecca. 
Cleaveland, H. W. 
Cleland, Miss Margaret. 
Clements, Mrs. J. W. G. 
Cleveland, Augustus. (3) 
Cleveland, Cyrus. 
Cleveland, Mrs. Kate. 
Clifford, J. Henry. 
Clift, Smith. 
Clinch, James. 
Clinton, Charles A. 
Clinton, Charles W. 
Clinton, Mrs. Annie E. 
Close, Charles H. 
Close, David. 
Close, William. 
Close, Mrs. Joseph B. 



Clough, Timothy. 
Coates, Mrs. S. A. 
Cobb, G. T. (*2J 
Cobb, John N. 
Cochran, John. 
Cock, Effingham. 
Cock, George E. 
Cockcroft, James, m.d. 
Cockcroft, William, m.d. 
Cockcroft, Miss C I-I. V. 
Cocks, William B. 


Coe, Charles A. 
Coe, Frederick A. (3) 
Coe, Mrs. Benjamin H. 
Coe, Mrs. Frederick A. 
Coffin, Andrew G. 
Coffin, A. M. 
Coffin, Cyrus I. 
Coffin, Edmund. 
Coffin, L. W. 
Coggesiiall, George D. 
Coggill, Charles I. 
Cogswell, Mrs. S. I. 
Cogswell, Mrs. W. L. (2) 
Cogswell, Miss Lois. 
Co it, Henry. 
Coit, Henry A. 
Coit, William. 
Cokelet, Edmund. 
Colden, David C. 
Cole, Francis B. 
Cole, George. 
Cole, S. E. 
Cole, Miss Sarah. 
Coleman, Edward W. 
Coleman, Frederick W. 
Coleman, Robert B. 
Coleman, R. W. 
Coleman, William. 
Coleman, Miss I. 
Coleman, Miss S. II. 
Coles, Lefferts G. 
Coles, Misses Clarissa & 

Coley, S. 
Colgate, J. B. 
Colgate, J. H. 
Colgate, Robert. 
Colgate, Samuel. 
Colgate, Mrs. George. 
Colgate, Mrs. Lourina. 
collamore, ebenezer. 


Collins, A. L. 
Collins, George. 
Collins, George C. 
Collins, Henry. 
Collins, Henry. 

Collins, Nason B. 
Collins, R. B. 
Collins, Master A. S. 
Collord, Isaac. 
Colman, W. A. 
Colon, George. 
Colton, G. Q. 
Colver, George. 
Colwell, E. K. 
Colyer, George. 
Comfort, Moses. 
Compton, R. T. 
comstock, e. 
Comstock, James. 
Comstock, S. R. 
Comstock, William S. 
Conant, C. B. 
Concklin, George F. 
Concklin, Richard W. 
Condit, S. H. 
Condon, John. 
Cone, Charles Henry. 
Conely, William S. 
Congdon, Charles. 
Congdon, George. 
Conger, Dr. John. (2) 
Conklin, F. A. 


Conklin, Richard W. 
Conklin, Mrs. N. T. 
Conkling, Alfred T. 
Conicling, E. R. 
Connah, Joseph. 
Conner, I. 
Conner, James. 
Conner, Jesse C 
Conness, J. 

Connolly, Charles M. 
Connor. Charles. 
Connor, John H. 
Conover, D. D. 
Conover, G. A. 
Conover, John T. 
Conover, Mrs. G. A. 
Constable. John L. 
Contrell, Joseph. 
Converse, M. L. 
Converse, Mrs. Mary. 
Cook. F. 
Cook, George. 
Cook, Wesley. 
Cook. Mrs. J. B. 
Cooley. H. F. 
Cooley. R. M. 
Coon, David T. 
Cooper, Benson S. 
Cooper, Edward. 
Cooper, F. C. 
Cooper, Dr. James S. 

Cooper, William B. 
Cooper, Mrs. M. 
Copland, James. 
Corbett, Otis G. 
Corbett, Sidney. 
Corlies, A. W. 
Corlies, Joseph D. 
Corlies, Joseph N. 
Cornell, Edward D. 
Cornell, John H. 
Cornell, John V. 
Cornell, S. 

Cornell, Samuel H. (2) 
Cornell, Samuel M. 
Cornell. Mrs. S. T. 
Cornell, Miss Sophia S. 
Corning, Alfred H. 
Cornwell, William K. 
Corrie, William. 
Corse, Israel. 
Corse, William L. 
Cortelyou, Peter C. 
Cortelyou, Mrs. Eliza. 
Corwin, E. B. 
Corwin, John H. 
Corwin, Oliver. 
Coster, C. R. 
Coster, Henry A. 
Coster, John H. 
Coster, Miss H. T. 
Cotiieal, D. 
Cotueal, William. 
Cotheal, Mrs. S. E. 
Cotte, Mrs. John B. 
Couch, William, 
couillard, capt. kennet. 
Coulter, Samuel. 
Coursen, Mrs. Caroline. 
Covell, Dr. Lemuel, Sr. 
Covell, Lemuel. 
Covert, Stephen H. 
Covert, Mrs. Isaac. 
Cowan, Archibald. 
Cowan, Thomas. 
Cowan, Thomas R. 
Cowan. W. M. 
Cowdrey, E. M. 
Cowell, Mrs. Laura A. 
Cowles, Edward E. 
Cowles, Henry B. 
Cowperthwaite, G. E. 
Cox, A. B. 
Cox, A. L., m.d. 
Cox, Rev. Richard. 
Cox, Richard. 
Cox, Miss M. 
Cozzens, Abraham M. 
Cozzens, Edwin Cary. 
Cozzens, Mrs.WilliamB. 



Craft, I. B. 
Cragin, Charles M. 
Craig, John L. 
Craighead, Robert. 
Cram, Jacob. 
Cramptox, J. R. 
Crake, Augustus. 
Crane, David 13. 
Crane, Henry M. 
Crane, Jacob B. 
Crane, William. 
Crane, Mrs. Theodore. 
Crane, Miss Caroline M. 
Crai-o, Mrs. W. 
Crawford, E. M. 
Crawford, W. L. 
Cream, Robert R. 
Crehan, Mrs. A. M. 
Crocker, Stephen. 
Crocker, William A. 
Croghan, St. George. 
Crolius, Clarkson. 
Cromwell, John L. 
Cromwell, Leonard T. 
Cronkhite, C. 
Cronkhite, J. P. 
Crook, John T. 
Cropper, Mrs. T. B. 
Cropsey, Jasper E. 
Crosby, John P. 
Crosby, Solomon L. 
Crosby, William B. 
Crosby, Mrs. J. A. 
Crossman, Alexander B 
Crowell, Gilbert M.D.L 
Crowell, J. Van Buren. 
Crowell, Joseph T. 
Crowell, Martin L. 
Crowell, Theodore. 
Crowell, Mrs. Eliza A. 
Crowen, Thomas J. 
Cruft, W. S. 
Cruikshank. George. 
Crum, John A. 
Crumbie, James. 
Crumbie, William D. 
"C. R. W." 
, Cuming, Thomas B. 
Cumming, Thomas W. 
Cummings, Luther G. 
Cummings, William A. 
Cummings, Mrs. 
Cummins, J. S. 
Cuniffe, Francis P. 
Cunningham, Joseph. 
Cunningham, J. B. (*2) 
Cunningham, Lewis. 
Cunningham, W. J. 
Currie, James. 

Currier, Mrs. Lura. 
Curtis, George. 
Curtis, George. 
Curtis, Joseph. 
Curtis, William E. 
Curtis, Mrs. Daniel II. 
Curtis, Mrs. John A. 
Curtis, Mrs. Lemuel. 
Curtis, Mrs. William V. 
Cuktiss, Cyrus. 
Cushing, William T. 
Cushman. A. R. 
Cushman, D. A. 
Cushman, E. H. 
Cushman, Mrs. J. H. H. 
cuthbertson, w. d. 
Cuthell, John. 
Cutter, Charles N. 
Cutting, Fulton. 
Cutting, "Walter L. 
D ! Aguiar,L. H. F. 
Dale, James G. 
Dale, Mrs. Thomas N. 
Dalrymple, A. 
Dalrymple, John. 
Daly, Charles P. 
Daly, K. B. 
Dana, Edward. 
Dana, Richard S. 
Dana, William F. 
Danforth, M. I. (2) 
Danforth, Mrs. Ann E.. 
Daniels, Byron G. 
Daniels, J. C. 
Daniels, N. G. 
Daniels, Thomas E. 
Dannat, William II. 
Darling, Samuel E. 
Darling, William A. 
Darling, William A. 
Dart, Russel. 
Dascey, John. 
Dash, John B. 
Dasiiwood, G. Ludlow. 
Davenport, T. 
Davenport, Mrs. S. C. 
Davett, James. 
Davidson, Charles. 
Davidson, John. 
Davies, Charles. 
Davies, J. M. 
Davies, Mrs. Rebecca T. 
Davies, Mrs. Thomas A. 
Davis, Charles Aug's. 
Davis, D. 
Davis, James. 
Davis, James S. 
Davis, James W. 
Davis, Joseph H. 

Davis, R. D. W. 

Davis, Thomas N. 

Davis, T. O. 

Davis, William J. (2) 

Davis, Mrs. Mary N. 

Davis, Mrs. S. G. 

Davison, Charles A. 

Davison, Erastus. 

Davison, John R. 

Davison, Oliver. 

Davison, Miss Mary. 

Dawson, Spencer II. C. 

Dawson, William C. 

Dawson, Mrs. Catharine 

Day, Albert. 

Day, Edward M. 

Day, John G. 

Day, Mrs. Mary. 

Dayton, William M. 

Dayton, Mrs. Sarah F. 

Dean, Alfred. 

Dean, J. A. 

Dean, J. T. 

Dean, Nicholas. 

Dean, Porteous F. 

Dean, Thomas. 

Dean, William R. 

Dean, Miss L. 

Deane, E. M. 

Deane, Lewis T. 

De Angelis. Gideon. 

Decatur, J. P., u. s. n 

Decatur, Stephen, u. s. n. 

Decker, A. 

Deeming, James H. 

Deen, William B. 

De Forest, Henry G. 

De Forest, W. W. 

De Fremery, I. 

De Frietas, George A. 

Degen, C. R. 

De Grauw, A. J. S. 

De Gray, J. 

De Grove, Mrs. H. S. 

De La Mater, John. 

De La Mater, S. 

De La Mater, S. 

De Lancey,Miss Eugenia 

Delano, Edward. 

Delano, Frederick A. 

Delano, I. W. 

Delano, Miss Caroline. 

Delapierre, Charles B. 

De La Montagnie, Jos. E. 

De La Montagnie, Rob't. 

De Launay, Victor. 

Delavan, Edward C. 

Delavan, Miss E. M. 

Delavan, Miss Hannah. 



Delavan, Miss Josephine 
De Lovenskiold, Mr. 
Delluc, Francis. 
Del Vecchio, James R. 
Demarest, Abraham. 
Demarest, David D. 
Demarest, Henry. 
Demarest, John. 
Demarest, Silas. 
Demilt, J. D. 
De Motte, Mrs. M. 
Denike, Mrs. Adeline. 
Denison, Abel. 
Denison, C. 
Desman, William P. 
Dennis, Nicholas. 
De Peyster, Frederick. 
De Peyster, James. 
De Peyster, Mrs. Fred'k. 
De Peyster, Miss J. 
De Ronge, Louis. 
Desarts, Theo. 
Dessoir, Julius. 
Devoe, Charles. 
Devoy, M. 
Dewey, James J. 
Dewey, Rev. Orville. 
Dewing, C. 
De Witt, Theo. 
Dexter, Elias. 
Dexter, Henry. 
Dexter, William. 
«D. F. P." Rev. 
Dibble, H. F. 
Dibble, John H. 
Dibble, Mrs. J. D. 
Dickerson, T. Stokes. 
Dickie, James. 
Dickie, Miss S. 
Dickie, Susan. 
Dickinson, C. H. L. 
Dickinson, George, Jr. 
Dickinson, H. 
Dickinson, J. J. 
Dickson, Dr. S. Henry. 
Dickson, Mrs. S. II. 
Dietz, Robert E. 
Dietz, Samuel. 
Dietz, William H. 
Dikeman, W. H. 
Dillon, John. 
Dillon, Robert. 
Dilly, Levi. 
Dinsmore, William H. 
Disbrow. William H. 
Ditciiett, G. W. 
Dix, Hon. John A. 
Dixon, C. P. 
Dixon, George, Jr. 

Dixon, Hiram W. 
Dixon, John D. 
Dixon, William B. 
Dixon, Mrs. J. A. 
Dixon, Mrs. H. Wesley. 
Doane, Mrs. Mary Ann. 
Dobson, Thomas. 
Dod, Daniel S. 
Dodge, Alexander F. 
Dodge, Alexander I. 
Dodge, Charles J. 
Dodge, Henry S. 
Dodge. James R. 
Dodge, J. Smith. Jr. 
Dodge, Robert I. 
Dodge, Samuel. 
Dodge, Samuel N. 
Dodge, Sewell V. 
Dodge, William. (2) 
Dodge, W. E. 
Dodge, William M. 
Dodge, Mrs. Mary R. 
Dodge, Mrs. Sarah. 
Dodge, Miss Eliz'tii L. 
Dole, N. 
Dolson, H. W. 
Dolson, William. 
Dominick, Francis. 
Dominick, Francis W. 
Dominick. J. W.. Jr. 
Donaldson, J. F. 
Donaldson, John J. 
Donelly, N. S. 
Donelly, T. 


Donnelly, Edward C. 
Dooley, W. A. 
Dorlon, Alfred. 
Dorr, Francis F. 
Dortic, James E. 
Dortic, John J. 
Doughty, S. H. 
Douglas, A.E. 
Douglas, Andrew E. 
Douglass, Alfred. 
Douglass, George E. 
Dow, Augustus F. 
Dowe, John I. 
Dowley, John. 
Downer, S. P. 
Downer, Samuel R. 
Downing, A. C. 
Downing, Thomas K. 
Downs, Henry. 
Downs, Robert C. 
Draper, Simeon. 
Draper, Simeon, Jr. 
Draper, S. B. 
Draper, Mrs. George G. 

Drew, George J. 
Driggs, Chester. 
Driggs, Edward. 
Drisler, Henry, Jr. 
Drummond, A. H. 
Drummond, Chauncey. 
Brummond, William. 
Du Bois, Abraham. 
Du Bois, M. V. D. 
Du Bois, W. A. 
Du Bois, Mrs. Cornelia. 
Ducker, John PI. 
Dudley, Charles P. 
Dudley, Mrs. J. G. 
Duer, John, Jr. 
Duffey, Miss Violet L. 
Duffie, Cornelius R. 
Duffy, H. E. 
Dufour, Thomas. 
Dugard, Seth W. 
Duke, William S. 
Duncan, John T. 
Dundoxnell, Mackenzie. 
Dunham, Aaron. 
Dunham, John. 
Dunham, John B. 
Dunham, Joseph E. 
DuNnAM, William V. 
Dunham, Miss E. M. 
Bunlap, T. 
Dunnel, Dr. II. G. 
Dunnel, J. H. 
Dunning, Charles E. 
Dunning, E. J. 
Dunning, William. 
Dunning, William H. 
Dunscomb, G. A. 
Dunscomb, William E. 
Dunton, W. R. 
Bu Pont, John H. 
Bu Puy, E. 
burand, a. b. 
Durbrow, Washington. 
Durkee, J. A. 


Duryea, Stephen C. 
Duryea, William E. 
Duryea, Mrs. Mary A. C. 
Dusenberry, Elias. 
Dusenberry, Step'n N. H. 
Dutcher, I. Wesley. 
Duyckinck, Evert A. 
Duyckinck, George L. 
Dwight, James A., Jr. 
Dwight, John. 
Dwight, Timothy C. 
Dwight, Mrs. Henry, Jr. 
Dyckman, W. H. 
Dyer, Charles C. 



Dyek, Thomas. 
Eagle, Capt. II., u.s.n. 
Eagle Hose Co., No. 1. 
Eakix, A. P. 
Earl, John O. 
Earle, J. J3. 
Earle, John H. 
Earle, John H. 
Earle, John I. 
Earle, Morris. 
Earle, Mrs. John E. 
Easton, Charles. 
Eaton, Major A.B., u.s.a. 
Eaton, B. F. 
Eaton, Charles. 
Ebbeke, O. G. 
Ebbets, Edward A. 
Ebbetts, Miss M. R. 
Ebbitt, William. 
« Eddy." 

Eddy, William M. 
Edes, Peter. 
Edey, Frere. 
Edey, Henry. 
Edgar, J. 
Edgar, James A. 
Edgerton, T. 
Edmonds, Francis W. 
Edmonds, John W. 
Edmonds, Thos., Jr. 
Edsall, James. 
Edson, Clement M. 
Edson, D. C. 
Edson, T. R. 
Edward & Charles. 
Edwards, Alfred. 
Edwards, George W. 
Edwards, J. 
Edwards, L. A. 
Edwards, Robert. 
Edwards, R. C. 
Egan, D. D. 
Egan, D. D., Jr. 
Egleston, Thomas. 
Eigenbrodt, William E. 
Eighth Company, 

National Guards. 


Eli zabeth,Sarah& Alice 
Ellard, Lawrence jYI. 
Elliot, George F. 
Elliott, C. L. 
Ellis, Charles R. 
Ellis, George. 
Ellis, Robert H. 
Ellis, Tiieo. W. 
Ellison, Robert R. 
Elmore, James II. 
Elphinstone, William H. 

Elsworth, C. B. 
Elsworth, Cyrus P. 
Elsworth, E. 
Elsworth, Henry. 
Elting, E. S. 
Elting, Robert M. 
Elting, Miss Cornelia A 
Elwell, George H. 
Elwell, James W. 
Elwell, Mrs. J. W. 
Ely, John C. 
Ely, Nathan C. 
Embree, Mrs. E. 
Embury, Abraham B. 
Embury, Augustus. 
Emily & Louisa. 
Emmet, Robert, Jr. 
Emmet, Thomas A. 
Emmet, Mrs. R., Jr. 
Engle, Samuel S. 
English, George B. 
English, Mrs. George B 
Engs, Philip W. 
Ennis, John J. 
Ennis, Thomas. 
Erhardt, John. 
Esenwein, Frederick. 
Esler, Edward. 
Esler, Henry. 
Esterly, Martin. 
Esty, Francis A. 
Evarts, William C. (3) 
Everdell, William. 
Everdell, Mrs. W. 
Everson, George. 
Everson, G. F. 
Everts, Mrs. S. P. (2) 
Evesson, Henry. 
Evesson, Henry E. 
Ewen, John. 
Ewen, Mrs. John. 
» E. W. L." 

Excelsior Eng. Co., No. 2, 
Eyres, John R. 
Faile, Edward. ' 
Faile, Thomas H. 
Faile, Thomas H., Jr. 
Failing, Josiah. 
Fairbank, Miss Jane E. 
Fairbank, Charles. 
Fairbank, James P. C. 
Falconer, John G. 
Falconer, John M. 
Falconer, Mrs. John. 
Fancher, E. L. 
FancHer, Smith. 
Fanning, J. H. 
Fanning, Sidney. 
« Fanny." 

Farless, Mrs. H. 
Farmer, George Edgar 
Farnham, George W. 
Farrar, Jarvis G. 
Farrell, Fancy M. C. 
Fash, Robert. 
Faulkner, Edward H. 
Faulkner, Mrs. Sarah 
Fawcett, Frederick. 
Faxon, N. S. 
Faxon, William. 
Fay, F. H. 

Fearing. Charles N. 
Fearing, Mrs. William S. 
Feddeman, P. H. 
Fehrman, Mrs. D. 
Fell, Miss Alice. 
Fellows, Edward B. 
Fellows, George A. 
Felter, Henry D. 
Felter, John. 
Ferdon, Samuel B. 
Ferguson, D. M. 
Ferguson, Dr. J. 
Ferguson, John. 
Ferguson, J. G. 
Ferguson, John S. 
Ferguson, Mrs. H. L. 
Ferris, O. L. 
Ferris, S. A. 
Few, Mrs. C. 
Field, Benjamin H. 
Field, C. M. 
Field, Cyrus W. 
Field, Julius. 
Field, Mrs. Cyrus W. 
Field, Mrs. B. D. 
Field, Miss Elizabeth T, 
Fielding, Miss Mary E. 
Fields, D. 
Fields, Thomas C. 
Finch, Mrs. Mary. 
Fish, Hamilton. 
Fish, Seth. (2) 
Fish, Silas. 
Fish, Mrs. Elizabeth. 
Fisher, Charles. 
Fisher, I. F. 
Fisher, John. 
Fisher, John T. 
Fisher, Mrs. Anna L. 
Fisk, Mrs. M. P. 
Fisk, Miss M. Isabel. 
Fiske, John A. 
Fitts, Friend P. 
Fitzpatrick, Arthur M. 
Fitz Randolph, J. L. 
Flanders, Benjamin 



Fleet, Oliver S. 
Fleetwood, Stanley H. 
Fleming, Daniel F. 
Fleming, S. R. 
Fleming, Miss E. 
Fletcher, Oscar R. 
Fletcher, Miss J. 
Flinn, Henry K. W. 
Flower, Capt. A. 
Foley, John E. 
Folsom, George. 
Folsom, Miss Clara E. 
Folts, J. J. (2) 
Fonda, H. P. 
Fonda, Ira B. 
Fonerden, Mrs. Eliza M 
Forbes, J. H. 
Forbes, William. 
Forbes, Miss Addie. 
Ford, Isaac. 
Ford, William J. 
Forman, L. G. 
Forrest, Edwin. 
Forrest, William. 
Forrest, Mrs. Edwin. 
" fortunatus." 
Fosdick, W. R. 
Foster, Andrew, Jr. 
Foster, Charles W. 
Foster, C. W. 
Foster, Frederick G. 
Foster, Henry L. 
Foster, James. 
Foster, J. P. Giraud. 
Foster, V. W. 
Foster, William, Jr. 
Foster, Mrs. S. H. 
Foulke, Joseph, Jr. 
Foulke, P. Louis. 
Foulke, William. 
Fowks, Horatio. 
Fowler, David A. 
Fowler, Henry. 
Fowler, H. P. 
Fowler, J. V. 
Fowler, M. V. B. 
Fowler, R. F. 
Fowler, Mrs. John W. 
France, James. 
Francis, Charles S. 
Francis, Lewis. 
Frank, James O. 
Franklin, George H. 
Franklin, R. L. 
Franklin, Miss Mary C. 
Fraser, Edward A. 
Fraser, J. F. 
Fraser, Mrs. Thomas. 
Frazee, Capt. W. H. 

Frazer, Robert. 
Frazer, William. 
Frear, Alexander. 
Freeland, James. 
Freeland, J. R. 
Freeman, Alfred. 
Freeman, Caleb C 
Freeman, C. P. 
Freeman, H. O. 
Freeman, J. G. 
Freeman, Capt. Leander 
Freeman, Lorraine. 
Freeman, M. M. 
Freeman, P. 

Freeman, Maj.W. G., u.s.a 
Fremyre, Horace S. 
French, Richard. 
Frink, S. E. 
Froment, Andre. 
Frost, Samuel. 
Frost, S. 
Frost, W. J. 
Frost, Miss S. A. 
Frye, Daniel M. 
Fryer, Isaac. 
Fuller, M. O. 
Fuller, W. H. 
Fui.lerton, Miss S. M. 
Funke, H. 
Furdush, S. B. 
Furman, G., Jr. 
Furnald, F. P. 
Furniss, William. 
Furniss, W. P. 
Gage,H. Nelson. 
Galager, Henry. 
Gale, John B. 
Gale, Thomas W. 
Gallaudet, Thomas. 
Gallaudet, Mrs. E. B. 
Gallaway, Daniel A. 
Gamage. II. T. 
Gambrill, Dr. A. G., u.s.n 
Ganley, James A. 
Gans, M. 

Gardiner, William. 
Gardner, Henry. 
Garnsey, Albert. 
Gasherie, George W. 
Gaspar, E. 
Gassner, Peter. 
Gassner, Mrs. Mary P. 
Gassner, Miss Eliz : tii C. 
Gatchel, Augustus S. 
Gauley, James A. 
Gavitt, Amos T. 
Gawtry, H. 
Gay, Henry B. 
Gay, Robert P. 

Gaylord, T. S. 
Gaylord, W. M. 
Gebhard,FrederickC (5) 
Gebhard, William H. (2) 
Gebhard, Miss M. L. 
Geer, Mrs. D. W. 
Gelston, I. M. 
Gemmel, James, Jr. 
Genin, John N. 
Genin, Sidney C. 
Gerard, Mrs. William. 
Getty, R. P. 
Gibbs, E. Fairlie. 
Gibbs, Dr. James T. 
Gibbs, J. Thorburn. 
Gibbs, Mrs. Laura W. 
Gibney, Michael. 
Gibney. Mrs. Frances. 
Gibney, Master Francis. 
Gibson, E. T. H. (2) 
Giffen, A. 
Giffing, John C. 
Gifford, J. H. 
Gifford, S. R. 
Gignoux, Regis. 
Gihon, John. 
Gilbert, Albert. 
Gilbert, Charles C. 
Gilbert, Colgate. 
Gilbert, W. W. 
Gilbert, Mrs. J. J. 
Gilford, J. T. 
Gilford, T. B. 
Gillard, I. 
Gilley, F. W. 
Gilley, William F. 
Gillies, David G. 
Gillies, J. W. 
Gillies, W. 

Gillies, Mrs. Sarah R. 
Gilligan, E. H. 
Gillilan, E. H. 
Gillilen, Thomas I. 
Gilman, George F. 
Gilman, Nathaniel, Jr. 
Gilpor, John R. 
Gilroy, George. 
Giraud, Daniel. 
Glass, Edward. 
Glazier, George G. 
Glover, George B. 
Glover, Mrs. C L. 
Goddard, William C 
Godwin, Joseph H. 
Godwin, Park. 
Godwin, Thomas. 
Goff, Robert H. 
Goff, Miss Caroline. 
Goldschmidt. Ludwig. 



Goldsmith, Dr. A. 
Goldsmith, R. T. 
Goldson, Samuel P. 
Goman, John. 
Good, L. H. 
Goodell, Mrs. 
Goodrich, Mrs. S. W. 
Gookin, H. N. 
Gookin, S. W. 
Gopsil, Thomas M. 
Gotier, Miss M. 
Gott.y, Thomas, Jr. 
Gotty, William. 
Gould, Charles. 
Gould, John. 
Gould, Miss Sarah D. 
Goulding, Samuel. 
Goulding, William R. (2) 
Gouldy, Francis. 


Gourlie, John H. 


Gracie, Mrs. Robert. 
Graham, Edward C. 
Graham, Isaac. 
Graham, James. 
Graham, James L. 
Graham, John H. 
Graham, Joseph. 
Graham, Nathan B. 
Graham, Peter. 
Graham, Van Wyck. 
Graham, W. Irving. 
Granger, Mrs. D. K. 
Grant, George. 
Grant, John C. 
Grant, Peter. 
Grant, Mrs. Alkx'r H. 
Grant, Mrs. Mary O. 
Gratacap, G. P. 
Gratacap, J. L. 
Graverend. Raymond. 
Graves, C. B. 
Gray, Epenetus C. 
Gray, George W. 
Gray, H. 
Gray, H., Jr. 
Gray, Dr. Henry M. 
Gray, Henry Peters. 
Gray, James St. John. 
Gray, Monson. 
Gray, William. 
Gray, William F. 
Gray, Mrs. John. 
Gray, Mrs. J. F. 
Graydon, Mrs. Mary. 
Graydon, Miss. 
Green, B. F. 

Green, Edward. 
Green, Francis. 
Green, George. 
Green, John T. 
Green, Walter C. 
Green, Mrs. Cornelia. 
Green, Mrs. H. D. 
Green, Miss M. R. 
Greene, Augustus P. 
Greene, John F. 
Greene, Martin E. 
Greenleaf, A. W. 
Greenway, E. M. 
Greenway, J. Henry. 
Greenway, W. W. T. 
Greenway, Mrs. M. H. (2) 
Greenwood, Isaac I. 
Greenwood, John, Jr. 
Gregory, Alexander M. 
Gregory, L. 
Greig, James, Jr. 
Grice, Joseph. 
Gridley, James. 
Griffen, Henry. (2) 
Griffen, Henry. 
Griffin, Charles A. 
Griffin, Henry. 
Griffin, Jacob J. 
Griffin, James C. 
Griffin, John W. 
Griffith, Mrs. Edward. 
Griffiths, John J. 
Griggs, James M. 
Grinnell, G. B. 
Grinn'ell, Henry. 
Grinnell, Moses PI. (2) 
Grinnell, Miss S. R. 
Griswold, Charles. 
Griswold, Charles E. 
Griswold, George, Jr. 
Griswold, Mrs. John. 
Groesbeck, A. V. S. 
Groesbeck, D. 
Groesbeck, David, Jr. 
Groesbeck, Mrs. D. 
Groser, George B. 
Groshon, John. 
Gross, Mrs. Abby A. 
Grosvenor, J. 
Groustine, William Z. 
Guion, S. B. 
Guion, William H. 
Guion, William H. 
Guion, Mrs. 
Gulick, John C. 
Gunn, Alexander N., m.d. 
Gunning, Thomas B. 
Gunning, William. 
Guiteau, John B. 

Gurney, J. (2) 

Hadden, C. 

Hadden, James E. 

Hagadorn, Francis. 

Hagadorn, Moses C. 

Hager, John. 

Haggerty, Anthony H. 

Haggerty, Ogden. 

Haight, Edward. 

Haight, Emmor It. 

Haight, George. 

Haight, Mrs. Catharine. 

Haight, Miss Lydia. 

Haines, Alex. F. 

Haines, D. 

Haines, J. J. 

Haines, Mrs. William A. 

Hait, John W. 

Hale, Albert W. 

Hale, Holman. 

Hale, James. (2) 

Haley, John. 

Haley, John J. 

Hall, A. C. 

Hall, Benjamin. 

Hall, Charles. 

Hall, Elizur. 

Hall, George S. 

Hall, Gilbert L. 

Hall, Henry B. 

Hall, H. P. 

Hall, John A. 

Hall, Joseph. 

Hall, O. F. 

Hall, Peleg. 

Hall, William. 

Hall, William. 

Hall, W. H. 

Hall, Mrs. E. F. 
Hall, Mrs. Wm. 
Hall, Mrs. W. H. 
Hall, Miss A. 
Hall, Miss B. M. 
Hall, Miss Sophia. 
Halleck, F. W. 
Hallett, F. 
Hallett, Saml. P. 
Hallett, Wm. R. 
Halliday, Ed. C. 
Hallock, Sylvanus, Jr. 
Hallsted, Benj. 
Hallsted, James C. 
Halsey, Abrm., Jr. 
Halsey, A. P. 
Halsey, Charles. 
Halsey, E. C. 
Halsey, Geo. A. 
Halsey, L. W. 
Halsey, Seton. 



Halsey, S. B. 
Halsey, William. 
Halsey, Mrs. E. C. 
Halsted, Schureman. 
Halsted, W. M. 
Halsted, Mrs. Catii'e C. 
Halsted, Mrs. M. E. 
Halsted, Miss M. E. 
Hamilton, E. C. 
Hamilton, E. S. 
Hamilton, John R. (2) 
Hamilton, Mrs. Wm. F. 
Hamlin, Fred. H. 
Hamlin, Robert D. 
Hamlin, Mrs. T. V. 
Hancox, C. M. 
Handy, William P. 
Hanford, P. 
Hannah, Henry. 
Hannah, Jokn.(*2) 
Harbeck, C. H. 
Harbeck, John H. 
Harbeck, Mrs J. H. 
Hardcastle, Adelaide J. 
Harding, Richard. 
Hardt, R. 
Hardy, Alexander. 
Haring, John S. 
Harkness, Peter. 
Harkness, Master James 
Harlon, John M. 
Harms, John. 
Harpel, George W. 
Harper, John. 
Harper, Philip J. A. 
Harral, H. K. 
Harriman, Charles. 
Harriman, I. 
Harriman, O. 
Harrington, R. M. 
Harriot, James. 
Harriot, John A. 
Harriot, Mrs. Cath'e. 
Harriot, Mrs. Jane. 
Harriott, James C. 
Harriott, John V. 
Harris, Chs. Townsend. 
Harris, P. P. 
Harris, Townsend. (3) 
Harris, T. S. 
Harris, Mrs. J. D. 
Harris, Mrs. Mary. 
Harris, Miss Catii'e A. 
Harrison, Miss Eliz'h. 
Harrison, Miss H. A. 
Harsen, Jacob. 
Harshe, N. 
Hart, A. T. 
Hart, Benjamin S. 


Hart, E. B. 
Hart, Harvey 
Hart, John C. 
Hart, Samuel. 
Hart, Miss Rosalie. 
Hasbrouck, Henry W. 
Hasket, William J. 
Haslehurst, James. 
Hastie, William S. 
Hastings, George. 
Haswell, Sarah. 
Hatch, C. B. 
Hatch, George W., Jr. 
Hatch, Warner D. 
Hatch, W. T. 
Hatfield, Amos T. 
Havemeyer, A. 
Havemeyer, E. A. 
Havemeyer, F. C. 
Havemeyer, Hon. Wm. F. 
Haven, Rev. E. O. 
Haven, John. 
Havens, Asher C. 
Havens, Howard. 
Havens, Miss M. C. 
Haviland, Daniel E. 
Hawes, L. P. 
Hawes, P. A. 
Hawes, William. 
Hawes, Mrs. Charles R. 

Hawes, Mrs. M. 

Hawkes, John W. 

Hawley,E. Judson. 

Haws, Henry J. F. 

Hayden, A., Jr. 

Hayden, N. 

Hayden, Thomas S. 

Haydock, H. W. 

Haydock, Robert. 

Hayes, Horace. 

Hayes, John P. 

Hayes, J. P. 

Hayes, Mrs. Julia J. 

Hays, John. 

Hays, William II. 

Hays, W. J. 

Hayward, George. 

Haywood, Miss Sarah M 

Hazard, R. M. 

Headley, Rev. J. T. 

Hearn, William. 

Heath, John. 

Heather, William J. 

Hebard, Henry. 

Hedge, Geo. W. 

Hegeman, Abraham. 

Hegeman, F. A. 

Hegeman, John. 

Heilbutii, Edward. 

Heins, John J. 
Heiser, II. A. 
Heister, George. 
Helme, John C. 
Hemminway, Miss P. 
Henarie, D. V. B. 
Henderson, Howard. 
Henderson, J. C 
Henderson, Monroe. 
Henderson, Dr. Thomas. 
Hendricks, Aaron V. 
Henry, C W. 
Henry, John G. 
Henry, John T. 
Henry, Joshua I. 
Henry, Philip, Senr. 
Henry, Robert. 
Henry, Robert. 
Hepburn, Geo. M. 
Heron, Miss Susan. 
Heroy, James H. 
Herrick, E. H. 
Herrick, John J. 
Herrick, Mrs. John J. 
Herring, S. C. 
Hertzel, Charles H. 
Hertzel, William. 
Hervey, James B. 
Hervey, Mrs. James B. 
Hettrich, John. 
Hewett, William H. 
Hewitt, John C. 
Hewitt, Mrs. R. 
Heyer, Miss E. 
Heyerdaiil, T. 
Hey ward, H. 
Heyward, S. 
Hickok, W. C. 
Hickok, William H. 
Hicks, A. XV. 
Hicks, Charles. 
Hicks, Elias Jr. 
Hicks, S., Jr. 
Hicks, Mrs. John H. 
Hicks, Miss E. S. 
Hidden, Edward S. 
Hidden, Thos. B. 
Hidden, Miss Adelaide A. 
Hidden, Miss Cornelia E. 
Higbee, Mrs. A. L. 
H i g bee, Mrs. Edward Y. 
Higbie, Mrs. N. T. 
Higgins, Samuel. 
Hilger, Maurice. * 
Hill, Benjamin S. 
Hill, George. 
Hill, John J. 
Hill, John S. 
Hill, TnoMAs. 




IIiller, Isaac H. 
Hillman, George W. 


Hills, H. W. 
Hillsburgii, Charles. 
Hillyer, "Virgil. 


Hiltman, George. 
Hilton, Mrs. Mary. 
Hinchman, Geo. "W. 
Hind, John C. 
Hinsdale, Theo. 
Hinsdale, Mrs. Joseph N. 
Hiscox, Justus D. 
Hitchcock, Thomas. 
Hitchcock, U. L. 
Hitchcock, Miss L. 
H. M. W., Mrs. 
Hoadley, David. 
Hoadley, L. A. 
Hoagland, John, 
hobart, j. h. 
Hodgman, Daniel. 
Hoe, Richard M. 
Hoe, Robert. 
Hoeber, "YV. A. 
Hoffman, A. 
Hoffman, Alfred W. 
Hoffman, Edward. 
Hoffman, J. D. 
Hoffmire, E. A. 
Hogan, Mrs. Sarah. 
Hogg, James. 
Hogmire, E. B. 
Hoit, John W. 
Hoke, P. 

Holberton, J. W. 
Holberton, Mrs. J. W. 
I-Iolby, A. D. M. 
Holcomb, C. M. 


Holland, William P. 


Hollingshead, Miss C, 
Hollingsworth, Samuel, 
hollinsworth, t. s. 
hollister, a. w. 
Hollister, John I. 


Holly, Augustus F. 
Holman, Thomas S. 
Holmes, A. B. 
Holmes, C. C. 
Holmes, G. F. 
Holmes, Richard. 
Holmes, S. P. 
Holmes, Mrs. E. S. 

Holmes, Mrs. R. A. 
Homer, Mrs. J. H. 
Hone, Philip. (2) 
Hone, R. S. 
Hood, Mrs. Mary. 
Hook, John D. W. 
Hook, Julian. 
Hooker, Edward. 
Hooker, Robert B. 
Hooper, Thomas. 
Hope, G. L. 
Hope, George T. 
Hopkins, C. 
Hopkins, C. T. 
Hopkins, Frederick. 
Hopkins, John H., Jr. 
Hopkins, Mrs. Maria B. 
Hoppell, John K. 
Hopper, Jacob M. 
Hopper, M. 
Hoppin, William J. 
Hoppock, L. 
Hoppock, Miss Ellen. 
Horn, A. S. 
Horsfield, T. W. 
Horton, H. H. 
Horton, Mrs. Amy E. 
Hosack, Miss. 
Hosmer,Mrs. O. E. 
Houghtaling, Samuel. 
Houghton, E. 
Houghton, E. L. 
Houghton, I. R. 
Houghton, I. S. 
Houghton, J. W. 
Houpt, Charles J. 
House, S. T. 
How, A. 
How, C. W. 
How, R. S. 
Howard, Elias. 
Howard, George. 
Howard, N. H. 
Howard, William E. 
Howard, Mrs. Daniel D 
Howe, A. 
Howe, Augustus. 
Howe, Henry A. 
Howe, Timothy A. 
Howe, Mrs. Augustus. 
Howe, Mrs. Augustus. 
Howell, C. J. 
Howell, John L. . 
Howell, Julius S. 
Howell, Silas S. 
Howell, William M. 
Howell, Master J. P. 
Howes, Mrs. R. W. 
Howland, G. G. 


Howland, Mrs. Wm. W. 
Howland, Miss Emily. 
Howland, Miss M. 
Hoxie, Nathaniel B. 
Hoxie, Mrs. Joseph, Jr. 
Hoyt, A. F. 
PIoyt, D. H. 
Hoyt, E. 

Hoyt, George A. 
Hoyt, James. 
Hoyt, Rufus. 
Hoyt, Samuel M. 
Hoyt, William J. 
Hoyt, Mrs. W. H. 
Hubbard, C. A. 
Hubbard, J. L. 
Hubbard, J. W. 
Hubbard, S. S. 
Hubbard, S. Seabury. 
Hubbard, Thomas D. 
Hubbard, Thomas R. 
Hubbell, Harvey. 
Hubert, Jacob. 
Hudson, Edward W. 
Hudson, William Holly. 
Huelat, William. 
Hugget, John R. S. 
Hughes, Jasper W. 
Hull, George D. 
Hull, James S.- 
Hulse, Thomas E. 
Humiston, J. D. 
Humphrey, Dr. Henry M. 
Humphrey, Jacob B. 
Humphreys, R. G. 
Humphreys, Miss M. L. 
Hungerford, F. G. 
Hunn, John. 
Hunk, Mrs. John. 
Hunt, Edwin. 
Hunt, E. L. 
Hunt, Henry G. 
Hunt, William C. 
Hunt, Mrs. J. 
Hunt, Mrs. Jane M. 
Hunter, Charles F. 
Hunter, Jacob. 
Hunter, James. 
Hunter, John C. 
HuNTEn, Marcus. 
Hunter, Miss Louisa. 
Hunting, Parker. 
Huntington, Charles B. 
Huntington, C. T. 
Huntington, Daniel. 
Huntington, Mrs. Dan'l, 
Huntington, Mrs. Sarah 
Hurd, C. D. 



Hurd, Henry. 
Hurlbut, H. A. 
Hurlbut, Richard W. 
Hurst, Lewis. 
Hussey, George Fitch. 
Hussey, Miss A. 
Hustace, Miss Maria. 
Hutchins, F. W. 
hutchins, w. v. 
Hutchins, Mrs. Eliz'th. 
Hutchinson, T., Jr. 
Hutton, Benjamin H. 
Hyatt, Jacob. 
Hyatt, Thaddeus. 
Hyatt, Theo. 
Hyatt, Mrs. George E. L 
Hyatt, Mrs. Stephen. 
Hyde, Joseph. 
" I. B." 
Ide, Henry. 
Ide, Henry A. 
Ihrie, Benjamin. 
Imlay, William E. 
Inch, Amos. 
« Inez." 

Ingalls, William. 
Ingalls, Z. 
Ingersoll, L. 
Ingham, Miss Jane. 
Inglee, G. C. 
Inglee, G. C. 
Ingles, John E. 
Inglis, David. 
Ingoldsby, Felix. 
Ingraham, D. P. 
Inman, John. 
Innes, Charles H. 
Ireland, I. B. 
Ireland, Lewis F. 
Ireland, Mrs. Mary A. 
Irvine, Thomas, 
Irving, George. 
Irving, George. 
Irving, John T. 
Irving, Mrs. John T. 
Isaacs, Joshua. 
Isaacs, M. 
Isaacs, W. M. 
Jackman, William G. 
Jackson, Andrew M. 
Jackson, George R. 
Jackson, George W. 
Jackson, John. 
Jackson, John C. 
Jackson, J. L. 
Jackson, William B. 
Jacobs, S. J. 
Jacobson, Dr. R. S. 
Jacobus, Cornelius T. 

Jaffrey, E. S. 
Jagger, William, Jr. 
James, M. F. 
James, Mrs. J. H. 
James & Samuel. 
Janes, Adrian. 
Janes, C. B. 
Jaques, George R. 
Jarvis, A. S. 
Jarvis, Benjamin H. 
Jarvis, Dr. J. 
Jarvis, Nathaniel, Jr. 
Jarvis, Pierre. 
Jarvis, Russell. 
Jarvis, Samuel N. 
Jarvis, William. 
Jarvis, Miss J. 
Jay, John. 

Jay, Peter Augustus. 
Jay, Mrs. John C. 
Jenkins, S. F. 
Jenkins, William A. 
Jenkins, Miss Maria L. 
Jenkins, Miss Susan F. 
Jennings, A. G. 
Jennings, James E. 
Jennings, Nathan T., Jr. 
Jennings, William T. 
Jennings, Mrs. R. J. 
Jeremiah, Thomas F. 
Jessup, Richard M. 
Joiines, Mrs. Sarah. 
Johnson, B. 
Johnson, Bradbury M. 
Johnson, Dwight. 
Johnson, H. A. 
Johnson, Henry W. 
Johnson, John. 
Johnson, John. 
Johnson, John. 
Johnson, John D. 
Johnson, N. M. 
Johnson, R. H. 
Johnson, Samuel. 
Johnson, Wm. Samuel. 
Johnson, Mrs. John. 
Johnson, Mrs. L. B. 
Johnson, Mrs. MaryN. 
Johnson, Miss Marie L. 


Johnston, J. B. 
Johnston, John T. 
Johnston, William B. 
Jones, Alfred. 
Jones, Alfred G. 
Jones, Aq. 
Jones, A. S. 
Jones, Alonzo V. 
Jones, Charles L. 

Jones, David. 
Jones, Edward D. 
Jones, Elisha. 
Jones, George. 
Jones, George. 
Jones, George F. 
Jones, H. Alvaton. 
Jones, Isaac. 
Jones, Jacob A. 
Jones, John J. 
Jones, Robert. 
Jones, Walter R. 
Jones, Mrs. Edward R. 
Jones, Mrs. Harrison. 
Jones, Miss Angeline W. 
Jones, Miss Clara W. 
Jones, Miss Mary S. 
Jordan, Ambrose L. (2) 
Jordan, Joseph. 
Jordan, Philip. 
Jordan, Capt. T., u.s.a.(2) 
Judson, Charles. 
Judson, Charles H. 
Judson, Edward Z. C 
Judson, S. W. 
Judson, William W. 
''Junior Bachelors' As- 
Kain, F. 

Kampman, Charles. 
Karr, Daniel. 
Karr, Daniel, Jr. 
Kavanagh, E. 
Kearney, Maj. P., u. s. a. 
Keator, Jesse G. 
Kerch, T. 

Keeler, Henry P. H. 
Keeler, J. M. 
Keeler, James R. 
Keeler, William A. 
Keeler, Miss Cornelia. 
Kelley, J. E. 
Kelley, Robert W. 
Kellogg, H. M. (2) 
Kellogg, John D. 
Kellogg, Mrs. C G. 
Kelly, John J. 
Kelly, Joseph E. 
Kelly, Robert. 
Kelty, Gibbons L. 
Kelsey, Julius L. 
Kemble, William. 
Kemp, J. M. 
Kempton, F. C. 
Kendall, Joseph. 
Kendall, Miss Emily. 
Kennedy, Dr. James. 
Kennedy, John A. 



Kennedy, Robert Lenox 
Kennin, John L. 
Kensett, J. F. 
Kensett, Thomas. 
Kent, Edward. 
Kent, Edward N. 
Kent, Henry A. 
Kent, William. 
Kent, Hon. William. 
Kernot, Mrs. Fanny. 
Ketcham, E. C. 
Ketcham, Timothy. 
Ketchum, Morris. 
Keteltas, Eugene. 
Kevan, Miss Sarah G. 
Kimball, Augustin. (2) 
Kimmel, Mrs. L. C. 
King, Archibald Gracie 
King, Frederick W. 
King, James G. 
King, James G. 
King, John A., Jr. 
King, Henry. 
King, William G. 
King, Mrs. William. 
King, Miss Catharine. 
Kingman, Henry W. 
Kingsbury. Ephraim. 
Kingsland, A. O. 
Kingsland, Edmund. 
Kingsley, Mrs. E. M. 
Kinney, W. H. H. 
Kinney, Mrs. Franklin S 
Kinsey, James. 
Kinsley, Mrs. Dr. 
Kip, Isaac, Jr. 
Kip, Isaac L. 
Kip, John I. 
Kip, William. 
Kip, Mrs, Isaac, Jr. 
Kirby, Pr. Stephen. 
Kirby, T. Spencer. (2) 
Kirby, Valentine. 
Kirby. Mrs. Mary L. 
Kirk, Robert. 
Kirk, Mrs. Robert. 
Kirkland, Mrs. 
Kissam, Benjamin T. 
Kissam, James B, 
Kissam, Philip. 
Kissam, William A. 
Kissam, Miss Emma. 
Kissam, Mess Harriet. 
Kissel, G. H. 
Kitching, John B. 
Kittle, N. G. 
Klemm, Mrs. O. 
Kline, William B. 
Klots, G. 

Klots, JonN Tyson. 
Knapp, Benjamin C. 
Knapp, G. L. 
Knapp, John H. 
Knapp, Shepherd. 
Knapp, Stephen H. 
Knapp, Mrs. Reuben. 
Kneeland, George. 
Knight, G. 
Knight, Samuel. 
Knight, William. 
Knower, E. D. 
Knox, Calvin E. 
Knox, John, Jr. 
Knox, Samuel. 
Kohler, Andrew. 
Krebbs, John M., d. d. 
Kyle, J. 

L'Amoreaux, G. W. 
Labagh, Isaac H. 
La Croix, F. C. 
Ladd, E. 
La Farge, John. 
La Grave, Mrs. Catii'ne 
Laight William E. 
Laing, Hugh. (2) 
Lake, Miss Eleanor. 
Lamb, Chester. 
Lamb, Master Joseph G. 
Lamberson, Fred'k W. 
Lambert, Charles. 
Lambert, J. 
Lambert, JohnD. 
Lambert, Mrs. Jeremiah 
Lammer, Edward. 
Lamont, Mrs. C. A. 
Lamport, H. H. 
"L. &H." 


Lane, Daniel E. 
Lane, David. 
Lane, George W. 
Lane, Joel. 
Lane, Joseph. 
Lane, Josiah. 
Lane, N. B. 
Lane, William J. 
Lane, Mrs. Emma. 
Lang, Hugh. 
Lang, Lewis. 
Langdon, Walter. 
Langdon, Mrs. Walter. 
Langdon, Mrs. Wal'r. (<1) 
Lardner, S. B. 
Larkin, Edward. 
Larned, W. 
Lasack, Francis W. 
Lasell, Josiah. 
Lasell. Nathaniel. 

Lathrop, Charles C. 
Lathrop, Dwigiit. 
Lathrop, Frank. 
Lathrop, R. D. { 
Lathrop, Miss A. R. 
Latimer, Charles E. 
Latting, J. J. 
Laughlin, A. D. 
Law, D. 

Law, Hervey G. 
Lawrance, Francis C. 
Lawrance, William S. 
Lawrence, Cornelius W. 
Lawrence, Friend. 
Lawrence, J. B. 
Lawrence, John L. {2) 
Lawrence, John S. 
Lawrence, John W. 
Lawrence, M. M. 
Lawrence, Newbold. 
Lawrence, Thomas N. 
Lawrence, William. 
Lawrence, William E. 
Lawrence, W. T., Junr. 
Lawrence, Miss E. T. 
Lawrence, Miss G. 
Lawson, James. 
Lawson, John D. 
Lawson, R. C 
Lay, Mrs. J. C. 
Lazenby, Henry. 
Lea, Edward. 
Leake, A. W. 
Leavitt, Edward. 
Leavitt, H. S. 
Leavitt, Sheldon. 
Lee, B. F. 
Lee, Daniel F. 
Lee, David. 
Lee, Frederick A. 
Lee, John, Junr. 
Lee, Joseph. 
Lee, Leonard. 
Lee, O. E. 
Lee, William P. 
Lee, Mrs. Mary Spring. 
Lee, Miss Eliza C. 
Leeds, Henry II. 
Leeds, Samuel. 
Lees, Mrs. S. P. 
Lefferts, Marshall. 
Leffingwell, William. 
Le Gal, Mrs. Eugene. 
Legerhod, Henry. 
Leggatt, Andrew W. 
Leggett, A. A. 
Leggett, J. W. 
Leggett, Thomas B. 
Lehman, Charles. 



Leland, S. 

Leland, Mrs. George. 
Lemon, Mrs. W. C. 
Lent, Charles. 
Leonard, B. N. 
Leonard, P. A. 
Leonard, William H. 
Leonori, Lewis J. 
Leonori, Rufus U. 
Le Roy, Daniel. 
Le Roy, Jacob R. 
Le Roy, Peter V. 
Le Roy, Robert. 
Le Roy, Mrs. Herman. 
Le Roy, Mrs. Herman C. 
Leslie, Mrs. M. A. 
Lester, Henry. 
Leupp, Charles M. 
Leveridge, John W. C. 
Levison. W. H. 
Levy, Asahel S. 
Levy, Lewis S. 
Levy, U. H. 
Lewis, Abraham W. 
Lewis, Alexander M. 
Lewis, Augustus C. 
Lewis, Cornelius. 
Lewis, Edward Z. 
Lewis, George. 
Lewis, I. M. 
Lewis, James S. 
Lewis, Starks W. 
Lewis, William C. 
Lewis, Miss E. P. 
Leyne, Maurice. 
!i L. H. B. S. H." 
«L. H. S. B. L» 
Libby, Robert H. 
" Lillie." 

Lillienthal. C. II. (2) 


Linsley, G. W. 
Linsley, Miss Marg't V. 
Linsted, John W. 
Lippincot, Charles A. 
Lippincot, William J. 
Litchfield, Edwin C. 
Litchfield, Mrs. G. H. 
Littell, E. B. 
Little, Edward. 
Little, Edward B. 
Little, Edward C. 
Little, William H. 
Litton, James 
Livermore, C. F. 
Livingston, Henry W. 
Livingston, Livingston. 
Livingston, R. Dwight. 

Livingston Mrs. John M 
Lloyd, Henry. '(5) 
Lloyd, John C. 
Lloyd, John R. 
t; L. L. T. T." 
Locke, John D. (2) 
Lockhart, Thomas, Junr 
Lockhart, Mrs. T., Junr. 
Lockwood, Francis D. 
Lockwood, F. H. 
Lockwood, Geo. R. 
Lockwood, H. 
Lockwood, John. 
Lockwood, L. A. 
Lockwood, Le Grand. 
Lockwood, L. S. 
Lockwood, R. 
Lockwood, R. B. 
Lockwood, R. E. 
Lockwood, S. S. 
Lockwood, Mrs. Samuel. 
Lockwood, Miss Cath. G 
Lockwood, Miss Lydia A 
Lockwood, Master Sam. 
Loder, Benjamin. 
Loder, Jeremiah. 
Lodge, Henry. 
Lodge, Dr. Price Butler 
Loescher, J. C 
Lohman, A. 
Lombard, H. F. 
Long, Isaac C. 
Long, N. R. 
Longman, James H. 
Loomer, C. W. 
Loojiis, Mrs. J. M. 
Loop, John P. 
Lord, D. Porter. 
Lord, Haynes. 
Lord, John C. 
Lord, Joseph N. 
Lord, Rufus L. 
Lord, Samuel P. 
Lord, Silas. 
Lorillard, Peter. 
Lossing, Benson J. 
Lotiirop, William K. 
Loudon, Robert. 
Louxsbery, J. H. 
Lounsbery, Stephen R. 
Loutrel, B. 
Loutrel, Wm. M. 
Lovett, Geo. H. 
Lovett, John. 
Lovett, Miss Cornelia. 
Low, Cornelius. 
Low, Nicholas. 
Lowe, Bauman. 
Lowden, Robert. 

Lowry, Albert, u.s.a. 
Lowry, James. 
Lowry, Mrs. Thomas R. 
Lowther, M. A. 
Lowther, Thomas D. 
L. T. C, Mrs. 
Luckey, J. Nelson. 
Luckey, Mrs. Samuel. 
Ludington, C. H. 
Ludlam, Isaac T. 
Ludlow, Ezra, Jr. 
Ludlow, Miss A. 
Ludlow, Miss Eliz'h C. 
Ludwig, Henry. 
Lumby, William. 
Lumby, Miss Isabella. 
Lummis, W. M. 
Lupton, Charles, Sr. 
Luqueer, Mrs. Robert S. 
Lyell, John II. 
Lyles, J. H. 
Lyman, J. H. 
Lynch, James. 
Lyon, Charles S. 
Lyon, James D. 
Lyon, W. W. 
M., Miss J. F. 
Mabbat, Samuel R. 
Mabee, Thomas B. 
Macgowan, Edward. 
McAuley, Mrs. Helen M. 
Macay, William. 
McBride, H. 
McBride, James. 
McCall, Hamilton. 
McCall, James. 
McCauley, Mrs.William. 
McChesney, Mrs. James. 
McClelland, Henry. 
McClintock, J. 
McClure, Newell J. 
McClusky, George. 
McCoon, Cornelius. 
McCord, George. 
McCord, Willet. 
McCormick, R. C, Jr. 
McCoskry, Robert. 
McCotter, Alexander. 
McCoy, Mrs. G. B. 
McCrea, Miss Margaret. 
McCreary, James. 
McCune, H. 
McCurdy, R. H. 
McDermott, Miss Cath. 
McDonald, A. 
McDonald, Alexander. 
McDonald, William H. 
McDonald, Miss H. (2) 
McDougal, Charles. 



McDougal, D. 
• McDougal, George. 

McDowell, Irwin, u.s.a. 

McElrath, Thomas D. 

McElrath, Mrs. Thomas 

McEvers, Bache. 

McFadden, Peter. 

McFarland, TnoMAS. 

McGaw, John A. 

McGay, Mrs. Mart. 

McGlinn, J. 

McGraw, N. 

McGraw, Elizabeth A. 

McGregor, Mrs. 

McGrortt, AVilliam. 

McHarg, Rufus K. 

McIlvaine, Mrs. C. S. 

McIlveen, John. 

McIlveen, Mrs. John. 

McIlwaine, T. R. 

Mackin, Charles. 
1 McIntyre, Alexander. 

McKee, Alexander. 

McKee, Joseph, Jr. 

McKee, Miss Sally. 

McKenzie, A. 

McKimm, William R. 

McKnight, Charles S. 

McLaughlin, E. H. 

McLean, George W. 

McLean, Henry. 
McLean, John. 
McLean, William. 
McLean, Wilson. 
McLeod, William. 
McMahon, D., Jr. 
McMahon, T. 
McMahon, Mrs. D., Jr. 
McMasters, W. E. 
McMichael, Capt. Wm.' 
McMillen, R. H. 
McMullen, J. 
McMurray, William. 
McNulty, Albert. 
McNulty, J. C, m.d. 
McNulty, Mrs. Alfred. 
McNulty, Master A. 
McPherson, John B. 
McRae, John. 
Macy, Charles A. 
Macy, C. B. 
Macy, Howard. 
Macy, J. H. 
Macy, Theo. E. 
Magee, William W. 
Maguire, J. C. 
Mahoxy, Mrs. J. H. 
Mailler, Mrs. Julia F. 
Main, A. 

Main, I. P. 

Main, Randall W. 

Maire, H. F. 

Mairs, James. 

Majastre, William. 

Malcolm, James F. 

Malcolm, William. 

Mali, Hippolite. 

Mali, H. W. T. 

Mallory, Franklin J. 

Mallory, J. C. 

Mallory, J. F. 

Mallory, William H. 

Mallory, Miss Mary E. 

Maniere, Mrs. Ann M. 

Mann, Albert. 

Mann, Edwin H. 

Mann, George W. 

Many, Benjamin S. 

Marbury, Francis F. 

Marks, Alfred. ( 

Marks, Charles P. 

Marseilles, John. 

Marsh, I. C. 

Marsh, James. 

Marsii, J. P. 

Marsh, Stewart C. 

Marsh, Mrs. L. R. 

Marshall, Henry P. 

Marshall, I. B. 

Marshall, James. 

Marshall, Matthew. 

Marshall, Mrs. Wm. H. 

Marshall, Miss C. C. 

Marshall, Miss Ione. 

Marshall, Miss S. 
Marshall, Miss S. C. 
Martin, Albert A. 
Martin, Alfred. 
Martin, Rev. Charles. 
Martin, Charles J. 
Martin, Chauncey S. 
Martin, Concklin L. 
Martin, D. Randolph. 
Martin, H. C. 
Martin, Reune. 
Martin, Richard R. 
Martin, William A. 
Martin, William C. 
Martin, William R. 
Martin, Mrs. Harriet. 
Martin, Miss G. 
Martin, Miss Henrietta. 
Martindale, Steph'n, Jr 
Marvin, A. B. 
Marvin, Miss Betsy. 
Marvine, Edward E. 
Mason, Albert. 
Mason, B. W. 

Mason, E. N. 

Mason, John W. 

Mason, John W. 

Mason, William. 

Mason, Mrs. L. C. 

Masters, A. E. 

Masterton, A., Jr. 

Masterton, J. T. 

Mather, Andrew. 

Mather, James. 

Mather, Mrs. Ellen P. 

Matsell, A. J. 

Matsell, A. J., Trustee. 

Matteson,T. H. 

Matthews, R. F. 

Mattison, Alexander. 

Maver, Mrs. J. R. 

Maver, Miss Eliz'h R. 

M. A. W. 

Maw, Robert J. 

Maxwell, Dr. W. H. 

Maxwell, Mrs. Geo. T. 

May, Antoine. 

May, Col. Chas. A., u.s.a. 

May, Edward H. 

Maybie, Mrs. Sarah P. 

Maynard, M., Jr. (2) 

Mayo, W. S. 

Mead, A. G. 

Mead, C. D. 

Mead, Edwin. 

Mead, Frederick. 

Mead, I. S. 

Mead, J. Williams. 

Mead, Obadiah. 

Mead, Ralph, Jr. 

Mead, Robert W. 

Mead, Samuel H. 

Mead, S. Holmes. 
Mead, Walter, Jr. 
Mead, Mrs. Ralph. 
Mead, Mrs. Ralph, Jr. 
Mead, Mrs. Sarah L. 
Mead, H. Caroline. 
Meakim, Mrs. John. 
Mealio, Lewis. 
Mecke, John A. 
Meeker, W. W. 
Meeker, Miss Sarah A. 
Megrath, Charles E. 
Megrath, George. 
Meigs, Henry, Jr. 
Meinell, Mrs. James. 
Melick, A. D. 
Melville, Allan. 
Melvin, Julia. 
Menger, John Lewis. 
Menzies, George. 
Menzies, William. 



Menzies, Mrs. A. A. 
Merak, C. O. 
Mercantile Library As- 
Merrell, Mrs. M. J. 
Merrell, Brutus R. 
Merriam, B.W. 
Merrick, Charles A. 
Merrick, Thomas B. 
Merrill, B. B. 
Merrill, Miss Emily. 
Merritt, Benjamin. 
Merritt, D. B. 
Merritt, M. Franklin. 
Merritt, Mrs. M. J. 
Mersereau, Mrs. A. P. 
Mersereau, Mrs.H. M. E. 
Meserole, Peter S. 
Mesick, R. S. 
Mesick, William S. 
Mesier, E. S. 
Messenger, Harry. 
Messenger, Thomas. 
Messenger, Mrs. Harry. 
Messenger, Master H. H- 
Messerve, E. D. 
Messerve, William E. 
Messinger, Daniel. 
Messinger, Robert H. 
Messinger, Thomas H. 
Metcalf, A. W. 
Metcalfe, Dr. John T. 
Metcalfe, Orrick. 
Mettler, James. 
Mettler, W. F. 
Mettler, Mrs. James. 
Metzgar, Christian. 
Michaels, Mrs. Jane. 
Michaels, Mrs. L. J. 
Miciiler, Mrs. M. 
Mickel, Andrew H. 
Mickle, Mrs. Andrew H. 
Milbank, Isaac M. 
Milbank, Jeremiah. 
Milbank, Samuel, Jr. 
Miles, Charles. 
Miles, William. 
Miles, William B. 
Millard, F. (2) 
Miller, Edwin M. 
Miller, Eliance. 
Miller, Frederick A. 
Miller, Horatio. 
Miller, James. 
Miller, James M. 
Miller, Thomas J. 
Miller, William P. 
Miller, William S. 
Miller, Mrs. Ann K. 

Miller, Mrs. Frances S. 
Miller, Mrs. G. B. 
Miller, Mrs. G. S. 
Miller, Miss Eliza Ann. 
Miller, Miss Mary E. 
Millereaux, F. 
Milliken, James F. 
Mills, Abner. 
Mills, Ethelbert. 
Mills, I. D. 
Mills, John M. 
Mills, Joseph T. 
Milspaugh, Philip. 
Miner, Ebenezer. 
Miner, Francis S. 
Miner, Phineas L. 
Miner, Dr. William. 
Mitchell, D. A. 
Mitchell, R. H. 
Mixer. Henry. 
M. L. H. 

Mockridge & Otis. 
Moffat, Dr. William B. 
Moncrief. James. 
Monell, Kate. 
Monk, Joseph. (2) 
Monkton, Miss Madeline 
Monroe, Ebenezer. 
Monroe, J. A. 
Monroe, Thomas. 
Montague, Langdon. 
Montgomery, Archibald. 
Montgomery, James. 
Montgomery, J. R. 
Moore, Benjamin F. 
Moore, C. W. 
Moore, George H. 
Moore, George Harris. 
Moore, H. C. 
Moore, John A. (2) 
Moore, John F. 
Moore, J. William. 
Moore, Leander. 
Moore, L. H. 
Moore, Thomas D. 
Moore, William M. P. 
Moore, Mrs. Ann. 
Moore, Mrs. Emily H. 
Moore, Mrs. Hannah. 
Moore, Mrs. J. L. 
Moore, Mrs, J. L. . 
Moore, Mrs. J. William. 
Moore, Miss Annie N. 
Moore, Eliza L. 
Moore, Miss Jennie S. 
Moran, D. 
Morand, George A. 
Morand, George H. 
Moreau, John B. 

Moreau, Joseph. 
Moreau, Peter J. 
Morehous, Israel. 
Morford, C. A. 
Morgan, Charles W. 
Morgan, E. D. 
Morgan, E. D., Jr. 
Morgan, F. S. 
Morgan, John J. 
Morgan, Mrs. Cornelia. 
Morgan, Mrs. E. D. 
Morison, George W. 
Morison, John A. 
Morison, Mrs.GeorgeW. 
Morrill, Augustus C 
Morris, DeWitt Clinton 
Morris, E. C 
Morris, Lucian B. 
Morris, O. W. 
Morris, Robert H. 
Morris, William H. 
Morris, Mrs. G. W. 
Morrison, Alexander H. 
Morrison, Edward. 
Morrison, Mrs. John. 
Morss, Peter H. 
Morss, Mrs. James. 
Mortimer, John H. 
Morton, D. 
Morton, John L. 
Morton, Robert. 
Mosher, William H. 
Moss, Reuben E. 
Moss, Mrs. Harriet N. 
Mott, John. 
Mott, John W. 
Mott, Mrs. Ann. 
Moulton, Charles F. 
Moulton, TnEO. 
Moulton, Mrs. J. N. 
Moulton, Miss Sarah J. 
Mount, C. H. 
Mount, Dr. C. T., u.s.a. 
Mower, E., Jr. 
Mower, T. G. 
Mozier, J. 
Muckle, John. 
Mudge, Charles F. 
Mulford, David G. 
Muller, Adrian H, 
Muller, Peter D. 
Mullin, P. 
Mumford, B. A. 
Mumford, John P. 
Mumford, Peter. 
Mumford, S. Jones. 
Munn, Mrs. Franklin L. 
Munro, Hugh. 
Munroe, Daniel. 



Munroe, John W. 
Murdoch, Hugh M. 
Murphy, G. S. 
Murphy, John. 
Murphy, William D. 
Murray, D. C. 
Murray, John B. 
Murray, Mrs. Jane. 
Murray, Miss Agnes. 
Myers, Bernard. 
Myers, Mrs. M. S. 
Myers, Master Joiin K 
Mygatt, Eli, Junr. 
Myles, John. 
Myles, W. H. 
Myrick, James R. 
Napier, Mrs. T. A. 
Napier, Miss Ann T. 
Nash, C. Isaac. 
Nash Frederick. 
Nash, James Warren. 
Nash, John. 
Nash, Mrs. S. P. 
Nathan, Benjamin. 
Neefus, Miss S. A. 
Neilson, A. B. 
Neilson, Henry Aug. 
Neilson, John, m.d. 
Neilson, John, June. 
Neilson, Nicholas F. 
Neilson, R. H. 
Neilson, Miss E. C. 
Nelson, Arthur M. 
Nelson, Edward D. 
Nelson, George P. 
Nelson, Joseph. 
Nelson, J. G. 
Nelson, Robert R. 
Nelson, William. 
Nelson, Mrs. Mary D. 
Nesbit, Robert W. 
Nesbitt, George F. 
Nesbitt, Mrs. George F, 
Nesbitt, Miss Sarah M. 
Nesmith, John P. 
Nessle, C. 

Netterville, Mrs. II. 
Nevin, D. J. 
Nevin, G. P. 
Nevins, David II. 
Nevins, R. II. 
Nevins, Miss Anna K. 
Nevins, Miss Louisa E. 
Nevius, Jacob R. 
Nevius, James M. 
Nevius, P. I., Jr. 
Newbould, Edward. 
Newbould, George. 

Newbould, Thomas H. 
Newbould, Thomas M 
Newbould, Mrs. T. H. 
Newby, Samuel. 
Newcomb, C. G. 
Newcomb, John R. 
Newcombe, Charles. 
Newcome, Robert T. 
Newhall, Samuel W. 
Newport, Henry. 
Newton, Isaac. 
Newton, James W. 
Newton, MissFrancesM. 
Nicholas, S. A. 
Nicholls, Thomas. 
Nichols, Chas. L. (2) 
Nichols, David, Jr. 
Nichols, H. A. 
Nichols, W. S. 
Nicholson, J. 
Nicholson, J. W. A. 
Nicholson, William. 
Nickerson, Anson. 
Nicoll, S. T. 
Niven, T. M. 
Nixon, Jno. M. 
Noble, Curtis. 
Norcom, Frederick. 
Norman, Robert B. 
Norrie, Margaret. 
Norris, Henry L. 
Norris, Henry L. 
North, James H. 
Northrop, John I. 
Northrup, John H. 
Norton, Charles B. 
Norton, C. H. 
Norton, C. L. 
Norton, H. G. 
Norton, Robert. 
Norton, Mrs. M. 
Norton, Mrs. S. Sheldon 
Norval, James. 
Noyes, O. H. P. 
Nye, Ezra. 
Nye, Gideon, Jr. 
Oakes, Josiah. 
Oakesmith, Appleton. 
Oakley, E. J. 
Oakley, W. B. 
Obear, B. T. 
O'Brien, Charles. 
O'Brien, John. 
O'Brien, Robert. 
O'Brien, William. 
Oceana Hose Co., No. 30'. 
O'Connell, James. 

O'Connor, Francis B. 
O'Conor, Charles. 
O'Donnell, Michael J. 
O'Donnell, Mrs. M. J. 
Officer, Thomas S. 
Ogden, D. S. 
Ogden, Isaac. 
Ogden, Isaac G., Jr. 
Ogden, John T. (2) 
Ogden, N. G. 
Ogden, T. W. 
Ogden, Mrs. Catharine. 
Ogden, Miss Amelia. 
Ogilby, Miss Anna L. 
Ogilvie, William H. 
Ogsbury, F. W. 
Ogsbury, Mrs. F. W. 
Olcott, H. W. 
Oliphant, R. M. 
Oliver, James D. 
Oliver, John. 
Oliver, William H. 
Oliver, Mrs. James D. 
Olmstead, Isaac P. 
Olmstead, John. 
Olmsted, John B. 
Olney, James N. 
Olssen, Edward J. 
O'Meara, Dennis. 
Ordway, George D. T. 
Ormsby, John H., Jr. 
Osborn, Charles. 
Osborn, Elias. 
Osborn, George L. 
Osborn, Lewis K. 
Osborn, Timothy C. 
Osborn, Mrs. Charles F. 
Osborn and Brainerd, 

Osborn, Master R.Smith. 
Osborne, Milo. 
Osborne, Miss A. M. 
Osgood, Mrs. Frances S. 
Ostram, Mrs. William. 
Ostrand, Hiram, 
ostrander, m. l. 
Otis, Daniel C 
Otis, II. G. 
Outram, John. 
Owen, Henry. (2) 
Owen, James. 
Owen, John I. 
Owen, Mrs. John I. 
Oxnard, Osborn. 
Pack, Master Alfred T. 
Packer, J. E. 
Packer, William S. 
Paddock, Stephen G. 
Page, R. S. 



Palmer, George N. 
Palmer, John B. 
Palmer, M. W. 
Palmer, N. B. 
Palmer, Mrs. N. F. 
Pangburn, Amos G. 
Panton, Miss F. 
Paradise, A. W. 
Pardoe, Mrs. Robert. 
Paret, John. 
Park, James S. 
Park, Joseph, Jr. 
Park, Rufus. 
Parker, Charles. 
Parker, C. C. P. 
Parker, C. Maverick. 
Parker, George S. 
Parker, James. 
Parker, James C. 
Parker, James M. 
Parker, Tiieo. S. 
Parker, Dr. Willard. 
Parker. Lt.Wm. A., u.s.n 
Parker, "W. B. 
Parker, Miss E. I. 
Parkin, Thomas. 
Parkinson, "William B. 
Parks, Rev. M. P. 
Parks, William M. 
Paumele, Miss L. C. 
Parmly, Eleazer. 
Parmly, Dr. J. 
Parr, James. 
Parrish, Dr. E. 
Parshall, James L. 
Partridge, Alfred H. 
Partridge, Miss E. A. 
Paterson, George W. 
Paton, T. CM. 
Patten, Samuel "W. 
Patten, William. 
Patten, Mrs. Willis. 
Patterson, Francis. 
Patterson, Robert. 
Patterson, W. C. 
Patterson, W. T. 
Patterson, Mrs. L. 
Patton, J. IT. 
Patton, R. R. 
Tatton, Wm., d.d. 
Paul, Dr. J. C. 
Paul, Stephen. 
Paulison, Richard J. 
Pawling, Levi. 
Paxson, William. 
Payntar, J. G. 
Peach, James. 
Pearson, Adam. 
Pearson, Charles B. 

Pearson, J. G. 
Peck, A. P. 
Peck, C. A. 
Peck, Ebenezer. 
Peck, Edwin. 
Peck, Elias. 
Peck, E. M. 
Peck, W. H. 
Peck, William J. 
Peck, Mrs. Elisiia. 
Peck, Mrs. Sarah M. 
Peckham, George. 
Peckham, R. 
Peckham. Seth W. 
Peddie, Charles B. 
Pederson, James. 
Peele, Robert. 
Peele, Thomas. 
Peet, Harvey P. 
Peet, Isaac L. 
Peirson, Mrs. C D. 
Pell, William H. 
Pell, Mrs. Alfred. 
Pendleton, E. H. 
Pendleton, J. S. 
Penfold, Edmund. 
Penfold, John. 
Penniman, Benjamin S. 
Penniman, Emory. 
Penniman. E. H. 
Penniman, Mrs. 
Pentz, B. J. 
Pentz, Benjamin J. 
Pentz, W. A. F. 
Pepoon, Mrs. Marshall. 
Perkins, J. H. H. 
Perkins, J. H. Hobart. 
Perkins, James H. 
Perkins, J. N. 
Perkins, J. P. 
Perrine, Alonzo A. 
Perrine, James A. 
Perry, Frederick. 
Perry, G. T. Junr. 
Perry, John J. 
Perry, R. 
Perry, R. B. 
Perry, Samuel. 
Peshine, Mrs. 
Pestiaux, Mrs. L. 
Peters, George C 
Peters, John R. 
Peterson, George F. 
Peterson, Miss M. A. 
Petit, Madam P. 
Pettee, Miss H. N. 
Peverly, Chas. A. 
Phair, James. 
Phalen, James. 

Phelan, John G. 
Phelps, Anson G., Junr. 
Phelps, Henry B. 
Phelps, John Case. 
Phelps, John J. 
Phelps, Mrs. Jas. L., Jr. 
Philips, William. 
Philips, Mrs. Edward. 
Phillips, James A. 
Phillips, James W. 
Phillips, John. 
Phillips, O. M. 
Phillips, Pierpont. 
Phillips, Mrs. George S. 
Philolexian Society, 

Col. College. 
Phipps, James L. 
Phoenix, J. Philips. 
Phyfe, Isaac M. 
Pierce, Edward. 
Pierce, George. 
Pierson, Edwin. 
Pierson, H. L. 
Piffard, C. C. 
Pihlstrom, Joseph F. 
Pike, Henry. 
Pike, Robert G. 
Pinckney, Charles C. 
Pinckney, Joseph C. 
Pinckney, Stephen R. 
Pinkney, John M. 

PlNNEO, H. O. 

Pinney, Rev. J. B. 
Pinney, Mrs. Rev. J. B. 
Pirsson, John W. 
Pitcher, Benjamin L. 
Pitcher, Mrs. Sylvia C. 
Place, Robert S. 
Platt, Frederick A. 
Platt, Frederick E. 
Platt, George. 
Platt, H. R. 
Platt, Nathan C, Junr. 
Platt, Spencer C. 
Platt, William Henry. 
Platt, Miss Sarah O. 
Plimpton, Edwin D. 
Plimpton, James W. 
Plumb, James M. 
Plume, George T. 
Plunkett, Alfred. 
Poag, John. 
Poag, Mrs. E. A. 
Pohle, Julius. 
Poillon, John H. 
Poillon, Richard, Jr. 


Pollard, Uriah A. 



Pollen, George P. 
Pollock, John. 
Pollock, John K. 
Pollock, Julius. 
Pomeroy, B., June. 
Pomeroy, George. 
Pond, C. Z. 
Pond, James P. 
Poole, Henry A. 
Porter, Asa S. (2) 
Porter, E. J. 
Porter, Henry C. 
Porter, John S. 
Porter, Mortimer. 
Porter, William. 
Porter, W. 
Porter, Mrs. W. V. 
Post, Abraham J. 
Post, Edwin F. 
Post, James B. 
Post, J. M. 
Post, E. 
Post, P. K. 
Post, Wadswortii. 
Post, William. 
Post, Wright E. 
Post, Mrs. Charles. 
Post, Mrs. D. B. 
Post, Miss L. M. 
Potter, Charles S. 
Potter, Edward E. 
Potter, Mrs. Mary. 
Potts, Arthur. 
Potts, Miss Mary. 


Powell, William H. 
Powers, James G. 
Powers, J. P.. Junr. 
Prall, W. H.'h. 
Prall, Miss M. 
Pratt, Henry Z. 
Pratt, James H. 
Pratt, John M. 
Pratt, John R. 
Pratt, Noah C. 
Prawl, J. 
Prentice, Ezra P. 
Prentice, John H. 
Preston, W. R. A. (2) 
Price, Charles. 
Price, David W. 
Price, George J. 
Price, James. 
Price Joseph M. 
Price, Robert R. J. 
Price, William M. 
Prichard, W. M. 
Priestly, John. 
Prime, Rufus. 

Proal, Augustus. 

Prothero, Robert. 

Provost, S. H. 

Pryer, John. 

Pryer, Merselius. 

Pudney, Andrew L. 

Pullman, James. 

Purdy, Alfred S., m.d. 

Purdy, John F. 

Purdy, Joseph B. 

Purdy, S. G. 

Putman, Glenn. 

Putnam, George P. (2) 

Putnam, Henry L. B. 

Putnam, T. E. 

Pyne, Percy R. 

quackenbush, benjami? 

Quackenbush, David. 

Quackenbush, G. P. 

Queen, James. 

Quereau, Abraham. 

Quick, James B. 

Quin, James M., m.d. 

Quixan, Henry E. 

Quincy, J. W. 

Quinman, Wm. James. 

Quintard, Geo.W. 

Rader, M. 

Ralphs, Mrs. E. S. 

Ramsay, Henry. 

Ramsay, Robert A. 
Randall, John. 
Randall, Mrs. John. 

Randel, Jesse. 
Randell, David. 

Randolph, Charles F. 
Randolph, Franklin F. 
Randolph, Stewart F. 
Randolph, W. F. 
Ranney, Adolphus. 
Ransom, Mrs. A. P. 
Ransom, Mrs. Daniel. 
Ransom, Miss Louisa. 
Rapelyea, M. S. 
Rathbun, William. 
Rauch, John H. 
Rawdon. Freeman 
Ray, James C. 
Ray, James E. 
Ray, Robert. 
Raymond, Henry J. 
Raymond, J. M. 
Raymond, T. E. 
Raynor, William. 
Read, Almet. 
Read, George. 
Read, M. P. 
Read, T. T. 
Read, Miss Mary A. 

Reboul, J. B. 
Reed, Alexander H. 
Reed, John. 
Reed, Peter. 
Reed, William H. 
Reed, Miss Helen. 
Redfield, George. 
Redfield, James. 
Redfield, John H. 
Reese, I. Suydam. 
Reeve, George F. 
Reeve, S. B. 
Reeve, Mrs. Harriet J. 
Reid, E. A. 
Reid, George W. 
Reid, James. 
Reid, John. 
Reid, Lewis H. 
Reid, William. 
Reissner, Martin. 
Remsen, Henry R. 
Remsen, Robert G. 
Remsen, William. 
Rennie, Peter. 
Renwick, James, Jr. 
Rexford, D. A. 
Reyburn, James. 
Reynolds, O. A. 
Reynolds, Philip. 
Reynolds, S. J. 
Rhinelander, F. W. 
Rhodes, W. T. 
Rice, S. M. 
Rich, John W. 
Rich, Robert. 
Richards, Benjamin, Jr. 
Richards, Guy. 
Richards, James. 
Richards, James R. 
Richards, Nathaniel. 
Richards, Thomas B. 
Richards, XV. M. 
Richards, William M. 
Richards, William W. 
Richards, Mrs. A. C. 
Richards, Mrs. Henry S. 
Richards, Mrs. James, 
richardson^joseph w. 
Richardson, L. O. 
Richardson, Thomas. 
Richardson, William P. 
Richardson, Miss E. 
Richmond, C. C. 
Richmond, Rev.William. 
Ridgway, James. 
Ridley, J. M. 
Ridner, John P. 



Riggs, Alfred. 
Riggs, W. T. 
Riggs, Mrs. E. 
Rigney, Thomas. 
Riker, Elijah H. 
Riker, Gilbert K. 
Riker, Henry L. 
Riker, John H. 
RlKER, M. B. 

Riley, Mrs. Hannah. 
Ring, Dr. Charles H. 
Ripley, George B. 
Rischmuller, William. 
Ritter, Dr. Thomas. 
Ritter, Miss Deborah E. 
Roach, Mrs. Frances H. 
Robbins, Ammi. 
Robbins, G. S. 
Robbins, G. "W. 
Robbins, J. D. 
Robbins, R. A. 
Robert, Cecile. 
Roberts, E. B. 
Roberts, George. 
Roberts, J. * 

Roberts, John S. 
Roberts, Marshall O. 
Roberts, Robert. 
Roberts, Robert. 
Roberts, Samuel. 
Roberts, William. 
Roberts, W. A. 
Roberts, Mrs. Annie P. 
Roberts, MissCharlotte 
Robertson, D. H. 
Robertson, James. 
Robertson, Mrs. H. S. 
Robins, Jeremiah. 
Robinson, Alfred. 
Robinson, B. P. 
Robinson, E. R. 
Robinson, Henry E. (2) 
Robinson, Henry H. 
Robinson, James P. 
Robinson, John A. 
Robinson, Robert F. 
Robinson, William P. 
Robinson, Mrs. W. R. 
Rochford, James. 
Rockwell, E. H. 
Rockwell, S. D. 
Rockwell, Walter M. 
Rockwell, Dr. William. 
Rockwood, J. S. 
Rockwood, William H 
Rockwood, Mrs. C. P. 
Rodgers, John. 
Rodgers, J. K., Jr. 
Roe. Charles S. 

Roe, Nathaniel. 
Roe, Mrs. S. R. 
Roe, Miss Matilda. 
Roenne, Baron. 
Roesen, S. 
Rogers, Albert A. 
Rogers, Amos S. 
Rogers, C. B. 
Rogers, Charles H. 
Rogers, Henry. 
Rogers, Henry. 
Rogers, I. 
Rogers, John. 
Rogers, John L. 
Rogers, M. 
Rogers, Samuel T. 
Rogers, W.B. 
Rogers, Mrs. J. E. 
Rogers, Miss A. N. 
Rogers, Miss Elizabeth 
Rolfe, Charles. 
Rolston, William H. 
Romaine, Benjamin F. 
Romaine, Nicholas T. 
Romaine, Mrs.S. B. 
Romer, John. 
Ronalds, P. L. 
Roome, Edward A. 
Roome, Martin R. 
Roome, William J. 
Roome, Mrs. Anne. 
Root, Dr. E. D. 
Root, Russell C. 
Roosevelt, James I. 
Roosevelt, James W. 
Roosevelt, Mrs. James. 
Ropes, Bexj'n G. 
Ropes, John F. 
Ropes, Mrs. John F. 
Rorbach, C. P. 
Rose, Wm.E. 
Rosekrans, James. (25) 
Rosekrans, Mrs. S. A. 
Rosette, F. 
Rosseter, Seymour. 
Rossiter, L. T. 
Rossiter, Thomas P. 
Rotton, Miss Sarah. 
Roundey, Thomas, Jr. 
Routh, Henry, Jr. 
Routh, Mrs. H. L. 
Rowe, H. N. 
Rowell, Dr. C. S. 
Rowell, Joseph. 
Rowland, George. 
Rowland, John H. 
Rowland, William S. 
Rowlands, D. 
Rudd, H. F. 

Ruggles, Henry J. (2) 
Rumrill, Mrs. Alex. 
Runk, William. 
Rushby, John. 
Russ, C. P. 
Russell, Archibald. 
Russell, Charles H. 
Russell, H. E. 
Russell, Jacob. 
Russell, John. 
Russell, Joseph. 
Russell, Salem T. 
Russell, Miss Helen N. 
Russell, Miss Maria R. 
Rust, Sumner. 
Rust, William. 
Rutherford, Lewis M. 
Ryckman, R. W., Jr. 
Ryder, Edgar T. 
Ryder, Emory. 
Ryer, R. 

Ryerson, John A. 
Ryerson, W. T. 
S., Miss Mary Ida. 
Sackett, James H. 
Safford, John, Jr. 
Sage, Francis P. 
Sage, W. B. 
St. John, Ancel. 
St. John, Chauncy. 
St. John, Thomas P. 
Sale, W. A., Jr. 
Salisbury, Stephen. 
Salisbury, Mrs. John L. 
Salter, Mrs. Benj'n, Jr. 
Saltus, Augustus N. 
Sammis, Abel. 
Sammis, John. 
Sampson, George G. 
Sampson, Joseph. 
Samson, Mrs. L. M. 
Sanderson, Sidney. 
Sandford, Charles W. 
Sandford. Lewis H. 
Sandford, Mrs. C. W. 
Sandford, Mrs. Eliza P. 
Sandford, Mrs. P. 
Sanford, A. P. 
Sanford, Charles. 
Sanford, Henry J. 
Sanford, J. F. A. 
Sanford, M. 
Sanford, Robert. 
Sanford, Truman M. 
Sanford, W. L. 
Sanford, Miss Marietta. 
Sands, Abraham B. 
Sanger, Henry. 
Sanger, Rufus. 



Sarles, Martin A. 
Saroni, Charles S. 
Saroni, Herman S. 
Satterlee, C. B. 
Satterlee, John H. 
Satterthwaite, John B. 
Saunders, Mrs. Anna. 
Saunders, Mrs. Eliza L. 
Savage, Andrew M. 
Savage, George. 
Sawyer, Nathaniel. 
Sawyer, Mrs. R. H. 
Saxton, C. M. 
Saxton, John. 
Sayre, Dr. L. A. 
Sayre, Blanche E. 
Schaxck, Daniel S. 
Schanck, James. 
Sciieitlin, A. 
Schell, Augustus. 
Sciiell, Edward. 
Schell, Robert. 
Schell, Mrs. Richard. 
Schenck, Austin. 
Schenck, James V. 
Schenck, J. W. 
Schenck, Oscar. 
Schenck, Peter H. (2) 
Schenck, Peter M. 
Schenck, Mrs. William I 
Schermerhorn, A. 


Schermerhorn, J. P., Jr 
Schermerhorn, Wm. H. 
Schermerhorn, Mrs. J. 
Schermerhorn, Miss AW 
Schermerhorn, Mast. II, 
Schieffelin, Eugene, 
schieffelix, james l. 
schieffelin, philip, 
schieffelin, s. a. (2) 
schlegel, f. 
Schleicher, A. 


schmelzel, john b. 
Schmid, Paul. 
Schmidt, Rev. H. I. 
Schmidt, John C. T. 
Schmidt, J. W. 
Schmidt, Dr. J. W. 
Schmidt, "William F. 
Schoals, F. P. 


Schott, P. S. 
schroeder, a. 
schuchardt, fred'k. (2) 
Schultz, Mrs. Margaret. 
Schuyler, P. C. 

Schuyler, R. V. R. 
Sciiwerin, Max. 
Scofiel, W. H. 
Scott, A. M. L. 
Scott, G. R. 
Scott, John M. 
Scott, M. W. 
Scott, Thomas. 
Scott, William B. 
Scott, William C. 
Scovel, Charles M. 
Scranton, W. B. 
Scriba, F. G. 
Scribner, Charles. 
Scudder, Henry G. 


Scudder, William H. 

Seabury, C. B. 

Seabury, John S. 

Seaman, J. 

Seaman, Richard W. 

Seaman, Samuel J. 

Seaman, SklahD. 

Searles, Hamilton R. 

Sears, Robert. 

Sears, S. W. 

Sears, Harriet. 

Seavy, Miss Mary P. 

Secor, David H. 

Secor,T. F. 

Sedgwick, Stephen J. 

Seeley, Miss Mary B. 
Seely, Miss Eveline A. 
Sell, William P. 
Selleck, David R. 
Sergeant, Mrs. S. R. 
"S. E. S., Miss." 
Sessions, George W. 
Seton, Alfred. 
Sewall. I. N. 
Seymour, C.St. John. 
Seymour, Daniel. 
Seymour, F. A. 
Seymour, William N. 
Seymour, Mrs. Abby G. 
Seymour, Mrs. E. 
Siiaddle, H. V. 
Shaffer, Chauncey. (2) 
Shaffer, Mrs. Chauncey 
Shaffer, Miss Caroline 
Shaffer, Miss Helen. 
Shaffer, Miss Sarah M 
Shannon, William. 
Shatter, James S. 
Sharp, P. G., Jr. 
Shaw, F. G. 
Shaw, J. B. 

Shaw, Miss Mary Ann. 
"S.II. C." (3) 

Sheffield, James M. 
Sheffield, Mrs.Sarah S. 
Shegogue, I. II. 
Sheldon, George R. 
Sheldon. George T. E. 
Sheldon, Henry A. 
Sheldon, James. 
Sheldon, James O. 
Sheldon, William C. 
Sheldon, Miss Jane T. 
Shepherd, Charles A. 
Shepherd, Daniel. 
Sherman, Edward. 
Sherman, T., Jr. 
Sherman, Mrs. E. 
Sherman, Mrs. P. A. 
Sherwood, George E. 
Sherwood, John D. 
Sherwood, Mr. 
Sherwood, Mrs. Sam'l P. 
Shields, George. 
Shields, George H. 
Shields, Miss Eliz'h J.P. 


Show, Otho. 

Shumway, Henry C. 

Shute, Charles. 

Shute, John W. 

Shutes, Samuel E. 

Sibell, William E. 

Sickles, William B. 

Sigler, Horace V. 

Sillcox, Isaac W. 

Silliman, Charles A. 

Simes, John D. 

Simons, W. W. 

Simoxson, Warren. 

Simonton, T. C. 

Simpson, James. 

Simpson, Dr. J., u. s. a. 

Simpson, James M. 

Simpson, John. 

Simpson, J. B. 

Simpson, Miss C. P. 
Simpson, Miss S. R. 
Sinclair, Samuel. 
Sinclair, William. 
Sinclair, William T. 
Sinclair, Mrs. M. 
Sistare, G. King. 
Skelding, James A. 
Skelding, Mrs. D. M. 
Skiddy, Mrs. 
Skidmore, Robert C. 
Skidmore, William T. 
Skinner, Horace N. 
Skinner, Miss M. A. A. 
Slauson, Charles S. 
Slidell, Nicholas M. 



Sloan, James M. 
Sloane, John. 
Slocum, R. S. 
Slocum, William H. 
Slosson, A. 
Slosson, Edward. 
Slosson, William H. 
Sluyter, James S. 
Sly, Edward. 
Small, William E. 
Smedberg, Mrs. Ciias. G 
Smedes, George. 
Smillie, James. 
Sminck, Mrs. Ellen. 
Smith, Albert J. 
Smith, Albert W. 
Smith, Alexander. 
Smith, Alfred E. 
Smith, Andrew. 
Smith, C. 

Smith, C. Bainbridge. 
Smith, Cuauncey H. 
Smith, Edwin. 
Smith, Francis W. 
Smith, Frederick B. 
Smith, G. A. 
Smith, Gamaliel G. 
Smith, George Miles. 
Smith, Giles W. 
Smith, Hamilton L. 
Smith, Henry W. 
Smith, H. W. 
Smith, Isaac T. (2) 
Smith, Israel, Jr. 
Smith, James. 
Smith, James A. 
Smith, James Edward. 
Smith, Jas. Edward, Jr. 
Smith, James M... Jr. 
Smith, James O. 
Smith, James R. R. 
Smith, J. Calvin. 
Smith, John Calvin. 
Smith, John E. 
Smith, La Fayette. 
Smith, Lemuel. (2) 
Smith, N. Denton. 
Smith, Richard J. 
Smith, Russell. 
Smith, Sterling. 
Smith, Thomas C. 
Smith, Thomas J. 
Smith, U. J. 
Smith, Dr. Walter. 
Smith, Washington M. 
Smith, William. 
Smith, William, Jr. 
Smith, Wm. Alexander. 

Smith, William H. 
Smith, William S. 
Smith & Van Horn. 
Smith, Mrs. Catharine G. 
Smith, Mrs. Charlotte C. 
Smith, Mrs. C. M. 
Smith, Mrs. Clark P. 
Smith, Mrs. David. 
Smith, Mrs. D. 
Smith, Mrs. D. A. 
Smith, .Mrs. D. Drake. 
Smith, Mrs. E. C. 
Smith, Mrs. Frances II. 
Smith, Mrs. Dr. G. B. 
Smith, Mrs. G. B. 
Smith, Mrs. H. 
Smith, Mrs. H. T. 
Smith, Mrs. James A. 
Smith, Mrs. J. Lee. 
Smith, Mrs. James T. 
Smith, Mrs. Jane E. 
Smith, Mrs. M. M. 
Smith, Mrs. Sarah S. 
Smith, Almira. 
Smith, Miss Cornelia H. 
Smith, Miss ElizabkthF. 
Smock, Daniel P. 
Smythe, H. A. 
Spelling, Mrs. J. 
Snyder, Edwin. 
Snyder, Miss Helen C. 
Soutiiacx, Mrs. C. 
Southard, C. H. 
Southmayd, Lewis O. 


Soutuwick, J. E. 
Southwick, James R. 
Southwortu, J. E. 
Southworth, P. 
southworth, p. t. 
Sowdon, George. 
Spaulding, Henry F. 
Spaulding, M. B. 
Speaights, Charles A. 
Spear, Alva. 
Spear, Charles. 
Speer, Joseph T. 
Speir, Francis. 
Speir, G. M. 
Spence, Andrew. 
Spencer, Albert. 
Spencer, G. G. 
Spencer, L. 
Spencer, W. D. 
Spencer, Miss C. Ada. 
Spencer, Miss Catii'e T. 
Spicer, Charles B. 
Spicer, D. H. 
Spicer, William F.,u.s.n. 

Spicer, Mrs. Charles B. 
Spofford, Paul. 
Spooner, Mrs. Jane E. 
Sprague, Edgar. 
Sprague, Joseph A. 
Sprague, Roswell. 
Sprague, Mrs. W. F. 
Sprague, Miss Sarah. 
Spring, Gardiner, Jr. 
Spring, Marcus. 
Sproull, John J. 
Sproull, Thomas. 
Spycer, R. S. 
Squier, E. G. 
Squires, Mrs. Robert. 
Staats, Richard H. 
Staats, William Henry. 
Stack, Thomas. 
Stagg, Benjamin. 
Stagg, Charles F. 
Stagg, E. T. 
Stagg, Junius T. 
Stagg, Thomas G. 
Stagg, Mrs. Caroline T 
Stagg, Mrs. Louisa C. 
Stanton, Henry. 
Stanton, John, Jr. 
Stanton, Thomas P. 
Staples, Joseph. 
Starbuck, M. 
Starr, Charles, Jr. 
Starr, Daniel L. 
Starr, Egbert. 
Starr, E. T. 
Starr, L. 
Starr, Peter, Jr. 
Stearns, J. B. 
Stebbins, George N. 
Stebbins, Henry G. 
Stebbins, H. N. 
Stebbins, S. N. 
Steele, William, Jr. 
Stenz, George. 
Stephens, Edward. 
Stephenson, E. S. 
Stephenson, Frederick. 
Stephenson, G. S. 
Sterling, P. F. 
Sterling, William G. 
Stetson, C. A. 
Stevens, Dr. Anson O. 
Stevens, Barlow. 
Stevens, Frederick. 
Stevens, George W. 
Stevens, Henry. 
Stevens, H. M. 
Stevens, John A. 
Stevens, J. C. 
Stevens, John O. 



Stevens, L. W. 
Stevens, T. G. 
Stevens, Mrs. A. II. 
Stevens. Miss C. V. 
Stevenson, H. L. 
Stevenson, Miss Mary. 
Steward, D. Jackson. 
Steward, Miss II. L. R. 
Stewart, Arthur. 
Stewart, A. B. 
Stewart, C. L. 
Stewart, Daniel W. 
Stewart, II. M. 
Stewart, John. 
Stewart, John A. 
Stewart, John M. 
Stewart, T. B. 
Stewart, T. D. 
Stewart, William G. 
Stewart, Mrs. C. L. 
Stewart, Mrs. T. D. 
Stewart, Miss Adelia. 
Stewart, Miss Isabella. 
Stiles, Samuel. 
Stiles, William H. 
Stillman, J. H. 
Stillman, W. H. 
Stillwell, Richard E. 
Stillwell, E., m.d. 
Stillwell, Rev. Wm. M. 
Stites, George M. 
Stockbridge, J., U.S.N. 
Stocking, Rev. S. S. 
Stone, Andrew. 
Stone, Andrew S. 
Stone, Asaph. 
Stone, Edward. 
Stone, E. L. 
Stone, George C. 
Stone, Henry. 
Stone, Henry A. 
Stone, J. C. 
Stone, James Mason. 
Stone, James W. 
Stone, John. (2) 
Stone, Joseph F. 
Stone, J. G. 
Stone, Dr. John O. 
Stone, S. B. 
Stone, W. H. 
Stone, Mrs. Asaph. 
Stone, Mrs. Henry L. 
Stone, Mrs. J. Cameron 
Stone, Miss Mary F. 
Storer, Albert. 
Storer, George L. 
Storm, Walter. 
Storm, William P. 
Story, Theodore. 

Stott, Alexander. 
Stott, Miss Emily. 
Stout, Richard. 
Stout, Theodore. 
Stoutenburgh, David. 
Stoutenburgh, Wm. T. 
Stow, G. W. 
Strang, Stephen B. 
Strang, Theodosius. 
Strang, Mrs. E. J. 
Stratton, James L. 
Strebeigii,RobertM. (2) 
Stringer, Mrs. James. 
Strong, C. E. 
Strong, Charles II. 
Strong, Edward. 
Strong, Robert M. K. 
Strong, William S. 
Strong, Mrs. William K. 
Strybing, Henry. 
Stuart, Alexander. (6) 
Stuart, Charles A. 
Stuart, Charles E. 
Stuart, Homer II. 
Stuart, Oliver J. 
Stuart, R. L. 
Stuart, Mrs. J. 
Stuart, Mrs. Mary. 
Sturges, David C. 
Sturgess, Jonathan. 
Sturgess, Wm. Jr. (2) 
Sturgess, Mrs. Wm., Jr. 
Sturgis, Russell. 
Stuyvesant, John R. 
Stuyvesant, Mrs. P. J. 


Sullivan, Charles. 
Sullivan, E. L. 
Sullivan, James. 
Sullivan, Mrs. Nathan. 
Summers, Miss Caroline 
Sus, A. W. 
SutpheN; John. (2) 
Sutton, Charles. 
Sutton, Cornelius K. 
Sutton, C. K. 
Suydam, D. L. 
Suydam, Daniel R. 
Suydam, F., Jr. 
Suydam, James. 
Suydam, J. Adrian. 
Suydam, J. R. 
Suydam, Lambert. 
Suydam, S. A. 
Suydam, Mrs. F., Jr. 
Suydam, Mrs. Louisa. 
Suydam, Mrs. Richard. 
Suydam, Miss Jane. 
Swain, Robert B. 

Swan, Caleb. 
Swan, Charles, Jr. 
' Swan, William H. 
Swan, Mrs. M. A. 
Swartwout, S., Jr., U.S.N. 


Sweet, F. F. 
Sweet, Joseph T. 
Sweet, William Hart. 
Sweet, Mrs. Joseph T. 
Sweeny, Peter B. 
Sweezey, Nelson. 
Swift, Charles. 
Swift, Henry. 
Swift, John H. 
Swords, Charles R. 
Swords, Edward J. 
Swords, Mrs. George H. 
Sykes, L. A. 
Symington, James. 
Taber, Charles Corey. 
Taber, H. M. 
Taggart, Rev. J. W. 
Talbot, W. R. 
Tallman, G. D. 
Tallman, U. 
Talman, William G. 
Tappan, C P. 
Tappan, H. P. 
Tarrant, James. (2) 
Tate, Thomas. 
Tatham, Benjamin. 
Taylor, C. G. 
Taylor, Francis. 
Taylor, George. 
Taylor, George G. 
Taylor, G.W. 
Taylor, Gustavus U. 
Taylor, H. A. 
Taylor, H. M. 
Taylor, James. 
Taylor, James M. 
Taylor, John. 
Taylor, John N. 
Taylor, Capt. Joseph. 
Taylor, J. Bayard. 
Taylor, J. E. 
Taylor, Lawrence. 
Taylor, Moses. 
Taylor, S. M. 
Taylor, Sylvester. 
Taylor, William. 
Taylor, William. 
Taylor, William A. 
Taylor, William C. 
Taylor, Mrs. Alex. 
Taylor, Mrs. Ann. 
Teackle, Miss V. W. 
Teare, John. 



Tefft, C. G. 
Telfair, Miss Mary. 
Ten Broeck, J. 
Ten Eyck, Andrew. 
Ten Eyck, John C. 
Tenney, Mrs. Elizabeth. 
Terrett, Horatio N. 
Terry, John D. 
Terry, Matthew. 
Terry, Samuel H. 
Thatford, Gilbert S. 
Thayer, Miss Sarah S. 
Therasson, L. F. 
Thomas, B. S. 
Thomas, Charles R. 
Thomas, Edward I. 
Thomas, Griffith. 
Thomas, Henry A. 
Thomas, J. 
Thomas, John. 
Thomas, J. P. 
Thomas, Lewis S. 
Thomas, Ludlow. 
Thompson, Abel K. 
Thompson, Albert A. 
Thompson, Alexander B 
Thompson, A. D. 
Thompson, Benjamin M. 
Thompson, D. 
Thompson, D. M. 
Thompson, Geo. J. S. 
Thompson, Jonathan. 
Thompson, Martin E. 
Thompson, William. 
Thompson, Mrs. George. 
Thompson, Miss Emily E. 
Thomson, George F. 
Thorburn, George C. 
Thorburn, Wm. M. 
Thorn, James, Jr. 
Thorn, William H. 
Thornton, Anthony. 
Thurston, C. M. 
Thurston, F. G. 
Thurston, G. P. 
Thurston, Mrs. C. M. 
Thurston, Mrs. R. H. 
Tibbits, Howard M. 
Tibbits, William H. 
Ticiienor, Jonathan B. 
Tiebout, James. 
Tiemann, J. W. 
Tiers, William M. 
Tilden, J. 
Tilden, Samuel J. 
Tileston, Thomas. 
Tileston, W. H. 
Tilford, James A. 


Tillotson, Governeur. 
Tilton, A. H. 
Tilton, Homer. 
Timpson, George. 
Timpson, John H. 
Tinker, E. G. 
Titcomb, A. H. 
Titler, James M. 
Titus, Allen M. 
Titus, O. S. 
Titus, S. L. 
Titus, W. H. 
Titus, W. H. 
Titus, Mrs. George N. 
Tobias, Alfred. 
Tobias, Mrs. Alfred. 
Todd, George W. 
Todd, N. P. 
Todd, W. J. 

Todd, Miss Matilda C. 
Tomes, David Hadden. 
Tomlinson, Isaac. 

Tompkins, D. S. 

Tompkins, E. O. 

Tompson, Mrs. Thomas. 

Tooker, R. A. 

Tooper, William. 

Topping, William. 

Totten, Mrs. C. R. 

Tousey, Sinclair. 

Towle, James H. 

Townley, James H. 

Townsend, A. J. 

Townsend, Daniel W. 

Townsend, E. J. 

Townsend, Edward W. 

Townsend, George E. 

Townsend, James H. 

Townsend, John J. 

Townsend, John J. 

Townsend, O. H. P. 

Townsend, Peter, Jr. 

Townsend, R. H. L. 

Townsend, S. P. 

Townsend,Thomas S. 

Townsend, Walter B. 

Townsend, W. H. 

Townsend, W. H. 

Townsend, Wisner H. 

Townsend, Mrs. Eliza. 

Townsend, Mrs. Isaac. 

Townsend, Miss C. B. 

Tracy, Edward H. 

Tracy, E. H. 

Tracy, Frederick. 

Tracy, James J. 

Tracy, J. W. 

Trask, A. G. 

Treadwell, Edward F. 

Treadwell, Henry R. 
Tredwell, George. 
Tremain, Edward R. 
Trimble, Daniel. 
Tripler, W. C. 
Tripp, N. W. 
Trow, Edwin. 
Trow, John F. 
Trow, Joseph. 
Trowbridge, F. H. 
Trowbridge, James H. 
Trowbridge, Mrs. J. A. 
Truesdell, E. D. 
Truex, Jacob. 
Truslow, James L. 
Truslow, John. 
Truslow, Samuel W. 
Truslow, Thomas, Jr. 
Truslow, William. 
Tryon, Francis. 
Tryon, Mrs. Samuel. 
Tubby, Joseph. 
Tucker, Charles. 
Tucker, James W. 
Tucker, John. 
Tucker, M. 

Tucker, Mrs. Anna E. 
Tucker, Mrs. F. C. 
Tunison, George M. 
Turcot, Denis P. 
Turell, C. J. 


Turk, Frank. 
Turnbull, A. W., Jr. 
Turnbull, Mrs. F. M. 
Turner, D. B. 
Turner, Master H. B. 
Turney, P. W. 
Turnor, J. Edward. 
Turnure, Abraham. 
Turnure, Lawrence. 
Turnure, William A. 
Tuthill, Theodore M. 
Tuttle, Albert S. 
Tuttle, Charles. 
Tuttle, Mrs. Sarah. 
Tuttle, Miss Ida. 
Tweddle, John, Jr. 
Tweed, William. 
Tweedy,"Oliver B. 
Tyson, William A. 
Uhliiorn, William C. 

Underhill, Dr. Alfred. 
Underuill, A. J. 
Underhill, A. S. 
Underhill, Daniel. 
Underhill, George W. 
Underhill, James W. 



Underuill, John. 
Underhill, Dr. R. F. 
Underhill, W. S. 
Underhill, William W. 
Upiiam, Alfred W. 
Upton, Frances H. 
Usher, Robert, Jr. 
Vail, Henry F. 
Vail, II. N. 
Vail, Mrs. Walter. 
Valentine, Abraham G. 
Valentine, Benj. Swift. 
Valentine, David T. 
Valentine, E. B. 
Valentine, Richard C. 
Vallotton, James L. 
Value, J. R. 
Van Allen, William. 
Van Antwerp, James. 
Van Antwerp, Mrs. M. 
Van Antwerp, Mrs. P. 
Van Arsdale, Henry, m.d 
Van Bergen, P. A. 
Van Beuren. M. M. 
Van Beuren, Mrs.M. S. 
Van Beuren, Miss E. A. 
Van Beuren, Miss E. S. 
Van Beuren, Miss J. F. 
Van Beuren, Miss M. L. 
Van Beuren, Master FA. 
Van Beuren, Master H.S. 
Van Bokkelen, S. D. C. 
Van Boskerck, W. AV. 
Van Brunt, R. N. 
Van Buren, Mrs. 
Van Buren, Mrs. A. 
Van Buren, Miss Mary L. 
Van Buskirk, George. 
Vanderbeek. I. I. 
Vanderbeek, William. 
Vanderburgh, John S. 
Vanderburgh, Mrs. G.E. 
Vanderhoff, E. A. 
Vanderlip, Mrs. Grace R 
Van Deusen, Mrs. D. 
Vandewater, R. J. 
Vandyke, Michael M. 
Van Dyke, Mrs. R. A. 
Vanepps, Abram. C. 
Vanepps, George K. 
Van Every, Mrs. Maria. 
Van IIoesen, Miss E. 
Van Horn, C. 
Van Horn, John. 
Van Kleek, John. 
Van Nest, John. 
VanNostrand, Jacob. 
Van Nostrand, Joseph. 
Van Nostrand, Mrs. II. J. 

Van Rensselaer, Alex. 
Van Renssalaer, H. R. 
Van Rensselaer, J. C. 
Van Renssalaer, P. S. 
Van Rossum, John Peter. 
Van Schaick, B. 
Van Schaick, Henry. 
Van Schaick, Mrs. 
Van Syckel,Elbridge.(0) 
Vantambacht, A. 
Van Valkenburgu, W. K. 
Van Velsor, Henry. 
Van Wagenen, Jacob. 
Van Wagenen, R.D. 
Van Winckle, A. W. (3) 
Van Winckle, Mrs. A. J. 
Van Winkle, Edgar S. 
Van Winkle, T. C. 
Van Worst, I. V. 
Van Worst, Mrs. I. V. 
Van Wyck, H. L. 
Varian, Isaac R. 
Varian, Joshua M. 
Varian, Miss Emma. 
Varick, Miss Harriet J. 
Varnum, Mrs. S. M. 
Van Zandt, P. P. 
Veasey, William B. 
Veghte, Rynier. 
Vermilye, Richard H. 
Vermilye, William H. 
Verplanck, B. 
Verplanck, G. 

VlDALL, U. B. 

Vincent, Edward. 
"Vixen," Yacht. 
Vogel, George A. 
Vogell, J. A. 
Vooriiees, Mrs. Sarah. 
Voorhies, John S. 
Voorhies, Robert C. 
Vooriiis, Thomas G. 
Vose, C. L. 

Vredenbergh, JonN S. 
Vroom. P. D. 
Vulte, Frederick L. 
Vultk, Frederick L.. Jr. 
Vulte', Eveleen T. 
Vultee, Mrs. CharlesW. 
Vultee, Mrs. T. H. 
Vultee, Miss Maria L. 
Waddell, W. C. H. 
Wade, Mrs. John. 
Wadsworth, Julius. 
Wadsworth, William. 
Wagstaff, D. 
Wakeman, William. 
Walcott, B. S., Jr. 
Waldron, G. B. 

Waldron, Isaac P. (2) 
Walker, E. 
Walker, Ferdinand. 
Walker, Joseph. 
Walker, Joseph E. 
Walker, Thomas E. 
Walker, W. 
Walker, William. 
Walker, William A. 
Walker, William H. 
Walker, Miss Cath'ne M 
Walkley, Hazleton. 
Wallace, Thomas. 
Waller, C. C. 
Waller, W. R. 
Waller, Miss M. E. M. 
Walsh, George. 
Walsh, James. 
Walsh, Thomas C. 
Walter, James R. 
Walter and Lydia. 
Waltermire, William. 
Walters, Miss Lydia. 
Walton, H. A. 
Walton, Mtss. 
Wandell, B. C. ■ 
Ward, A. H. 
Ward, C. H. 
Ward, H. H. 
Ward, Moses. 
Ward, Nehemiah. 
Ward, Oliver D. 
Ward, Thomas. 
Ward, William. 
Ward, W. H. 
Ward, Dr. Thomas. (2) 
Ward, Mrs. Emily. 
Ward, Mrs. E. H. 
Ward, Mrs. Willet C. 
Ward, Mrs. W. G. 
Ward, Miss H. 
Ward, Miss M. G. 
Waring, S. D. 
Warner, Andrew. 
Warner, Edward J. 
Warner, Hiram W. 
Warner, L. T. 
Warner, Peter R. 
Warner, Thomas. 
Warner, W. H. 
Warner, Miss Kate. 
Warnock, Joseph. 
Warren, James. 
Warren, John. 
Warren, John E. 
Warren, Richard. 
Warren, W. E. 
Warren, Mrs. A. C. 
Warren, Miss M. L. 



Warren, Mrs. A. 
Washburn, G. W. 
Washburn, Piulo. 
Washburn, Miss H. J. 
Waterburt, C. G. 
Waterbury, Harvey H. 
Waterburt, Nelson J. 
Waterbury, William M. 
Waterbury, Mrs. S. W. 
Waterman, Robert H. 
Waters, George G. 
Waters, James F. 
Waters, T. L. C. 
Watkins, James Y. 
Watkins, John L. 
Watrous, R. 
Watson, Harley. 
Watson, James. 
Watson, James. 
Watson, John. 
Watson, Robert S. 
Watson, William. 
Watt, William. 
Watts, Lewis H. 
Watts, Mrs. R., Jr. 
Waugh, J. L. (2) 
Waugh, John D. 
Way, William. 
Wayland, Mrs. Letitia. 
Weaver, P. G. 
Webb, Charles. 
Webb, Charles D. 
Webb, James. 
Webb, J. B. 
Webb, J. Watson. 
Webb, William H. (2) 
Webb, Mrs. Henrietta A 
Webster, B. C. 
Webster, Cap. C.R., u.s.a. 
Webster, Geo. C. 
Webster, Samuel A. 
Webster, William M. 
Weed, James J. 
Weed, John R. 
Weed, William D. 
Weed, William H. 
Weed, William H. 
Weekes, Hobart. 
Weekes, Mrs. IsabellaA. 
Weekes, Miss Josephine. 
Weeks, Edward A. 
Weeks, H. B. 
Weeks, John A. 
Weibel, Joseph A. 
Weibel, Mrs. Joseph A. 
Weir, Silas E. 
Weller, John. 
Welles, Geo. H. 
Wells, D. G. 

Wells, H. D. 
Wells, Helmus M. 
Wells, J. C. 
Wells. Dr. Thomas. 
Wells, Mrs. 
Welsh, George W. 
Wendell, John L. 
Wentzel, Henry. 
Wesson, David. 
West, Mrs. Edward C. 
Weston, E. B. 
Weston, J. L. 
Weston, R. W. 
Weston, S. H. 
Westervelt, Harman C 
Westervelt, John. 
Westervelt, John A. 
Westervelt, John J. V. 
Westervelt, J. W. 
Westray, Fletcher. 
Wetherell, Edward. 
Wetmore, A. R. 
Wetmore, Charles F. 
Wetmork, David. 
Wetmore, Edward A. 
Wetmore, George C. 
Wetmore, Prosper M. 
Wetmore, P. M., Jr. 
Wetmore, Mrs. L. A. 
Wetmore, Miss C. A. 
Wetmore, Elizabeth. 
Wetmore, Miss F. L. 
Wetmore, Miss G. T. 
Wetmore, Sarah E. 
Wetsell, George. 
Wharton, C. W. 
Wheaton, George M. 
Wheeler, Alfred. 
Wheeler,- Frederick G. 
Wheeler, Ira B., Jr. 
Wheeler, John, Jr. 
Wheeler, O. P. 
Wheeler, Thomas M. 
Wheeler, Mrs. Amanda. 
Wheelwright, B. F. 
Wheelwright, C. M. 
Wheelwright, W. 
« W. H. H. & S. B. L." 
Whiley, Mrs. R. 
Whitaker, Thomas A. 
Whitcomb, M. P. 
Whitcomb, N. P. 
White, E. H. 
White, Frederick. 
White, John H. 
White, John M. 
White, Joseph T. 
White, Norman. 
White, Thomas. 

White, W. W. 
White, Mrs. Edwin. 
White, Mrs. J. L. 
White, Miss Harriet. 
Whitehead, John. 


Whitfield, J. 
Whiting, D. J. 
Whiting, Mrs. Gen'l H. 
Whitley, Thomas W. 
Wiiitlock, Benjamin M. 
Whitlock, Edward A. 
Whitlock, George. 
Whitlock, Jno. W. 
Whitlock, William S. 
Whitmore, E. P. 
Wuitmore, I. C. 
Whitmore, J. C. 
Whitney, James F. 
WniTON, F. L. 
Whittaker, AVilliam B. 
Whittelsey, H. M. 
Whittemore, J. Bayard. 
Whittemore, R.B. 
Whittemore, T. 
Whittemore, Timothy. 
Whittemore, Wm. T. 
Wickiiam, R. H., Jr. 
Wicks, Thomas. 
Widdifield, Samuel. 
Wight, Edward. 
Wight, Franklin. 
Wight, L. L. 
Wight, Mrs. A, 
Wilbur, Charles Henry. 
Wilcox, Charles C. 
Wilcox, ELisnA C. 
Wilcox, Jared. 
Wilcox, J. T. 
Wilcox, Nathaniel H. 
Wilcox, Stephen. 
Wilcox, Mrs. Ann. 
Wilcox, Mrs. H. R. 
Wiley, John. 
Wilkes, Hamilton. 
Wilkie, William H. 
Wilkinson. Jeremiah A, 
Willard, J. C. 
vVillett, James C. 
Willetts, Daniel T. 


Williams, A. F. 
Williams, Charles C. 
Williams, Francis B. 
Williams, George. 
Williams, George H. 
Williams, George S. 
Williams, Horace G. 
Williams, I. P. 




Williams, John H. 
Williams, P. H. 
Williams, Samuel T. 
Williams, Stephen C. 
Williams, Thomas, Je. 
AVilliams, William J. 
Williams, Wilmot. 
Williams, Mrs. R. 
Williams, Miss Emma. 
Williamson, D. H. 
Williamson, James A. 
Williamson, James G. 
Willis, Alfred. 
Willis, Edward. 
Willis, John. 
Willis, John R. 
Willis, John R. 
Willis, Mrs. F. 
Willis, Miss Anna F. 
Williston, Mrs. J. T. 
Williston, Miss C. A. 


Wilson, James C. * 

Wilson, John. 
Wilson, J., Jr. 
Wilson, John B. 
Wilson, Joseph H. 
Wilson, L. O. 
Wilson, O. B. 
Wilson, O. II. 
Wilson, W. C. 
Wilson, William H. 
Wilson, Mrs. B. M. 
Wilson, Mrs. John. 


Winans, Joseph W. 
Winchester, E. 
Winslow, R. H. 
Winslow, Thomas, 
wlnterbottom, thomas. 


Winthrop, Thomas C. 

WlNTRlNGllAM, J. (2) 

Wise, M. 


Wolcott, F. H. 
Wolfe, Christopher. 
Wolfe, John. 
Wood, Abraham. 
Wood, Benjamin, Jr. 
Wood, Beverly C. 
Wood, Charles B. (2) 
Wood, David A. 

Wood, Frederick. 
Wood, Henry. 
Wood, Henry L. 
Wood, Jacob. 
Wood, Jacob B. 
Wood, James C. 
Wood, John H. 
Wood, J. Wardell. 
Wood, Oliver E. 
Wood, R. H. 
Wood, William. 
Wood, Mrs. Orrin. 
Wood, Miss Anna M. 
Wood, Miss Elizabeth. 


Woodford, O. P. 
Woodford, Master S. 
Woodham, Alfred. 
Woodman, Miss Emily. 
Woodruff, Hampton. 
Woodruff, L. B. 
Woodruff, Samuel M. 
Woods, W. H, Jr. 
Woodville. Mrs. Ellen. 
Woodward, J. 
Woodward, R. T. 
Woodward, Theo. F. 
Woodward, Thomas. 
Woodward, William S. 
Woodward, Wm. Searle 
Woodwortii, F. A. 
Woodworth, Mrs. J. F. 
Woolsey, E. J. 
Woolsey, Mrs. Eliza J. 
Woolsey, Mrs. Susan P. 
Worden, Mrs. John L. 
Work, Frank. 
Wotherspoon, James. 
Wright, Rev. A. H. 
Wright, D. D. 
Wright, George Wm. 
Wright, II. Allen. 
Wright, James B. 
Wright, John B. 
Wright, J. Butler. 
Wright, John G. 
Wright, William. 
Wright, W. W. 
Wright, Mrs. Alfred. 
Wright, Mrs. M. A. 
Wright, Mrs. W. P. 
Wright, Miss Caroline. 
Wright, Miss Lorenda. 
Wyckoff, Albert. 
Wyckoff, S. S. 
Wyckoff, Mrs. R. L. 
Wyeth, L. J. 
Wylie, Robert L. 
Wynants. David. 

Wynkoop, F. S. 
Yates, Charles. 
Yates, Mrs. Salina. 
Yeaton, William. 
Yelverton, Henry. 
Yelverton, John P. 
Yelverton, R. 
York, S. P. 
Youle, George. 
Youle, George W. 
Young, Edmund M. 
Young, Francis G. 
Young, I. H. 
Young, John C 
Young, John Labagh. (2) 
Young, Stephen B. 
Young, T. B. 
Young, Waldron. 
Young, William. 
Youngs, David L. 
Zabriskie, A. G. 
Zahner, R. 

Ziegler, G. Frederick. 
Zuill, John J. 

New York Mills. 

Walcot, Charles D. 

Niagara Falls. 
Callahan, J. G. 
Callahan, Mary A. 
Conger, Mrs. 
Doty, John. 
Fassett, A. K. 
hollery, g. w. 
Parsons, Erastus. 
Porter, A. II. 
Trott, James F. 

Fay, Mrs. C. 

North Salem. 
Beers, Mrs. Jane. 
Holcomb, Joel. 
Mead, George W. 

Babcock, J. E. 
Burlingame, H. C. 
Clarke, H. R. 
Conkey, Mrs.W. M. 
De Forest, Mrs. H. 
Geiffing, David. 
Griffing, F. C. 
Hill, Mrs. John F. 
Hinckley, Mrs. E. B. 
Hubbard, Harvey. 
Kittell, J. B. 
Lawrence, John. 



Leal, I,. A. F. 
Mason, William N. 
Milner, Thomas. 
Mitchell, John. 
Morse, Dr. J. C. 
Murray, C. D. 
Murray, H. K. (2) 
Pellett, W. B. 
Rexford, B. P. 
Rexford, J. De Witt. 
Rogers, Miss Ann E. 
Smith, Mrs. E. B. 
Stedman, James. 
Stedman, Miss Mary C. 
Willard, Kate. 
Willcox, Eli II. 
Willcox, G. H. 


Coe, Lawrence W. 
Swain, Mrs. J. 


Hill, J. W. 

Smith, C. T. 

Smith, Mrs. Eleanor. 

Averill, Mrs. James G. 
Campbell, Mrs. L. C. 
Fairciiild, Mrs. E. N. 
Foote, Mrs. H. G. 
Humphrey, Frederick M. 
Judson, John D. 
Seymour, George N. 
Van Renssalaer, Henry. 
Vilas, R. 
Worrall, James. 

Higgindotiiam, N. 
Messenger, I. N. 

Oneida Castle. 
Graves, N. F. 

Cooke, Ossian Scott. 
Cooke, Woodbury K. 


Gaston, Charles D. 

Babcock, Leander. 
Bunker, Weston. 
Canfield, Calvert M. 
Churchill, John C. 
De Zeng, Rev. Edward. 

Hurlbut, II. H. 
Isaacs, Benj. 
Johnson, John B. 
Lathrop, S. H. 
Ludlow, Hon. S.B. 
Mollison, Gilbert. 
Pardee, Myron W. 
Perry, Abisha W. 
Perry, Miss Ann M. 
Phillips, John. 
Pitkins, I. Wells. 
Seeley, George. 
Shumway, William H. 
Vandewater, William H 
Van Dyck, Henry F. 
Wheeler, William H. 
Wright, Luther. 

Mullock, J. 

Joy, Henry L. 
Joy, Miss Cornelia C. 

Avery, Charles P. 
Bell, William H. 
Brown, R. Newton. 
Calhoun, Andrew H. 
Ciiatfield, Thomas I. 
Gregory, Odell. 
Hollenback, George W. 
Johnson, Mrs. Mary E. 
Manning, Lewis. 
Munger; Alanson. 
Parker, John M. 
Pinney, Edward S. 
Platt, Mrs. William. 
Pumpelly, George J. 
Pumpelly, Mrs. F. H. 
Stancliff, Lewis J. 
Stone, William P. 
Storrs, Aaron P. 
Truman, Lucius. 
Warner, William F. 
Wright, James. 
Wright, James Charles. 

Clapp, James. 
Clarke, Francis G. 
Clarke, Samuel W. 
Clarke, Mrs. James W. 
" Copartnership." 
Hyde, Miss Caroline E. 
Lewis, Samuel E. 
Locke, C. F. T. 
Locke. Mrs. John V. N. 

McNeil, George. 
" My Boy." 

Mygatt, John Tracy. 
Packer, William W. 
Perkins, Gerrit H. 
Perkins, Mrs. Gurdon. 
"The Beauties." 
Thompson, Charles L. 
Tracy, Mrs. Susan. 
Van Der Lyn, Henry, Jr. 
Van Wagenen, William. 

Oyster Bay. 

Strew, William W., m.d. 
Woods, William. 
Young, Samuel. 
Youngs, David J. 
Youngs, Miss Hannah. 

Painted Post. 
Erwin, Charles H. (2) 

Palatine Bridge. 
Du Bois, Charles. 
More, David 2. 
Spraker, Frazier. 
Spraker, James. 

Aldrich, William F. 
Anderson, Mrs. E. M. 
Chipman, Miss J. B. 
Clark, Mrs. John L. 
Cuyler, George W. 
Cuyler, William H. 
Hyde, Alvan. 
Morley, Mrs. Frederick. 
Myrick, J. William. 
Nind, Miss Louisa E. 
Palmer, Mrs. Susan A. 
Rogers, Carlton H. 
Sanford, A. C 
Smith, F. M. 
Southwich, William H. 
LFnderhill, Edwin. 
Walker, Hon. James E. 
Wilder, E. C. 
Williams, Franklin. 

Paris Furnace. 
Millard, S. A. 

Ludington, George. 

Armstrong, Mrs. Agnes. 
Clapp, Dolland F. 
Horton, Frost. 



Howard, Ward B. 
Minor, Truman. 
Nelson, Thomas. 
Nelson, William R. 
Nelson, Mrs. William. 
Seymour, Isaac. 
Seymour, Mrs. Isaac. 
Wells, Edward. 

Pell. R. L. 

Penn Yan. 
Bennett, Henry B. 
Bennett, Miss Mary A. 
Buckley, Samuel B. 
Dunning, Levi O. 
Evershed, Thomas. 
Fish, Mrs. S. R. 
Greig, Cart. John. 
Holmes, Farley. 
Jillett, I. S. 
Jones, E. B. 
Judd, Charles G. 
Kendjg, Henry L. 
Locke, Thomas H. 
Oliver, Andrew. 
Oliver, Peter S. 
Sartwell, Miss Eleanor 
Sharpe, Tiieo. F. 
Smith, Franklin E. 
Thompson, Nelson. 
Welles, Hon. Henry. 
Welles, Samuel II. 
Winants, Alvin. 

Gilbert, James. 
June, Joseph. 
Thompson, Albert. 
Trissler, John. 
Waterman, Anson P. 
Whitmore, Moses B. 

Blanche, Thomas E. 

Pierrepont Manor. 

Pierrepont, William C. 
Pierrepont, Mrs. Wm. C. 

Stebbins, Carlos. 

Pine Plains. 
Hedges, Lewis D. 
Hull, John F. 
, Wilber, Theron. 
Wooden, Ernott. 

Norton, Lyman. 

Jones, Charles II. 
Prescott, A. A. 
Stone, R. G. 
Swetland, William. 

Daniels, Mrs. Susan. 

Port Byron. 
Kendrick, S. B. 
Osburn, William D. 
Seymour, Mrs. J. II. 

Port Chester. 
Peck, Jared V. 

Port Jefferson. 
Wilson, R. H. 

Port Jervis. 

Conkling, J. 
Farnham, Henry II. 

Port Kent. 
Shankland, Miss Eliz. 

Port Richmond. 
Ambler, Mrs. S. F. 
Barrett, Nathan. 
Eadie, Dr. William G. 

Clarkson, L. 

Williams, Mrs. R. H. 

Adriance, Joseph T. 
Arnold, Mrs. L. M. 
Barculo, Seward. 
Barnard, F. W. 
Barnes, D. H. 
Bayley, Richard. 
Bockee, Miss Mary. 
Bogardus, James W. 
Bower, William H. 
Boyd, John G. 
Brewster, Miss Eliza. 
Bushnell, William. 
Bushwell, Master J. C 
Bushwell, Master Wm. 
Champlin, A. II. 
Coffin, O. F. 
Cole, Ulysses. 

Cramer, Milton. 
Davies, William A. 
Davies, Mrs. William A 
Davis, F. W. 
Davis, Thomas L. 
Dean, Gilbert. 
De Groff, Jacob. 
Dodge, Le Grand. 
Doughty, Joseph C. 
Dudley, G. H. 
Fonda, Abram. 
Fonda, James H. 
Foster. Ambrose. 
Gibbons, William P. 
Gill, Miss Elizabeth. 
Grant, Edmund F. 
Grubb, John. 
Hasbrouck. Josh. L. 
Hendrickson, G. R. 
Herrick, Ashael A. 
Hill, AVilliam M. 
Hitchcock, John C. 
Hunt, William. 
Innis, George. 
James, Edward K. (2) 
Jewett, I. B. 
Jewett, Nathan H. 
Killey, Egbert B. 
Lapham, Allen. 
Lapham, S. S. 
Ludlow, Elleneorf. 
Macomb, Mrs. Anna. 
Mann, Rev. A. M. 
Merritt, Mrs. E. L. 
Merwin, Phineas. 
Morgan, William S. 
Mory, A. II. 
North, Benjamin W. 
North, Reuben. 
Peckham, Miss Edith. 
Pudney, Richard. 
Pugsley, Mrs. Deborah. 
Reynolds, James, Jr. 
Schram. William. 
Shaw, Mrs. H. A. 
Sherman. Howland R. 
Simpson, James. 
Simpson, John. 
Slee, Robert. 
Sterling, George W. 
Sterling, William C. 
Stilwell, Cornelius S. 
Story, M. C. 
Story, Miss Fanny. 
Tallman, John P. II. 
Talmadge, William H. 
Titus, Elias. 
Trivitt, Elias. 
Trowbridge, N. C. 



Van Kleek, George. 
Van Kleek, Mrs. Wm, H. 
Varick, Dr. Richard A. 
Vassar, M. (3) 
Webster, I. B. 
White, Isaac W. 
Woodruff, Charles H. 


Lockwood, A. I-I. 


Fenn, F. A. 
Fitch, F. James. 
Hackstaff, Mrs. J. L. 
Hopkins, John. 


Gilbert, Jabez H. 
Pettes, William H. 

Quaker Hill. 
Akin, Mrs. D. D. 

Davis, Robert. 

Sheldon, T. S. 

Hopkins, Gilbert W. 

Gallup, Henry. 
King, Elizabeth. 

Armstrong, Henry B. 
Drury, Stephen. 
Du Bois, John C. 
Elmendorf, William H. 
Garretson, Mary R. 
Harper, William R. 
Heermance, Andrew J. 
Livingston, Edward. 
Livingston, John R. 
Livingston, Sarah. 
Lorillard, George. 
Ostrom, John G. 
Platt, Isaac I. 
Platt, R. Lewis. 
Platt, Elizabeth. 
Reed, Thomas. 
Tanner, Henry. 
Wager, Ambrose. 


WainwrighTj Wm. P. 

Bond, George W. 
Hill, Edwin M. 
Wardwell, N. M. 

Edwards, W. J. 

Carll, Rev. M. M. 
Corwin, Nathan. 
Davis, John C. 
Hall, Dr. H. D. 
Halsey, George. 
Martin, John. 

Pierce, Mrs. 
Stewart, Miss M. W. 


Adams, Francis T. 
Amsden, A. K. 
Armstrong, Robert. 
Arnold, George. 
Babbit, Charles R. 
Beers, Lewis P. 
Bell, L. 
Benedict, R. G. 
Brackett, A. I. 
Brewster, H. A. 
Brewster, H. W. D. 
Buchan, James. 
Bucuan, Hon. P. G. 
Bunnell, R. A. 


Burr, C. A. 
Campbell, James C. 
C. F. & Dewey. 
Chapman, Timothy. 
Cheney, James E. 
Child, I. C 
Clark, Charles H. 
Clark, Nathaniel. 
Cornwell, P. W. 
Cornwell, Mrs. C. B. 
Craigie, John. 
Crombie, Mrs. I. 
Day, Justin. 
Dewey, D. M. 
Dewey, I. B. 
Dewey, Mrs. D. M. 
Dewey & Fairchild. 
Dwinelle, J. W. 
Elwood, E. B. 
Elwood, Isaac R. 
Ely, Alexander. 
Ely, E.D. 
Ely, George. 

Ely, H. B. 
Fairchild, H. S. 
Fish, John L. 
Fish, Mrs. James M. 
Fish, Miss Sarah E. 
Fisk, Mrs. John. 
Fitzhugh, William A. 


Gaul, Henry. 
Gold, Miss A. E. 
Goodman, Mrs. Mary. 
Hall, R. A. 

Hamilton, Cap.C.S., u.s.a. 
Hamilton, T. B. 
Harris, George B. 
Hastings, Thomas E. 
Haywood, John, Jr. 
Hewitt, H. I. 
Hill, Charles I. 
Holmes, William F. 
Hoyt, Mrs. J. F. 
Huntington, E. 
Huntington, Mrs. E. 
Hurd, William F. 
Jerome, Mrs. L. R. 
Johnson, E. C 
Keeler, Rufus. 
Kellogg, C. A. 
Lee, Charles M. 
Leete, George A. 
Lindsley, William H. 
Lynde, E. W. 
Mabie, E. M. 
Montgomery, Rev. G. W. 
Moore, D. D. T. 
Mumford, Mrs. G. H. 
Mumford, Miss F. E. 
Newcomb, J. 2. 
Paine, N. E. 
Palmer, Mrs. C. G. 
Pardee, A. 
Peck, George. 
Perkins, Gilman H. 
Perkins, William H. 
Prindle, William C. 
Putnam, Israel. 
Rapalje, John. 
Redfield, George B. 
Remington, Stephen G. 
Reynolds, M. F. 
Ritter, W. H. 
Rogers, R. A. 
Smith, W. H. A. 
Snow, Samuel. 
Southerin, William I. 
Stoddard, Samuel B. 
Stone, N. P. 
Thompson, C. B. 
Thompson, JohnH. 



Updike, S. W. 
Wade, H. D. 
Wanzer, Dk. H. C. 
Ward, L. A. 
Webster, Dr. I. 
Whales, E. 
Whitney, Henry M. 
Whittlesey, Hon. F. 
Wilder, Charles. 
Williams, A. M. 
Williams, John. 
Williams, S. P. 
Winants, H. L. 

Beach, Columbus. 

Rockland Lake. 
Wilcox, Thomas J. 


Bennett, Morris A. 
Bissell, Gordon N. 
Boardman, D. L. 
Brainerd, M. L. 
Brown, Samuel R. 
Comstock, Calvert. 
Doty, Roland S. 
Emerson, Harman. 
Foster, Henry A. 
Halleck, Jabez. 
Hayden, Cyrus. 
Hill, Henry S. 
Hill, Zaccheus. 
Howland, William L. 
Huntington, A. R. 
Huntington, Benjamin N 
Huntington, Edward. 
Hyde, Bela B. 
Langford, Philip B. 
Leonard, Mrs. Benjamin 
Mattesen, Simon. 
Nellis, W. W. 
Perkins, David W. 
Ryther, Francis D. 
Stryker, John. 
Thomas, George R. 


Lord, Mrs. M. J. 

Cornell, Thomas. 
Cornell, Miss Mary A. 
McEntee, Jervis. 
Mikels, Mrs. Lydia A. 

Bogart, Daniel. 
Eastman, Henry W. 

Hegeman, Andrew J. 
Lewis, Elias, Jr. 
Schenck, Sealey. (2) . 
Skillman, Francis. 
Tabor, Stephen. (2) 
Treadwell, Samuel, m.d 
Willis, Lewis H. 

Louse, Mrs. John F. 


Cooley, James E., Jr. 
Cooley, Miss Mary C. 
Cooley, Miss Nina. 

Edwards, Frederick. 

Barker, Henry M. 
Bull, Edward C 
Bush, Miss Rebecca. 
Halsted, James D. 
Osborne, David M. 
Parsons, J. E. 

Sachet's Harbor. 
Barbor, Ira C. 
Barbor, I. W. 
Bosworth, Roswell C. 
Burnham, D. N. 
Camp, Edgar B. 
Camp, Walter B. 
Camp, Miss Harriet. 
Dann, I. C. 
DanNj Henry A. (2) 
Dann, Jane G. 
De Hartt, Miss. 
Ford, Augustus. 
Hooker, S. T. 
Hopkins, E. W. 
Platt, Capt. C. F., u.s.n. 
Sacket, Geo. A. 
Smith, I. R., u.s.a. 

Sag Harbor. 
Adams, Grosvenor S. 
Adams, William. 
Bassett, Erastus G. 
Cooper, Gilbert H. 
Dering, Charles T. 
Gardiner, Samuel L. 
Green, Henry. 
Havens, Master A. W. 
Hildreth, Frederick F. 
Howell, Mrs. Harriet B. 
Huntting, Mrs. Benj. 
Sciiellinger, William P. 
Sleight, William R. (2) 


Cole, A. W. 
Freeman, W. W. 
King, John. 
McDonald, James S. 
McFarland, John H. 
Russell, William A. 
Savage, Miss Laura W. 
Williams, Mrs. John. 

Alvord, Miss Sarah J. 

Salisbury Mills. 
Lewis, Rev. John N. 

Sandy Hill 
McDonald, L. G. 

Saratoga Springs. 
Barbour, O. L. 
Berry, M. M. 
Carpenter, J. W. 
Cole, L. P. 
Cowen, Patrick H. 
Davison, John M. 
Davison, Mrs. Mary F. 
Doe, Hon. N. B. 
Doty, Walter. 
Fort, Mrs. A. R. 
Fuller, S. W. 
Lester, Charles S. 
Nichols, Robert. 
Ferine, M. W. 
Perry, J. L. 
Pitkin, Samuel. 
Putnam, Washington. 
Rogers, Hon. Halsey. 
Walworth, Hon. R. H. 
Warren, Hon. W. L. F. 
Westcott, James R. 
Willard, Mrs. Sarah E. 
Wood, Joel P. 
Young, N. E. 

Dawes, T. S. 


Lorillard, Blase. (2) 
McCarthy, E. I. 
Nichols, Rev. E. A. 

Baker, S. L. 
Cady, Stanton. 
Cunningham, J. 
Danby, J. Van Buren. 
Duane, Dr. 
Goodrich, Horace. (2) 



Goodrich, William L. 
Groot, S. C. 
Jones, Judge. (2) 
Marselis, John E. 
Mathews, Charles H. 
Paige, Alonzo C. 
Potter, Platt. 
Quackenbush, S. 
Reed, John. 
Reed, Thomas C. 
Reed, T. Davis. 
Reed, Miss Fanny. 
Sanders, Mrs. Jacob G. 
Snell, Dr. 

Swets, I. Livingston. 
Tomlinson, Charles H. 
Truax, Dr. 
Van Patten, C V. 
Van Vorst, Abraham A. 
Vedder, A. A. 
Vedder, Isaac. 
Vedder, Stephen Y. 
Walton, H. Nelson. 



Hanford, Wm. H., Jr. 

Seneca Falls. 
Bolter, Dr. Alfred. 
Carson, Levi M. 
Clark, John S. 
Cowing, John P. 
Foote, Mrs. Elisha. 
Hoskins, Miss Frances P 
Keeler, Charles B. 
Matteson, W. C. 
Mynduse, E. 
Oatman, Mrs. W. G. 
Pollard, William. 
Sacket. John. 
Shoemaker, Jacob. 
Shoemaker, John. 
Silsby, Horace C. 
Tillman, Samuel D. 
Wheeler, John W. 

Swift, Miss Cynthia. 

Cole, L. C 
Rexford, S. B. 
Rexford, Mrs. S. B. 

Sing Sing. 
Brandretii, Dr. B. 
Brandreth, Mrs. V. 

Cobb, M. L. 
French, Edmund. 
Havell, Robert. 
Humphries, J. 
Knowlton, J. M. 
Mills, James. 
Rowell, Hiram P. 
Rowell, Miss E. M. 
Smith, Chauncey. 
Stanton, George E. 
Todd, Rufus L. 
Underhill, Mrs. Emily. 
Van "Wyck, P. G. 
Ward, Gen. Aaron. 
Wilson, John. 
Yeo, J. Clement. 

Beauchamp, W. M. 
Horton, Alexander. 
Jewett, F. G. 
Leitch, George F. 

Mulford, A. G. 
Smith, Edmund T. 

Proseus, Anson. 
Winchester, A. M. 

Tompkins, Ray. (5) 
Tompkins, Mrs. Ray. (4) 

South Bainbridge. 

Yale, Joseph. 

South Middletown. 
Beatie, J. O. 
Hulse, Gilbert. 
King, Silas L. 
Madden, E. M. 
Tyler, Asher. 
Wheeler. E. P. 
Wood, Rev. Daniel F. 

Dutcher, Mrs. AmandaE 

Cotes, David. 

Spring Valley. 
Johnson, Erastus. 

Staten Island. 
Anderson, Dr. W. C. 
Arms, Charles. 
Ball. H.R. 

Barrett, Matthias H. 
Boardman, Dr. James R. 
Bowse, Mrs. Samuel. 
Bowne, Miss Mary K. 
Brodhead. George H. 
Cebra, Mary H. 
Eddey, Samuel. 
Emerson, William. 
Fish, J. H. 
Hazard, R. M. 
Jewett, Mrs. G. W. 
Jewett, Mrs. Mary. 
Kendall, E. 
Post, Minturn, m. d. 
Ranlett, Mrs. A. L. 
Sterling, Miss Mary E. 
Tisen, Mrs. Henrietta. 
Van Dien, R. 
Whiting, Dr. Alex. B. 

Smith, I. M. 

Holmes, William. 
Oakley, William H. 

Budd, V. B. 
Clap, Hiram. 

Duncan, Robert E. 
Remsen, William E. (2) 
Tompkins, Daniel H. 

Abbot, Mrs. H. G. 
Allen, Herrick. 
Alvord, Cornelius L. 
Alvord, J. H. 
Alvord, Thomas G. 
Andrews, F. A. 
Bagg, Mrs. J. L. 
Baldwin, Harvey. 
Ballard, J. P. 
Barker, J. W. 
Barns, George. 
Barnum, J. D. 
Bennett, Miles W. 
Bickford, C. D. 
Brewster, Samuel C. 
Burt, J. Otis. 
Clark, Chauncey B. 
Clark, Elizur. 
Clark, J. M. 
Clark, William. 
Clark, William M. 
Cleveland, P. P. 
Danaj Mrs. Major. 



Davis, T. T. 

Dawson, E. S. 

Dillave, Mks. L. D. 

Dunlop, R., Jr. 

Dwinelle, Justin, Jr. 

Evans, E. K. 

Fitch. Charles E. 

Fitch, T. B. 

Fobes, P. W. 

Forman, S. S. 

Gardiner, George J. 

Gilbert, William D. 

Gillett, N. H. 

Gould, Phares. 

Griswold, J. C. 

Hall, Mrs. Israel. 

Hamilton, W. T. 

Haskin, J. P. 

Hatch, H. D. 

Heermans, Thomas B. 

Hough, Timothy. 

Hovey, Mrs. A. H. 

Hudson, A. A. 

Kellogg, G. G. 

Judson, E. B. 

Leonard, Charles. 

Loomis, J. G. 

McDonald, James. 

Marvin, Edgar. 

Mattison, H. G. 

May, Joseph. 

Merriman, M. C. 

Monroe, Allen. 

Hunger, Miss Mary C. 

Muxroe, Miss Harriet. 

Myers, Mrs. Austin. 
North, J. TV. 

Norton, B. R. 
ostrander, william m. 
Paine, Richard. 
Palmer, William L. 
Perkins, H. A. 
Phelps, D. P. 
Powell, A. C. 
Richmond, Van R. 
Robison, Mrs. J. R. 
Russell, P. C. 
Sabine, Mrs. J. F. 
Samson, P. C, Jr.. 
Sedgwick, C. B. 
Sheldon, Harvey. 
Slocum, Barnard. 
Smith, Jasper. 
Smith, V. W. 
Smith, Mrs. Daniel D. 
Smith, Mary Olivia. 
Stevens, George. 
Stevens, Jerry. 
Strong, J. R. 

Tallman, Charles. 
Taylor, J. M. 
Trowbridge, Mrs. J. M. 
Tucker, Charles. 
Van Schaack, H. C, Jr. 
Walter, George B. 
Welsh, Eliphalet. 
White, Henrietta A. S. 
Wilkinson, Alfred. 
Wilkinson, J. Forman. 
Williams, W. D. 
Woodward, A. 
Woolworth, S. B. 

Benedict, Theo. H. 
Cobb, Capt. N. 
Cobb, Mrs. E. D. 
Ferris, Benson, Jr. 
Kenyon, John A. 
Lent, Isaac. 
Lyon, Mrs. Charles H. 
Paulding, P. R. 
Tompkins, Mrs. S. B. 
Weston, W. G. 

Thompson'' $ Ridge. 
Thompson, Daniel. 

Tlirog's Neck. 
Hawthorn, William M. 

Hopkins, Levi J. 

Laerabee, c. R. 

Hoffman, William T. 
Lasher, Philip II. 
Livingston, C. 
Livingston, M. (2) 
Livingston, R.E. 
Livingston, Mrs. C. 
Livingston, Mrs. M. 
Livingston, Miss M. 

Guiteau, Miss N. B. 
White, Charles M. 

Trenton Falls. 
Moore, M. 

Alden, Joseph J. 
Arnold, O. A. 
Baecock, George. 
Bardwell. R. D. 

Barringer, P. W. 

Barton, William. 

Beebee, Francis. 

Bills, Alfonzo. 

Birge, Francis A. 

Blake, E. I. 

Boardman, Miss M. A. 

Bosworth, Foster. 

Bowman, Jabez P. 

Bristow, H. R. 

Britton, D. B. 

Britton, John G. 

Buell, James. 

Buell, William C. 

Bull, William H. 

Carter, Jacob S. 

Christie, John S. 

Christie, Robert, Jr. 

Church, H. L. 

Ciperly, John W. 

Clark, James C 

Clark, Otis G. 

Clark, Mrs. Harriet M. 

Coffin, George M. 

Coleman, William B. 

Congdon, James H. 

Cook, S. G. H. 

Cool, A. F. 

Cox, David B. 

Cramer, George H. 

Crandall, E. A. 

Crandall, Mrs. E. A. 

Cross, Master Wm. R. 

Crowner, William. 

Cummings, Franklin. 

Cummings, Mrs. 
Dana, James. 
Dater, I. Henry. 
Dauchy, Charles. 
Dauciiy, Samuel W. 
Dorlon, William 
Doughty, Samuel G. 
Douglas, C. S. 
Drake, Francis. 
Drake, Gerritt. 
Dunham, A. T. 
Dunlop, Edward. 
Easton, Charles. 
Eaton, Edward O. 
Edson, Thomas II. 
Eigenbrodt, George L. 
Ells, Frederick. 
Estabrook, A. L. 
Fellowes, S. M. C 
Fenn, Lewis. 
Ferris, John A. 
Finch, Henry D. 
Fisher, T. II. 
Fisk, Lorenzo C. 



Fitch, Dennis M. 
Forbes, J. D. 
Freeman, Jonathan W. 
Gale, E. T. 
Gale, John B. 
Gardner, Mrs. Daniel. 
Gay, Willard. 
Gillespy, Jazon J. 
Gordon, George W. 
Gould, George. 
Graves, A. H. 
Green, Hannibal. 
Greene, B. Franklin. 
Gregory, E. H. 
Griffith, D. II. 
Griswold, John A. 
Groat, D. B. 
Haight, William S. 
Haight, Mrs. William D. 
Hakes, G. W. 
Hamilton, O. 
Harrington, A. W. 
Harris, Thomas. 
Hartt, Charles P. 
Hartt, Mrs. Charles P. 
Haswell, Joseph M. 
Hawley, Ralph. 
Hayner, Calvin. 
Hazan, William E. 
Heartt, A. P. (2) 
Heartt, Mrs. A. P. 
Heimstreet, Charles. 
Heminway, A. G. 
Hitchcock, J. I-I. 
Holme, Mrs. Ann B. 
Janes, Samuel B. (2) 
Kellogg, Jonx P. 
Knowlson, James S. 
Laithe, R. W. 
Lee, William. 
Lemon, James M. 
Leonard, F. B. 
Lesley, George. 
Lobdell, R. S. 
Lockwood, Charles N. 
Lockwood, Thomas W. 
McBeth, Daniel. 
McChesney, Robert. 
McCoon, John T. 
McDonald, Lavixus. 
McDonald, William. 
Manning, John L. 
Mansfield, L. W. 
Masters, John T. 
Mather, Charles A. 
Meneely, Edwin A. 
Merritt, I. J. 
Montague, George.- 
Moore, P. A. 

Morrison, Alexander. 
Mosher, Alfred. {2) 
MosnER, George C. 
Nazro, John P. 
Niel, James. 
Orvis, JosEPn U. 
Orvis, Mrs. Mary E. 
Pattison, Miss M. 
Pendergast, John C. 
Perry, A. S. 
Phelps, Rensselaer. 
Pratt, B. P. 
Proudfit, Ebenezer. 
Pruyn, John K. 
Rankin, Miss Harriet. 
Read, Arba. 
Read, Rollin R. 
Read, Mrs. Arba. 
Richards, Albert. 
Richards, Mrs. C. L. 
Roberts, Mrs. R. B. 
Rockwood, E. R. 
Rockwood, Mrs. E. R. 
Root, Kingsbury. 
Rosseau, Lewis. 
Rowell, Robert H. 
Sargent, Isaac A. 
Saxtox, Thomas R. 
Schriver, Edmund. 
Sedgwick, John. 
Seeley, E. A. 
Seymour, Daxiel L. 
Seymour, Walter J. 
Sheldon. Henry I-I. 
Silliman, Mrs. Robert D 
Sims, Francis. (2) 
Slasox, Miss Sarah E. 
Smith, A. R. 
Smith, Adam R. 
Smith, Levi. 
Spexcer, James C. 
Stevens, James F. 
Stone, E. L. 
Stone, Mrs. E. L. 
Suydam, F. J. 
Taylor, James B. 
Taylor, John E. 
Taylor, Tracy. 
Taylor, Mrs. A. C. 
Thalimer, Peter. 
Thayer, F. S. 
Thurmax, R. H. 
Tibbitts, Johx B. 
Tillingiiast, T. A. 
Tillixghast, W. II. 
Troy Young Mex's Asso- 
ciation. (2) 
Tyler, William R. 
Vail, D. T. 

Vail, Mrs. D. T. 
Van Sciiaick, John S. 
Van Schooniioven, J. L. 
Wales, Mrs. R. 
Warrex, George B., Jr. 
Warrex, Johx Hobaut. 
Warren, Van R. 
Warrex, William H. 
Warrex, Mrs. N. 
Warrixer, Ralph. 
Weaver, Joshua. 
Weed, .Tared S. 
Wemple, Abram A. 
Wheeler, G. M. 
Whipple, E. W. 
White, George C. 
Whitlock, Mrs. Johx H. 
Wilkixson, Joseph B. 
Willard, Johx N. 
Wixslow, Mrs. I. F. 
Wooster, B. W. 
Wooster, Guy L. 
Wotkyxs, Hiram. 
Wotkyns, Mrs. Hiram. 
Young, William II. 
Young, Mrs. William H. 


Smith, N. B. 

Miller, Edward. 


Stewart, A. T. 

Crooker, Miss Eliza. 
Williams, A. D. 

Union Village. 

Andrews, E. 

Upper Aquebouge. 
Wells, Benjamin F. 

Upper Red Hook. 

Rowley, John. 


Adsit, A. M. 
Brown, Morris. 


Avery, Eli. 

Backus, Mrs. Mary Ann. 

Bagg. Egbert. 

Bagg, Dr. Moses M. 

Ballou, Mrs. T. P. 

Barxum, Levi, Jr. 



Brayton, Edward S. 
Brown, John G. 
Bryan, Mrs. John. 
Butler, Truman K. 
Church, Truman K. 
Churchill, William C. 
Clark, E. Romain. 
Clark, George A. 
Clarke. Miss Jane C. 
Collins, Selden. 
Comstock, Miles. 
Cooper, Charles. 
Curran, Edward. 
Curtexius, Miss C. 
Dana, George S. 
Denio, Hiram. 
Devereux, Nicholas. 
Devereux, Mrs. J. C. 
Dickinson, George L. 
Doolittle. John J. 
Doolittle, Mrs. Chs. H. 
Dows, Harry. 
Button, William II. 
Edgar, James. 
Edmonds. John H. (2) 
Ferry, William H. 
Foster, George D. 
Foster, Gilbert A. 
Foster, Thomas. 
Francis, John J. 
Gardner, J. V. P. 
Gardner, William H. 
Gillmore & Ballard. 
Grannis, Timothy O. 
Greenman, Mrs. Hiram. 
Hamlin, William D. 
Harrington, Jerry S. 
Harris, J. Platt. 
Hart, James S. 
Higham, Abraham. 
Hubbard, Thomas H. 
Hubbell, Alrick. 
Hudson, Franklin A. 
Hulburt, Charles. 
Hunt, Ward. 
Huntington, Henry A. 
Johnson, Charles A. 
Johnson, William C. 
Jones, Milton. 
Jones, Richard S. 
Kellogg, Edmund R. 
Kellogg, G. A. 
Kellogg, Spencer. 
Kellogg, Uriel H. 
Kissam, Adrian. 
Knowlson,T. C. B. 
Leach, Dr. E. 
Leach, Miss Eliza C. 
Lines, N. H. 

Little, Anson. 
Lynch, James S. (2) 
McQuade, James. 
Man ah an, F. X. 
Markle, P. K. 
Matteson, L. D. 
Mills, Setii D. 
Newell, Norman C. 
Norris, James L. 
Oli;y, Simon V. 
Owens, Benjamin. 
Peckham, Merrit. 
Po.meroy, Edward. 
Pratt. Milo. 
Read. James H. 
Rees, James. 
Rice, John M. 
Richards, W. E. 
Richardson, Eaton J. 
Rockwell. Henry W. 
Sayre. Miss Anna C. 
"S. E.S." 
Seymour, John F. 
Shearman. Robert H. (2) 
Shearman, William Pitt 
Shearman, Miss H. M. 
Shearman, Miss M. E. 
Sherman, Richard U. 
Spencer, Julius A. 
Stacy, Fitch B. 
Stacy, Mrs. C. L. 
Stanton, Charles H. 
Teackle, Elisha W. 
Thomas, M. C 
Thurber, Lansing. 
Tracy, Charles. 
Tracy, George. 
Tracy, Miss Olive. 
Underwood, A. L. 
Van Ness, John H. 
Walker, Albert. 
Walker, Thomas R. 
Warner, Charles. 
Warner, Jared E. 
Warner, Jonathan R 
Warwick, Leslie A. 
Westcott, George. 
Whiting, John. 
Williams, George H. 
Williams, J. Watson. 
AVilliams, Stalham. 
Williams, Mrs. John D. 
Wilson, Charles S. 
Wood, George W. 

Sprague, William. 

Case, Everett. 

Case, Mrs. A. P. 
Hand, T. F. 
Long, John. 

Ranney, T. 

Wappingers Creek. 
Lomas, Alfred W. 

Bullard, E. F. 
Eddy, G. W. 
Gage, George. 
Gunnison, A. C. 
Hall, Miss Mary P. 
King, J. M. 
Picket, Charles E. 
Picket, Ezra. 
Savage, M. K. 
Scott, H. Belden. 
Seymour, William T. 
Slam, Bang, Jones & Co. 
Smith, Mrs. D. G. 
Stewart, H. G. 
Stewart, J. Ward. 
Todd, J. Mandeville. 
Waverly Lodge, 
No. 100, i.o.o.f. 

Blanchard, Samuel S. 


Wisner, Elizabeth. 

Allen, Martin. 
Brown, D. W. 
Cooke, C W. 
Derrell, Joseth F. 
Gustin, H. F. 
Hadley, S. G. 
Inslee, John. 
Knox, William. 
Lundy, Samuel D. 
McAlister, John. (2) 
McClintock, Charles. 
McLean, James. 
Meader,Miss Emma F.E. 
Mercer, John L. D. 
Mercer, Wm. V. I., Jr. 
Mumford, Mrs. Mary. 
Pinkney, Miss Julia. 
Purdie, John. 
Schooley, Mrs. M. 
Seeley, William II. 
Seneca Division, 

No. 30, Sons of Temp. 
Smith, Henry E. 



Strong, J. C. 
Taylor, Ebert. 
Warner, Henry. 
Warner, Sidney. 
Warner, Miss Cornelia. 
Watkins, Benjamin. 
Watkins, Charles K. 
Watkins, S. E. 
Webster, James R. 
Wheeler, A. R. 
Wood, William W. 

Brainard, O. V. 
Ely, Adriel. 
Fisher, Myron B. 
Gilbert, H. G. 
Goodall, Charles. 
Hubbard, Mrs. F. W. 


Huxgerford, Hon. O. 
Paddock, O. 
Patridge, J. C. 
Rosa, Wm. V. V. 


Sewell, E. Q. 
Stillman, B. F. 
Utley, Mrs. O. C 
Vaughn, R. G. 

Bacon, C C. 
Butler, E. C. 
Cady, A. B. 
Candee, Mrs. Julius. 
Goodwin, D. B. 
Goodwin, S. J. 
Harris, Francis M. 
McKown, Wm. I. 
Morse, Gardner. 
Morse, George E. 
Munger, Dr. E. A. 
Newberry, A. S. 
Newell, E. 
Palmer, C. D. 
Spencer, George. 
Tower, D. W. C. 
Tower, James M. 
Tower, Mrs. Reuben. 

Hamilton, D. 
McAlpine, Mrs. W. 

West Avon. 
Hawley, William C. 

West Chester. 
Adee, John W. 

Baisley, Morris. 
Baretto, Francis. 
Bolen, Edward. 
Bowse, M. P. 
Bowne, S. F. 
Bowne, William H. 
Cooper, William. 
Edgar, Daniel M. 
Edgar, Robert. 
Elder, Dr. A. 
Ferris, John H. 
Gibboxs, T. S. 
Hawkins, E. 
Jackson, Rev. C. D. 
Naudain, Dr. A. 
Secor, I. Saxds. 
Turnbull, Dr. Robert J. 


Wright, Edward P. 


Brayton, George. 

West Farms. 
Brown, Charles P. 
Findlay, Andrew. 
Fitch. James P. 
Freeman, Mrs. Dr. N. 
Putnam Lodge, 
No. Sl», i.o.o.f. 
Raymond, Master J. B. 
St. John, Albert. 
Seymour, James. 
Syme, Rev. David. 
Valentine, Benjamin. 

West Meredith. 
Graham, James II, 

West Point. 
Agnel, Prof. H. R. 
Baker, Lieut. C. T., u.s.a 
Bartlett. Prof. W. H. C 
Boomer. B. Loring. 
Brewerton.Cap H.. U.S.A. 
Church, Prof. A. E. 
Clark, Stephen C. 
Coppee, Capt. H., U.S.A. 
De Witt, John. 
Dodge, Mr. 
Duane, I. C 

Grelaxd, Lt. J. PL, U.S.A. 
Hall, Augustus H. 
Jones, Lieut. J. M. 
Maury, Lieut. D. H., u.s.a 
Newland, Francis. 
: Maher, F. 

Peck, Lieut. Wm. G., u.s.a 
Prime, Cadet F. E. 

Rider, Francis. 
Roys, R. A. 
Thompson, A. P. 
Trowbridge, W. P., u.s.a. 
U. S. Military Academy- 

Blount, J. D. 
Caldwell, W. E. 
House, J. C. 

White Plains. 
Billington, Charles W. 
De Klyn, Leonard. 
Guion, Elijah. 
Horton, Elisha. 
Horton, Gilbert H. 
Jenkins, John P. 
Layton, Mrs. Eliza Jane 
lockwood, monson i. 
Lockwood, Mrs. M. I. 
Lockwood, Master H. C 
Lyon, S- E. (2) 
Merritt, Randolph. 
Mills, John W. 
Mitchell, Minot. 
Oakley, Cornelius W. 
Pemberton, William H. 
Platt, L. C. 
Purdy, Elias P. 
Searles, Mrs. R. B. 
Swinburn, John. (2) 
Thompson, George. 
Winslow, Robert F. (2) 

Dexter, S. Newton. 
Thomas, Daniel, m.d. 
Thomas, James S. 

Baker, George E. 
Baker, Mrs. George E. 
Ball, Mrs. A. F. 
Berry, Evander. 
Browning, T. Henry. 
Casilear, F. A. 
Clapp, A. L. 
Cocks, John T. 
Cook, C. L. 
Cooper, Jonathan P. 
Cooper, John W. 
Darbee, Abraham. 
Demill, Richard H. 
Demill, T. A. 
Disbrow, Henry G. 
Doyle, Thomas. 
Dunn, William G. 
Fitch, D. H. 



Flanagan, Robert W. 
Foster, Anson. 
Franklin, E. C. 
Fryatt, II. N. 
Gaylor, William H. 
Guernsey, Mrs. Sarah L. 
Harding, Gardner S. 
Harvey. J. 

Haviland, Charles A. 
Haviland, Charles E. 
Jacobs, Randall. 
Keeler, Mrs. J. R. 
Keitii, Edwin S. 
Keith, Miner H. 
Leaycraft, Miss G. L. 
Lockwood, John L. 
Mabie, John. 
McDonald, James. 
Meeker, Samuel M. 
Meeks, William. 
Meserole, D. M. 
Miller, Dr. Charles. 
Morrell, Francis V. 
Morrell, John. 
Morrell, Thomas I. 
Nostrand, Lewis P. 
Polley, Grahams. 
Ricard, George. 

Roberts, E. H. 
Sea, M. M. 
Seger, Charles G. 
Simmins, Miss Susan. 
Starkman, James D. 
Sparks, a. J. 
Starr, Mrs. S. G. 
Tucker, Frederick D. 
Ufford, J. W. 
Ufford, Levi W. 
Water bury, Miss Julia. 
Willets, Amos. 
Williams, John T. 
Wilson, Charles. 
Woolsey, A. 

Wilson, Labaun N. 

Windham Centre. 
Van Dyck, L. B. 


Belden, James K. 


Leavenworth, E. L. 

Morss, M. T. 

Rice, James Q. 


Brooks, Hugh T. 
Collar, Charles B. 

Barry, S. S. 
Bashford, II. W. (3) 
Bolmar, Mrs. W. 
Flagg, Ethan. 
Francis, Mrs. G. W. 
Gates, Dr.H. S. 
Gates, Mrs. II. S. 
Ludlow, Thomas W. 
Morris, William Lewis. 
Rose, Levi P. 
Schrugham, William W. 
Shonnard, E. F. 
Storrs, Leonard Kip. 
Vark, Aaron. 

Underbill, Edward B. 


Baskerville, Mrs. G. D. 

Chapel Hill. 
Burton, Augustus W. 

Evans, Peter. 

Cool Spring. 
Collins, Josiaii. 

Heath, Robert R. 
Johnston, James C. 
Skinner, T. L. 
Thompson, John. 
Warren, Thomas D. 
Warren, William C. 
Word, William C. 

Elizabeth City. 
Pool, Joseph II. 

Ashe, Thomas S. 
Deming, Gurdon. 
Haigh, C. T. 
Hale, Edward J. 
McRae, Rev. C. F. 
Myrover, H. L. 
Rose, John M. 
Troy, William E. 
Winslow, John. 

Hoke, Mrs. Michael. 
Motz, Mrs. A. 

Mitchell, Alexander. 

Devereaux, John. 
Hunter, Joseph T. 

Scotland Neck. 

Hall, Dr. A. S. 
Littlejohn, Jos. B., Jr. 
Smith, James N. 

Foster, Augustus I. 

Freeman, D. C. 


Blossom, J.R. 
Dudley, Mrs. William H. 
Hart, Levi a. 
Polley, S. P. 

Manson, Otis F. 



Austin, L., Jr. 
Brown, Miss Laura M. 
Bryan, C. 
Day, S. O. 
Hand, E. 
Howard, I. B. 
King, II. W. 
Lowrie, George. 
McMillen, I. W. (G) 
Michener, I. C. 
Otis, W. S. C. 
Perkins, Simon. 
Perrine, E. W. 
Thompson, C. L. 
Wadsworth, Elijah, m.d 
Wolcott, C. P. 

Van Boskerck, Mrs.H. 

Culver, L. Z. 
Higbee, I. B. 
Johnson, M, A. 
Kent, Charles. 
Lathrop, D. A. 

Foltz, Rev. Benjamin. 

Adams, Franklin. 
Scott, Josiah. 


Richard, G. 

McReynolds, M. W. 

Canal Winchester. 

Potter, Dr. I. B. 


Belden, G. "W. 
Griswold, H. 

Taylor, Dr. E. 

Anderson, W. Marshall. 
Armstrong, George. 
Atwood & Thatcher. 
Briggs, John. 
Clark, Thomas. 


Clemson, W. F. 
Deming, R. W. 
Douglas, James, Jr. 
Fullerton, A. L. 
Fullerton, Dixon. 
Harness, C. E. 
Holcomb, G. P. 
Holcomb, J. H. 
Kercheval, J. A. 
Lansing, Robert H. 
McClintick, William T 
McGinnis, James S. 
Marks, Leon. 
Parker, H. W. 
Stratton, S. D. 
Sulzbaciier, Henry. 
Thatcher, N. W. 
Thurman, A. G. 
Tiffin, Miss D. M. 
Waddle, William. 
Wallace, Cadwallader. 
Wesson, Lorenzo. 
Woodrow, Robert. 


Anderson, Larz. 
Anthony, John G. 
Atwater, John P. 
Baker, N. F. 
Ball, Mrs. E. 
Barnes, John C 
Bartlett, Miss H. D. 
Bates, S. R. 
Bauer, Dr. Adolph. 
Blachly, Joseph W. (2) 
Blachly, Joseph W., Jr. 
Blachly, Mrs. Joseph W 
Blachly, Miss E. A. 
Blachly, Miss Mary J. 
Bradley, Charles F. 
Brotherton, I. I-I. (2) 
Burnet, R. W. 
Burnet, William. 
Burnet, Mrs. William. 
Burnett, Hon. Jacob. 
Bush, I. S. 
Butler, 1. I. 
Cady, David K. 
Carlisle, George. 
Chase, I. H. 
Cist, Lewis 1. 
Clarke, Robert. 
Coleman, A. B. 
Coleman, Mrs. A. B. 
Conkling, Edgar. 
Cooke, Mrs. David B. 

Corneau, J. A. 
Cox, Samuel S. 
Day, Albert G. 
Day, T. C. 
Dean, Miss Julia. 
Dinsmore, Silas G. 
Douglas, I. M. (10) 
Douglas, John G. 
Este, D. K. 
Faris, Mrs. R. D. 
Foster, Fisher A. (2) 
Goodman, Charles. 
Goodman, Henry H. 
Goodman, Moses. 
Goodman, W. A. 
Grosvenor, Mason. 
Hadley, Miss D. A. 
Hall, Dudley. 
Hall, James. 
Hall, Dr. W. W. 
Harrison, L. B. 
Hartwell, John W. 
Hatch, Stanley. 
Hill, Joseph S. 
Hinman, Miss Sarah L. 
Hoadley, Miss Elizabeth 
Holcombe, James P. 
Howe, Henry. 
Hubbell, W. M. 
Hunt, Miss Emily W. 
Irwin, William F. 
Jewett, Charles A. 
Johnson, Henry A. 
Johnston, I. W. 
Johnston, W. S. 
Jones, John G. 
Kibby, Mrs. Susan B. 
Lawler, Davis B. 
Lewis, W. G. W. 
McConkey, B. M. (5) 
McCreigut, Patrick. 
McKenzie, Alexander. 
Mason, Lowell, Jr. 
Miller, William. 
Miller, Mrs. E. I. 
Moore, W. H. 
Morris, Charles N. 
Mussey, Osgood. 
Mussey, W. H. (2) 
Neave, C, Jr. 
Neave, M. 

Patterson, Miss Lucy. 
Person, William. 
Person, Julia W. 
Pomeroy, Mrs. S. W. 
Porter, John H. 
Reed, George M. 



Reeder, Eden B. 
Resor, Reuben P. 
Resor, William. 
Resor, Mrs. Anna. 
Resor, Mary T. 
Rice, George W. 
Riddle, A. N. 
Robbins, John V. 
Root, Horace. 
Root, Mrs. James. 
Root, Miss Anna. 
Ruffner, M. 
Sayre, James H. 
Shattuck, W. B. 
Sherlock, John. 
Sherlock, T. 
Shilletto. Wallace. 
Shipley, Mrs. H. H. 
Simpson, Miss Rebecca. 
Smith, F. C. II. 
Soule, Charles. 
Spinning, Charles E. 
Springer, Charles G. 
Springer, Mrs. R. R. 
Stedman, George T. 
Stetson, Charles. (2) 
Stroiim, Isaac. 
Ward, James W. (2) 
Warren, S. M. 
Wentworth, A. S. (2) 
Wentworth, George I. 
Western Art-Union. 
Wilby, Mrs. Mary H. 
Williams, Charles E. 
AVilliams, Simeon B. 
Williams, Mrs. Wm. G. 
Willis, William. 
Wiswell, William. 
Wyeth, Mrs. D. C. P. 

Darot, W. P. 
Lawrence, Hoel. 

" Abraham." 
Ames, Dr. C. E. 
Beardsley, I. L. 
Bingham, E. 
Blossom, II. C. 
Butts, C. C. 
Case, William. 
Childs, Henry. 
Clark, Henry W. 
Crittenden, N. E. 
Cushing, Dr. E. 
Delamater, Mrs. J. J. 
Ellis, I. I. 
Fitch, Zalmon. 

Foltz, Rev. Benjamin. 
Foot, A. E. 
Foster, D. W. 
Garrett, John. 
Gaylord, Henry E. 
Gaylord, H. L. 
Goodrich, James D. 
Gordon, W. I. 
Handy, Parker. 
Handy, T. P. (2j 
Handy, Mrs. Augustus. 
Harbeck, Miss Emily L. 
Harvey, A. A. 
Holbrook, Mrs. Henry S 
Holt, A. J. 

" HoSFORD." 

Hoyt, James M. 
Huntington, O. E. 
Hutchinson, S. R. 
Kellogg, Edward T. 
Lamb, H. (2) 

Lattimore, William P. 
Lyon, John E. (2) 
Mann, S. H. 
Mason, I. Warren. (2) 
Moore, S. T., u.s.a. 
Morley, J. H. 
North, Augustus W. 
Ransom, Leander. 
Ross, George. 
" Rough & Ready." 
Rouse, Edward C. 
St. John, Samuel. 
Sargeant, John. 
Sargeant, Joseph. 
Sawtell, E. N. 
Scovill, Edward. 
Shaw, Joseph P. 
Shepard, D. A. 
Smith, William H. (2) 
Stanley, George A. 
Stillwell, E. R. (2) 
Taintor, J. F. 
Terry, Dr. Charles. 
Toman, James. 
Whipple, Everett. 
Whitman, H. L. 
Wilcoxson, D. J. 
Williams, Mrs. M. N. 
Williamson, M. J. 
Winslow, R. G. 
Win-slow, R. K. (G) 
Woolsey, John M. 
Woolson, C. J. 

Andrews, John W. 
Armstrong, J. R. 
Backus, E. 

Bebb, Edward. 

Benfield, Miss A. S. 

Blake, Benjamin. 

Bliss, A. A. 

Blynn, William. 

Buttles, A. B. 

Buttles, Lucian. 

Comstock, George G. 

Deshler, C G. 

Deshler, W. G. 

Dolson, A. W. 

Eagan, C. 

Eaton, C. L. 

Ellis, T. P. 

Finch, W. M. 

Fitch, R. 

Flowers, Charles T. 

Flynt, H. S. 

Glenn, A. E. 

Gorton, Ira. 

Greenleaf, John. 

Hayden, Mrs. P. 

Heyl, Lewis. 

Howlett, M. P. 

Hume, R., Jr. 

McCune, I. M. 

Marple, N. B. 
Miller, John. 
Miner, William 
Moodie, Thomas. 
Neil, R. E. 
Neil, William. 
Peebles, I. R. 
Perley, A. W. 
Reed, Henry. 
Ridgeway, Joseph, Jk. 
Riley, I. H. 
Savage, W. M. 
Searles, Joel. 
Sessions, F. C. 
Smith, Dr. S. M. 
Sterling, Jacob. 
Stockton, Thomas. 
Sullivant, Joseph. 
Sullivant, M. L. 
Tallmadge, T. W. 
Tappan, Eli T. 
Thomas, Wray. 
Tucker, John. 
Walton, John. 
Whitehill, Joseph. (4) 
Winne, K. 

Cuyahoga Falls. 



Barney, E. E. 
Beckell, Daniel. 



Best, Henry. 
Brown, H. M. 
Brown, R. P. 
Bunyon, Dr. G. H. 
Cassidy, Miss Martha. 
Comly, Mrs. Julia E. 
Connover, A. G. 
Connover, Wilber. 
Crawford, Ziba. 
Curwen, M. E. 
Darst, Miss Julia. 
Davidson, Joseph. 
Eaker, William. 
Green, Richard. 
Henrie, John W. 
Hermann, Henry. 
Hibbard, James F. 
PIopkins, Capt. I. I. 
Howard, John. 
Irwin, A. B. 
Kennedy, Gilbert. 
Kerfoot, R. A. 
King, Rufus. 
Lowe, John G. 
McCann, E. 

McCoRKLE, J. W. 

Marot, Joseph D. 
Miller, John. 
Morrison, David H. 
Partridge, Col. J. M. 
Peirce, D. Z. 
Perrine, James. 
Perrine, Miss Mary. 
Phillips, J. D. 
Phillips, MasterHorace 
Pierce, Joseph C. 
Reed, Mark. 

Schenck, Lieut. James F. 
Schenck, Hon. R. C. 
Smith, Dr. Edmund. 
Spiece, Gen. A. 
Steele, Dr. Henry K. 
Steele, R. W. 
Stemble, Master J. McB. 
Swaine, Charles B. 
Swaine, C G. 
Vanansdall, Isaac. 
Varian, Master Charley 
Voorhees, Peter. 
Voorhees, Master Tom. 
Whitney, Horace. 
Wilkinson, Dr. H. E. 
Wilkinson, Dr. Thomas. 

Lemest, L. J. 

Andrews, D. B. 

Andrews, E. W. 
Bagg, Sylvester. 
Bassett, C. E. 
Beebe, Artemas. 
Burrett, George. 
Cooley, Elihu. 
Darling, C. R. 
Ely, II. 

Gillett, John M. 
Lockwood, W. F. 
Parker, Herrick. 
Parsons, C. H. 
Parsons, Richard C. 
Redington, Ransom. 
Severance, T. C. 
Starr, H. C. 
Tiffany, Joel. 
West, E. A. 


Campbell. Hiram. {'2) 
Clendinen, Charles A. 
Goddard, Mrs. D. C. 
Maynet, Lewis P. 
Naret, Edward. 
Nash, Simeon. 


Sheik, Lewis. 

Sanford, A. 

Hezlep, George. 

Bartlett, R. 
Campbell, L. D. 

Allen, Dr. Dudley. 
Kinsman, Mrs. James W. 


Blaire, II. F. 
Brazee, John T. 
Cook, William. 
Cosper, E. 
Daugherty, M. A. 
Effinger, Dr. M. 
Effinger, R. P. 
Garaghty, John. 
Martin, John D. 
Radebatjgii, Joel. 
Rebur, John. 
Shaeffer, C. F. 
Slade, William, Jr. 
Stambaugh, S. C. 

Tallmadge, D. 
Van Trump, P. 
Weaver, George. 

Granel. P. R. 
Marot, E. (3) 


Hume, A. A. 

Lower Sandusky. 
Birchard, Sardis. 
Pease, I. R. 
Rawson, L. Q,. 

Mac Connellsville . 
Bascom, w. t. 
Corey, C. C. 
Gaylord, James M. 
Rich, V. 
Valley Lodge, 
No. 30, i.o.o.f. 

Allen, Isaac I. 
Bartley. T. W. 
Belden, James. 
Belden, Robert H. 
Bowman, William B. 
Brazee, Norman. 
Chesebrough, A. 
Ciiesebrougii, William L 
Clark, Warren V. 
Dudley, L. C. 
Fitzjames, James. 
Flint, Edward S. 
Grimes, A. L. 
Horton, Henry B. 
Johns, Benjamin. 
Kelsey, E. L. 
Kirkwood, Samuel I. 
Leiter, Henry W. 
McEwen, Const. L. 
McEwen, T. L. 
McKenzie, Dr. I. S. 
Miller & Freeman. 
Parker, Jacob. 
Patterson, Frank. 
Phelps, M. I. 
Rhodes, John M. 
Riley, James A. 
Seaton. David B. 
Sherman, Charles T. 
Sherman, John. 
Simon, Theodore. 
Strong, W. L. 
Sturges, D. (-2) 
Teegarden, E. 



Townsend, Amos. 
Tracy, Josiah. 
Victor, Orville I. 
Waring, Mary II. 
Wixslow, A. P. 
Wright, L. 
Wright, M. P. 

Crawford, J. R. 
Hildretii, S. P. 
Holden, James. 
Putnam, Dovglas. 
Ward, Naham. 
Wilson, N. I,. 

Biggex,D. I. 

Blickensi>erfer,J. Jr. (2) 
Earl, William C. 
Hawk, Samuel. 
Headley, J. B. 
Hulburt, II. B. 
Hunt, Salmon. 
Pixley, John L. 
Skinner, Charles P. 
Smith, C. D. 

Waite, II. F. 
Waite^ iM. R. 
Young, S. M. 

Warner, E. L. 

Hosslemann, Lewis, 

Noland, Burr P. 


Howe, M. W. 
Lemontagne, A. 
Stan dart, Charles. 
Taylor, S. F. 

Abbott, T. D. 
Beckwith, Ely. 
Blair, R. E. 
Chester, Austen E. 
Christian, T. I. 
Coon, A. II. 
CoorEK, II. F. 
Corning, S. 
Dennis, John W. 
Eddy, T. R. 
Owens, T. P. 

Penney, Ciias. George. 
Penney, George W. 
Prichard, A. P. 
RicnARDS, William. 
Robbins, Willis. 
Sherwood, S. B. 
Slacy, William. 
Smith, A. I. 
Smith, Henry. 
Sprague, II. S. 
Stafford. H. N. 
Upiiam, George. 
Wilder, Charles P. 
Wilson, Mrs. Mary A. 
Woods, Miss Mary B. 
Wright, George B. 

New Lisbon. 
McICexzie, Samuel B. 
Mason, James. 
Snodgrass, B. W. 
Umbstaetter, Tiieo. 

Baker, D. A. 
Beardsley, John. 
Botts, Miss Catharine. 
Boult, Mrs. E. W. 
Brown, E. II. 
Gardiner, Bexajaii. 
Kittridge, Dr. Wm. F. 
Latimer, C. L. 
Powehs, Thomas. 

Johnson, Dr. C. H. 
Johnson, Dr. Homer. 

Smith, W. T. (2) 

Finn, I. R. 
Marshall, S. 
Osborn, S. S. 

S.MiTn, Miss Cornelia R. 

Kirk, Miss Eliza. 
Morrow, John. 
Raisbeck, S. M. 
Young, Joseph G. 

Conway, B. F. (2) 
Kenney, George W. (2) 
Peck, William V. 
Redhead, Wesley. 

Shackleford, I. W. 
Siiultz, John G. 
Smith, Mrs. Mary G. 
Tomlixson, L. E. 

Buckingham, William. 
Hale, Edwin B. 

Atwater, Caleb. 
Beebe, H. Y. 
Brayton, Isaac. 
Day, Luther. 
Tappan, Mrs. FrancesW. 
Williams, Mrs. M. N. 

St. Clairsville. 
Genix, Sylvester. 
Morgan, Edmund G. 

Butler, S. W. 
Cooke, Pitt. 
Harper, Rice 
Hosmer, Mrs. T. 
Johnson, William W. 
Lane, E. 
Lane, Dr. E. S. 
Marsh, Calvin W. 
Marsh, C. W. 
Marsh, D. W. 
Morse, A. H. 
Morton, George R. 
Porter, S. 
Rockwood, A. L. 


Wetiierell, W. W. 
Wetherell, Mrs. S. M. 
Whitney, Francis. 

Harrison, John S. 
White, AVilliam. 

Andrews, John. 
Collier, David L. 
Devinney, La Fayette. 
Dudley, John. 
Fogg, Thomas P. 
Frazer, Abner L. (2) 
Hull, Robert C. 
Kilgore, Daniel, Jr. 
McCarty, Nathaniel. 
McCork, George W. 
McMeehax, Jonx. 
Maxwell, David. 
Means, James, Jr. 
Means, Thomas. 



Orth, George H. 
Peters, Laureta J. 
Skull, Spencer F. 
Thomas, James M. 
"Warner, James H. 


Dresback,Dr. E. 
Pennington, Mas. C. A. 
Wharton, Mrs. G. L. 


Baker, William. 
Bassett, E.B. 
Bissell, Frederick. 
Bradbury, T. U. 
Carpenter, G. A. 
Dorr, C. M. 
Dorr, Mrs. C. M. 
Everts, T. C. 
Field, A. J. 
Fitch, Simeon. 
Fitch, Mrs. Jane M. 
Godard, A. 
Haskell, E. 
Hill, C. W. 
Johnson, M. 
JonNSON, Mrs. M. 
Kendall, T. L. 
King, Charles. 
Kraus, W. 


McBane, Daniel. 
Pendleton, George. 
Phillips, Charles B. 
Raymond, Mrs. Wm. H. 
Smith, D. B. 
Thayer, Lyman T. 
Tildes, M. H. 
Titus, Mrs. A. E. 
Wadswortii, D. 
Whitaker, J. H. 
Whittaker, T. C. 


Bailey, Lydia. 
James, Mrs. Abbe B. 
James, Miss Ellen. 
James, Miss Gertrude V. 


Best, T. H. 
Crowell, John. 
Gaines, William W. 
Heaton, George W. 
Iddings, Hiram. 


Morgan, O. 


Nutt, Cornelius C. 
Patch, O. H. 
Pease, Charles. 
Perkins, H. B. 
Perkins, Jacob. 
Perkins, Joseph. 

Stanhope, Capt. I. R. 


Clendening, J. W. 
bckfeld, p. p. 
Hemphill, Samuel. 
Lake, C. 

Quimby, E., Jr. (2) 
Robinson, I. D., m.d. 
Robinson, John M. 
Smith, Mrs. John. 
Stibbs, R. B. 


Drake, E. F. 
Merrick, J. W. 


Abbot, Samuel C. 
Adams, William A. 
Arthur, Rev. John. 
Arthur, John T. 
Barrett, William. 
Barton, James P. 
Beecher, George. 
Blandy, Alfred A. 
Blaxdy, F. I. L. 
Blue, Curran M. 
Bostwick, Miss E. Ellen 
Bostwick, Miss J. 
Bradshaw, Henry. 
Brenholts, Lewis. 
Buckingham, Ebenezer. 
Buckingham, Mrs. B. H. 
Buckingham, Miss E. 
Buckingham, Miss J. 
Cary, Thomas. 
Cassell, Mrs. Amanda A. 
Clossman, John. 
Cogswell, Francis. 
Convers, Charles C. 
Convers, Ebenezer B. 
Convers, Theo. 
Cox, Edward. 
Cox, James L. 
Cushing, J. V. 
Gushing, Mrs. Louisa C. 

Dillon, Mrs. Hannah S, 
Dillon, Mrs. Mary M. 
Dunlap, R. N. 
Eastman, E. B. 
Eastman, George W. 
Eastman, Miss Sarah E. 
Fillmore, E. E. 
Foard, J. W. 
Fracker, Col. John. 
Galigher, James. 
Galigher, William. 
Goddard, C. B. 
Goddard, Miss E. G. 
Graham, N. W. 
Graham, William A. 
Guthrie, Austin A. 
Hall, Miss Sarah. 
Hammond, Miss E. 
Hart, Martin. 
Hazlett, Isaac. 
Hazlett, Miss E. W. 
Hildreth, Dr. C C. 
Hosmer, S. R. 
Howard, Mrs. Rebecca. 
Howe, John M. 
James, George. 
Johnson, Caleb. 
Keen, Jesse. 
Kent, William F. 
Lakin, S. W. 
Lyman, D. H. 
Martin, Hannah H. 
Moore, Joseph V. 


Nevitt, Thomas F. 
Potwin, Charles W. 
Prat, Miss Juliana. 
Printz, Mrs. Rachel, 
Prosser, Charles. 
Raguet, Henry W. 
Raguet, James. 
Ross, A. C 
Ross, James I. 
Russell, Charles C 
Schwabe, Theo. 
Shinnick, George L. 
Sturges, Shelton. 
Sturges, William. 
Sullivan, Alexander. 
Sullivan, John H. 
Tallant, Mrs. William. 
Taylor, Mrs. Jane. 
Trimble, Mrs. William. 
Wheeler, Benjamin. 
Wheeler, M. D. 
Wheeler, Miss Ellen. 
Wilkins, Anthony. 
Woods, John. 



King, Charles R. 

Welles, C. F., Jr. 


Church, D. W. 
Dunham, Oliver D. 

Fitze, Rev. Herman. 
Grunewald, Gustavus. 
Knauss, Charles L. 
Shultz, Rev. Henry A. 
Taylor, Joseph H. 

Peters, Mrs. M. M. 

King, Hezekiah. 

Archbald, James. 
Benjamin, Joseph. 
Clayton, James I. 
Frothingham, Augustus. 
Jones, Lewis. 
Lathrop, Dwight N. 
Pierce, Horatio S. 
Richmond, William H. 
Ruthven, Alexander. 
Strong, Mrs. H. 
Wurts, Maurice, Jr. 
Wurts, William. 


Beatty, E. 

Blumenthal. Professor. 
Cooke, Major P. St. J. 
Duffield, Henry, 
ewell, capt. r. s., u. 8. a. 
Hood, Robert. 
Noble, Armstrong. 
Noble, John. 
Sanno, Michael. 
Stevenson, Miss Jane. 
Tiffany, Prof. O. H. 
Tree, Lieut. A. D. 
Watts, William M. 
Wood, John S. 

Chamber sburg. 
Heyser, William. 
Wolff, J. George. 


Cowden, James. (2) 
Evans, Samuel. 
Haldeman, E., m.d. 
Houston, John F. 
McCorckle, Dr.Wm. S. 
Shock, Col. Samuel. 
Spangler, A. R. & H.W. 
Young, Samuel D. 

Bickley, William M. 

Du Bois, C. E. 
Lincoln, Heman. 

Piiinny, Thomas P. 


Brodhead, Charles. 
Firmstone, William. 
Green, Enoch. 
Hetrich, Josiah P. 
Housel, George W. 
Ihrie, Peter. 
McCoy, Anthony. 
Maxwell, H. D. 
Maxwell, Miss Sarah. 
Odenwelder, Miss S. B. 
Porter, Hon. James M. 
Reeder, Andrew H. 
Rockwell, Egbert. 
Sinton, James. 
sltgreaves, charles. 


Snyder, Daniel H. 
Vanderveer, Rev. John. 

Galbraith, William A. 
Moorheaii, Isaac. 
Spencer, Judas C. 
W ood, Dr. Wm. M., u.s.a 

Prevost, Andrew G. M. 
Stover, William. 

Falls of Schuylkill. 

Lancaster, Fred. Wm. 
Wyatt, William W. 

Johnson, William N. 


Adams Division, 

Sons of Temperance 
Baugher, A. N. & L. N. 
Fahnestock, James F. 
McConaughy, C. 
McCreary, David. 
Reynolds, Prof. Wm. M. 
Smyser, Daniel M. 
Stahle, Henry J. 

Main, William. 

Beatty, William P. 
Benjamin, Mrs. Richard 
Berryhill, John H. 
Griffith, Mrs. Wm. R. 
Hamilton, William. (2) 
Kelker, Emanuel M. 
Kerr, J. W. 
McKinly, Isaac G. 
Mehaffey, Dr. W. K. 
Orth, Edward L. 
Power, James M. (2) 
Ross, R. J. 

Russell, Alexander L. 
Slemmer, Samuel. 


Lowrie, i. R. 
Lyon, James B. 

Pennock, Abram L., Jr. 

Barker, Rev. Abel. 
Broadwell, Miss Mary. 
Crawford, Israel. 
Delezenne, J. C. (2) 
Dimmick, Samuel E. 
Dimmick, William H. 
Grenell, Rufus M. 
Groves, Theo. 
Lord, John F. 
Lord, Russell F. 
Lord, Miss Anna. 
Snyder, Asa. 
Waller, Charles P. 

Mason, Robert T. 
Read, James Smyth. 



Lackawannalron Works 
Platt, j. c. 
Scranton, George W. 


Bachman, Christian. 
Barker, Charles L., m.D. 
Cassett, R. S. 
Diller, Peter. 
Howell, Charles M. 
Kauffman, Emanuel B. 
Longenecker, John, m.d. 
Meezer, George F. 
Rathoon, Horace. 

Charles, John & Willie. 

McSherry, William. 

Lock Haven. 
Mackey, L. A. 

Mauch Chunk. 
Fatzinger, John. 
Musser, George W. 
Packer, Asa. 

Reynolds, William. 

Hiester, Miss M. C. M. 

Hepburn, Samuel. 


Drinker, Henry. 
Jessup, William. 
Mulford, W.J. 
Post, Isaac L. 
St. John, Thomas P. 
Sexton, James K. 
Sexton, R. Augusta. 
Turrell, William I. 

New Bloomfield. 
Macfarland, James. 

New Brighton. 
Hoops, Edward. (2) 
Mendenhall, H. 
Merrick, Silas. 

New Hope. 

Beaumont, H. N. 
Ingham, Miss Mary L. 

New Oxford. 
Pfeiffer, Dr. M. D. G. 


Gardner, Jacob. 
Gardner, J. Alexander. 
Stewart, Dr. William R 


Abbey, Charles. 

Anderson, Charles P. 

Angue, Albert D. 

Appleton, George S. 

Appleton, Miss C. A. 

Appleton, MissEllinaO. 

Bailey, E. W. 

Bailey, James H. 

Bailey, J. T. 

Bailey, Orrin. 

BArRD, John. 

Bennett, Henry K. 

Benson, G. S. 

Biddle, Edward C. (2) 

Bower, Henry E. 

Bowne, N. B. 

Boyd, C. S. 

Boyd, George I. 

Brady, C. M. 

Brady, Mrs. Caroline E. 

Brewer, John M. 

Brodhead, John. 

Brooke, Lewis P. 

Brown, George T. 

Brush, George C. 

Buck, I. M. 
Budd, Henry. 
Burk, Henry. 
Burnett, Joseph S. 
Burnham, George. 
Burt, Arthur A. 
Butcher, Thomas T. 
Butler, Miss Sarah. 
Byerly, D. D. 
Cabot, Joseph. 
Cameron, A. 
Campion, Thomas. 
Carpenter, George W. 
Carpenter, William F. 

Cattell, Alexander G. 
Cavexder, C. H. 
Chester, John L. 
Chester, Joseph L. 
Chester, Mrs. Joseph L. 
Claghorn, James JL>. 
Clark, E. W. 

Clayton, Edmund. 
Clayton, John. 
Cochran, D. J. 
Cogswell, William. 
Colton, Oren. 
Cooper, George B. 
Cooper, Lewis. 
Copeland, Isaac. 
Copper, John C. 
Cornell, T. H. 
cottringer, i. f. 
Cowpland, Joshua. 
Crafts, Miss E. M. 
Cresson, William. 
Cullen, Peter. 
Cuthbert, Georoe. 
Dale, Jerrold F. 
Dale, Richard C. 
Davids, Hugh. 
Day, G. W. 
Deal, W. D. 
Derrickson, S. B. 
Desilver, R. W. 
Devereaux, Mrs. John. 
Dischpel, Miss Pauline. 
Dodson, Richard AV. 
Donnell, James C. 
Drayton, P. 
Drear, Ferdinand J. 
Drown, William A. 
Duffee, Francis H. 
Duffee, Dr. W. J. 
Duffee, Mrs. F. H. 
Dunn, Charles C. 
Dutilh, E. G. 
Earle, John, Jr. 
Edwards, James G. 
Edwards, William P. 
Elkenton, John A. 
Elliott, Hugh. 
Ewing, Robert. 
Farley, John. (2) 
Ferguson, P. L. 
Foster, J. 
Frost, John. 
Gaskill, B. 
Gebhard, Lewis. 
Gemmell, James R. 
Gill, Mrs. S. M. L. 
Goddard, Rev. Kingston 
Goddard, William B. 
Godey, L. A. 
Godwin, William M. 
Goodrich, James W., Jb 
Goodrich, William. 
Goodrich, Mrs. S. A. 
Gouter, William D. 
Grambo, Henry. 
Gratz, H. 



Greeves, Thomas. 
Gross, George J. 
Guirey, Mrs. John W. 
Hadden, Ferdinand. 
Haddock, Hazen. 
Hagadorn, C. F. 
Hallowell, S. L. 
Hand, James C. 
Happersett, R. 
Harding, Jespar. 
Harris, George W. 
Harvey, Josiau L. 
Haseltine, Ward B. 
Hayes, Charles P. 
Hayes, George. 
Hazard, Willis P. 
Heazlitt, Charles F. 
Helfenstein, Dr. Abram. 
Helfenstein, William L. 
Helmich, George. 
Hemphill, R. I. 
Heyl, W. G. 
Heylin, I. B. 


Hollingshead, Joseph M 


Holmes, Setii C. 
Holmes, Miss M. M. 
Hornor, Mrs. John W. 
Huddell, William P. 
Humphreys, Charles. 
Hunter, James. 
Iddings, R. J. 
Inskeep, W. H. 
James, Edward G. 
Janney, B. S., Jr. 
Johns, Thomas A. 
Johnson, Mrs. E. A. 
Jones, R. B. 
Jones, William, Jr. 
Jones, W. C. 
Jones, William H. 
Justice, P. S. 
Justus, George R. 
Kbefe, John S., Jr. 
Keen, George B. 
Kilduffie, Robert, m.d. 
Kimball, Stephen. 
Knox, Br. J. R. 
Laikg, Alva E. 
Lambert, Edward. 
Landis, Henry D. 
Lapsley, Mrs. David. 
La Roche, Dr. R. 
Lea, Robeson. 
Leeds, Gurdon. 
Lind, R. S. C. 
Lind, Mrs. M. F. 
Lipman, H. L. 

Lisle, Dr. James W. 
Littlefield, E. 
LociWooD, Mrs. A. C. (2) 
Lukens, Milton J. 
Lukens, Milton M. 
Macalister, C. 
Mack, I. L. 
McClure, B. F. 
McHenry, George. 
McKibben, J. 
Mactier, William L. 
Markley, E. C. 
Martin, George H. 
Martin, J. Willis. 
Mason, James S. 
Mason, Robert A. 
Miller, C. P. 
Mitchell, Albert. 
Mitchell, Charles W. 
Mitchell, J. R. 
Mitchell, S. W. 
Mitchell. Mrs. F. A. 
Molan, James. 
Morton, Samuel C. 
Mott, Edward T. 
Myers, John B. 
Natt, Thomas J. 
Nesbit, Alexander. 
Norris, Thaddeus. 
Notman, John. 
Okie, LB. 
Parkinson, R. B. 
Partridge, O. H. 
Paxsox. Frederick. 
Payne, George. 
Peacock, G. 
Pearson, John G. 
Pepper, Dr. William. 
Pepper, Mrs. Emily. 
Perkins, Samuel C. 
Perott, Elliston. 
Platt, Clayton T. 
Plett, George. 
Pratt, D .T. 
Priestly, Alexander. 
Raiguiel, Henry. 
Remsen, George. 
Repplier, John G. 
Rhinehard, Louis A. 
Rhodes, Charles C. 
Rhodes, W. A. 
Richards, F. de B. 
Riddell, Crawford. 
Roberts, E. W. 
Robinson, Daniel L. 
Rolin, William A. 
Roper, Dr. Louis, 
rosengarten, joseph g. 
Ross, John. 

Ross, Wm. P. M. 
Sanford, E. S. 
Sartain, John. 
Schober, Samuel. 
Sexton, John W. 
Shackleford, Henry A. 
Sharpless, Henry H. G. 
Sharpless, Samuel I. 
Siddall, Joseph H. 
Sill, Joseph. 
Sims, John C. 
Smith, Charles H. 
Smith, David C. 
Smith, E. G. 
Smith, Jamks R. 
Smith, John G. 
Snyder, Philip F. 
Spafari, E. 
Springer, B. II. 
Steiner, Lewis H. 
Stevens, Miss S. 
Stilla, Alfred, m.d. 
Stokes, Samuel E. 
Stone, James N. 
Stone, John W. 
Swaim, James. 
Taylor, Charles. 
Taylor, David B. 
Taylor, John D. 
Taylor, Nathan. 
Tennext, James. 
Thayer, M. R. 
Thomas, Daniel J. Jr. 
Thomas G. F. 
Thomas, John G. 
Thompson, William D. 
Tilghman, William M. 
Towne, John. 
Traquair, James. 
Troutman, H. C 
Troutman, I.H. 
Troutman, L. W. 
Tucker, William E. 
Vaux, Richard. 
Waldie, W. S. 
Walker, John K. 
Ward, W. L. 
Weidner, Charles A. 
Welsh, H. D. 
Wendell, M. R. 
Wheelan, William E. 
White, William F. 
Whitney, George. 
Williamson, Jesse, Jr. 
Wiltberger, T. M. 
Wistar, Richard. (2) 
Woodruff, E. D. 
Wright, William. 
Young, Joseph. 




Aiken, Rev. J. J. 

Blackmore, James. 

Blackstock, J. M. D. 

Blair, Thomas S. 

Bell, Thompson. 

Bidwell, John S. 

Bosworth, H. S. 

Brunot, F. R. 

Butler, John W. 

Cosgrove, John S. 

Curling, Alfred B. 

Dalzell, Robert. 

Dyer, H., d.d. 

Eichbaum, Henry. 

Fahnestock, George \V. 

Faknestock, Mrs. G. E. 

Fenderick, Edward. 

Finney, Frank. 

Fleming, John. 

Glass, John P. 

Gordon, F. M. 

Grace, Redmond J. 

Harton, G. M. 

Hays, Richard. f2) 
Hill, William A. 
Hillier, Thomas A. 
Hughes, H. Courtney. 
Hutchison, James A. 
Irwin, John S., m.d. 
Israel, Ovington. 
Johnston, Joseph T. 
Kier, Samuel M. 
Knapp, Mrs. Charles. 
Loyd, A. G. 
McAuley, J. 
McClurg, W. T. 
McClurg, Mrs. Mary A. 
McGrew, Robert L. 
McKnight, Charles. 
McKnight, Henry. 
McKnight, Joseph. 
McKnight, Robert. 
McKnight, William, Jr. 
McKnight, Mrs. C. 
McKnight, Mrs. Mary. 
Massey, George R. 
Murphy, George W. 
Murphy, James R. 
Murphy, N. Grattan. 
Nicols, John. 
Nimick, Alexander. 
Nimick, William K. 
Ogden, George. 
Price, William G. 
Pusey, W. H. 
Rahm, Edward. 
Reinhart, A.G. 

•Ricketson, Charles W. 
Roggen, J. J. 
Scaife, William R. 
Scully, James O. H. 
Seetin, John. 
Shannon, J. T. 
Shoenbergek, J. H. (7) 
Singer, John F. 
Snyder, John. 
Spang, Norman. 
Stang, Mrs. S. A. 
Spang, Miss Josephine. 
Spang, Miss Rosalie. 
Thaw, William. 
Tucker, John D. 
Wade, Lois J. 
Welden, J. R. 
Wilcox, S., Jr. 
Wilkins, William. 
Wills, John A. 
Wilson, W. W. 
Young Men's 
Mer. Library. 


Bannan, Benjamin. 
Bannan, John. 
De Forest, Benjamin. 
Griscom, Samuel E. 
Hammaken, N. G. 
Heilner, M. P. 
Luther, Peter D. 
Newell, William. 
Tower, Charlemagne. 
Yardley, Thomas Y. 
Yoder, I. L. 


Ancona, S. E. 
Baird, John. 
Benade, James. 
Bischoff, G. G., m.d. 
Brooke, Mrs. Catharine 
Clymer, E. M. 
Darling, Hon. William. 
Deminger, I. E. 
Endlich, John. 
Feger, D. H. 
Felix, H. F. 
Getz, J. L. 
Hamlin, H. V. 
Hiester, F. A. M. 
Hiester, Isaac, m.d. 
Hiester, J. S. 
Keim, J. High. 
Kinsey, T. P. 
Millholland, James. 
Muhlenberg, H. PI. 

Muhlenberg, Mrs. A. H. 
Nicolls, G. A. 
Packer, Mrs. Robt. W. 
Reiff, J. J. 
Sallade, A. M. 
Stichter, J. L. 
Stichter, Thomas D. 
Stichter, Mrs. E. D. 
Stichter, Miss Helena J. 
Walker, H. M. 

Stroud, James. 

Mercur, H. S. 
Mercur, M. C. 
Parvin, Robert J. 
Perkins, William H. 
Ward, C. L. 

Bogert, John H. 
Dunham, Alpha. 
Mott, A. B. 
Phelps, S. D. 
Robinson, T. M. 

Campbell, A. Ham. 
Campbell, S. Y. 
Veech, James. 

Walnut Hill. 
Jordan, Thomas I. 

Acheson, A. W. 
Bowman, Nelson B. 
Clark, David. 
McKennan, William. 
Mathews, W. J. 
Reed, C. M. 
Russell, John L. 
Torrey, H. D. 
Watson, James. 
Wilson, John K. 

West Chester. 
Strickland, Nimrod. 

West Greenville. 
Waugh, w. 

Abbott, Merritt. 
Alexander, William H. 
Barber, Adrian. 
Barnes, I. Edward. 



Barnes, R. H. 
Beebe, Adam. 
Bulkelys, Misses. 
Burbank, Horace. 
Burnside, James. 
Burrows, Gilbert. 
Butler, Hon. Chester. 
Butler, William H. 
Conyngham, Hon. John N 
Dana, Mrs. Sarah H. 
Douglas, E. A. 
Fell, John G. 
Field, Richard. 
Garner, Henry G. 
Gilchrist, Peter McC. 
Harvey, Elisha B. 
Hillman, H. B. 
Horton, John W. 
Jenkins, Mrs. C. M. 
Jones, Benjamin. 
Kelly, Thomas D. 
Klotz, Robert. 
Lane, Charles A. 
Leutz, Amos. 

Leutz, John. 
Lynch, Edward P. 
McClintock, Mrs. A. B. 
Metcalf, Henry. 
Meylert, S. 
Miner, William P. 
Miner, Miss Jane P. 
Mordecai, D. 
" Old Hundred." 
Polk, James A. 
Reed, William. 
Roset, George H. 
Salkeld, George W. 
Sayre, Mrs. Robert H. 
Selleck, Thaddeus. 
Shoemaker, Charles D. 
Shoemaker, Mrs. L. D. 
Slocum, J. I. 
Snyder, P. H. 
Sterling, Walter G. 
Stewart, Franklin. 
Stout, Asher M. 
Union Club. 
Waller, George G. 

Wheeler, O. H. 
White, Charles L. 
Woodward, Hon. Geo.W. 

Williamsport . 

Armstrong, James. 
Beck, John B. 
Bowman, Thomas. 
Faries, Robert. 
Gilbert, H. S. 
Jones, Samuel. 
Lloyd, Col. T. W. 
Lloyd, Miss Fanny. 
Maynard, S. W. 
Sumner, Mrs. I. N. 


Watson, O. 

York Springs. 
Gardner, William. 

Muller, Mrs. Louisa A. 



" A Christmas Present.' 
Alden, Mrs. Charles H. 
Baars, J. F. 
Briggs, Samuel W. 
Briggs, Walter D. 
Church, Samuel M. 
Cooke, Rev. James W. 
Crandall, Amos. 
Dimax, Byron. 
Dimond, Mrs. Maria E. 
D'Wolf, Mrs-M. A. 
Easterbrooks, C. 
French, James E. 
Gardner, John. 
Hall, Benjamin. 
Holmes, Jabez. 
Holmes, Silas. 
Le Baron, James. 
Linwood, Herbert. 
Norris, Samuel. 
Noyes, William R., Jr. 
Perry, Mrs. Alexander 
Rogers, Robert. 

Smith, R. D. 
Smith, Samuel. 
Stephens, A. G. (2) 
Wardwell, N. I. 

Fruit Hill. 
Drowne, Henry T. 


Barker, Robert S. 
Chase, Stephen B. 
Ciioules, Rev. Dr. 
Clarke, Edward. (2) 
Clarke, Harriett. 
Cozzens, John H. 
Devens, Charles, Jr. 
Engs, Samuel. 
Hammett, Charles E., Jr 
Hazard, William AV. 
Howland, Benjamin B. 
King, Edward. 
Lawton, Robert B. 
Littlefield, A. N. 
Marsh, Benjamin. 
Mason, George C 

Moore, Edward. 
Seabury, Thomas M. 
Seabury, William G. 
Sherman, Robert, 2d. 
Sterne, John 
Sterne, Samuel. 
Swinburne, Daniel T. 
Tisdale, Henry. 
Townsend, Thomas E. 
Turner, Charles W. 
Van Zandt, Edward. 
Weaver, Jacob. 
Westcott, Samuel B. 

Benedict, Stephen. 
Benedict, S. Gano. 
Bradley, William. 
Clapp, Fayette. 
Clapp, Sylvanus. 
Folsom, George F. 
Gardner, B. E. 
Manchester, Charles F. 
Potter, Ray. 
Sayles, Frank. 



Brown, Henry D. 
Harris, B. C. 
Lippit, Christopher. 

Keith, John M. 

Allen, Philip, Jr. 
Allen, Zachariah. 
Andrews, George L. 
Andrews, Stephen D. 
Andrews, Miss Abby L. 
Anthony, Henry. 
Anthony, Mrs. Sarah A. 
Arnold, Charles G. 
Arnold, Job. 
Arnold, R. J. 
Arnold, Mrs. S. 
Bailey, Benjamin D. 
Bailey, William M. 
Bartlett, Nath. P. 
Beckwith, Mrs Truman. 
Bennett, M. C. 
Bissell, John G. 
Bogman, Benja. 
Bowen, C. W. 
Bowes, Tully D. 
Braytos, William D. 
Briggs, W. R. 
Brown, John D. 
Brown, Thomas. 
Brown, Wm. Whipple. 
Brown, Mrs. John D. 
Bull, Isaac M. 
Bullock, William P. 
Burges, Tristam, Jr. 
Burgess, J. D. 
Burr, Charles W. 
Burrington, Henry H. 
Butts, David A. 
Butts, George W. 
Butts, Isaac. 
Butts, Isaac, 2d. 
Butts, J. E. 
Cady, S. H. 

Campbell, E. Downer. 
Carpenter, James H. 
Carpenter, Joseph. 
Carpenter, William. 
Carr, Vincent. 
Carter, Francis. 
Case, Philip. 
Caswell, Alexis. 
Chapis, Royal. 
Chapin, Mrs. George W. 
Chapin, Mrs. Sarah D. 
Chapin, Laura L. 

Chesbro, Samuel K. J. 
Chesbrough, A. Merrit. 
Child, Lewis P. 
Child, Rev. William S. 
Childs, Charles H. 
Church, Peter. 
Clarke, John G., Jr. 
Cleaveland, Rev.Db. J.P. 
Cole, H. W. 
Cole, Mrs. A. B. T. 
Cook, Ann G. 
Cooke, B., Jr. 
Cooke, Joseph J. 
Cornett, Henry T. 
Cranston, Albert B. 
Dabney, C H. 
Dart, William H. 
Davis, Edmund. 
Derby, Pardon H. 
De Wolp, Dr. J. J. 
Dorr, Sullivan. 
Dorrancie, James R. 
Drown, Wm. Russell. 
Dudley, Charles. 
Duncan, Alexander. 
Dunnell, T. D. 
Dyer, Cyrus. 
Dyer, Elisha, Jr. 
Dyer, H. A. 

Eady, Mrs. Sarah J. S. 
Eames, Mrs. Jane A. 
Earle, George, 2d. 
Eaton, L. C 
Eddy, George P. 
Eddy, J. M. 
Eldred, Alfred U. 
Eldred, James. 
Farnsworth, C. B. 
Farnum, Charles E. 
Fife, James H. 
Fisher, N. A. 
Flagg, George W. 
Foster, Freeman. 
Foster, F. F. 
Foster, Samuel. 
Foster, William. 
Freize, Lyman B. 
Gallup, Albert S. 
Gammell, A. M. 
Gardiner, Nicholas B. 
Gardiner, Walter E. 
Gardner, Henry W. 
Gilmour, Joseph F. 
Gladding, Benjamin C. 
Gladding, Benjamin H. 
Gladding, N., 2d. 
Gladding, T. T. W. 
Glezen, E. K. 
Goff, Ira D. 

Gorham, John, 2d. 
Green, Henry B., Jr. 
Green, Miss Harriet L. 
Greene, Edward A. 
Greene, George W. 
Greene, Noble T. 
Greene, William H. 
Greene, Mrs. Sarah T. 
Grinnell, J. W. 
Grinnell, William T. 
Gurnett, Gideon. 
Haines, William S, 
Hall, Nathan B. 
Ham, Benjamin W. 
Hamlin, Richard E. 
Hamlin, S. H. 
Hartshorn, Thomas C. 
Hathaway, E. V. 
Hawkin, Thomas M. 
Head, George. 
Henderson, William H. 
Henshaw, Rev. Daniel. 
Henshaw, William M. 
Hill, Paris. 
Hoppin, F. E. 
Hoppin, George H. 
Hoppin, Thomas C. 
Houghton, Richard. 
Hudson, H. E. 
Hunt, George. 
Hutchings, Shubael, Je. 
Jastram, G.B. 
Jenkes, Thomas A. 
Johnson, R. B. 
Johnson, William S. 
Kelly, Robert F. 
Kendall, Hiram. 
Kendall, H. L. 
King, "William S. 
Knight, Henry P. 
Knight, Jabez C. 
Knight, S. R. 
Knight, Mrs. Robert T. 
Larned, J. E. 
Lewis, A. B. 
Lewis, Dexter B. 
Lippitt, R. L. 
Lockwood, Amos D. 
Luther, John. 
Luther, John Hale. 
Macdonald, Edward. 
McCarthy, Joseph. 
McFarland, L. 
McKxight, Dr. C G. 
Manchester, C. B. 
Manton, Edward E. 
Manton, Robert. 
Manton, Walter. 
Mason, A. L. 



Mathewson, A. C. 
Mauran, E. C. 
Metcalf, J. G. B. 
Miller, Albert P. 
Miller, Dr. Nathaniel. 
Morse, Charles, Jr. 
Newton, Simeon. (2) 
Nichols, J. E. 
Nichols, Mrs. L. C. 
Nightingale, S. A. 
Okie, A. H., m.d. 
Olney, S. T. 
Ormsby, John H. 
Osgood, Samuel. 
Owen, Smith. 
Pabodie, Charles A. 
Padleford, Seth. 
Paige, George. 
Patten, William S. 
Pearce, Edward D. 
Peckham, Samuel W. 
Peyton, George W. 
Pittman, John T. 
Potter, Charles. 
Potter, Harding H. 
Potter, Henry T. 
Pratt, A. C. 
Rathbone, George S. 
Rathbun, Thomas R. 
Rawstcn, Daniel N. 
Ray, Dr. Isaac. 
Read, John B. 
Read, O. A. 
Reynolds, H. C. 
Reynolds, John J. 
Rhodes, C. S. 
Rhodes, George A. 
Richmond, Lewis. 
Rodgers, Joseph. 
Rodman, William M. 
Rogers, H. A. 
Rostron, Edwin. 
Round, Thomas M. 
Salisbury, Samuel. 

Seaver, Miss Martha W 
Sheldon, James E. 
Slater, H. N. 
Slater, William S. 
Smith, Amos D. 
Smith, Edwin. 
SMiTn, J. N. 
Smith, James Y. 
Smith, Nathaniel. 
Smith, Samuel J. 
Snow, William C. 
southwick, alpheus b 
Sprague, Byron. 
Stillwell, Albert G. 
Stimson, John J. 
Stead, Thomas. 
Taft, Cyrus. 
Taft, Royal C 
Tallman, William. 
Taylor, W. H. M. 
Tillinghast, J. T. 


Townsend, William C 
Tyler, Royal S. 
Tyler, Solomon. 
Vaughan, Daniel W. 
Vaughn, Thomas F. 
Viall, Charles B. 
Viall, Mrs. Rebecca C. 
Waterman, Richard. 
Webster, Josiah L. 
Whipple, Cromwell. 
Whipple, Mrs. John. 
Whipple, Susan. 
Whitney, George II. 
Wilbur, George H. 
Wilbur, John E. 
Wilbur, M. E. 
Wiley, Charles. 
Williams, Mrs. E. S. 
Wilson, H. B. 
Winsor, Joseph. 
Woods, Dr. Marshall. 
Woods, Mrs. Almira. 


Carr, William. 
Childs, C. T. 

Babcock, Edward W 
Babcock, Edwin. 
Babcock, Horace. 
Babcock, Rowse. 
Babcock, Mrs. O. S. 
Babcock, Miss H. E. 
Vail, Rev. Thomas H. 
Wells, Miss H. B. 

Sewall, Gilbert T. 

Aldrich, Charles E. 
Andrews, Ann Eliza. 
Ballou, Warren. 
Brigham, Charles C. 
Burnett, Hiram. 
Burnham, John. 
Elkreg, Enoch. 
Foss, Samuel S. 
Goddard, Emerson. 
Greene, Samuel. 
Greene, William. 
Hendrick, Amey A. 
Knowles, Lucinda. 
Lippitt,'Peleg W. 
Mansfield, Henry S. 
Mansfield, Jared. 
Mansfield, John F. 
Mason, Stephen N. 
Metcalf, Whittle. 
Newton, Simeon. 
Paine, Daniel N. 
Read, EnsnA T. 
Steere, Thomas. 
Stiness, George. 
Wardwell, George S 
Whipple, Lewis. 



Da Treville, Richard. 
Hamilton, Paul. 

Levy, Hayman. 

Charleston . 

Arnold, C. M. 
Baker, Henry H. 
Barker, S. Gailliard. 
Barker, S. W. 
Betts, F. J. 


Breese, William C. 
Brewster, C. R. 
Brewster, Miss Anna P. 
Brown, Robert E. 
Chadwick, S. 
Chafe, Otis I. 



Coffin, T. A. 
Cogdell, Mrs. I. S. 
Cole, G. F. 
Cooper, G. W. 
Corey, J. A. 
Currant, E. 
Drayton, Thomas F. 
Elliott, Dr. Gibbs L. 
Fogg, J. 
Gibbons, John. 
Gibbs, W. George. 
Greer, William. 
Hall, Charles H. 
Hayden, A. H. 
Hayden, H. Sidney. 
Heyward, Daniel. 
Heyward, I. B. 
Hopkins, I. N. 
Howland, Mrs. William 
Huger, C K. 
Izard, Allen S. 
.Tervey, Dr. I. P. 
Johnson, Rev. W. H. 
Kerrison, E. L. 
King, Hon. Mitchell. 
King, Dr. S. F. 
Lee, F. D. 

Leitch, Duncan Bruce. 
Luther, Capt. R. A., u.s.a 
Marion, John. 
Middleton, Thomas. 
Milliken, William. 
Mitchell, Mrs. S. E. 

North, Dr. E. W. 
Parker, Miss Mary. 
Parks, George. 
Patrick, Dr. LB. 
Phoenix Fire Company. 
Porcher, F. I. 
Porter, N. M. 
Powell, James B. 
Power, Mrs. J. N. 
Pringle, I. St. Julian. 
Ravenel, Henry. 
Raymond, H. H. 
Rhett, Lieut. T. G., u.s.a 
RicnARDS, Frederick. 
Rockwell, Col. I. S. 
Rodrigues, Dr. B. A. 
Sachtlaben, A. 
Simmons, I. H. 


Smyth, Rev. Dr. T. 
Steen, Thomas. 
Taft, Mrs. A. R. 
Taylor, James H. 
Turnbull, Andrew. 
Vander Horst, Mrs. E. 
Warley, Charles. 
Wellington, A. S. 
Wilson. Hugh, Jr. 

Blakeney, James W. 
Ellerbe, Miss M. A. 
Gillespie, Gen. James. 

Grigg, Rev. Alexander. 
McFarlan, Allan. (2) 
Prince, William L. T. 


Barkerloo, William. 
Boutwright, I. S. 
Bryan, R. L. 
Campbell, Alex. 
Campbell, William. 
Cooper, Joseph. 
Gibbs, R. W. 
Johnson, P. M. 
Matthews, Joseph. 
Scarborough, W. H. 
Sumner, A. G. 
Tew, C. C. 

Coachman, B. A. 


Leverett, Rev. C. E. 

Society Hill. 

Bacot, II. H. 
Smith, Dr. Thomas. 
Williams, Miss Serena. 

Mims, James S. 


Polk, Andrew J. 
Polk, Mrs. Andrew J. 

Anderson, Thompson. 
Hiter, George W. 
Hume, William P. 
Munford, E. W. 
Newman, R. L. 
Sawyer, S. A. 
Shelton, Rev. William. 
Stacker, Marinus. 
Stewart, Bryce. 
Thomas, E. R. W. 
Warfield, William W. 

Groves, John B. 
Otey, Bishop J. H., d.d. 
Roche, Francis G. 


Sevier, W. R., m.d. 

Ross, Miss Rowexa. 

Axdersox, James M. 
Campbell, James W. 
Chi Delta Society. 
Gates, P. D. 

Gates, Perez D. 
Humes, Rev. Thomas W. 
King, Joseph L. 
Mabey, Miss C. V. 
McPherson, Rufus. 
Moses, James C. 
Moses, Jno. L. 
Paxton, Dr. Jno. W., Jr. 
Strong, Benjamin R. 


Adams, David. 
Adams, W. G. 
Adams, William S. 
Allen, Thomas H. 
Bias, C. 
De Suiell, E. 



DoRSEY, S. P. 

Evarts, Miss M. C. 
Freirson, Dr. M. B. 
Hill, I. M. 
Holmes, George L. 
Lamb, Robert T. 
McIntosh, James C. 
Miller, W. B. 
Pope, John. 
Tannehill, W. F. 
Wade, Henry. 

Watkins, Dr. E. F. 
Wilder, D. C. 
Williamson, Lewis P. 
Winchester, Robert O. 
Woods, W. I. 

Adams, Daniel., William F. 
Bass, John M. 
Cantrell, 6. M. D. 

Dickey, D. D. 

Eakin, Mrs. William. 
Eiciibaum, William A. 
Litton, Col. Benjamin. 
McEwen, R. H. 
Shaw, S. L. 
Smith, Charles W. 
Throckmorton, Mrs. S. 
Watson, Samuel. 
Watson, Mrs. Matthew. 
Wheat, Rev. J. T. 


San Antonio. 

Harper, C A. 

Maltbie, Mrs. 

Bellows Falls. 

Minard, George. 

Kellogg, Loyal C (2) 

Brooks, William S. 
Hunt, Roswell. 
Keys, George B. 
Steen, Joseph. 
Wells, W. H. 

Baxter, Carlos. 
Belknap, S. F. 
Benedict, G. W. 
Bixby, I. D. 
Bradley, Charles P. 
Brinsmaid, James E. 
Buckley, D. B. 
Buell, Miss Maria E. 
Bush, Solon W. 
Canfield, T. H. 
Catlin, H. W. 
Clarke, D. W. C. 
Clarke, Joseph. 
Cole, R. G. 
Cook, James. 
Cutting, F. H. 
Cutting, W. J. 
Deming, Fanny F. 
Dodge, L. C. 
Englesby, L. B. 


Francis, Mrs. R. W. 
Geer, Charles P. 
George, William F. 
Hall, Thomas S. 
Hatch, Horace. 
Hickok, Henry P. 
Hickok, James W. 
Hill, Frederick G. 
Hills, I. H. 
Ingersoll, G. G. 
Jackson, F. H. 
Kasson, C. D. 
Keyes, Elizabeth. 
Lanson, Ralph. 
Lyman, Wyllys. 
McShafter, James M. 
Marsh, Hon. George P. 
Mechanics Institute. 
Moore, James B. 
Paine, Miss Caroline. 
Pangborn, D. K. 
Parker, T. M. 
Parsons, Mary W. 
Peck, Edward W. 
Peck, John. 
Peck, John H. 
Peck, Mrs. John H. 
Penniman, U. H. 
Phi Sig Ma Society. 
Phi Sig Ma Nu Society. 
Price, H. F. 
Roclofson, William F. 
Seymour, M. A. 
Shaw, George B. 

Stamford, C. F. 
Stansbury, E. A. 
Torrey, Joseph. 
Warner, C. F. 
Wheeler, John. 
Wilkins, W. H., Jr. 
Wires, Salmon. 

Adams, Benj. F. 
Benton, Dr. William C. 
Wright, Hon. I. T. (2) 

East Bennington. 
Adams, Enos. 
Bingham, Hiram. 
Boardman, George, Jr. 
Brown, Samuel H. 
Harman, George W. 
McEowen, Daniel. 
Peck, S. P. 
Root, Henry G. 

Dean, Artemas. 


Heald, D. A. 
Heald, Oxenbridge T. 
Heald, Mary Eliza. 
Heald, Sarah E. 

Orvis, c. a. 
Orvis, L. C. 



Boss, Dr. William M. 


Carpenter, Edward C. 
Coe, Rev. Samuel G. 
Henshaw, Mrs. Sarah. 
Landon, Miss C. I. 
Lathrop, S. P. 
Merrill, Miss Eliza. 
Russell, William P., m.d. 
Sheldon, H. & H. L. 
Simmons, Charles M. 
Stewart, Dugald. 
Swift, George S. 
Wain wright, Charles G. 
Warner, Joseph. 


Burnham, Mrs. W. T. 


Danforth, J. B., Jr. 
Dewey, Charles. 
Howes, George. 
Howes, Mrs. J. W. 
Jamieson, L. B. 

New Fane. 
Field, C. K. 

Catlin, Albert L. 
Chittenden, Joseph H. 

Hale, Henry. 
Hale, Robert S. 
Hammond, John L. 
Hammond, T. A. 

Potter, Charles W. 

Clark, Merritt. 

Barrett, Rockwood. 
Beaman, George H. 
Bell, Henry. 
Gilbert, William B. 
Gookin, William F. 
Hodges, John. 
Hopkins, Sarah Hooker. 
Lyon, William H. 

St. Albans. 
Gadcome, William O. . 
Hamilton, Rev. George A 
Hoit, William Henry. 
Houghton, George F. 

St. Johnsbury. 
Fairbanks, Horace. 
Fairbanks, Mrs. Lucy P. 
Paddock, John H. 

Pierpont, John. 

Walling ford. 

Hill, Isaac Munson. 
Martindale, Edwin. 

Wells River. 
Butler, James D. 

May, Mrs. Catharine. 

Jewett, S. W. 


Shafter, O. L. 


Moore, Stillman. 
Phelps, Edward E. 
Price, Samuel H. 
Robbins, Samuel E. 


Callamer, Jacob. 
Chandler, Oliver P. 
Converse, Julius. 
Marsh, Lyndon A. 
Palmer, Benjamin R. 
Tracy, Andrew. 
Washburn, Peter T. 
Williams, Norman. 

Sappington, G. W., Jr. 

Green, William. 

Dalrymple, Rev. E. A. 

Theological Seminary 

Ball, Thomas A. 
Barton, William S. 
Bull, Marcus. 
Conway, Eustace. 
Cooke, Dr. James. 
Crutchfield, S. (2) 
Fitzgerald, James H. 
Lacy, J. H. 


Long, J. H. 
Minor, John. 
Phillips, Alexander K. 
Slaughter, Franklin. 
White, Chester B. 

Taliaferro, Major,u.s.a 

Edwards, Mrs. Mary L. 

Livesay, George W. 

Baker, George A. 
Barclay, John W. 
Barclay, Dr. M. W. 

Buford, Roland D. 
Graham, Dr. Archibald. 
Lyle, John B. 
White, William G. 
Wilson, John M. 


Rennolds, Dr. Robert B. 

Alexander, W. L. 
Benagh, George. 
Benagh, James, Jr. 
Booker, William T. 
Brown, James L. 
Clayton, Mrs. R. E. 
Dudley, John William. 
Fletcher, Sidney. 
Gregory, James D. 



LEFTwicn, Col. Augustus 
Marshall, H. H. 
McDaniel, John R. (2) 
Meem, Miss Eliza C. 
Morby, C. L. 
Morris, Mrs. Laura P. 
Norrell, William W. 
Speed, John M. 
Taliaferro, Charles B. 
Watts, William. 

1 Martinsburg. 
Conrad, David Holmes. 
Doll, George. 
Hoge, John B. 
Plunkett, Rev. Joseph H 
Ranson, Mrs. F. M. H. 
Washington, B. P. 
AVashington, George L. 

CocnRAN, Dr. Wm. B. 

Burwell, Nathaniel. 

Levy, Capt. U. P., u.s.n. 

Natural Bridge. 
Walkup, S. Augustine. 


Bagnall, H. B. 
Barry, Dr. Robert, u.s.n. 
Camp, George W. 
Cowdery, Dr. George W 
Cummins, Rev. George D. 
Doyle, Walter O. 
Hatch, William M. 
Higgins, John A. 
Hipkins, William. 
Keeling, David F. 
King, N. C 
Mallory, William S. 
Pegram, Edward S. 
Potter, Dr. T. M., u.s.n. 
Rowland, Thomas B. 
Southgate, Frederick W 
Taylor, Tazwell. 
Thornton, PurserD.McF 
Wilson, Richard F. 

Smith, Beverly. 
Stephenson, James M. 

Bolling, R. B. (2) 

Scott, Spencer. 

Riell, Lieut. R. B., u.s.n. 
Wilson, Holt. 
Wilson, William H. 

Anderson, Augustus. 
Baldwin, Thomas S. 
Barksdale, J. R. 
Chittenden, J. II. 
Davenport, Mrs. Griffin 
De Witt, Thomas H. 
Ellis, Thomas H. 
Garland, James M. 
Guberding, C. O. 
gwathmey, h. b. 
Hall, Miss Harriet. 
Jenkins, William A. 
Kent, Horace L. 
Macfarland, J. E. 
Mason, Miss M. 
Maury, Robert H. 
Morris, Edmund T. 
Motley, John F. 
Paine, Mrs. M. Howard. 
Pleasants, E. C. 
Pleasants, Samuel M. 
Reeve, Samuel. 
Robertson, Wyndham. 
Smith, Gov. William. 
Spaulding, Col. James W 
Thompson, John R. 
Van Lew, Miss E. L. 
Walker, J. S. 
Woodhouse, James. 
Wynne, Thomas H. 

Boteler, A. R. 
Jewett, John M. 

Atkinson, George R. 
Jordan, W. H. 

Bickle, Mrs. R. G. 
Breckenridge, J. B. 
Brooke, Robert S. 
Christian, Bolivar. 
Eskridge, Thomas P. 
Eskridge, William C. 
Frazier, William. 
Harper, Kenton. 
Imboden, John D. 
Kinney, Jefferson. 
Kinney, R. P. 
McCue, I. Marshall. 
McCue, John H. 

Merillat, I. C. M. 
Peyton, John L. 
Phillips, Rev. R. H. 
Sheffey, Hugh W. 
Stuart, A. H. H. 
Tate, William M. 
Taylor, Mrs. Jane E. 
Trout, Nicholas K. 
White, Miss Fanny R. 

Moore, E. H. 
Tarr, Campbell, Jr. 

Acheson, James C. 
Bates, W. I. 
Beshore, F. K. 
Brady, S. 
Busby, William. 
Caldwell, Alfred. 
Cummings, John W. 
Dunn, Michael. 
Fitzhugh, E. 11. ' 
Hallowell, A. S. 
Houston, William H. 
Hullihen, S. P. 
Huss, John H. 
Knox, F. W. 
Lamb, Daniel. 
List, Daniel C. 
List, Henry K. 
List, John. 
List, Hannah M. 
McCoy, William. 
McLure, John, Senr. 
Mason, Samuel. 
Mathews, John M. 
Moore, Henry. 
Moore, Thomas. 
Osbun, Albert G. 
Paull, James. 
Phillips, Hans W. 
Pollock, Ephraim. 
Rhodes, Jacob S. 
Russell, Charles W. 
Sanborn, B. F. 
Shallcross, Thomas P. 
Stelle, William H. 
Stout, James H. 
Thompson, George S. 
Thompson, W. H. 
White, Andrew. 
Woods, Andrew P. 
Woods, Hamilton. 
Woods, Robert C 
Woods, Theodore. 
Woodrow, S. D. ■* 

Zane, Oeloff A. 



Green Bay. 

Martin, Mrs. E. S. 
Suydam, John V. 
Wallace, George I. 


Fuaser, Robert F. 



Allis, E. P. 
Brown, H. S. 
Dixson, A. H. 
Greenleaf, George W. 
Hillard, Oliver G. 
Hopkins, Edward. 

Lapham, J. A. 
Potter, Dr. Edward. 

Mineral Point. 
Parris, Albert W. (2) 
Washburn & "Woodman. 

Spring Prairie. 
Smith, E. D. 


Stance, Bernhard. (2) 


Heintzelman, Maj. S. P., 


"Rachel." (2) 

Johnston, J. 
Marshall, Capt. A. 

Boomer, Hugh. 
Butterworth, E- 
Cummings, James. 
Eastwood, D. 
Helliwell, Mrs. C. L. 
Masson, J. 
Masson, Mrs. J. W. 
Maxwell, G. 
Smith, Charles. 
Tiffany, George S. 

Hawke, Anthony B. 
Hawke, Mrs. Anthony B. 
Palmer, E. H. 

Goodhue, John I. 

Archibald, H. 
Coffin, Hon. Wm. F. 
Frothingham, G. H. 
McCoy, John. 
Moodie, L. 

Papineau, Mrs. L. J. A. 
Wood, D. R. 

Port Dalhousie. 
Clarke, I. L. 
Jones, W. 
Martindale, J. 

St. Catharines. 
Mack, Theophilus, m.d. 
Rannet, J. L. 

Allan, G. W. 
Berczy, Charles. 
Cassels, W. G. 
Dolmage, John H. S. 
Hodgkins. John G. 
Rahn, Charles. 
Roswell, Henry. 

Reed, Alfred A. 


Taylor, George. 

Bird, William S. 
Bird, Mrs. William S. 
Bird, Master Charles H 
Bird, Master Wm. G. 

Bennock, Francis. 
Gardiner, Henry. 
Glass, J. W. 
Maris, Andrew. 
Twextyman, Richard. 


Haskell, Samuel. 

Mionot, Lewis R. 
Terry, Luther. 

Mexico (City.) 
Field, Lieut. H. B. 
Lang, Capt.W., u.s.m.c. (2) 

Thomas, Capt. George H. 


St. Andrews. 
Campbell, George F. 


Harvey, Geo. Frederick. 
Yea, Major, R., b. army. 

Farrish, Dr. 
Farrish, Dr. Henry G. 


McEwen, Capt. Hugh. 


Brown, J. O. • 

Titley, William A. 

Campuzano, Ramon, 
guiteras, eusebio. 

Porto Rico. 
Priciiard, J. 

St. Croix. 
Hill, A. J. 
Moore, James Alex. 
Walker, Henry A. 

St. Thomas. 
Brandt, I. C 


Stedmas James, and Stedman, Miss Mart C, should read Norwich, Con- 
neclt'cut, instead of Norwich, New-York, as in page 165.